AOC Lectures DeSantis: Read THIS Book – (Video)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

( – In a snide retort to a reporter’s question, Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez snapped that Florida’s GOP Governor Ron DeSantis “should read a Bible” to learn about the “Good Samaritan” story.

AOC’s snarky comment came as she was leaving the funeral of Jordan Neely, the homeless man who was threatening to murder commuters on the New York City subway but died after former US Marine Daniel Penny put him in a chokehold to defend others and himself.

You can watch the video of AOC’s retort at the bottom of this post.

The May 1 incident has sparked the leftists’ outrage as they claim it was a “racist” killing.

Last week, Florida’s Governor DeSantis described Daniel Penny as a “Good Samaritan” as he acted to protect others on the subway train.

“Vets look out for other vets. What we can’t have in our society is inmates running the asylum,” stated DeSantis, a US military vet, as cited by The New York Post.

The governor further lauded Penny for “doing the right thing” as the other passengers in the train car revealed Neely’s actions threatened them.

“I think he should read a Bible,” US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York told reporters through her car’s window as she was leaving Neely’s funeral on Friday, Newsmax reports.

A reporter had asked her what she thought of DeSantis calling Penny a “Good Samaritan” in an exchange caught on video.

The 24-year-old former Marine has been charged with manslaughter over the chokehold death of Jordan Neely.

According to the New York Police Department, Needly, a 30-year-old homeless street performer, was acting “in a hostile and erratic manner” on an F train, which led Penny and other commuters to restrain him.

“In this case, the N.Y.P.D. collected and examined evidence and interviewed multiple witnesses at the scene and immediately began searching for additional witnesses to gain a complete picture of the facts,” the police said in a statement.

The police investigation into Neely’s death is conducted alongside the office of Manhattan’s Democrat District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

A fundraising campaign on GiveSendGo has gathered more than $2.6 million for the legal defense of Daniel Penny.

During his funeral at the Mount Neboh Baptist Church in Harlem, Neely was eulogized by Rev. Al Sharpton, who claimed the homeless man never threatened anybody.

“Jordan was screaming for help. We keep criminalizing people with mental illness. They don’t need abuse, they need help,” Sharpton told the crowd.

About 200 people, some of them politicians such as Ocasio-Cortez, attended Neely’s funeral.

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