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Anonymous Poll: Ever Lose a Friend Over Politics?

In recent years, many people say they’ve had a friendship or family relationship harmed because of one or the other’s politics.

Have you ever lost a friendship because of politics?

Please participate in our totally anonymous poll and, if you like, share your thoughts in the Comment section.

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Have you ever lost a friend over politics?


  1. Don says:

    Yes, I have and good riddance. I have no need of children.

  2. Midnight_Rider_1961 says:

    Can you truly say that a “friendship” lost over a disagreement involving a politically charged philosophy or opinion was truly one’s friend to begin with? I say “no.” Or perhaps it was a “fragile friendship” to begin with and the least little “heat” melted the snowflake.

  3. Jack Wilson says:

    I am 90+ years of age HAPPY, COMFORTABLE, MARRIED TO THE SAME WOMAN FOR 67 YEARS. I love her more today than when we got married. 3 Great kids, Grand kids, Great Grand kids, GREAT great Grandson, 5-1/2 years old and AAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL boy.:) Over all these years I have gone by one rule when it comes to politics, Come on over even on election day, we will pound down a few, talk about anything in the world except political Bull Crap and go fishing the following weekend. NOOOOOOOOO Pain or B***S**t. You want an argument stay home practice with your wife. That way she can never say you don’t talk to her. I also have a way with opponents. I ask them if they got out to vote. If they say no I tell em shut up. Lazy looses. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALLTHE REAL AMERICANS Cap’njack

  4. mary shofi VOLPE says:

    No, just a husband, but we are trying to make us last until the election at least. (haha)

  5. Sam B. says:

    I’ve had differences with several friends in the past but never lost a friendship because of it. In my opinion u REALLY have to b at serious odds to loose a “friend” over politics. Everyone I associate with r all good people/understanding/respectful…so when we agree to disagree we have the brain power & open minded enough to talk it out! Unfortunately there r some out there that r so close minded, can’t communicate & get all bent out of shape..& I would bet some of these folks participate in all this bs anarchy.
    Having said all this..I’m a very moderate Democrat that knows dozens of others. We’ve all jumped ship & have already or r voting for TrumpPence & others on the right! The “Left” has become way to socialist, radical & unhinged…among “other” things dealing with “the big guy” & his cognitive issues. Sad but true…not “truth over fact”.

    • Proud Patriot says:

      Sam ur so right. I too am a dem that has had differences with friends but we’ve always talked it out…unlike Don Lemon of CNN. He referred to some of the friends he HAD that r TrumpPence supporters as to being on drugs!! And on national tv! I barely watch this biased, divisive, fake news LAMESTREAM media network anymore but caught this idiot yesterday.
      Don Lemon & others in the fake news LAMESTREAM media do their damndest to divide & spread negativity. Don no wonder u have issues with the friends u HAD. U r in so deep with that failing network ur in denial to truth & reality. U must b a “truth over fact” guy.
      TrumpPence & the right!!!

  6. David Smith says:

    I am trying to figure out who is getting the hard time here is it the girl scouts who want to be boy scouts or the boy scouts who want to be girl scouts ???

  7. SWB says:

    all you who assailed the GSA should be removed from office for sedition against
    them, you are really sick in the head you are no better than the BLM or Antifa

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