ALERT: 5 ‘Mummified’ Bodies Found at Campground

( – NEWS ALERT: Five “severely decomposed” corpses have been discovered by a hiker in the woods close to a remote campsite in the highlands of Western Colorado.

The ghastly discovery was made near the Gold Creek Campground, about 7 miles from Ohio City in Gunnison County, Urecomm reports.

The hiker at first found three decaying human bodies, but the sheriff’s deputies who responded to the scene found two more. The Gunnison County Sheriff’s Office has begun investigating the mysterious dead body finds.

“All five bodies were in an advanced state of decomposition,” according to local officials.

Two were discovered inside a zipped-up compact tent, while another was outside the tent in the camp area.

Other finds on the scene included a makeshift log shelter over a firepit, personal belongings, and tarps.

The Gold Creek Campground is situated in a distant forested area not frequented by hikers who take the typical trails in the county.

According to officials, the corpses probably were on the scene during the winter, possibly since last fall, because of the high degree of decomposition. Their condition is described as “fairly mummified.”

The report reveals that the autopsies of the bodies will take at least three weeks and will be a challenge because of the extent of the decay. They will be released only to their next of kin when their identities are established.

“This is not a typical occurrence anywhere, by any means. Whether they froze to death in the winter or a combination of starvation and freezing, that’s what it seems like,” Gunnison County Sheriff Adam Murdi said.

For the time being, it remains unknown why the five people, who perished, were at the Gold Creek Campsite or how much time they spent there.

“News of this discovery has undoubtedly shocked and unsettled the local community. The Gold Creek Campground, typically a haven for campers and outdoor enthusiasts, now holds a sense of foreboding,” the report points out.

“The discovery of five severely decomposed bodies near a remote Colorado campground is a somber reminder of the unpredictable nature of the wilderness. It serves as a stark reminder of the dangers individuals may face while exploring and venturing into secluded areas,” it concludes.