ALERT: State of Emergency Declared in New York City

( – HAPPENING NOW: New York City has declared a state of emergency — a public health emergency — because of the spread of monkeypox in the city.

According to the Gothamist in “NYC officials declare monkeypox a public health emergency, citing region as nation’s ‘epicenter'”:

“New York City officials declared monkeypox a public health emergency, a move that could free up additional resources aimed at combating the spread of the disease.

“In a joint statement, Mayor Eric Adams and Health Commissioner Ashwin Vasan described New York City as the “epicenter” of the nation’s monkeypox outbreak, warning that as many as 150,000 city residents may be at risk of exposure.

“‘Over the past few weeks, we have moved as quickly as possible to expand outreach and access to vaccines and treatment to keep people safe,’ their statement read. ‘This outbreak must be met with urgency, action, and resources, both nationally and globally, and this declaration of a public health emergency reflects the seriousness of the moment.'” [emphasis added]

Citing who may be at the highest risk, Gothamist reports:

“Though monkeypox has not been determined to be sexually transmitted, a majority of positive tests have come among adult men who identify as LGBTQ, according to the city’s tracker.” [emphasis added]

Will President Joe Biden declare a national state of emergency because of monkeypox? So far, the White House is not indicating one way or the other.


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