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Allen West: Time for a New Union of States

In response to the United States Supreme Court’s ruling against President Trump, Texas, and the 17 states that joined with Texas in asking the Court to overturn the Presidential Election, Allen West, the Chairman of the Texas Republican Party, has called on those states to form a new Union of States. Essentially, West is recommending that those states secede from the United States of America and form a new country.

Here is Allen West’s full statement:

The Supreme Court, in tossing the Texas lawsuit that was joined by seventeen states and 106 US congressman, has decreed that a state can take unconstitutional actions and violate its own election law. Resulting in damaging effects on other states that abide by the law, while the guilty state suffers no consequences. This decision establishes a precedent that says states can violate the US constitution and not be held accountable. This decision will have far-reaching ramifications for the future of our constitutional republic. Perhaps law-abiding states should bond together and form a Union of states that will abide by the constitution.”

Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you agree or disagree with Allen West?


  1. AJ says:

    My thoughts are that these treasonist traders will try to assinate President Trump, Mr. West and other prominent PATRIOTS before WE THE PEOPLE can overwhelm them totally. Can President Trump trust the secret service? Can not trust the FBI and CIA. Pray for their safety.

  2. AJ says:

    Those PATRIOTS that find themselves in communist leaning states will have to find friends and unite and plan. Keep communications open. Hold out together and others will become to secure your safety as we cleanse each state of its TYRANNY and TREASON. There is no real safety in this war. GOD BLESS AMERICA & PATRIOTS!!

  3. AJ says:

    ATTENTION MR. WEST: I am willing to make the ultimate decision to save OUR CONSTITUTION AND COUNTRY. Please inform OUR PRESIDENT he has the the full support of all PATRIOTS. ALL PRESIDENT H AS TO DO IS SET DOWN TIME PLACE AND TARGETS. GOD BLESS AMERICA & PATRIOTS

    • With you all the way.Like AJ said if things start to fall apart get in touch with our Senators & Congressmen to get their support if they won’t help then we go on our own.How many more are their of us?Anyone know?

    • T Beach says:

      Amen my friend. Put Gen Flynn in charge and lets go. We dont really need sucession from the US. We just need to purge the commies out of the other states.

  4. AJ says:

    All this talk is nothing without real Patriots stepping forward to be counted and making prosecutions against these complicit treason to destroy OUR CONSTITUTION AND COUNTRY.
    All notify President Trump to act now or lose this country forever to communists.
    Mr. West there cannot any dividing of this country. All it needs quickly is a thorough cleaning of communists. Call for all PATRIOTS to commence the cleaning on January 20, 2021, if President is not realized as the elected president.

  5. Bob says:

    I agree! But I don’t think we should leave our great country, a country that many of us have spilled blood and lost friends and loved ones defending. The Commie scum trying to take over our country should go! This is a massive conspiracy to take over our country that goes back at least 2 generations. Starting in our schools to brainwash our kids. The millennium’s for the most part are a lost generation and the real push started in 2008 with Obama, an illegitimate President. Time for The President to declare Martial Law or invoke the insurrection clause and clean house. There literally thousands to deal with starting with people like George Soros who fund this, top executives of social media, main stream media, heads and talking heads, corrupt politicians, both parties, entrenched Federal employee’s, Bureaucrats, Antif and BLM would be a good start. Thank God and our founders for the Second Amendment!
    To the President: Please don’t abandon us. We need you now, more than we did in 2016. DO NOT LEAVE THE WHITEHOUSE!!

  6. Annie says:

    Agree with Mr. West 1000%. We who have common sense, morals, work ethic, and who love our country don’t want to live with Socialism, and we’re sick & tired of corrupt politicians who want to steal everything we’ve worked for so they can give it to those who don’t want to get off their butts & support themselves.

  7. Timmel says:

    I would disagree to separate. We would never be able to resolve it before we’d be defeated by emboldened enemies. The constitution works just fine. Don’t you think the same bias problems would evolve separately again if not corrected? The constitution is not the problem. It is the heart of all that’s fair and just. What happened was that the Press and big tech completely suppressed freedom of expression in a brief, unexpected way. Otherwise the conservative vote would truly have overwhelmed the election. That is what happened in the Texas senate race in 2018. We need a fitting response to Media Bias. It’s a hole in the founders design that was identified in the Federalist Papers, never finding resolution in the bill of rights. Next, we have to simply SHOW UP in the poll counting process. Simple as that ! Stay the course! Fix the press. Take part in the process to fulfill the checks and balances. And, educate, educate, educate yourselves and your children unending ! Constitutional partisans, Unite, Arise, Awaken !

  8. Norman says:

    I agree. Let’s include New Jersey.

