ALERT: Trump Crushes DeSantis

Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis

( – Yesterday, a straw poll was conducted at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Texas.

The poll was designed to determine who the conference attendees wanted as their presidential nominee in 2024.

By a wide margin, former President Donald Trump crushed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and everyone else in contention.

As National Review tells the tale:

“A Conservative Political Action Conference straw poll conducted in Dallas on Saturday found that attendees favored former president Donald Trump — who garnered the support of 69 percent of the audience — to be the GOP’s 2024 presidential nominee

“Florida governor Ron DeSantis was the second choice of voters in Dallas, with 24 percent saying he should be the nominee.” [emphasis added]

Of importance, the same poll was conducted at the CPAC conference back in February, and since then, Trump gained support while DeSantis lost ground with the attendees.

Also of interest:

“When asked who they thought should serve as Trump’s vice president, 43 percent of the audience picked DeSantis. Nine percent chose [Kristi] Noem and seven percent said it should be [Mike] Pompeo.” [emphasis added]

When asked to look across the political aisle:

“Attendees were also asked to project who would be the Democratic nominee for president in 2024. Only eight percent predicted that President Joe Biden would again be the nominee, while 37 percent said California governor Gavin Newsom would be at the top of the ticket.” [emphasis added]

If the CPAC attendees are correct, the 2024 Presidential Election will again see former President Donald Trump in contention, but not Joe Biden.

Are they correct?

Time will tell.