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Antifa Strikes Again

Antifa may be on the rise again.


Salem Police arrested at least three people and urged others to stay away from Oregon’s State Capitol building Sunday evening as violence linked to Antifa-aligned protesters broke out,” according to Fox News.

The “heavily armed” crowd had grown to as many as 200 people, Fox 12 Portland reported. The chaos unfolded as a planned right-wing protest and Antifa counter-protest were scheduled in Salem for the same day. [emphasis added]

Police received reports of vehicles driving past the Capitol being struck with balloons filled with paint as well as green lasers being pointed at drivers. [emphasis added]

Videos shared by independent journalist Andy Ngo show that one vehicle had its window smashed out while another protester was nearly run over by a truck. Ngo said the protesters were Antifa, noting that they brought their flag as well as weapons and riot gear…

One person arrested by police allegedly had pulled out a gun.” [emphasis added]

For more on this report and for videos, go to Fox News.

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  1. David Smith says:

    For those of you who think we should be disarmed here is stats from Jon Thompson on Facebook 1929 Russia disarms it’s citizens in the next 24 years 20 million Russian’s murdered 1935 China disarms it’s citizens from 1948 to 1952 20 million Chinese murdered 1938 Germany disarms it’s citizens in the next 7 years 6 million Jews are murdered 1946 Cambodia disarms it’s people in 2 years 1 million people murdered 1964 Guatemala disarms it’s people 1000,000 Mayans murdered 1970 Uganda disarms it’s people in 10 years 300,00 Christians murdered Still want to take our guns???

  2. Gregory James Clemens says:

    the supporters of the terrorist groups on the left are jewish-namely soros, the media/tass/pravda are run by jews, all the major crimes committed over the last 5-10 years were committed or supported by jews, see epstein, weinstein, maxwell, sackler, boefsky, maddoff, lehman bros., tyco, bronfmann- nexus, charles lieber, shalom rubashkin, and so many others that have yet to be uncovered. 75% of jews registered demonrats. no doubt there are a few good jewish americans those would be the republican/ capitalist ones. know the real enemy and don’t be afraid to let others know, the media won’t, and the demonrats surely won’t.

  3. Honest says:

    Useless Bastards,,,,, Not Unlike Biden And Crew ~!!!!!

  4. Pat says:


  5. Sam B. says:

    Antifa & ALL other whack-job destructive Marxist hate groups must b extinguished PERIOD. And all the spineless radical psycho-socialist politicians that won’t stand up against these anti American/America loser groups…&/or those that support these asshats must b voted out! Bye Felicia..C ya Chad!

  6. David Smith says:

    Mr. Whitehill I would love to know where you got your information it was all a fake that veteran was killed and the cop too I assume???

  7. Jack Spring says:

    Antifa is nothing but gutter level street shit terrorizing people wherever they go. They have abused the right to freedom of speech and the right to assemble. They contribute nothing good and proved themselves unworthy. If they don’t like it here, they can leave. I hear Somalia is nice this time of year and being the terrorists they are, they should feel right at home.

  8. Thomas says:

    Al’s day is coming 🤗 whatcha gonna do when he comes for you Mr. Sharpton? Your gonna have to have the real blood, not instigating junk to stand where you say you stand.

  9. Fed up says:

    Antifa and BLM are the Issas of America so why aren’t they being treated as the terrorist groups they are,do the leaders of our States want the people to rise up and take action because if nothing is done that’s what it’s going to come to and it’s not going to be pretty

  10. Lemont Cranston says:

    Don’t blame dem’s for getting away w/murder! The Constitution grants “We the People” power over government. If the government refuses to grant redress of the people, that would be tyranny on the part of government, because they failed to address the grievances of the people. The government exists by the “consent” of the people, for the people, and by the people. Their purpose is to serve “We the People” admirably. To serve “We the People” for our benefit. NOT the benefit of government, what the dem’s are doing. Everything they do is to benefit the government, that they may gain more power over the Constitution and our rights and freedoms.
    Thomas Jefferson stated, “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” That pretty much states it all.
    Learn your rights and freedoms! Learn your Constitution and your Bill of Rights! In them you have the right to do away w/the present government.
    they are not your leaders as the news media would have you believe.

