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81% of Trump Voters Will Not Give Biden a Chance

A new CNBC poll of voters who backed President Trump in the 2020 election reveals their unwavering support despite media coverage which has already declared that presumed President-elect Joe Biden is the sure winner,” according to The Washington Times.

“‘A mere 3% of Trump voters believe he should concede to Biden and start the peaceful transfer of power. Another 31% want the president to fight in court until states certify results. Two-thirds, or 66%, think Trump should never concede,’ said the poll analysis.

“‘The vast majority of Trump voters — 81% — said they would not give Biden a chance as president. Only 19% said they would.’… [emphasis added]

“‘Loyalty to Trump runs deep among the respondents. Asked with whom they would identify if the president left the GOP, 72% responded Trump’s party, while 28% answered the Republican Party,’ the analysis said.”

Share your thoughts in the comment section? If you’re a Trump voter, will you give Biden a chance as president if he wins the Electoral College? If you’re a Biden voter, do you believe Trump voters should give Biden a chance?


  1. RC says:

    The leftist trash never gave President Trump a chance, hounding him from day 1, so I and millions of others are going to return the favor. Fuck biden, impeach the piece of shit NOW.

  2. Holly Rose says:

    What more proof do we need that Biden won the elections? What more proof do we need that there was so fraud and Biden fairly won. AG Barr has spoken and has stated that THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE OF FRAUD. Read links




  4. Don says:

    The 19% are naive or cowardly. Take your pick.

  5. Jen says:

    Biden will never be my president! I may just quit my job clear out my bank account and not pay taxes. I will not pay for other people to come to this country to collect SS and get free college. They want to take my good health care and socialize it- these people are insane and are trying to turn this country communist. This is no joke each and every patriot must spread the anti communist word. The media is censoring everything this is how it starts. They gain control of the media/ big tech so the masses are uninformed. We are protected by the constitution yet the democrazies are ignoring that and soon will abolish it We must fight for our rights and cannot let this happen.

    • There is no way in hell we put up with these sons of bitches! It is time these LAWLESS criminals posing as political leaders by the people for the people with disregard for american lives be prosecuted! People have died over their attempts to OUST our president,fellow americans this is the secret society john F Kennedy was talking about, the society of secrecy that killed JFK!THE SAME society that killed abraham lincoln!we’ve come to far to do nothing!!!and what the Sam hell are people supporting them for???? I’ll tell you why!The cabal is real,they were, and still are practicing sorcery. All the key sources population listens to all the people that are looked up to are suppressing information! Supreme court liberals are pushing their agenda! Hence sorcery is being wielded with the tongue of a snake.Even native Indians saw what they were!called them talkers with a fork tongue!!!

  6. kevin Bolin says:

    I agree with most responders here Biden is not the legitimate president Demoncrats cheated to an extreme measure and were it not for all the illegal and bought off crooks they have running the vote count and the vote machines and the liberal MSM media everyone in the USA would know it and Biden would be running for cover because we would put him in jail. He should immediately be impeached as everything they tried to impeach trump for Biden actually did, so he belongs behind bars and that’s not even talking about his Pedophile behavior that his daughter talks about in her diary that she released the Bidens are a sick family and Kamal ais just as corrupt as they are sleeping with whomever she had to to get what she wanted. She is so stupid she cant even talk most days, so how would she ever run a country?

  7. Jami says:

    It’s TOTALLY OBVIOUS the election was rigged! You would think Sleepy Joe wouldn’t have a problem with a total recount IF he truly knew he won fairly. Unless… he didn’t! I can’t stand cheaters, so NO, I wouldn’t give him a chance. I would take my chances being ostracized and an outcast from that group of rats! Sleepy Joe isn’t going to win anyways… he can’t!

  8. john jay says:


    without trump the republicans have no backbone at all. they are hapless without him.

    as for giving biden a chance? not a chance. before he stole the election he was a crook and he sold the u.s. out to china for money. he is perhaps the biggest louse ever elected to the office, which is fitting, as obama was the biggest phony. (obama is, in intel and espionage terms, a “legend,” e.g., he is made up.

    to hell with the democrats.

