ALERT: Leader of Gov. Whitmer Kidnapping Plot Gets Huge Prison Sentence

Barry Croft

( – BREAKING NOW: The top leader of the group accused of plotting to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has been handed a lengthy prison sentence by the trial judge.

According to the National Review in “Leader of Whitmer Kidnapping Scheme Sentenced to 19 Years in Prison“:

“The co-leader in the scheme to kidnap Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer in 2020 received a prison sentence of 19 years in federal court on Wednesday.

Delaware trucker Barry Croft and accomplice Adam Fox were convicted of a kidnapping conspiracy in August. Croft was also found guilty of possessing an unregistered explosive and Fox of one count of conspiring to use weapons of mass destruction.

“The court declared a 16-year prison sentence for Fox on Tuesday. The pair had potentially faced life in prison for the heist, for which the prosecutors lobbied.” [emphasis added]

The prosecution’s case and background:

“Fox and Croft were arrested in early October 2020 and accused of devising a plot, motivated by their outrage over pandemic restrictions, to kidnap Whitmer. The two had flirted with the idea of overthrowing the government, according to The prosecution argued Fox and Croft were extremists. Fox was the ‘driving force urging their recruits to take up arms, kidnap the governor and kill those who stood in their way,’ the prosecution said. [emphasis added]


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