15 Dead Following Horrific Tragedy

(TheRedAlertNews.com) – BREAKING NOW: Tragically, fifteen individuals, primarily older adults, lost their lives, and an additional ten were injured in a collision between a bus and a semi-truck at a rural crossroads in Canada, according to officials.

The unfortunate incident occurred as the bus, carrying 25 passengers mainly consisting of senior citizens from Dauphin, a city in western Manitoba, was en route to a casino. The crash happened around 11:40 a.m. on Thursday, explained Rob Hill, the Commanding Officer of the Manitoba Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Most of the deceased were seniors, stated officials, adding that the bus and the semi-truck drivers survived the incident.

In the aftermath, ten individuals were transported to nearby hospitals, though their conditions remain undisclosed.

The collision site, where the Trans-Canada Highway intersects with Highway 5 in Carberry, was covered in shattered glass and debris. Carberry is located approximately 105 miles west of Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba.

Canadian media aired images of a significantly damaged bus burning in a ditch, located near the likewise damaged transport truck. Numerous tarps were spread out across the site.

According to RCMP Superintendent Rob Lasson, the bus was moving south, where a stop and yield sign would have been. The truck hit the bus as it crossed the eastbound lanes of the Trans-Canada Highway. The truck was traveling east at the time of the collision. It has yet to be determined who had the right of way.

An unnamed source expressed sympathy for the waiting families, saying, “I can’t imagine how difficult it is not knowing if the person you love the most will be making it home tonight. I’m so sorry we cannot get you the definitive answers you need more quickly.”

Ron Bretecher, whose parents were on the bus headed for the casino, reported to CBC that his mother is currently at the Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg. Still, he hadn’t received any information about his father. “It’s just very difficult,” he said.

At the time of the accident, Nirmesh Vadera, an employee at a business near the highway, recalled seeing a transport truck with a demolished engine on the road. He also saw the wreckage of the bus, consumed by fire, on the roadside while first responders were making desperate attempts to rescue people from the flaming vehicle.

This devastating accident echoes a horrific memory for Canadians of the fatal 2018 bus crash in Saskatchewan. In that accident, a bus collided with a truck, leading to the death of 16 Humboldt Broncos minor league hockey team members.