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American Heroes To the Rescue

A daring, international military operation conducted by the courageous heroes of SEAL Team 6 has been completed and the hostage rescue mission is a tremendous success.


“An American citizen abducted last week in Niger has been rescued during a high-risk U.S. military raid in neighboring Nigeria, officials told ABC News early Saturday.

“The mission was undertaken by elite commandos as part of a major effort to free the U.S. citizen, Philip Walton, 27, before his abductors could get far after taking him captive in Niger on Oct. 26, counterterrorism officials told ABC News.

“The operation involved the governments of the U.S., Niger and Nigeria working together to rescue Walton quickly, sources said. The CIA provided intelligence leading to Walton’s whereabouts and Marine Special Operations elements in Africa helped locate him, a former U.S. official said.

“Then the elite SEAL Team Six carried out a “precision” hostage rescue mission and killed all but one of the seven captors, according to officials with direct knowledge about the operation.

“They were all dead before they knew what happened,” another counterterrorism source with knowledge told ABC News.

“President Donald Trump called the rescue mission a “big win for our very elite U.S. Special Forces” in a tweet and the Pentagon lauded the rescue mission in a statement.”

For more, go to ABC News.


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  1. Wayne Albert says:

    Thank you & God bless you for your efforts

  2. Craig R says:

    ?I’m glad seals are american they are bad ass

  3. Rand says:

    Meanwhile, why aren’t some Seal Teams “training” to eliminate “blm” “antifa” , and the Clinton Cartel ?
    And while they are at it ,Soros ,AOC, muslim scum ,Pelosi ,Biden family , annnnd so many others.

  4. Keith Cutler says:

    The best of the best! God bless the men of Seal Team 6! Why does it take a Republican President to keep our people safe in foreign countries or bring them home? Carter, Clinton, Obama & Hillary could not or would not do it. Maybe liberals are more concerned with pacifying evil than destroying evil. Liberals just do not understand “No man left behind!” God bless Seal Team 6, President Trump, and the United States of America!

    • these ops are conducted by co-operation of all branches of service…..while the Seals get Well Deserved Credit….Marine Intel, Air Force getting guys there and back……all deserve credit and thanks… well as all the Seals teams and other Special Ops groups…..”we’re All in this Together”…..Oh, and don’t forget the President…..without His OK….none of this happens

    • Lyn Allison says:

      Thank you for the highly trained
      Dogs that assist our brave Seal Teams

  5. My America is still alive! When we have these brave men and women who conquer evil and President Trump
    who back them up 100% we are OK! I love this country, I love President Trump and I love these men and women
    who risk their lives to keep us safe. Thank you, thank you!!!!


    • Antogeny says:

      May God bless those guys!

    • Pappy says:

      This is proof positive that when we have a President that puts America first and is PRO military, OUR military forces can accomplish ANYTHING!

      Thanks to our military members, and especially to President Trump for his 1000% support in letting the Military do what they are trained to do!

      Thanks to ALL our veterans, past, present, and future!

      A Vietnam era veteran

      • Merle says:

        Thank you thank you. To our brave Seal team and the military that got them there and back .. They work so well with this President ..They know he loves them and always care about their safety … God bless you brave soldiers and our President ..I could Hug everyone of you ….


  8. Jerry Walker says:

    ABSOLUTELY GREAT; THANK YOU SEAL TEAM6, President Trump, and the entire military complex making this operation a success. THANK YOU ALL

  9. Daryl D. says:

    Super Great for Our Special Forces….The SEALS.!! They will ALWAYS have My Vote and Praise for the Jobs and Tasks that they face and complete. Super Individuals…..Thanks to Our Military Men and Women, who serve this country – every day….

  10. T Beach says:

    Can we use Seal Team 6 here to get rid of some of the people commiting TREASON and selling out the country to China????

  11. Don says:

    Good as gold.

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