    • Concerned says:

      You have that right. I really believe the government doesn’t care, at least the ones that are in office now don’t. We will have to fight to keep our constitution and bill of rights, before we are ruled by the demo swamp. This is getting crazy. They want our guns, but will they take Antifa’s or BLMs guns, no way!!!!! They are allowing those groups to kill of law abiding citizens. They are all criminals and if the people who voted with them agree, they to are among the criminals

  11. Totally disgusted says:

    Antifa are people who were rejected by the military for mental instability like Bidens state of mind,they’re terrorists and should be treated as such and why has the media not said anything about them while they’re out terrorizing innocent people,the ones who are behind this organization should be brought to justice like the justice Bin Laden received

    • Robert Miller says:

      A patriot was protecting himself when ANTIFA was attacking him, he pulled his weapon to protect himself. And guess who the dumb-ass cops arrested? These traitorous cops(not all)are now the enemy of the people, treat them as such!!

      • Margaret says:

        Al sharpton is a menace, thought he was a pastor, when was he ever a pastor. I thought pastors were someone that didn’t cause riots but we’re caring about people. Al is a major racists, always starting something. He is not a pastor, he hides behind the name, can’t believe he is claiming the title. God knows.

  12. Nick says:

    Use armor piercing 223/5.56 and above. Might get lucky and get two at a time. 100 round drums are cheep now keep a couple handy. Don’t forget your high capacity side arm mags. They get one round off I’ll get fifty.

  13. David says:

    LMAO you are right Holly that stupid old fool should have helped them destroy his truck LMAO What is wrong with him

  14. David says:

    So this old man gets arrested because he is out numbered and these people are vandalizing his property and he pulls a gun to make them stop makes sense to me

  15. donald stevens says:

    Biden is a communist he’s trying to destroy America along with Harris and Pelosi.kick them out of office,thay don’t know what there doing and thay are getting support from the fake news also, Trying to destroy religion thay are sick in the head, and don’t believe In God.

  16. Holly Dutton says:

    In light of how the Antifas act by inciting violence, looting, burning, and murder, they should be branded as terrorists. Another group who should be marked as terrorists are the Reconquistas, who seek to steal the American Southwest and form a nation called Atzland. Their arrogance in demanding that Americans and legal immigrants from non-Hispanic countries learn Spanish is another reason that they well deserve to be called terrorists.

  17. ck kuplic says:

    Those were not Antifa! They were trump supporters posing as Antifa!!!

    • Vinson says:

      Try again brainless one. Antifa lead the attack on the Capital.

    • Lyd says:

      Quit blaming Trump everytime someone else does wrong!I am afraid by the time this is said and done you will beg President Trump to come back.

    • Robert Miller says:

      You’re a FUUUKEN brain dead idiot!

    • Frank says:

      Your obviously a brain washed Democrat liberal,this was going on when the elections were taking place and these terrorists were anti Trump,so climb out of whatever hole you’re hiding in and wake TF up

  18. Holly Rose says:

    There will be more of this as our “illustrious” governor wouldn’t set her foot down last year when the anarchists were raising hell. And elderly man pulled a gun on them after the anarchists stopped, blocked and bashed his window of his truck. Police arrested the old man. See why self defense must be outlawed? He could have shot someone.

    • Rob Hester says:

      Your a idiot. Let’s put you in your car and see how you react. Oh that’s right you leftists liberals just coward down and not stand up for your rights. The police were watching and should have arrested the ones throwing things and betting on his truck.

