ALERT: Police Recruits Hit by Vehicle; Mass Casualty Event; Many in Critical Condition

( – BREAKING NOW: There has been a horrific mass casualty event in California involving police recruits struck and run over by a vehicle while out on a training run.

Reports from the scene indicate that at least 11 of the recruits are in critical condition.

The driver of the vehicle has been taken into custody.

According to the local Fox News affiliate in Los Angeles in a report headlined “Law enforcement recruits in critical condition after being hit by car during morning run in Whittier“:

“A group of law enforcement recruits are in critical condition after they were hit by a car during their morning run in Whittier, authorities said.

“The California Highway Patrol said the incident was reported at 6:30 a.m. near the intersection of Mills Avenue and Telegraph Road. The recruits attend the Sheriff’s Training Academy and Regional Services (STARS) Center located in the 11500 block of Colima Road, which is roughly a mile and a half from the crash site

“Authorities confirmed the driver underwent a sobriety test and was taken into custody. The results of the sobriety test are unknown.” [emphasis added]