  9. OH !!! GUESS WHAT O’BIDEN WANTS TO give millions of illegals “FREE” everything that we AMERICANS have worked our ASSES off for years for our retirement & so our children could benefit & work hard for their children !!! California is in ruins Their Majior city spends 18 MILLION a month to house illegals & homeless & the DEMO–C–RATS WANT to bring in more ILLEGALS & GIVE FREEBIES , california has to stop housing cause they say “”WE CANT AFFORD THIS ANYMORE “” GUESS WHO they will ask to FUND THEM, O’BIDEN “”COME ON MAN “” !!!

  10. O’BIDEN &THE DEMO–C–RATS want a peaceful transition &want the Country to “come together” ya! As long as it’s their WAY !!! They don’t want you to remember what O’SLIMA & O’BIDEN did to TRUMP & GOP people while they were “”TRANSITIONING””, SPYING on Trump campaign ,&FOX NEWS PEOPLE, setting plans for IMPEACHMENT, HATE COMMERICALS, DEMO–C–RAT CONGRESS HATE SPEACHES planning ARREST OF TRUMP PEOPLE& FRIENDS, CONDEMING anyone who would even VOTE REPUBLICAN, &yes speaking of” VOTEING” WE all know the company who made the machines &who’s husband is on their BOARD !!! HINT she is a top DEMO–C–RAT CONGRESS PERSON !!! THESE HATEFUL DEMO–C–RATS have only just begun to realize the PAINS that are to befall on them & justfully so !!!

  11. Phil Lozier says:

    I will not give Biden a chance They did not give trump a chance Biden will not be good for the USA.

    • Antoinette says:

      He should be in prison with the rest of his gang.

      • Doris says:

        I agree with Antoinette the whole Biden gang should be in jail,including Schumer,Pelosi, Brennan,Clapper, pencil neck and all the rest. What a disgrace they all are.


    • W. G. Davis says:

      Definitely if the demonrats are successful at being given the flawed election, then we remaining conservatives should try to block anything Biden tries to get through. We must also prevent Harris, or Pelosi from attaining POTUS or other positions.

  13. Kathleen Hollis says:

    I agree. Trump will still be our President. Have faith. Will fight this steal from the dems.

  14. Kathleen Hollis says:

    I will follow Trump as my President. I can not understand why anyone born @ raised in this United States would ever vote for Communism. I will never listen or obey a sleepy Joe Biden. Screw him and the horse he rode in on.

  15. Linda says:

    No! I will never accept the pretener Biden as president.

  16. Steve Startz says:

    THERE is NO FUTURE for Democrats in America!!!!
    Fraud lies murder treason morons communists inhuman
    Are what Americans see when talking about democrats and what they stand for!
    Biden hah!
    I wouldn’t be joe for all the whiskey in Ireland
    Will America support him ?????
    Hell no they won’t have to , the thought of a Muslim loving communist cuddling traitor and his side kick heels up whore being the leaders of the free world makes Americans puke!
    I would be very surprised if they survive a week !
    And America will dance in the streets as every last Demscum is indicted found guilty of treason and hung on public television
    I personally would find dismemberment by chariot to be their punishment once found guilty of their treason’
    It’s the romantic in me ?

  17. ire says:

    it is to bad that we the people have to listen to such bull crap that the democrats are trying to shove down on us. we need trump in there to get this country back in shape and getting people to work. he is the only one that can do it.

    • James says:

      Then let us get off of our duffs and do something about it!!! We are the only ones who can after all we are WE the People!!! et our voiced be heard and let us not be intimidated any longer by the democrat socialist communist! Is no this our country? Then let us take it back!!!!

  18. FRAVEL L MCELROY says:

    The democratic party CHEATED on several fronts, after Biden announced the day before the election Trump will never beat me tells me Biden knew. Biden is a crook his boy Hunter is a crack smoking pedophile and the media covered it all up!!! We no longer have free elections they are determined they will put in whomever they choose and we will take it and shut up!! The tree of liberty is getting hungry. May time to refresh it with some tyrants.

  19. Bill Norton says:

    President Trump fight, fight to defeat Biden, NO QUARTER! Fight to in initiate a TRUMP PARTY. The GOP is a whore for the demonrats. You can publish anything you want to about me as long as you include me with the fighting elements of the 81%. For God’s sake and the sake of freedom and nearly 200 MILLION white citizens LOYAL TO YOU, strike, strike now. Use any trchnique, tactic or forces necessary to crush the communist enemy. Most of all mobilize us. We have everything to lose if you don’t lead us AND a victorty sent from Mount Olympus if you lead us to fight, fight, fight, for Trump, fight for the Trump Party and fight for Trump the only true leader we so desperately need!