    • Sick of stupidity says:

      What you’re saying is just let these animals go around and attack innocent people while we standby and let it happen,I never heard of something so ridiculous in my life,too bad the old guy didn’t have a 100 round rifle and take them all down,I would of donated to his defense

    • Sam B. says:

      Poor Holly..“The porch light is on but nobody’s home” LOL.
      Ur right…the old man could’ve shot’s called self defense!
      Antifa & all other destructive Marxist hate groups must b extinguished.

  19. T. R. says:

    Domestic terrorists. Why are they still walking free? Beanbag shotguns and rubber bullets are a solution. If the shoot at cops, unleash everything.

    • If Antifa wants a war our Combat veterans should give it to them, Big Brother Bidden is here the time is coming to make a stance for America. Before Herr Bidden destroys it with his Socialist Traitor Democrap Party.

  20. Nyleve Nonnel says:

    Simple solution, shoot them ALL. BLM and Antifa. BLM thinks there getting somewhere, well they go on genoration, after genoration. Welfare, food stamps, free medical. They drop out of school,sell drugs on the street, and kill each other. More blacks kill blacks, then whites kill blacks. Their just, not going to change. They want what whitey has, get off your ass, and get a job.

    • Debra says:

      These l lo life losers deserve nothing and take from.those who actually work for what they have.

    • DIANE says:

      I once seen a live report where they stopped a black women at a BLM Rally? And he ask her what she thought and she said “If this is what BLM is about I don’t want anything to do with it” never seen that again!! Not all black people like BLM either! Most all media is ran by Democrats. Watch NewMax, OAN, or Fox news, Democrats are trying to get them taken off because they say it’s false news, makes me want to watch it. Ohio Governor passed a Stand Your Ground, if you have someone trying to destroy your property you can shoot them, no repercussions, good by me!! These Democrats today aren’t yesterdays. They are out to take all your rights and make America fall. Bad People will always have guns!!! Stupid Americans are so happy to get 9% of a huge bill, that the biggest amount was to pay off blue states that didn’t do well with they money, Pension bail outs. the arts, Libraries, Global food programs, and so on but as long as they give us a tidbit were all happy!! Better realized we will all pay for this and our kids and they don’t care as long as they have all that money in their hands!! It’s time to stand our ground against these socialists!!

  21. Nyleve Nonnel says:

    My husband and I were talking about all this unrest, it’s not quite unrest, it’s unbelievable. On my tablet, was a message from Jill Biden, that her and Joe are making things better for your children and families. She wants you to donate $25, to the DNC. We’ll go fuck yourself, your a weisel, and Joe’s an asshole. That’s why our country is what it is today.

    • Lyd says:

      Well said!Like we are going to take advice from someone who broke up a home to get where she is.Screw her advice.

    • DIANE says:

      Biden has a mental issue and Jill should talk to him, Harris and nut case Pelosi run the show, and even though Biden made Harris in charge of the boarder and she was to go there she didn’t! You know it’s about votes!!! Funny though a lot of the Spanish people in Florida that didn’t want what they came from voted Republican!! Get smart people or your going to find out what they already know!!! All though Biden did nothing in all the years he was in office, do you really think he won this election with more votes then any President in history!! I don’t think so!!!

  22. AJ says:

    Organize your neighbors to stop these treasonist terrorists when they come to you. Don’t confront them. To Just start shooting everyone of them. Leave no survivors. Before the police show up go into your homes and answer no questions. This is the only way you will be safe. These riots/attacks will continue until you show them what happens to them. Can’t trust law enforcement orb he government to protect you and family.
    This will be practice for the coming civil war.

  23. Curt hart says:

    Why do law biding citizens have to put up with these lawless thugs? When are police departments going to stand their ground against these people? They rather take the easy road and arrest law biding citizens who are only trying to protect themselves and their property. What happened to our Country and law enforcement, no backbone! Antifa and BLM are just waste and they don’t stand for a thing. Maybe Mexico would make a deal trading this scum for their hard working people.

