ALERT: Another State Bans All Abortions – Strictest Law In The Nation

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( – BREAKING NOW: Another conservative state has joined the ranks of those which have banned almost all abortions.

Today, Oklahoma’s legislature passed a law banning almost all abortions from the moment of fertilization and, in so doing, is poised to enact the strictest pro-life protections in the United States of America.

Republican Governor Kevin Stitt is expected to sign the law, and upon so doing, the law will go into immediate effect.

According to National Review:

“The law, which constitutes the most sweeping pro-life legislation passed by any state, allows anyone to sue a doctor or other person who “aids or abets” an abortion from the moment of fertilization for up to $10,000. While modeled on Texas’s ban on abortions upon detection of a fetal heartbeat, the Oklahoma law would ban almost all abortions, with exceptions for cases of rape or incest.”

Recently, Oklahoma enacted another law making it a felony to perform an abortion. That law goes into effect in August.

Under that law, anyone found guilty of performing an abortion faces up to ten years in prison and a $100,000 fine. The only exception is if it can be proven that the pregnancy threatened the mother’s life.

When that law was enacted earlier this year, Governor Stitt stated, “We’re going to sign every piece of pro-life legislation that hits our desk. We want it clear that we want to choose life in Oklahoma. We don’t want to allow abortions in the state of Oklahoma.”