  20. Tina Wilburn says:

    Please unsubscribe!

    • bob onit says:

      support biden ??? that w0uld be aiding and abetting a felony theft ,screw that crooked sob and Harris too if anyone can slip one in between the rest of the pornstars in there now…… I fact I’ll give him the same support Trump got from the dirty donkey assed dems

  21. Wendy Brook says:

    No I will not support Biden. They had there chance to sell out our country once to the enemy. Second time is on us. I do think this election was rigged because I cannot imagine Americans would vote for a man who is in China’s pocket. I can understand movie stars and athletes being this stupid but surely not 80,000 Americans.

  22. MICHAEL says:

    Biden and his whole family should be in jail. He is a pos that deserves no respect, he deserves the opposite. I really hope that tragedy befalls him and his family.

  23. Larry says:

    Wait! Are you sure about this vengeance thing? Didn’t you hear that super bad ass, big mouth, platform shoe wearing,and all around tough guy Bobby Deniro say what kind of hell they’re going to unleash on us for payback? I haven’t slept a wink since he stuttered his threat!

    • This WIMPY ASS WOULD ROLL OVER &SCREAM like a GIRL & PULL his PANTIES over his head if he were ever confronted one on one he spits HATE as long as he thinks SCUMLYWOOD is behind him !!!

  24. Bob Hill says:

    No way we should ever let these socialist commies have control over this hard fought for and loved constitutional country our forefathers fought so hard for!! ,liars and theive’s ,they need to be put in their place (jail) . Not anywhere near DC or the white house. God Bless president trump and all who support truth and justice and the USA and rule of law !

  25. Bob says:

    No way we should ever let these socialist commies have control over this hard fought for and loved constitutional country our forefathers fought so hard for!! ,liars and theive’s ,they need to be put in their place (jail) . Not anywhere near DC or the white house. God Bless president trump and all who support truth and justice and the USA and rule of law !

  26. Don says:

    Only a fool gives a crook a chance and having grown up in that party and seeing the bastardization by liberals and communists. there’s no way in hell.

    • Edna Krebs says:

      I’ll give him a chance the same chance they gave Trump. Pelosi & Harris are already talking about Biden health. I said this would happen. I say in 6-12 months Biden will be declared unfit to run the country. Puts Harris in presidential chair & Pelosi in the VP chair maybe.
      I think (my own opinion) Biden is the puppet & Pelosi & Harris are the puppet masters.

  27. T Beach says:

    Every single bit of this all leads back to Obama. Even the building in Germany where the Dominion servers were housed has ties to his administration. Need to cut the head off the snake and have Special Forces pick him up and take him straight to Gitmo. Soros too. I even saw that Obiden has a warrant in Ukraine for all that crap. Dont see any way that he should ever be allowed inside the White House.

  28. Sherry Chase says:

    Pervert joe is same as Killary! Deeply Corrupt and belong in Federal Prison.

  29. James Nice says:

    As for the 19% that says they’re going to give Joe a chance, that’s unlikely. What chance they will offer him is a “chance to prove them wrong” which is also unlikely!

  30. Duane says:

    I will never consider Biden to be the president, and I would not do anything to support him or CAMELTOE HARRYASS. This was the most dishonest and criminal election in the history of the world. Because it was carried out by the communist Democrats, and the communist media. With any luck the BLM and antifa criminals will burn down all of the MSM headquarters, and get rid of the Democrats who say they care about black lives. Remember the Democrats lie to everyone even the people who think they care.

    • I will never accept that dumb ass as my President either. And the VP, Harris is an asshole. She laughs at everything> Two such people will bring total disgrace to our country!

  31. Paul says:

    I agree MAGA WITH A VENGEANCE as they did steal the election from us Trump supporters underhandedly . These Trump supporters have to stand up to these so called demorats and take a stand for justice and liberty for us all.

  32. Earl Slone says:

    Congress Democrats Senate Democrats big tech silicon valley and the set up they have with election machines it has taken long while they put the vote there that wasn’t there the election machines pick it up with their computer they see everything you me or anyone put on here our President Trump is a billion aire he can make things happen and after jan 20 2021 silicon valley will go down also stock markets will lose big time set back and watch everone better buy all can food and water they can because we all are going need it all the big guys will be taken out before end 21 watch all the silicon valley gold will go down drain

  33. Joe says:

    I personally would not give him the time of day …. and even if he were hitch hiking along a long dart OR light lonely hey I would not pick him up

  34. Reeper says:

    Enough people call your local TV and radio stations and tell them that Biden and his clowns will never be our President. And tell them by not watching there sports and news crap there ratings will drop. This is half the battle people.

