Analyst: ‘No Way Biden Recovers’

President Joe Biden

( – The whispering of concerns by Democrats around the hallowed halls of the United States Capitol in Washington DC is starting to take on a tone of panic as President Joe Biden’s job approval rating with Americans craters.

And crater it has to an all-time low of 33 percent.

As the Daily Mail notes in an article that is giving conservatives hope for a takeover of Congress come November:

“President Joe Biden’s approval rating stands at 33 percent among American adults in a Quinnipiac University Poll released Wednesday…

“The Democratic president is seen in a drastically different light depending on respondents’ political affiliation, with independents giving him an approval rating of 26 percent.

“Seventy-six percent of Democrats, on the other hand, approve of the job Biden is doing, while just 12 percent disapprove.

“At the same time, just 3 percent of Republicans surveyed approve of the job Biden is doing, while a whopping 94 percent disapprove.”

A political analyst who has covered national politics for more than 20 years told us today that “there is no way Biden recovers in time for the Democrats to avoid electoral disaster this coming November.”

The analyst noted that a recession is looming and, fair or not, the individual sitting in the Oval Office at the White House always gets the credit for a good economy and the blame for a lousy economy.

With inflation eroding Americans’ paychecks, Biden is and will take the blame.

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