    • Marla Kimsey says:

      We agree. In 1959 Kruschev said our children will be ruled by Communism. The 8 items he mentioned have either happened or are in the works: 1) Healthcare – Control healthcare and you control the people.
      2) Poverty – Increase the poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them.
      3) Debt – Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.
      4) Gun Control – Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government That way you are able to create a police state.
      5) Welfare – Take control of every aspect (food, housing, income) of their lives because that will make them fully dependent on the government.
      6) Education – Take control of what people read and listen to and take control of what children learn in school.
      7) Religion – Remove the belief in God from the Government and schools because the people need to believe in ONLY the government knowing what is best for the people
      8) Class Warfare – Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. Eliminate the middle class This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to tax the wealthy with the support of the poor
      Anyone recognize these steps as the current platform philosophy of one of our political parties? Biden – Harris

      • Dana Bybee says:

        These are EVIL, EVIL PEOPLE WHO SHOULD BE DONE WITH BY THE MOST VIOLENT MEANS, HOW DARE THEY BE SO BLATANT. Somebody needs to take them out. Our country is in trouble but IDIOTS voted them in.

        • T Beach says:

          Now thats disrepectful to all the dead people that Obiden had voting for him. The skeletons dont get any choice in who they are voting for. They want to talk voter suppression. Dont see how you can get any more suppressed than being a skeleton and being forced to vote for the criminals

  9. RSREEDY says:

    Yes of the 3 branches of government the SCOTUS. They are the branch formed to protect and defend WE THE PEOPLE!!They have clearly done the PEOPLE an INJUSTICE!
    Yes it’s time to recommit to the constitution of a FREE PEOPLE! I’m all in for living or dying to be a FREE MAN! And if that means forming a separate union so be it. Maybe THE UNITED REPUBLIC OF THE FREE!!!

    • Patriot says:

      I agree with Commitment to Constitution and if they truly will not return to lawful execution of duty then it is time to reconsider Lawful insurrection measures against the states that do not comply with the Constitutional agreement in the Union so If this is the future let us weigh the cost of a war with self and enemies from with out so if the only reason you seek to circumvent the Law of the Land then it is no longer run by the people of Law so we have some issues to address in the voter program and a union standard that is enforced and not cowardly dodging their responsibilities to the people of the United States. The Supreme Court is Who I am referring to because these are obviously compromised people just like else where. California, and many other state operatives and in every crack its time to fumigate the swamp.

  10. Jack johnson says:

    Our founding fathers were not for equality. Only white male landowners could vote. Is that what you want to go back to? You got your originalist conservative court. Now live with it

    • RSREEDY says:

      No if you read the Declaration of the United States they got it right! But because of societal norms it took some time to come to fruition. And at the birth of our country we WERE NOT the trend setters! No where in that document does it mention white land owners.
      BE FREE!

      • AJ says:

        Why do you and others here waste your time explaining anything to these communist useful idiots? When Words alone cannot save this country and are used to block the truth of what is going to happen. Realize we stand at the beginning of the end to OUR CONSTITUTION AND COUNTRY. I hope now you understand the vision of the 2ND AMENDMENT! “…NO INFRINGEMENT ON THE RIGHT TO BARE ARMS…”
        NOW step forward and be counted as a PATRIOT. Remember you cannot reason with tyranny and treason. Your indecision will destroy you, me, the OUR CONSTITUTION AND COUNTRY. When has the left/communists ever told you the TRUTH?

  11. I would be for Mr. West’s plan. But what about those of us that rely on Social Security to live on and those who have money in the stock market? Who pays our soldiers?

    • Dana Bybee says:

      We will need a volunteer army, what could be so bad, 70 million or more voted for Trump we should be ok with half that amount.

  12. Jack Sandy says:

    Mr West is a great patriot and I agree that we need to save our country and our way of life. All veterans should be ready to stand up for the oath we all took and defeat the threat to our future.

    • SDOfAZ says:

      Agreed. If we have to move cause AZ is too close to CA and that mob and run by a rino, so be in. And we will cash out what is in government accounts and liquidate the rest to move where we are not held like the Chinese in the grips of socialist/communist who are headed to the One World Order. Bring it on.

      And when the dirt settles it will be obvious who does not have the countries heart. That would be dim wit liars, cheaters, thieves. SS and the rest will resume once the trash is gone from the government and the congress cause one the money or cash cows are out of their reach, they will start to eat each other.

      For those who have nothing but SS we understand but you should realize with the socialist/communist all of that will disappear and very soon. Stocks, these days that is gambling. Put it where it can be liguidated and you actually own it to liguidate it.

      Advice from a retired CPA. The worst is coming in the markets, banks, etc.. These NWO lemmings think they understand what they are letting in the door. They do not and liars, cheaters, thieves with this penchant for corruption will not all make the grade to their superiors. Trouble makers with be the first to be eliminated among them. FOOLS!

    • RSREEDY says:

      Agreed. Our for Father’s stood up for freedom. Now it’s our turn!!

    • Jaybo says:

      SEMPER FI!

  13. MSP says:

    Yes it’s time for the people to speak. The elites think they can control us. We need to stand together. I hope MT was one that stood with TX. But no matter where we live, we have to join together. Even if it means some of us die.I’d rather die then to be controlled.

  14. Kellie says:


    To fight WITH us


    All FAKE Media. (Don’t need any reporting to our enemies), don’t need them at all

    NEXT But Not Last: S – – – U S

    Is it just me or did someone get to Barret? Or maybe something $.

    Our nation is ALREADY divided. What Mr.West is suggesting will not divide it. States will be succeeding FROM in whatever form we decide. I

  15. ee says:

    I agree with Mr. West………there are no other options to remain free.