  35. Rhina says:

    Folks we know they been planning the end for us all for over 50 yrs they hate us all they only want to make sure we never breath peace ever again. I pray people see the truth. They did all this crap nothing is good what they have chanced nothing! They wants us to stop being Americans. To me that is a terrorist now this mask thing shows another proof. Not about illness it’s about control plus protecting the criminals so they can keep doing their crimes. California allow illegals work in state government this I know. If they not raising our taxes, rent, they are turning off our water, elect. The worse is we can’t even work freely as entrepreneurs but we got to keep paying this salaries? They had no turkeys at the markets for our Thanksgiving. God give Trump strength to not give up this fight our lives depends on it.

  36. Jack says:

    This is not a game, Biden and the Democrats are of the Devil. America will not survive the Democrats. They are so Evil they don’t deserve any slack!

  37. Mark says:

    No not my president, biden is a corrupt, crooked moron, we will not give him a chance to ruin our great republic. Democrats cheated like they always do, fight them in the courts, in the legislature, at the local level, and at the ballot box. Wake up Americans, these democrats want to destroy our republic.

  38. Lesly says:


    • Earl Slone says:

      I said this on nov 6 we all if we want a country to live freely in go up to dc when Democrats in congress and senate is there and let them know who we are that we are the people who votes for who gets in office and we want an other election for president only we dont defund police and nobody is taking office until we see justice done in the right way and dont let the Democrats come out make them stay until agree on new election we all need come together now this week while trump is still president he will lean for us not them I am sending trump a notice soon as I get off here let him know what people want in america 81%of American voted for trump

  39. Lesly says:

    I absolutely HATE the DEMO-CRAPS. They caused all the separation in this country.KARMA. WILL CATCH UP

  40. GCT says:

    One reaps what one sows. From 2016 Not my president was the democratic position. Conservatives have been schooled.

    • Reeper says:

      Payback is HELL!

    • AJ says:

      I certainly agree with the Trump supporters here. You will have no choice in a very short time to prepare to defend yourself and the United States against slavery and socialism and worse.

      We will all have to sacrifice totally. The next move is gun confiscation which will reduce
      most resistance to destruction of our rights, Constitution and country. No guns, no fear of violating our rights.

      You are aware of this new “Red Flag” court ruling-authority to take you guns from you if the court believes you are some kind of danger to self and others. No charges required!

      Then complete destruction of the free thinkers and patriot middle class.

      Destruction of our economy so we are dependent on government to survive from hand-outs, bread lines, soup kitchens, food stamps, etc.

      This is real and evident!!

      Just listen to the videos, plans and threats over the past month publicly stated by demoncrates. These criminals are determined to destroy the United States not change it. And to accomplish destroying OUR CONSTITUTION they will have to purge and remove patriots.

      Do not believe for a second that if Being Dead gets in office that these deceitful criminal frauds will be satisfied. Criminals do not honor anything but control and power.

      The last 4 years is proof what they are really like: spies, liars, thieves, cheats, frauds
      criminals, dishonest and more.

      Do not believe any of their attempts to neogoiate a settlement. It is a farce to disarm you completely.

      If you love your family, friends, country and way of life, “YOU”–“WE the PEOPLE” will be honored to step up enforce to prevent these psychopaths from destroying it all.

      We have to talk to our family and friends to prepare. Others will also soon be evident of helping. There is no exact second or minute when we will be forced to resist but we each will have to make that decision mostly likely in a second.

      Most police do not want any part of confiscating our guns. They know how dangerous it can be to all involved. So I hope those officers that read this statement refuse to be part of any gun confiscation project.

      Remember to choose your friends/patriots carefully to survive this coming apocalysen.

      To live as a slave for a day is not for me and those with any honor.

      A slave dies a hundred times a day. A Hero-Patriot dies but once with honor for all to see.

      I am only sorry that I have but one life to give for family, freedom, Country and GOD!!

      God, our founding fathers, and the United States thanks you in advance for you sacrifice.

