ALERT: High Federal Official Fired For Misusing Taxpayer Money

Brett Blanton

( – Brett Blanton, the Architect of the Capitol, was fired by the White House on Monday following complaints from a bipartisan group of lawmakers and the possibility of impeachment.

A report by the Inspector General in October 2022 revealed that Blanton and his family utilized agency vehicles for personal trips to West Virginia, Florida, and South Carolina, amounting to $12,434 in benefits that were not reported or taxed.

Blanton was also accused of posing as a law enforcement officer.

Democratic New York Rep. Joe Morelle, the ranking member of the House Administration Committee, issued a statement confirming the firing.

“After failing to respond to numerous allegations of legal, ethical, and administrative violations, the President has removed Mr. Blanton from his position, a decision I fully support. President Biden did the right thing and I look forward to working with my colleagues to search for a new Architect,” Morelle said.

Blanton, appointed by President Trump in 2019 for a ten-year term, denied the allegations in a hearing on Feb. 9, but members of Congress called for his resignation.

At the hearing, Blanton stated, “I wholeheartedly reject any assertion that I engaged in unethical behavior during my service to this country,” he testified. “The report is filled with errors, omissions, mischaracterizations, misstatements and conclusory statements lacking evidence.”

Members of Congress rejected his testimony, with several calling for him to resign.

“The Architect of the Capitol, Brett Blanton, no longer has my confidence to continue in his job. He should resign or President Biden should remove him immediately,” McCarthy tweeted Monday.

Blanton’s handling of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot also sparked anger among Democrats, with Steil suggesting the Capitol Police board could be reorganized.