ALERT: State of Emergency Declared

( – BREAKING NOW: Miami Beach has declared a state of emergency and instituted a curfew in response to two shootings in the area.

This marks the third consecutive year that the city has declared a state of emergency due to unruly crowds during March when vacationing crowds tend to bring “dangerous and illegal conduct.”

The curfew, which will be in effect from 11:59 p.m. to 6 a.m., was announced by the city manager on Sunday. A special commission meeting has been scheduled for Monday afternoon to consider similar measures for next weekend.

The Miami Beach Police Department reported two separate and unrelated shootings over the weekend, with one suspect being taken into custody in each incident.

In 2021, brawls caused by unruly spring break crowds prompted the first state of emergency declaration.

The same weekend in March last year saw the second declaration after five bystanders were hospitalized in two random shootings.

Mayor Dan Gelber, who has stated that Miami Beach does not want spring break, has blamed the rowdy tourist behavior on Florida’s lack of Covid-19 restrictions, which he believes attracts large numbers of tourists who are not typical spring breakers.

The curfew order, similar to those in previous years, allows essential services and food delivery to operate after curfew hours, but businesses must admit their last guests before curfew. Alcohol sales will be banned for off-premises consumption in the curfew area after 6 p.m. Anyone violating the curfew risks arrest and criminal charges.