ALERT: 46 Illegals Dead as Border Crisis Escalates

46 Illegal Aliens Found Dead

( – The dead bodies of 46 illegal aliens were discovered in an abandoned tractor-trailer near San Antonio, Texas, in one of the deadliest cases of human trafficking gone awry as the illegal immigration crisis at the southern border has been escalating on the watch of the Biden administration.

Another 16 migrants, including four children, have been rescued and have been hospitalized, according to local Police Chief William McManus, as cited by The Associated Press.

The illegal immigrants, most of whom had already died, were found Monday evening after a city worker heard cries coming out of the truck, which had been deserted by smugglers on a remote back road in the city for an unknown period.

“This is nothing short of a horrific human tragedy,” commented Ron Nirenberg, the Mayor of San Antonio, as the dozens of corpses were being extracted in body bags by rescue units.

He remarked that the 46 illegals who perished were “families… likely trying to find a better life.” Their countries of origin remain unclear for the time being.

Local Fire Chief Charles Hood informed that the 16 migrants admitted to the hospital were “suffering from heat stroke and exhaustion.” He said the refrigerated tractor-trailer where they were trapped had “no visible working AC unit,” and there was no water left inside.

The death of the 46 migrants in San Antonio caused by the fact that they were abandoned and trapped inside the trailer tractor by those who smuggled them into the United States may be the deadliest such case so far.

Similar tragedies in which numerous illegal immigrants died on US soil after being deserted inside trucks by human traffickers include a case in 2017 when ten people perished and a 2003 case in which 19 died.

South Texas remains the area with the most intensive illegal human trafficking through the US-Mexican border, which has skyrocketed on the watch of Democrat President Joe Biden, notably after his Day 1 announcement from the White House that he was officially scrapping former President Donald Trump’s border wall project.

About 2.035 million illegal immigrants were detained by Border Patrol agents in 2021, plus over 1 million in the first five months of 2022 – while the number of those who have managed to sneak in undetected cannot be estimated.

Of the more than 3 million illegal immigrants who have arrived in America through the Southern Border in the 17 months of Biden’s presidency so far, more than 1 million have been released inside the United States.