700 Illegals Cross River in Just 5 Hours

(TheRedAlertNews.com) – Almost 700 illegal immigrants crossed the Southern Border into the United States of America within only five hours at a spot close to a town in Texas, a news report has revealed.

The hundreds of illegals in question all arrived at the small Texas border town of Eagle Pass by crossing the Rio Grande to surrender to US authorities, hoping to be released freely inside the United States after that, according to a report by Breitbart Texas, whose journalists observed the influx.

Most of the illegal immigrants were found to be nationals of Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba.

The droves of illegals surrendered to different US law enforcement agents posted in the area: the US Border Patrol, Highway Patrol troopers, and the Texas Army National Guard.

The first group of observed illegals comprised almost 300 migrants, most of whom were single adults. They crossed into the US close to Normandy, Texas, about 20 miles north of Eagle Pass, where they sought to be apprehended by Highway Patrol troopers of the Texas Department of Public Safety and the US Border Patrol.

Another group consisted of more than 200 illegals who crossed the Rio Grande south of Eagle Pass and surrendered to the Texas Army National Guard and the Department of Public Safety.

The Texas troopers took them to an international port of entry as per an order of Texas Governor Greg Abbott to return illegal immigrants to ports of entry where they get transferred to the Border Patrol.

Another group of about 100 illegals also surrendered to Texas troops south of Eagle Pass after walking for about a mile inland following its crossing of the Rio Grande.

The reporters observed smaller groups of migrants coming in through roughly the same spot, including between three and more than a dozen illegals.

Those illegal immigrants who surrendered directly to Border Patrol agents sometimes had to wait 3-4 hours to be taken to a processing center simply because the influx overwhelmed the authorities, whose “transportation resources” were “limited and overwhelmed.”

Eagle Pass is located in the Del Rio Sector of the Southern Border, which became the busiest of the nation’s nine Southern Border sectors in July.

It saw almost 50,000 illegal immigrant arrivals last month, or about 1,600 illegals coming in per day.

Most of the illegals there come from nations that cannot be sent back to Mexico under the CDC’s Title 42 coronavirus emergency order.

A US Customs and Border Patrol source said that many, if not most of the 700 arrivals in question, would be set free inside the US to pursue their asylum claims.