ALERT: State Attorney General Targeted for Assassination

Dana Nessel

( – Michigan’s Democrat Attorney General Dana Nessel was the target of a potential assassin who planned to kill state officials of Jewish origin, she has revealed, citing FBI information.

The suspect, Jack Eugene Carpenter III, has been arrested and charged by federal authorities with making threats through interstate communications, CNBC News reported.

Carpenter, a former University of Michigan employee, was arrested for assault in December by the Michigan State Police. The police found he owned rifles and handguns, according to an FBI affidavit.

“Probable cause exists that [Carpenter] made threats to cause injury and death to Jewish members of the Michigan government,” an FBI agent wrote in a complaint against Carpenter.

Michigan’s AG Nessel posted Thursday on Twitter the information she had received from the FBI, namely, that she was one of several Jewish state officials whom a “heavily armed defendant” had targeted for murder.

“The FBI has confirmed I was a target of the heavily armed defendant in this matter,” the state attorney general tweeted.

“It is my sincere hope that the federal authorities take this offense just as seriously as my Hate Crimes & Domestic Terrorism Unit takes plots to murder elected officials,” Nessel added.

An affidavit by an FBI agent supporting the criminal complaint quoted tweets Carpenter posted on February 17 and 18.

“I’m heading back to Michigan now threatening to carry out the punishment of death to anyone that is Jewish in the Michigan govt if they don’t leave, or confess,” Carpenter posted on the former date.

“You may want to let everyone know, and Wayne County sheriff as well, any attempt to subdue me will be met with deadly force in self-defense,” he wrote the following day.

The Detroit FBI office was alerted of Carpenter’s tweets and discovered that he had a “valid but unserved Personal Protection Order against him” signed on February 9.

The man had also been arrested for assault in December and was registered as an owner of three 9 mm handguns. He was also found to have a shotgun and two hunting rifles and to be suspected of stealing another firearm from his girlfriend.

“I was fired from the university of Michigan after going through all the appeal processes for refusing to take experimental medication [related to Covid],” the suspect wrote on Twitter on February 18.

The report revealed he was a system administrator in the university’s literature, arts, and science college from 2011 until the end of 2021.

Carpenter’s arrest on plotting to kill Jewish officials in Michigan comes after Barry Croft from Delaware was recently sentenced to 19 years in prison for a plot to abduct Michigan’s Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer before the 2020 election.

Croft was the fourth and last plotter to be sentenced in the case in which the convicts were motivated by anger over the COVID-19 pandemic measures in the state.