    • Dr Conrad A Lohutko says:

      Since the US Supreme Court has ruled that neither voters, nor states, nor the President, even a legislator, or a governmental employee, or political entity have standing before it on this national election to chose electors for a President, the Constitutional Republic has been dissolved because there is no way a case involving constitutional clauses can be heard. The Republic has ended and the Constitution and Bill of Rights have been made moot. That is very sad.

  16. David Smith says:

    We need seal team six to lock load aim and fire get rid of the Biden’s Harris Pelosi Clinton’s Obama’s and a bunch of other little kiddies like AOC and BLM and Antifa Then start at one end of the country and get the gangs that are destroying this country and the drug dealers and close our borders Round up the illegals and get them out They can get help from the Green Berets Air Borne Rangers and a bunch of other highly trained people We need them to clean house and take the garbage out

  17. AJ says:

    All patriots should avoid using Facebook, twitter, utube
    and other sites that manage/delete comments. The true facts and our opinions are a must to all to read to decide their choices in life and government. Control starts with our willingness to accept tyranny because it is not openly obvious. Then it becomes an effort to object. Later, you become acquiescent and acostomed to control. Finally, you have completely accepted your subjugation and no longer a free person. This also is the same with governments. Our lives and Constitution depend on each of us to not let this continue another minute.
    Use common sense. Become informed to stop these tyrants from violating our rights and destroying OUR COUNTRY.


    • Jaybo says:

      Yes. I had a post taken off of here because I put my email on here and told patriots to call me so communication is impossible I think. SEMPER FI!

  18. The ranger says:

    I feel let down that SCOTUS would decline an honest decision with all the evidence of fraud. I understand that they cannot decide who is president, but they should have paid attention to what Texas and the other states have prepared and I don’t think they did. The courts refuse to look and decide for themselves the frauds and obvious deceit that was committed during this election. I have to side with the great state of Texas. It is time honest constitutional abiding states stand together. I have said many times after this election that my fears are of another civil war. Democrats have been the ones that are facilitating this just like they did before. All most need to remember is who was behind the KKK not northerners DEMOCRATS

  19. AJ says:

    With regard to the supreme court. They have directly decided the future events that will unfold in the USA. After the supreme court’s decision on the Texas State case, most have lost belief in the courts impartiality. They all will be held accountable.

    Their future is now evident once WE THE PEOPLE have secured OUR COUNTRY AND CONSTITUTION from communism.

    Money and power have no value, influence or strength from the grave!


    Let the song of patriots ring in their ears, “I regret that I have but one life to give for my country!”


  20. Ronald W. McLeod says:

    I agree with Mr. West

  21. steve says:

    Shame on you folks for disparaging good ole’ Joe. The poor bastard doesn’t know where he is , let alone run the country. So corrupt, and the apple doesn’t roll far from the tree, does it? And as for Harris , well she screwed her way to the top and everyone knows it is so. Two morally bankrupt individuals. No morals and absolutely no scruples. I just hope and pray that they don’t screw up the country too badly before we can remove the from office. And these so called elites think they are untouchable and can’t be dealt with. I bet Louis IXV never thought he would end up on the end of that big knife either , do you think?

    • Jaybo says:

      I think their plan is to destroy us TRUMP supporters and all patriots. Isn’t that what that black demonrat from Michigan said? They all communicate and plan it with each other like they do everything else. An evil format

  22. AJ says:

    Many good ideas. Realize this. China will be happy to see us in a civil war. That will influence China to move sooner to invade the USA and openly create support for the democrats. Both sides will then be in jeopardy of invasion and control by China.

    If you are not an “American first” this country has no chance to survive.

    WE THE PEOPLE must preserve the whole USA, divided we cannot stand. There is no question that WE THE PEOPLE must move forward to save and preserve OUR COUNTRY AND CONSTITUTION.

    MR. WEST is right about uniting together “NOW” to confront and remove all socialism/communists from OUR COUNTRY.
    Sad it will lead to violence and destruction for all.

    Realize once we start this movement those that are public and open will be targets of violence by the left and certain to be murdered.

    I believe that most of the military and most of law enforcement will support our movement to preserve OUR COUNTRY AND CONSTITUTION.

    Biden will allow Chinese troops to enter the USA to help him defeat us. This is for certain!

    Know your friends first. Then begin the correction. There is no turning back once we make the first move.

    No sympathy.
    No generosity.
    No forgiveness.

    Otherwise we will have to do it again.

    We have only one opportunity to make this plan successful to save the USA from communism.

    We have be together and agreed on it totally. No hesitation or it’s lost!


    So “PATRIOTS” plan well.

    Slaves die a 100 deaths a day. Patriots and Freemen die but once with honor!


    • I agree with you AJ.NO TURNING BACK.The UN must be done away with 1st.We must isolate,surround & destroy the left.As for China they already have troops in Canada taking cold weather training with Canadian Armed Forces.Our allies in Asia are not scared of them.Read my two posts already on here.Watch youtube DEFENCE UPDATES it will keep you apprised to China’s capabilities.So far they are just a land power occupied with Taiwan,Japan & the ASEAN conglomerate as well as I dia & Russia.China is trying to make a land grab from both of these piwerful nations.In Russia it is Vladivostok & in India along the Line of Actual Control.India killed about 60 plus PLA soldiers while India lost only 23 soldiers.Putin is putting his Far Eastern Command on alert & is backing India to stop China’s shenanigans there.So far so good.