    • Lyd says:

      Everytime law enforcement takes out one of these people they get in trouble.Lose their jobs,go to prison,etc.

  24. Steveo says:

    Sorry but to little to late. So many people hated Trump because he held
    High moral values and a lot of pride, love , and dedication for god and
    country as well as that for the people of this country. Look around. People have no respect for them selves let alone anyone else. Greed selfishness are the normal. People trash others property steal deface property for like
    They don’t realize what freedoms they have and what they are worth. I think our country is in deep trouble and may not survive.god help us , but it may
    Be interesting to stand back and watch them jump off buildings, shoot them selves, starve, sleep in the streets,have no one and no government to fall
    Back on and absolutely no future for their children at all one word ( SPOILED rotten. We never realize what we have until it is to late. When you lay in the street and hear your children crying ,starving remember , it could have been a whole lot better

  25. Dennis Clements says:

    When these Antifa thugs come at you with guns and other deadly weapons, they should be shot immediately out of self defense. If you mare armed, protect yourself. If not armed then demand that the police protect you.

    • Jeff Sikes says:

      The cops and the federal govt need to declare Antifa a domestic terrorist group and start arresting them. This is a clear case than any one with an IQ greater than a turnip should be able to sort this out. If they are still not designated then the public will have to take action. Yes we will lose some people, but if the police and federal government can not protect us what else can we do??

  26. jkryanspark says:

    It’s disturbing to know that right wing America has turned pro-fascist and would rather attack the Federal capital and kill people. I’ll take green paint over death any day.

    • Phil says:

      Of course you would because you are a liberal weenie. Yes, the “fanatics” should not have stormed the Capital, but one must ask, where were the police. Their is plenty of evidence showing that all local law enforcement agencies and the fbi were notified multiple times several days before the incident happened, yet they didn’t see fit to adequately defend the property. The only killing was of an unarmed woman who was killed by a policeman. Thebpolice officer who died was not killed by protesters as we now know.
      A free man should and I argue has the right to protect himself, his family and his property. Smashing car windows and throwing paint while wearing bullet proof vests and being armed is not a peaceful protest. You damage my property and gang up on me and I am going to fear for my life and if you do not disperse and keep threatening me, I will shoot to kill before you have the chance to kill me.
      And no, I am not a right wing nut job. Instead, I am an educated retired military combat veteran who loves his adopted country and the freedoms it provides.

      • Andrew Whitehill says:

        That unarmed woman you said was shot, she wass crisis cast actor. It was all choreographed passion play. They used stage glass and blanks fired from a glock, combined with attention directing lines and clothes changes to draw attention to certain parts but not all. Squib packs and fake cops(4) combined with timing and subterfuge resulted in perpetual deception to vilify trump supporters. They switched clothes to look like patriots. Then went on a preplanned destruction walk.

    • Lyd says:

      I am always amazed at how someone can make stupid statements like yours after all we have seen.Try putting the blame where it goes,LEFT!

  27. Truthoutnow says:

    I guess all y’all think that they don’t have guns and wouldn’t shoot back at you? Good luck. They think you are crazier as you think they are.

  28. hilda says:

    We can no longer trust nor depend in the government, law or justice. All that is gone with the wind. Why do you think that antifa and BLM is so bold in attacking people regardless of their age, children, elderly, veterans, Why? well, use your brains, All our government at any level or branch, support crime because those officials are one of them too. This is the reason they defend crime.

    • Right on says:

      You’re absolutely right I also believe the government is trying to create an atmosphere where the people fight amongst each other and I blame alot also on the media

  29. hilda says:

    The democratic party is the worst virus that has been infiltrated in this country. There is no vaccine and there will never be one. Be realistic, it is time to start defending ourselves. Every time antifa or BLM appears in the neighborhood and start attacking our homes, families people the city, spray them with real bullets. Yes, there will be many, many dead people from both sides. Do this constantly and in the end, the results will be worthy of praise.

