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Airline Pilots Fighting Mandatory Vax?

( – After a weekend that saw tens of thousands of air travelers who were booked on flights with Southwest Airlines stranded in airports across the United States because Southwest canceled thousands of flights without warning to passengers, often with their luggage unavailable as it was stuck on their originating flight, trouble has struck again this Monday morning.  

Once again, Southwest has canceled hundreds of flights across the country today, leaving passengers fuming and air travel in the United States in a state of crisis. While corporate higherups have claimed the flight cancelations are due to weather and “staffing,” there are indications that the real reason is pilots and other personnel are refusing to work because Southwest Airlines is mandating that its employees be vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine as a condition of continued employment.

We do know from several verifiable sources that on Friday, the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association filed a request with a federal court asking that the court block Southwest Airlines from carrying out federally mandated (Biden administration) coronavirus vaccinations for its 9,000 pilots. Just hours later, pilots began not showing up for scheduled flights across the United States, leading many airline industry observers to believe the pilots are engaging in a walkout or sickout to pressure management not to fire pilots who refuse the vaccine.

Might the United States be seeing the first significant pushback against private-sector employers mandating the COVID-19 vaccine – a pushback that could significantly harm commerce and the economy? If so, might other employees in critical industries across the country follow suit with their walkouts or sickouts? Will both private and public sector employers have to rethink the wisdom of mandatory vaccine policies?

We may soon know the answer to those questions.

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