    • Sammy says:

      We are divided have been since 2008 time to do something China is going to have all the controller they want with biden

      • Gladys Flournoy says:

        I agree with MR West. It is time to take our country back. If our own SCOUS won’t even look at the damage this fraudulent election is doing to NOT only the states in question, but to all of us, it just might be time for non communist, patriotic , free states to succeed and form their own Union with Trump as our President. The states fighting this fraudulent election have most of the food, natural resources and power in the country. CA may be able to feed some of the country, but if the succeeded stated cut off fuel and power DC, NY etc are outta luck. See how their new green deal works for them then

    • Richard says:

      Beautifully said. However, if it comes down to either there is a breakup or all fall under communism, then speration is best. The only thing is, what about us who are trapped in these corrupt degenerate states, like Illinois, will we be able to get out of them to live free in a true USA.

    • Jaybo says:

      EXCELLANT! Made the hair on my neck and arms stand up just like we gotta do

  23. Joe H. says:

    I’m ready…Let’s Roll!!!

  24. Citizen of the USA says:

    President Trump must order a special election in MN, WI, MI, PA, GA, AZ and NV only for the Office of President since these states have the most blatant and documented instances of voting irregularities. The voting should take place with Identification, paper ballots, hand counted and only after the eligible voter lists have been updated with current information. Our County, as currently configured, is the envy of the world due to our Constitution and our Patriotic, Diverse, Dedicated and Hard Working population. We cannot divide this country. We are one Nation, Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All who are honest and prepared to defend our Principles.

    • D says:

      But right now they aren’t any of those things. If we were one Nation the Supreme Court would have taken the right steps to get to the bottom of things, not dismissed the case and The People like they meant nothing.

  25. Kenneth A Jackson says:

    If these yo-yos want to leave, i think we should say;GOOD RiDANCE!!!!!
    I sure would not want to live in their NEW COUNTRY!!!!!!!

    • James says:

      But you’d live in a socialist/communist country? Not me.

    • Reply to Kenneth Jackson.You proably won’t fit in.In the New Nation.We only want/need REAL MEN WITH BALLS & as you are castrated you definitely would not fot in.We need BREEDERS NOT WHINERS so stay in commieville & your bread lines while we start over down here.We will remember your name at the border so don’t try to get in either legally,illegally or ask for asylum as WE won’t have or give you any.We need real men not nutless wonders such as yourself.

  26. I have building skills that will be needed,we will also need all crafts & trades.From farmers to high tech people.We will need smart people as well as those that do the hard physical labor.We have to STAND TOGETHER against possible invasion from the Biden & Harris regime & possibly from the UN!WEhave to consider how the last bid for FREEDOM went.We now have industrial capabilities not just cotton.We need overseas allies.Logistical support,We can do this,afre all we are Americans.The TRUE AMERICANS OF FREEDOM LOVERS,SLAVERY WILL NOT BE AN ISSUE.NEVER AGAIN WILL AN AMERICAN BE A SLAVE.THANK GOD IT IS NOT AN ISSUE IN THIS BID FOR FREEDOM!!!BUT SAYING THAT we must be cautious as we proceed.Do not start ANOTHER WAR!TRY TO LIVE PEACEFULLY WITH the former usa.Define our border with our neighbor the former usa & Mexico.Get recognition from foreign powers like Russia.Germany,Japan,Douth Korea,maybe North Korea,Cuba,Great Britian,India,etc.etc.When we do this it ALL IN OR NOTHING!!WWG1WGA & I NOMINATE DONALD J.TRUMP for our 1st POTUS at aterm of 8 years with the option for re-election.We will need a Congress that is 2 parties or more excluding the democrats.No fighting amongst ourselves!They’re are a lot more things to do than I can think of.Look back at our history,find the mistakes made & correct them before they happen again.You know demented joe & kamaltoe will do it & so will their supporters.Bring blm into the fold they have already been snubbed but they will needs sensible leaders & leadership.No radicals calling the shots like now.I have more to say but I will need to think this through lokk at things that went wrong the last time in OUR bid for FREEDOM!NO INVASIONS toward DC.if Maryland wants in then extend her protection,after all DC is within her borders.We will also need a police force not a home guard.Empty the prisons of nonviolent felons guve them their citizenship back also any felons whose crimes are more than 10 years in the past give them full RIGHTS as a citizen of the NEW NATION.The Confederate States is not acceptable.Come up with a name for this NEW NATION & put it to an inperson vote with poll judges watching for fraud & corruption.Keep tbe same laws with modifications as needed & voted on.I will see what can be done.Everyone in this has frienda,family,acquaintances.Put out feelers to these people & set up a time for a meeting of the minds on this bid for FREEDOM!GOD BLESS US ALL & GOD HELP US ALL!

