ALERT: Ukraine Loses Control of Key Nuclear Site


( – HAPPENING NOW: Just moments ago, the government of Ukraine acknowledged that after a fierce battle it had lost control of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor site that remains the location of the worst nuclear disaster in world history and remains a deadly danger if not appropriately maintained.

As the AP is reporting:

“A presidential adviser says Ukraine lost control of the Chernobyl nuclear site, where Ukrainian forces had waged a fierce battle with Russian troops.

“Adviser Myhailo Podolyak told The Associated Press that Ukrainian authorities did not know the current condition of the facilities

“‘After the absolutely senseless attack of the Russians in this direction, it is impossible to say that the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is safe,’ he said.”…

“A Ukrainian official said Russian shelling hit a radioactive waste repository and an increase in radiation levels was reported. The official spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the sensitive matter.” [emphasis added]

American experts warn that Russia taking control of the facility could cause a nuclear crisis unheard of since the initial explosion at the facility.

This is a breaking news report.