ALERT: Transgender Athletes Now Banned From This Sport

( – BREAKING NOW: In a move that completely reverses its earlier stance, Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) announced Friday that trans cyclists will now be banned from competing in all international women’s events.

As Fox News reports in “Cycling’s governing body bars transgender females from women’s international events“:

The UCI, the world governing body for sports cycling, released a lengthy statement updating their policy which will now bar any trans cyclist from competing in women’s events if they “transitioned after (male) puberty.”

In part, the statement issued by UCI reads:

“The meeting of the UCI Management Committee was held following a seminar on the conditions for the participation of transgender athletes in women’s cycling events, organized by the UCI on 21 June, at which the various stakeholders – transgender and cisgender athletes, experts from the scientific, legal and human rights fields, and sporting institutions – were able to present their respective positions…From now on, female transgender athletes who have transitioned after (male) puberty will be prohibited from participating in women’s events on the UCI International Calendar – in all categories – in the various disciplines.”

Fox News notes, “The rule change, which goes into effect on July 17, will now enter those who do not meet the guidelines for the women’s category into the men’s category, which will now be renamed ‘Men/Open.'”