Aaron Salter Jr. Is An American Hero

Aaron Salter Jr.

(TheRedAlertNews.com) – Aaron Salter Jr. is being singled out as an American hero today. Tragically, his heroism came to be known to the world as he tried to stop a racist coward who gunned down 13 people in a Tops Friendly Markets grocery store in Buffalo, New York, yesterday, killing ten and wounding three.

As the New York Post recounts, “Aaron Salter Jr. was identified by his son as the beloved Tops Friendly Markets security guard and former Buffalo cop who tried to stop the teenage suspect, according to the Daily Beast.”

The son, Aaron Salter III, told the Daily Beast, “Today is a shock. I’m pretty sure he saved some lives today. He’s a hero.”

Law enforcement authorities at the scene of the latest mass shooting in the United States agree that Salter Jr., the former Buffalo police officer who had faced a shotgun-wielding gunman earlier in his career, is indeed a hero. They say that there is no doubt that by engaging the killer, Salter Jr. gave others time to flee the store and, in so doing, saved their lives.

When the killer, who published a lengthy racist manifesto before the attack and live-streamed his attack on Twitch, started his rampage at the Buffalo grocery store, Salter Jr. drew his handgun and opened fire. But the armor plating worn by the killer deflected the bullets fired by Salter Jr., and the killer executed Salter before continuing his racist rampage.

The semi-automatic rifle used by the racist coward to commit the massacre had the “n-word” painted on the barrel.

Eleven of the teenage killer’s 13 victims were black.

What is your opinion? Do you agree with those calling Aaron Salter Jr. — the former Buffalo, New York police officer who was working as a security guard at the Tops Friendly Markets grocery store where the teenage mass shooter went on a rampage — a hero for attempting to stop the killer? Please email [email protected] with your thoughts and opinions. Thank you.