    • Ed says:

      I have 40 years in domestic an intl logistics. Am retired an would love to be involved. Ed Eyerman


  27. SUSAN RODAS says:

    I agree. Let’s secede. It is like I went to sleep and woke up again yo All of this – It’s OK to Defund Police, It’s OK to make homeless camps wherever you want to, It’s OK to shoot police, throw bottles at them, It’s OK to Riot, start Fires,LOOT, It’s OK to disrespect our President, It’s OK TO let Illigals come in and get free everything while us working people foot the bills, It’s OK to kill Babies in the womb about to be born and even after birth, It’s OK to have herion, meth, whatever, It’s OK to have tattoos all over your body and look like an Idiot-Even Dr’s with tattoos all over them-not MY DR.! Anythibg is OK except being a republican, law and order, pro-life, anything to do with our Best President Ever in History – PRESIDENT TRUMP! I will NEVER succumb to biden and harris. They will NEVER mean anything to Me except a grain of dirt. I will not acknowledge them as anything and Never accept them! They are both corrupt and have LOW MORALS AND LOW VALUES. One lower morals than the other for the entire career of her. Let’s secede- PLEASE!

  28. Paula Campbell says:

    I totally agree!!!! I can not think of anything worse than being under the thumbs of these people who are taking away our freedoms and forcing us to accept a totally illegal election result, and who knows what else!!!!

  29. William says:

    I agree. If necessary, will move to Texas if the state I live in will not atand up on support of changes needed.

  30. Carole says:

    I am 81 years old and have never missed voting since a got that right at 21.
    letting or votes be CANCELLED OUT by FRAUD! President Trump warned about the Deep state & now we are seeing it everywhere including in the Supreme Court. I am ANGRY and ashamed to say I am an American today for the first time in my Life . Now is the time for a civil war! Take our country back or secede! WE can start now by showing our distress by hanging your flag UPSIDE down. This is NOT against the law. Tell your friends and neighbors & continue to pray for or PRES., his family & our country. Also call , email or right your state representatives. They chose the electoral college. This election can still be turned around if the disputed states vote Republican against the Fraudulent votes. Lastly Encourage our President to NOT secede! Then the vote goes to the house where each state gets one vote & WE have more states represnetd that the DAM Communist Democrats!! Ohio

    • MaryCobb says:

      I have a great deal of respect for Adam West and he does not make statements lightly. I am in total agreement with seceding. As a born and bred Southerner I have no problem with continuing to be the Confederate States of America. The Constitution that was in place at that time was based on the original Constitution so bring it out of the mothballs. Slavery was not the issue the first time and was only put into play by Lincoln after two years in order to fire up the Union to back his War Plan. If we don’t protect ourselves from the Democrats and their determination to sell us down the river we will all become Slaves to the Socialist/Communist way of life. Unfortunately North Carolina has a Democrat Governor who is in Soros pocket and that is a problem. There are so many Yankees that have moved into this state we hardly recognize who we are anymore. He is enjoying making mandates for lockdowns and mask and the tighter the mandates the higher the Corona cases. The USA is in a world of hurt and it is time to take our Country back.

    • Carole is correct but never be ashamed to say I AM AN AMERICAN!

    • Carole is correct but never be ashamed to say I AM AN AMERICAN!Stand up for whats RIGHT!

  31. Nurex35 says:

    I remember when Barack Obama was president he signed a zillion executive orders because he knew his Marxist policies and dystopian ideology would be rejected by Congress. I said then, that if his agenda continued, you will see some states secede from the Union.
    Now, it is even more evident that we will see this issue more prevalent in daily conversation. The SC basically gave people of this country the middle finger by not hearing the TX case. The Left will undoubtedly continue to shred our Constitution and, the liberals will eventually control the court which is tantamount to neutering the Separation of Powers provision.
    Those of us who feel our country’s Founding fathers got it right might just want to form a New Union and adopt the founding document as written, not what some liberal justice wants it to be.

  32. Rickie Parker says:

    At 72 years young if need be I am ready to do what ever it takes to fight to keep our America . IT is time We the people [ to lock and load And take back our America ! ENOUGH TALK IT IS TIME FOR WE THE PEOPLE TO ACT !

  33. Phillp Owens SFC Ret says:

    What Allen West has stated is FACT!!!! The violation of both Federal and State Constitutions if allowed to stand is in fact denying the value and basis on which the US Constitution is founded! I am personally offended that the Supreme Court has failed to follow thru on their obligation to the people of the United States of America. As such it does call into question the value of continuing in the current arrangement, perhaps we need to look into a potential change!
    I for one do not want to live in a Socialist country!

  34. Elisabeth Bingham says:

    I agree. Also Kamala Harris scares me to death. question can she become president her parents were not citizens when she was born,and were they in Canada at the time the other angle is this is the way Nancy Pelosi(sp) could become president

    • D says:

      Good God that is even scarier. Pelosi needs to be booted out of the Country for her behavior yet no one has said a word about her admitting that she held out on the stimulus package because she wanted credit for it. I also find it amazing that Jill “The Protector” Biden has not said one word while her husband is under attack for all kinds of reasons, not to mention not being able to walk and can just barely talk. Where is Jill, cat hunting?

    • Kellie says:

      Is anyone aware that Pelosi’s husband owns the DOMINION machines that were used in the 2020 election???

