ALERT: Court Outlaws Ballot Drop Boxes


( – Breaking Now: By a one-vote margin along ideological lines, the Supreme Court of Wisconsin has outlawed the use of ballot drop boxes during elections.

The court also outlawed “ballot harvesting.” Ballot harvesting is when voters give their completed absentee ballots to someone else for delivery to a polling place.

As The Washington Post reports in, “Ballot drop boxes not allowed in Wisconsin, state supreme court rules”:

“A divided Wisconsin Supreme Court barred the use of most ballot drop boxes on Friday and ruled voters could not give their completed absentee ballots to others to return on their behalf, a practice that some conservatives disparage as “ballot harvesting.” [emphasis added]

The ruling hinged on a strict reading of the language in state statutes.

“Wisconsin law says no person may ‘receive a ballot from or give a ballot to a person other than the election official in charge.’ Those bringing the lawsuit argued that policy must be strictly followed, meaning it would be illegal for someone to drop their elderly parents’ ballots off for them or for church members to gather ballots after a service and then take them to a clerk’s office.

The majority agreed with that assessment.” [emphasis added]

It remains to be seen if similar lawsuits in other states result in similar rulings outlawing ballot drop boxes and “ballot harvesting.”

This is a breaking news report from Red Alert News.