ALERT: House Passes Same-Sex Marriage With 39 Republicans Onboard

( – Angering millions of social conservatives who’ve supported conservative Republicans in recent elections, the United States House of Representatives just passed same-sex marriage legislation with the support of 39 Republicans.

The bill now goes to the White House, where President Joe Biden will sign it into law.

According to National Review:

“The House of Representatives passed legislation with bipartisan support on Thursday that would codify same-sex marriage protections.

“Lawmakers voted to enact the bill 258 to 169, with 39 Republicans breaking with their party to join 219 Democrats on the motion. Last month, the bill cleared the Senate, with moderate Republicans Senators Susan Collins, Rob Portman, and Thom Tillis reaching across the aisle to provide the necessary GOP votes. The measure now goes to President Biden’s desk for final approval.” [emphasis added]

Additional context:

“Congress’ action on same-sex marriage comes as the Supreme Court just heard opening arguments in a major religious liberty case concerning artists’ creative freedom of expression. At issue in the case is whether plaintiff Lorie Smith, a Christian website designer, can be compelled to produce a personalized website celebrating and advertising a same-sex wedding even if it violates her sincerely held religious beliefs.” [emphasis added]

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