ALERT: Most Americans Believe ‘Civil War’ Is Coming


( – HAPPENING NOW: A new in-depth study finds that a slight majority of Americans believe “in the next several years, there will be civil war in the United States.”

The study was conducted by the University of California and is titled “Views of American Democracy and Society and Support for Political Violence: First Report from a Nationwide Population-Representative Survey.”

According to the results of the study [edited for clarity]:

Two-thirds of respondents (67.2%) perceived ″a serious threat to our democracy,″ but more than 40% agreed that ″having a strong leader for America is more important than having a democracy″ and that ″in America, native-born white people are being replaced by immigrants.″

Half (50.1%) agreed that ″in the next few years, there will be civil war in the United States.″

Among 6,768 respondents who considered violence to be at least sometimes justified to achieve 1 or more specific political objectives, 12.2% were willing to commit political violence themselves ″to threaten or intimidate a person,″ 10.4% ″to injure a person,″ and 7.1% ″to kill a person.″

Among all respondents, 18.5% thought it at least somewhat likely that within the next few years, in a situation where they believed political violence was justified, ″I will be armed with a gun″, and 4.0% thought it at least somewhat likely that ″I will shoot someone with a gun.″

Conclusions and Relevance: Coupled with prior research, these findings suggest a continuing alienation from and mistrust of American democratic society and its institutions. Substantial minorities of the population endorse violence, including lethal violence, to obtain political objectives.


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