  35. delsie- gavali says:

    I couldn;t agree more to Allen Wests suggestion.there have been many instances of states and countries being divided,israel divided after king solomon passed away as there was no compromise among them, now we have brexit, india and pakistan divided, soviet union broke up, there is a time to preserve what is left of America,if we don,t seperate now it will be too late. more power to you Allen Delsie

  36. Kathy says:

    That all sounds wonderful but what about those of us that live in these States that are causing the trouble? How do we survive that move?

  37. Joel Holderman says:

    I totally agree. How does the military work then? I’m all for it if it can be worked out.

  38. Beverly says:

    I gotta move f that happens. I’m In Pennsylvania Ugh! U came up with a plan just when I was thinking of moving out of the states if Biden gets in with Harris n pelosi Worst combination in history. I had hope n so much hope that Texas would win at the Supreme Court but losing is sooo disheartening. And what?? Biden son n brother gets pardoned? Really??? I would rather move to still be land of the free and not the land of corrupt.

  39. Tony B Wilson Sr says:

    A Convention of States should be used to ammendment the Constitution to further restrict the usurpation of power committed by the Federal Government, to establish term limits on ALL ASPECTS of the Federal Government, to eliminate ALL perks and benefits given by their greed and FORCE it back into what was intended by the Originators of the Constitution. Eliminate the 17th Ammendment, put Senators complete under the State Legislature that appointed them. Eliminate the 16th Ammendment and FORCE the central government to live within it’s budget via a Flat tax that cannot be changed except by the Will of the People.

  40. Sally says:

    I am most concerned that our country is conducting business like a third world country. It’s very difficult to comprehend that our government would bypass any movement to rectify the situation or at the least look into it. We are actually condoning this corruption!

  41. Johnny Arthur says:

    I agree enough is enough. We start another union or take back the one we have. We need to remove all elected officials that do not agree with constitution. Not by election just remove them

  42. Howard J Lefevre says:


  43. Larry Rector says:

    People from Key West to ElPaso, are expressing their interest in seceding from the Union. I believe that the Gulf Coast Stares should secede together, to form a new country. Perhaps the
    United Gulf Coast States of America. Since Texas already has the 10th largest economy in the world, the new country would have every economic advantage. We must move quickly, to avoid confiscation of disposable income, and radical immigration policies.
    Without direct access to the Gulf of Mexico, the other states will be seriously handicapped, and since nobody will get into Texas illegally, the flow of illegal immigrants, will be effectively stopped, through Texas. I don’t believe you will find organized opposition to your proposal.

    • Nick Scheessele says:

      Sounds like a plan. And a good one to. I’m in.

    • Willard says:

      I live in Kansas, but even though we have a democratic governor, we have a majority of citizens who are republicans. I would be in favor of having Kansas join the southern states in the secession movement. I am so disgusted with those turncoats that Trump put on the Supreme Court, I can hardly control myself. Did we get any explanation on why they stabbed Trump and the rest of us conservatives in the back?

  44. Honest says:

    You Got My Vote~

  45. Lynn Drawdy says:

    I don’t know if that’s the answer, but something radical needs to be done. And if that’s it than I support it. One thing I think we should do before going there is for all who are united in this election fight to simultaneously across the country rally in support of this lawsuit & then maybe SCOTUS will have no choice but to take the case. Maybe then they’ll see that the PEOPLE want this. Not just President Trump.

  46. Pat High says:

    I am ready for Texas to succeed from the US . I WANT NOTHING YO DO WITH Joe Biden and Kamala Harris they are the the biggest crooks on the planet

  47. James J. Brown says:

    Let’s do it. Stay with our U.S. Constitution,it has served us well over these 200 years

  48. Duane says:

    To sic&tired, We are already divided you stupid asshole. Half of this country is fucked. The half or less than half that voted for Biden have destroyed the United states. Now it is a country out of control. I’m all in for succeeding from a communist country. If the Democrats can wheel a worn out old crook into the white house, you will have a worthless banana republic. I’m sure Joe was congratulated by his good buddy Nicholas Maduro. WELCOME TO COMMUNISUM.

  49. AL Deavers says:

    I agree.


    • T Beach says:

      Thats what kills me with the courts decisions. They are worried about suppressing 5 or 6 million fraudulent votes. What about suppressing the 80+ million that voted legally for Pres Trump??? What about all of our votes?? Guess thats ok just because we voted legally for our President. If you ask me i bet Obiden didnt win a single state legally.

  51. Coco says:

    I agree 100% with Allen West !
    Gorsch,Barrett Kavenugh… unbelievable
    Are you three afraid of the Socialist Democrats?!

    Proud of Justices Thomas and Alito… all voices should be heard
    and evidence.

    The justices that voted against hearing this case is unforgivable

    KARMA is hell. History will write this injustice. SCOTUS has failed their constitutional duty. You should DO YOUR JOB!!!

    I am embarrassed for those who voted against hearing this most important issue.

    God help us all

  52. Heather Harrell says:

    God Bless you Mr. West And Texas!!! I would be ALL for this plan if I didn’t believe with All my heart that GOD has heard our prayers and IS working on exposing the evil and corruption in our government that has gone on for way too long and that Justice Will Prevail… Good and Evil will NOT mix…I say, Wait on the Lord….