  30. marie says:

    All we need is a few snipers to end this crap. A few dead would be all it would take to end BLM AND ANTIFA. Then go to the border and repeat the same. See how they all like it. I don’t want to see children dead but maybe their parents will stop sending them to our border. So sorry for the children. It’s time to stop talking!!!

  31. Paul says:

    There should be open season of all Antifa’s Shoot first and ask questions later. It looks to me after watching them all last summer, that hitting back with the same strength is all they will understand. Perhaps if they got their little asses kicked good a couple of times, the crap the pull would stop. But as long as Mr. Biden and his cronies embolden them, we’re going to have a wonderful summer.

  32. AJM says:


    • W says:

      They won’t because they are doing their bidding. The dems stand on the sidelines silent while their 21st century brown shirts create destruction and havoc.

      Welcome to the Fourth Reich Amerika, sponsored by Herr Fuhrer Groper Joe Bribedem and his owners, the Chinese.

  33. Dennis Sumner says:

    Told ya and told ya, shoulda started hurting em years ago! You’re not gonna stop em now unless you do it terminally. But we all know who’s backing em, guess who’ll be arrested!

  34. Mudpie says:

    Antifa & the racist domestic terrorists BLM help the democrat crime syndicate hijack the 2020 election & now they can’t stop a pit bull gone off the rails. Pelosi,Schumer,Bien & the rest of the democrat crime syndicate created this message divided the country & broken several immigration laws all out of spite, severe TDS & the need for power. Republic need to start filing charges for everything crime the corrupt democrooks commit. Bad enough they’ve gotten away with treason, numerous rights violations on our ex president,election laws & the racist stimulus programs they passed. Like giving debt relief to minority farmers & exclusive white farmers who suffer the same devastation as any other farmer. And the rights violations against the american citizen & especially those along what used to be a border. Total disregard for their safety & property. It’s a humanitarian & national security crime. Remove these brain dead criminals before it’s too late !

  35. Gene Hudson says:

    Bunch of punk cowards.By themselves they are just low class losers but mobs make them brave.I got no problem with cops shooting them dead.

  36. Aaron Mazepink says:

    I call it the Kunt-Kamala, Bullshit-Biden, Piece-Of-Shit-Pelosi; and the rest of the Dumbass-Democrats wanted the USA to be ruined 😾 😡 😠. Well here it now is. I hope they’re all happy.

  37. Wendy says:

    I say AMERICANS arm yourselves AND GET READY for your socialist and socialisim SO arm yourselves

  38. David says:

    Interesting article in Breitbart news written by Mr. Horowitz

  39. Chex23 says:

    Antifa is a terrorist organization and they are funded by George Soros.
    He needs to go away for a long time. And Antifa needs to be erradicated like the Covid plague.

  40. Joseph Montante says:

    What’s the problem? Antifa is just an ideology according to the dumb demon-rats in power. they haven’t a clue and we are all at risk as long as these idiots are in power.

  41. Donna Koehler says:

    Unbelievable what’s happening to our country since Trump left ! Makes me sick all these crazy people! Look at our border where Trump had under control and how that stupid ass Biden blame this crisis on Trump! China North Korea , Russia, Iran and many other are laughing their ass off at our ( not mine) president. As far as Antifa they should be treated like domestic terrorists and jailed for a long time. But just ask George Soros he’s behind all this and no one does a thing to him. Why?

  42. Margaret says:

    I can’t believe our new going to take care of antifa, not jail them, the polto to a school started their crap, hit a student in the head with a bottle of water, the police could do nothing. They were told they could not interfere. They are protected by the Dems and pres.

  43. Dick Bates says:

    Time for rounds to be fired accurately at these fools !!! Bodies start dropping and these punks will fold and run for the hills !!

  44. Ray Wadinski says:

    Wake the fuck up you dumb ass democrats, especially biden!! Anticancer are domestic terrorists