Americans Abandon Biden

President Joe Biden

( – When elected in 2020, President Joe Biden achieved plenty of support among women, minorities, and younger voters. But now, his popularity among this base is quickly waning, and he’ll need far more than a “c’mon man” to get them back on board.

Recent polling shows Biden’s support is slipping among most of his core demographic: suburbanites, minorities — particularly Hispanics — women, young voters, and union workers.

The reason most give for abandoning the President is their belief that the country is headed in the wrong direction under Biden.

This concern is most highlighted in two polls by Zogby Analytics. In the first poll, only 27 percent say they believe the country is headed in the right direction, a 24-point plunge from a year ago when 51 percent thought the same.

In Zogby’s second poll, focusing on Biden’s job performance, only 43 percent approve of the President’s work, while 49.4 percent don’t.

Biden finds himself most underwater with Hispanic voters, with 45 percent expressing disapproval of his performance and only 44 percent approving.

The biggest gripe participants had with Biden was inflation, highlighted in Johnathon Zogby’s analysis: “While the official unemployment rate is low, currently 3.4%, the true state of the economy is in tatters. Millions of Americans have left the workforce, and there are five million more job openings than unemployed people in the U.S. Inflation has increased prices at the pump to record numbers, and food prices are skyrocketing daily. More Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.”