ALERT: ‘I Have One DOA in the Front Yard’ (Video)

( – BREAKING NEWS ALERT: A terrible tragedy in Northern Virginia just outside of Washington DC has killed one firefighter and injured at least nine more.

As part of the video you can watch and listen to below, you will hear a firefighter call out “Mayday, mayday, mayday” after being buried alive in rubble following an explosion that leveled a house where the firefighters were battling a blaze. Shortly after that, you will hear a firefighter request “a headcount on how many we’re missing,” followed by the response, “Right now, I know I’ve got two unconscious in a basement calling Maydays; that’s what I know. I have one DOA in the front yard.”

According to

“A firefighter died when a house exploded in Loudoun County Friday night, and authorities say at least nine other first responders were injured in the blaze.

“Assistant Chief of Operations for Loudoun County Fire and Rescue James Williams told reporters in the Seneca Ridge community that the incident was first reported around 7:40 p.m.

“When fire crews arrived at the house on 347 Sterling Ridge Drive, Assistant Chief Williams said that’s when the home exploded.

“‘Multiple maydays were transmitted as the incident was upgraded to a multiple alarm fire,’ he said.”

Here is the video: