Another State Says No! to THIS ‘Woke’ Policy

( – The state legislature of Kansas just passed a bill prohibiting biological males from playing in women’s sports, advancing it to the desk of the state’s Democrat Governor Laura Kelly.

Breitbart News reported that both chambers of the Kansas legislature passed the draft law with sizable majorities, with a vote of 82 to 40 in the State House and 28 to 11 in the State Senate.

The report notes that it seems unlikely that Kansas’s Democrat governor will sign the anti-transgender bill into law.

Kelly has previously vetoed two similar bills claiming that a ban on “trans” athletes would be “harmful to students and their families” and also “bad for business.”

However, the Republicans in the Kansas Legislature seem to have a sufficient majority to override the governor’s potential veto.

The Republicans would need 27 votes in the Senate and 84 in the House for the two-thirds majorities required to overturn a veto.

The GOP presently holds 29 of the 40 seats in the Kansas Senate and 85 of the 125 seats in the Kansas House.

Republican state Sen. Renee Erickson attacked the Democrat opponents of the adopted bill as saying they didn’t seem worried about the mental health of girls “who will be forced to undress” around men claiming to be “transgender” women.

“I’m not willing to wait until a Kansas girl is put into this situation,” she declared.

Majorities in both chambers of the Kansas Legislature have also passed another anti-transgender bill – Senate Bill 233.

The bill would revoke the license of any doctor who performs sex change surgery on a person under 18 or provides a minor with cross-sex hormone therapy or with “puberty-blocking medication to delay, hinder, stop or reverse normal puberty.”

The Republican-dominated Kansas State Legislature has thus joined several other state legislatures adopting anti-transgenderism laws.

Earlier this month, Tennessee’s GOP Governor Bill Lee signed a law prohibiting the use of sex change operations, cross-sex hormone treatment, and puberty blockers on minors.

Another bill that Lee signed into law prohibited drag performances in the presence of children and on public property.

Lawmakers in the Kentucky State House recently adopted a bill banning doctors from trying to transition minors to another “gender” medically.

Data from the Movement Advancement Project says 18 US states (Kansas excluded) have introduced some ban on biological males competing in women’s sports.

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