      • Kathy Johnston says:

        Our elected president should never concede. The voice of the people have spoken. If we allow this we will lose our country and all it stands for. Biden is not elected, it was totally fraud and therefore can never be president. Socialism will not be tolerated in this country. The Dems talk if vengeance but they don’t understand vengeance until they strike down our constitution and country. Our hope is in the strength and conviction of president Trump. The deep state and socialism in our government must be abolished.

  41. Reeper says:

    Did all of you read Mary’s comments it’s the BITCH that voted for Biden you all should tell her go FUCK yourself.

    • Kimberly Kline says:

      I agree with you whole heartedly I will never accept Biden I am a Proud Supporter of my True President Donald Trump Trump Pence 2020.

      • Earl Slone says:

        I am a trump supporter the Democrats stole the election and ever court we have is against trump on any thing he puts before them so that tells the world who they are for we all need to vote them out when they run again we can show judges who we are

  42. rick says:

    As much as I abhor thinking in this fashion, there is only one way to fight these Communists. And that is to use their own tactics against them! Anything Americans with American ideals can do LEGALLY should be used against these lowlifes! But what do you do against people who don’t believe in God or law? Conservatives had better figure this out quickly, or they’ll find themselves living in the Communist States of America! It may already be too late, I’m afraid.

    • Reeper says:

      Rick you want to stop this crap then start with the mainstream media tell them No!!

    • Kimberly Kline says:

      The mainstream media is a big part of Biden’s fraudulent activity because they held back negative reviews about Biden and only said good things about him and we all know that is a bunch of bull they didn’t say one good thing about Trump and he is the best President we have had since Lincoln and he is willing to fight for the American people where Biden is not just a communist

    • Kimberly Kline says:

      The mainstream media is a big part of Biden’s fraudulent activity because they held back negative reviews about Biden and only said good things about him and we all know that is a bunch of bull they didn’t say one good thing about Trump and he is the best President we have had since Lincoln and he is willing to fight for the American people where Biden is not just a communist yes they sure did nothing but a bitter bunch of racist evil people

    • Kimberly Kline says:

      They are communists and evil people in the Democratic Party they want to rule the world

    • Earl Slone says:

      Kill everone of them they already put law out when biden takes office kamala harris will be president within 90 days joe biden was used to get the election for congress joe biden dementia is worse than people would know he always has a record Erin his pocket it has already been said what was going to happen biden is Democrats little clown but he dont understand

  43. edward laborde says:

    I think Biden was told he won so he thinks he actually did win. He’s not lucid enough to know the difference. It’s totally embarrassing. His wife should be ashamed of herself for going along with this charade. It’s a shame!

    • Earl Slone says:

      It is called money that is why bidens wife is by his side listen chuck Schumer already said win ga. And we change the world and that is what’s going to happen

  44. I only want trump for my President the democrats should all go to jail they are thiefs this election was rigged some how so i hope trump fights forever.

  45. Randy Valentine says:

    We will not give up our Freedom and we will never concede ! We will not go Quietly into the night! We know this Election was fraudulent and it will be proven ! Joe Biden is a illegitimate President!

  46. W. H. (Bill) Sterling says:

    FOLKS (YOU are the TRUE AMERICAN CITIZENS)!! Buy-DEN (or as HE says BIDEN) has already been PURCHASED by the THUGS (THUGS are PEOPLE & ORGINAZATIONS (more than 1 in a FAMILY & or more than 1 in a GROUP of PEOPLE)!! SLEEPY JOE, HIS BROTHER & SON are a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE!! ALSO PEOPLE like #44 (YOU know the GUY from KENYA, MUST I USE HIS NAME, YOU as well as I KNOW HIM) & the SOCIALST are also a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE & THIS also includes ALL the CROOKS, LIERS & THEIVES !!!

    • Jean says:

      Obama is not a legal president. The Dominion machines have been working overtime since 2003. Not only that but this illegal muslim is 44% Saudi, 50% white and 6% black. Have a good look at his ugly face the next time and see how the genetics show through. To me, he looks 100% Saudi.

  47. Pat says:

    Pray for a violent death to all the Bidens and Kamala. They are traitors of the first degree.

  48. John says:

    For the first time since Reagan we have a true American patriot as president who works for the American people. He is not a swishy globalist socialist who will give everything American to the world. We need him for eight more years.