  53. Rolando says:

    Whether we want to acknowledge it or not this America is not the UNITED STATES today. We have slowly become divided over the last few years. But now it has become evident to the conservative people, that it is only going to get worse if drastic measures are not taken before we don’t have a choice!!

  54. Reba says:

    Absolutely, the 18 states should form their own union. A Texas rep is already drawing up a resolution for Texas to secede from the US, which we have the right to do. It was in the agreement when Texas decided to join the US as a state. Texas alone has all the natural resources to be self sustaining, plus several ports for imports and exports, gas., oil, coal, wind turbines, tech companies, produce, cattle, sheep for wool, cotton growers, etc. Let’s get out of this mess of communistic atheistic people who love killing babies and giving hard working peoples money to illegals and criminals.

  55. Esther says:

    I most certainly agree,. Some of our citizens are unaware of the damage a socialist society does to its people. Not much fun to stand in long lines for food and water. Just ask the Cubans and Venezuelans. May God Bless our beautiful country🙏🇺🇸

  56. Coco says:

    I agree 100% with Allen West !
    If the Supreme Court won’t DO THEIR JOB… we the people must take a stand.

    We have a constitution that must be followed.

    Proud of Justice Thomas and Justice Alito !

    Gorbachev, Barrett, Kavanauh… unbelievable
    They don’t deserve to be on the Supreme Court due to their failure to hear all evidence. All voices must be heard. Are they afraid of the Socialist Democrats?!

    KARMA is hell ! History books will expose their choice to sit this out because they don’t want to stand up and do the right thing.

    We don’t want weak SCOTUS …but sadly that is them showing their true colors.

    • James R McCormack says:

      It is time for Allen West’s suggestion. I was a Naval Officer in two wars ,China Service Medal , Korea War Service etal. Saw great men die for this Nation and now to watch it handled by self-centered, Godless and Lawless criminals. I worked my way thru college ,have a Masters Degree in Finance ,worked until I was nearly 80 years old. Communism is on the march in America ,thanks to the damn Teachers Union . It’s time to separate the producers from the bums and let them have the Blue half. Lot’s of details to be worked out but I’m tired of my money being confiscated from my sacrifice and Labor and given to people who won’t even keep their homes clean when you give them one .

  57. Danny Stidham says:

    I totally agree. I want no part of the US with Biden and Harris in control as they are crooked and greedy.

  58. Curtis says:

    Well they got what they paid for ! Sad 😔 America has been bought .So called Supreme Court ends up being bought.🤔🖕🏽

  59. Rolando says:

    If something is not done, because of the fraud and communistic nature of the Democratic Party, and soon, then the American people will lose all of their freedoms as we know it today! But that is the plan for our country when you take a look at what has happened over the last 12 years, beginning with the Obama Era!! That’s why they call it the “Deep State”..

  60. Ronald Rathey says:


  61. Timothy E Pater says:

    I agree with Allan West. Lets get started

  62. Rose says:

    Count me in . I’m all for it . When we start. I’m disgusted with the fraud and demonic ways of the democrats. PLEASE PLEASE SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING. Our freedom is being taking away.

  63. E. Stan Carroll says:

    I prefer to keep all 50 states; this can be done by electing representatives that will uphold our constitution as they are required to do and have sworn to do when they take office. There should be a way to immediately replace any representative that does not live up to that responsability rather than waiting until the next election; by that time to many voters have forgotten and vote them back into office. We also need to somehow get real journalists back into our news media; People that are providing the real truth unstead of just backing a liberal agenda or just any party for that matter –good luck with that. We must keep any part of this GREAT NATION from going SOCIALIST!!!

    • Reba says:

      Vote them in??? Do you really believe we will ever have a fair and up fraudulent election again?? You are so high in the clouds you’re likely to get hit by a jet. We can never trust there to be a valid election again. The corruption is so deep and the courts are apparently a part of the corruption, that we can never rely on an election to be fair and accurate again.

  64. James says:

    Yes. This is what forefathers were talking about. It’s not United States of America. It’s Divided States of America. Part of the reason for this is the Big Lie. Problems do not get better by ignoring they exist.

  65. Roxi Cain says:

    This country will remain divided. You can not stand with the dumb ones that think someone that can not string a sentence together even while reading from a teleprompter can run this country.

  66. Christel says:

    I agree 100%! If the US Constitution and State Constitutions are not upheld but are the highest laws of the land how then can ANY other law be expected to stand. Maybe this is the reason for the defund the police movement. No laws – no need for police! I do not want to live in a country where the courts do not respect or enforce the law. Let’s leave the lawless!

  67. Dee Cofty says:

    I am 100% in agreement with forming a new union, which follows the constitution. I have said on occasion the center of the US could become an independent country with states from Texas to North Dakota.

  68. Roxi Cain says:

    I agree. The sooner the better. We all know Trump won. If Biden gets in this country is going to hell.

  69. Rex sterling says:

    Yes it time we took are country back.

  70. Paula Pinegar says:

    I agree! This country is so divided, our philosophies and goals are at polar opposites. Half of this country feels as if we have no say in the direction we are going and that our vote counts for nothing. I for one am tired of living this way and paying for a government I don’t agree with.

