ALERT: Another School Shooting; Manhunt Underway

( – HAPPENING NOW: Another school shooting in the United States of America has happened again. And once again, it is in Colorado, the Rocky Mountain state that seemingly leads the nation in deadly school violence.

Currently, a manhunt is underway to locate and apprehend the shooter.

Specifically, two administrators at East High School in Denver were shot on Wednesday, one of them critically injured, by a student being searched for weapons.

The shooting occurred during a routine security check based on the student’s past behavior, part of a pre-existing safety plan.

This was the second shooting at the school in less than six weeks after a 16-year-old student was shot and killed outside the school in February.

The student suspect remains at large, and the school was placed on lockdown, with classes canceled for the rest of the week.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock went to the school and appealed for information to help locate the “armed and dangerous” student. Governor Jared Polis also addressed the shooting, expressing his condolences and wishing the victims a speedy recovery.

Many students and parents expressed their fears and concerns about the recurring gun violence in Denver schools. In recent years, Denver teens have become both perpetrators and victims of gun violence.

In 2022, five juveniles were arrested for homicides and 11 others for non-fatal shootings, and 12 juveniles were killed in homicides last year.

Gun possession by minors has become the most common charge in Denver’s juvenile pre-trial services. The Denver District Attorney’s Office has seen a rising number of charges for juveniles possessing a handgun.

Students have called for Denver Public Schools to respond more aggressively to the threat of violence. After the February shooting, they organized a walkout to advocate for gun legislation and safer schools.

East High School has experienced multiple lockdowns and alerts since the shooting, and a weapon was even found on campus the day after students returned to class.

Many students and parents have expressed that they no longer feel safe at school and are on edge. Ben Roy, the father of a senior, described this year as “relentless” for East students, with “constant” perimeter lockdowns. He expressed concern that his son has become simultaneously numb to the violence and anxious.


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