    • Johnny Carver says:

      Trump is actually better than Reagan. Biden will not put us American’s first. I think there was some illegal things done by some real big dem contributors. The big media with their hate and bias cost Trump the election also. There is no working with the democratic party unless it’s their way. I worry about America.

  49. F F Tramutola Jr. says:


  50. Cindy Murphy says:

    President Trump Keep fighting we Know there was fraud & you got proof.

  51. Clevester Baldwin says:

    You Trump followers something is wrong with your thinking. When he won and lost the popular vote you were all smiles but he lost the Electoral Vote this time you all want Recounts. In Math for Trump Supporters 4>3 if you can handle this complicated stat. This require you to think which is very hard for Trump minded People.

  52. mary says:


    • Reeper says:

      Mary if you are really Mary you a fucking fagit. Your the idiot that voted for Joe Blow and complaining about the immigrants the basterd letting in. Hope there in your backyard you Marxist!!

    • 1LT Los says:

      Election Fraud is election fraud. Purely and simply. So what that Gore Bush results took 37 days? Today is not then. Democrats committed the most massive fraud in my history as an American! The consideration that none of us are embracing is that We the People cannot trust the machinations that pre-planned this covid-Election scam, approved of and supervised this massive multiple state election fraud. Moreover the same culprits are supposed to instill confidence in We the People that the method to recount, to rectify and to reverse this massive fraud? That is not going to happen because I for one do not trust them. I can no longer accept a damned representative (Fienstein) who has never ONE TIME supported one of my concerns in all of her time in Congress. So I certainly will not respect and I; in advance reject any excuses, feints, skirting of the issues and facts – The Left will ignore facts but that doesnt change facts. I want the facts and a proper course of action that We as a Nation are agreeable on to separate the criminally inclined from the Election rectification process. But they must not be allowed to disappear into the wood work – All who are complicit at what ever level -volunteer or Congressperson – WILL stand accountable responsible and suffer the penalties however harsh that will be. Long Live America and Americans – This is our land!!

    • Rosie Palmer says:

      Lady you’re a fucking joke. Tell us how this was fair and square when you had dead people voting, more people than were living in a town voting in that town and dogs and cats voting. If this had been a FAIR AND LEGAL election President Trump would have won by a landslide. Corrupt ass Biden and his family won’t do a damn thing for America or the American people period other than sell us out just like he has been doing for the last 47 years just like Obama did and Hillary Clinton did too.

    • W says:

      And Trump LEGITIMATELY WON in 2016!! All you, your propaganda puppets and the political hacks you worship during his tenure was behave like spoiled little children with your endless tantrums, your constant broadcast LIES, relentless hateful actions and PHONY “investigations”.

      Your party CLOWNS WASTED over $50 MILLION DOLLARS of our money on these travesties all because your queen, Hildebeast Clintstone LOST. You wouldn’t know the truth if it puked all over you, you brainwashed lemming.

      The true criminals here are your party elites and especially the lead moron Groper Joe Bribedem. He even openly committed the high crime of quid pro quo, which is on video if you just look, for which Trump was falsely impeached. I seriously doubt if there will be any investigation into that though. Additionally, they are part owners in Dominion election programming which created the rigged software to falsely make Quid Pro Joe Bribedem and the Frisco Ho the so called “winners”. There are plenty of experts to prove that.

      Yours is the party of hate, racism, oppression, control and fraud. They are the true disgrace to this nation.

      Accept Quid Pro Joe as President – ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! He did not legitimately win. Since you were stupid enough to vote for this maggot, remember this – once he wrecks the economy, sends jobs back to China, re-enters the Paris accord which will cost US 2.5 trillion and 400,000 jobs, Pays Iran 30 BILLION dollars, and kisses the BACKSIDES of illegals you will regret ever doing such a moronic thing.

      If you voted for Quid Pro Joe Bribedem, learn to speak Chinese because you will need to, comrade.

    • You must have been one of the people at the polls counting all the fraudulent votes-you dumbass! You are as crooked and brainwashed as the rest of the damn democrats and media. You people are all a disgrace to the human race, Trump 2020!

    • I know you remember what TRUMP went through you LAUGHED your ASS OFF !!! And that’s okay. REMEMBER THIS we will get the LAST LAUGH MAGA !!!

    • Jaybo says:

      Mary, a while back I apologized for calling you names. I take it all back.what the he’ll is wrong with your anti-american ass?