  71. It is a sad day when so many people close their eyes to the corruption going on in these United ? States.

  72. Lanny Maddux says:

    Exploratory studies and plans need to be made in the event that a secession is advanced. Great preparation should be made for such a dramatic and far-reaching action. So I suggest that two or three qualified representatives of each cooperating state do research and evaluate wise procedures, with some preliminary meetings to give cohesiveness and connectivity to the whole procedure.

  73. Rex says:

    Yes it time we took are country back.

  74. Sic&Tired says:

    Allen West ….. Should Go “WEST”….and Fall into the Pacific Ocean.!! The Moron – In wanting to Divide up the United States. People.??? Wake Up.!!!
    You can’t have this happening….We Need to Stand Together – Not Divide.!!

    • Valerie A Phillis says:

      I see this action as standing together.

    • You seem to be a smart person.Come South,it is time we formed a New Nation.The South tried once & ALMOST did it.I am from Tn myself.The DREAM NEVER DIED even after 160 years.What do you say?We already have a flag,the STARS & BARS.HERITAGE NOT HATE!Remember that Americans of all races live in the South.The Northern States that stand with us will have to be abandoned.Scorched Earth policy in those states will leave the Communist regime of Biden & Harris will have to take the time to rebuild it all.Bring all livestock,companies,peoples,all essentials to help support this endeavor of INDEPENDENCE!Enough said,where do I sign up?And what shall we call our New Nation?The United States of what?Ideas anyone?We will need a navy,army,air force,marines & coast guard.

      • Jaybo says: it the United States of the free.or the United states of the patriots ! Any way I’m a former Marine and y’all can for sure count me in.

  75. Gary Lowther says:

    I absolutely agree with Coll West👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Sincerely, Dr Gary A Lowther, D.O.

  76. Sarah tremper says:

    President Trump won !! Gods got this.

    • Eugenia says:

      President Trump Won this Election! I agree to having A New Union of States! Best Solution! Support this formation of a Bew Union of States 10,000%

  77. Terry Moore says:

    I agree.

  78. Jeannette Armstrong says:

    It sounds like the only alternative we have since you can’t even trust the supreme court today. They are all corrupt and we are the ones who suffer. I don’t want to live in this country anymore and I used to be so proud to be an American. Life as the Democrats have it designed, isn’t worth living. It’s pretty obvious who has all the money and it seems to buy anything.

  79. Deb Graham says:

    Please get this going. I have been saying that for some time now. The Democrats are hell-bent on having total control of everyones lives and destroying our country. I would gladly contribute to this movement.

  80. Treu66 says:

    I whole heartily agree with this statement and believe that this country is heading for a civil war due to the unlawful actions of the democratic parties who perpetrated the whole unlawful and disgraceful process of the fraud election they are trying to force down our throats.

  81. Charlene Margaret Travelstead says:

    I definitely agree. Something must be done. I am also a Republican 100%

  82. Aleksandr Denenberg says:

    Yes.Yes.Yes ASAP!!!!

    • Arby kaye says:

      AS a true patriot, I would have assumed you would support the results of an election instead of following along like sheep to support the delusional ramblings of a known presidential liar who is worse than a sore loser. I guess you would rather divide the country more instead of accepting the will of your fellow Americans. I am ashamed of you. Like with slavery, you would rather support slavery and secede than working together as a united people’s..

  83. Sic&Tired says:

    You Can’t Have This Happening………. The United States ARE the United States and there can’t be “NO” or Any Dividing of this Proud Status………Only IDIOTS would want to divide it up. IF ONLY – We Didn’t Have So MANY DUMB A * * People Trying to be Politicians, who don’t have any Brains.!! That would solve a Lot of the Problems that we have Today.!! Time For People to Smarten Up….or Just Leave this Country….PLease.!!!

    • Mary Detmer says:

      What. Are you all Trumpers he is corrupt and this was the most
      Clean election in a 40 years since Reagan ruined our country
      I don’t understand all this bogus talk you all must be drunk
      Trump raised tax on all of us and gave the Billienaires a big tax
      Brake ?????

    • Willard says:

      Hey Sic & Tired! I think a lot of us are sick and tired of listening to people like you. As long as you get what you want, who cares if it’s legal or not? You and your liberal, lying, cheating crooked party are happy with stealing the election and want the rest of us to just roll over and go along with it. You might as well just shut up, because it aint gonna happen your way!

    • James R Reese says:

      If you cannot depend on the highest court in the country to provide justice on an obvious issue, then where do you go to get it? Having a separate country seems to be a possible solution but how do you defend against having the same type of people running it?

  84. vincent iorio says:

    Should have been done a long time ago. This country has been going down hill since Kennedy was elected president.

  85. EJ says:

    Yes, let’s take back our country and respect our constitution.

  86. R Gibbs says:

    Absolutely. Now I need to research who those 17 states are that joined with Texas because I’m moving.

  87. It is certainly a sad day when even the Supreme Court represents themselves as frauds.

    • Carol Lewis says:

      I agree with you, Phillip. I have 0 trust in the SCOTUS. They betrayed us and our President.

  88. Steven Burns says:

    I agree with this, I am a republican all the way

  89. Michael G Warren says:

    Totally agree…we need a New Union of decent States..KAG!!