  53. Eileen Young says:

    Biden will not live long enough to carry out any agenda. The far left will make sure that their puppet will not be the one in charge as they know he is not lucid enough to be Commander-in-Chief! WE, the citizens of America NEED President Trump who supports America and us the Citizens! God Bless America!

  54. Stephanie says:

    Just like the demonrats started screaming impeachment on Trump’s inauguration day of 2016. Well if the electoral swings towards Beijing Biden, IMPEACH 46 AND SEND HIS CRACK PIPE SMOKING SON TO PRISON.

  55. Linda says:

    President Trump the best an ONLY President in many years actually cares more bout helping OUR country n getting US back on track. We know Biden didnt win , nothing was done or over yet before the bias media said something. Dems n all never gave President Trump a chance they all against him from day one especially nancy pelosi. An they want US the citizens to except Biden NO WAY because he n his goons have no place in the white house. They all belong in prison all in one cell.

  56. Notalib says:

    Wow. Love most all the comments. Most everyone of you said and feel very close to what I’m thinking. I will never accept Biden. I am very PO’d at the Democrats for the way they have treated Trump these last 4 years. He has done more for this country than almost any President before him. Biden will wreck this country or try to with his stupid policies. Are you watching the cabinet he is putting together? They are a bunch of liberal misfits. They are mostly unfit to run this country. I don’t want Trump to concede. Hopefully he, and his follows, will make life a living hell for Biden until 2024. I can’t say enough or express enough disgust regarding Biden and his party and his cabinet.

  57. Cheryl says:

    I will never call that lieing piece of shit and his horse faced vice anything more but trators to this country. They are destoying this country along with all you demacrates,and lefts, how can you sleep at night knowing that caniving,destoring the country for your own personal gain? May you all rot in haydez.

  58. Mari Jo Oneill says:

    I am appalled that these DEMORATS cheated to win this election. I will never accept Creepy Old Joe as President. He has some sort of dementia and will be used by the radicals like a wind up doll, because he doesn’t know what the HELL is houng on. So far the people he named for his Administration are all the same cheaters from Obama’s term. These are whst I call re-treads who will destroy this COUNTRY.

  59. Jane says:

    Biden will destroy the country. Biden is in Chinese pocket. Trump won election. The Democrats are cheaters.

  60. Alfreda Cox says:

    If he wins no i wont give him a chance. He stoled it from Trump!!!! I will never vote again and im 66 yrs old.

    • Walter Robertson says:

      That is what the democrats want. For all of us that back Trump to not vote anymore because of the cheating the democrats are famous for.

  61. Jane Parenti says:

    Biden will destroy the country. Biden is in Chinese pocket. Trump won election. The Democrats are cheaters.

    • john little says:

      This was all done to give Obama a third term president Trump will be the last president. Obama and the corrupt powers that be are going to take this country over and destroy the white man just hide and watch

  62. Shelly Castle says:

    I will never stand behind Biden and his merry band of cheaters. He’ll never be my P.O.T.U.S.
    He’s just a big P.O.S.

  63. Mary says:

    The potential loss of this year’s election for Pres. Trump is more about the loss of our country and what it has stood for for more than 200 years….have said from the start that election was for a freedom over control….cannot believe that those who voted for Biden gave up their freedom while stealing it from the rest of us.

  64. Patricia Mclaughlin says:

    You people are really funny lol

  65. Jean Warnke says:

    President Trump DEFINITELY WON this election fair and square.
    Biden would undo everything Trump has accomplished and we can’t have that ever!
    I feel that Biden and his crooked cronies, his dementia and his LOYALTY to China, all the fraud and dishonesty re ballots – President Trump WINS – which he did honestly and LEGALLY!

  66. MICHAEL says:

    This fraud has been in the works for 4 years. I will always stand in support of our REAL President who is Trump. I am going to make a video of me holding a severed, bloody head of Biden in one hand and a severed bloody head of Kamala in the other with a song in the back ground singing over and over, “DIE MOTHERFUCKERS DIE”

    • Walter Robertson says:

      If you do that you probably should say that you are a democrat. They are the only ones that can get away with that.

      • Jesson Umboh says:

        There wasn’t a fraud on the election. The perceived frauds are only in
        the minds of President Trump n his cronies. Donald Trump have to learn
        how to be an American who believes in Democracy. And all of you who believe Trump have to accept reality that Trump has lost the election..

  67. TERRY HUDSON says:


  68. Gloria says:

    No and He’ll NO! Biden is a filthy scumbag along with that crack-head son of his. This is the absolute farthest thing from leadership material. Why doesn’t AG Barr prosecute both of them? What is he waiting for? Biden is definitely DISQUALIFIED to even run for president. Furthermore, he couldn’t find his way out of a paper bag. No way in he’ll would I ever give him a chance.

  69. Teresa says:

    It’s interesting that the Dems want Trump supports to accept their the person who help steal the election from Trump
    All the while the Dems never accepted Trump for over 4 years. Plus they never gave him a moment of rest
    If Trump had cured cancer, the Dems and their media networks would find something wrong with it!

  70. Betty says:


  71. Susan E Buza says:

    Biden and Harris will never have a minute of peace. Anything they do or say will be scrutinized and held against them. Biden will never be
    accepted as the true President. Biden and Harris should leave our country and never be heard of again. If they love this country they should pack up and leave and take Pelosi with them, no one wants or cares for them.

  72. Helen says:

    Heck no!!! I will not acknowledge Biden as my president!!!! The lying and vote stealing, manipulating is outrageous. President Trump IS THE ONLT President.

  73. Glenda Clark says:

    Glenda Clark I stand with President Trump.

  74. Stevo says:

    It’s not just the blatantly obviously crooked felon biden , but the massive organized crime , illegals / muslim terrorists & communism , abolishment of all the Constitutional rights and all the rest of what makes America – America ; that biden will inflict on America . He only cares about what communist china has over him in every decision & tyrannical rule – totally ignoring any American laws , especially elections ! There will never be another pro-America president elected again . Biden & harris will infiltrate their communist & muslim criminals into all u.s. government depts & agencies even much worse than obama already did .

  75. Richard Hennessy says:

    I will give Biden a chance until he takes the first action he said he would to damage our Country. I predict that will occur prior to February 1, 2021.

  76. Connie says:

    The democrats absolutely stole the presidential election. They will stop at nothing to get their way and for America into a socialist country. All those who don’t believe in America should move to another country. Peloton, Biden, the Clintons are all liars and thrives. Hillary should be in prison for the Russia hoax she began against trump and many other crimes dhe and her husband committed they the years? What was it that happened to their old partners?? No one believes they had nothing to do with that. And let’s not forget, Obama, the worst president this country has ever had!!

  77. wilma says:

    Hell no, The dems stole the election and will continue to do so in the future if this is not addressed by the Supreme Court. Why should we put up with this thievery. I hope Trump fights to the end and, if Biden is still elected, that Trump holds rallies all over the United States continually showing how corrupt the democratic party is. God Bless him.

    • Peter0527 says:

      The damn dems say Trump stole the election from Killary. They stole it back. The American people took the election from HRC and gave it to DJ Trump. The dems stole the election from the American people and gave to that corrupt,do nothing idiot for a president elect and his stupid ex DA of LA county.

      • david arthur anderson says:

        Trump won the 2016 election; he did not steal it from crooked hillary. She was lazy and arrogant and made too many assumptions. Besides which, she was a nightmare of a candidate. The demoRats and their tech oligarch partners and the ccp made this election a confusing miasma. It backfired, because the stark preponderance of irregularities made for a great argument against the legitimacy of the entire process. And now, the courts must arrrive at a solution based purely on intent.

  78. Patricia Geary says:

    NO! THIS WAS A Fraudulent Election! THE Dems are cracked and mean as hell!

  79. steve huff says:

    No way we willunite with that
    corrupt lying piece of trash.

  80. The Commander and Chief, President Donald Trump and We The People won the election no question about it. We that love this Our home land. WE THE PEOPLE!!!!🇺🇸!!!

  81. cinderbee says:

    Cannot/Will not support a corrupt candidate in a corrupt election.
    It’s as simple as that. Good luck Dementia Joe and Commie Kamala.

  82. FLORA GROVES says:

    I am and always will be a Trump supporter.

    I always go for people who are honest, trustworthy and have moral values. TRUMP have
    declared from Day One things he was going to do and he did , remainder of which he’d expected to conclude the next 4 years until Biden stole the election from Trump

  83. Victoria Larsen says:

    Not only NO, but HELL NO! I will NEVER give this socialist/fascist/Nazi a moment of peace. He is dead to me.

  84. Gary says:

    Biden doesn’t deserve a chance whhen I know the democrats cheated.