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AOC Still Wants to ‘Defund the Police’

After losing seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and most likely not taking control of the Senate, it seems some Democrats are angry with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her defund the police mantra.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defended her support for “defund the police” Thursday night after a number of Democrats credited the slogan, among other far-left policies she has championed, for their loss of seats in the House,” according to the New York Post.

Democratic leaders complained that two issues closely associated with AOC — defunding the police and socialism — contributed to Democratic losses in House races last week…

“AOC defended her position when a 14-year-old student asked her during a virtual town hall meeting to define the meaning of “defund the police.”

“But she complained that too much funding is pumped into the NYPD at the expense of other preventive safety measures, such as mental health workers and school guidance counselors.

“‘I believe the path toward justice is a long arc. Safety is not just an officer with a badge and a gun,’ the congresswoman said.

“‘Our [police budget] is too high,’ she said, citing a $6 billion figure for the NYPD.

“She said unchecked spending on the NYPD “becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy” and crowds out spending on other needs such as housing and health care.

“Moreover, she said many of her constituents complain that “too many people” are killed by “police violence” — with protests erupting after the police-related death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.”

For more, go to the New York Post.


Please share your thoughts in the Comment section on this page. What do you think about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s demands that the police in America be defunded? Does that make any sense to you? Will Americans be safer or more at risk if the police are defunded?


  1. Elaine Rozak says:

    November 15,2020
    I don’t even like the mention of defunding the Police. We definitely need them. It is never mentioned when someone just walks up to a policeman in a car and shots him/her for no reason. The Police have a very hard job. We just have to weed out the ones that should not be on the force.

  2. Darlene says:


  3. Sam B. says:

    I live in Florida. Last night 6-7 law enforcement officers came in to this big sports bar/restaurant called ale house for dinner after helping people out with the flooding caused by the latest tropical storm eta. Several of us thru in $$ to pay their dinner bill. When they got up to leave everyone(approx 125 people) in the restaurant all stood up the clapped. I’ve never felt more proud & appreciative…I’m get’n goosebumps thinking about it! Sooo cool!
    Aoc & any/all these unhinged radical left quacks r delusional if they “think” that defunding law enforcement is the right answer to anything! If u wanna put on peace officers &/or mental health professionals then find the funds & ADD them on! We need more law enforcement! Ask the great Americans in Chicago, Portland, New York etc etc. NO DEFUNDING OR REALLOCATING $$ FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT!!!! Thats flat out ridiculous…makes NO SENSE..NONE!! Hell no defunding/reallocation of funds is the correct thing to do! We all will b more at risk!!

  4. James Ryan says:

    AOC needs to be defunded.

    • Pegs says:

      BOYCOTT A.O.CHEESE!!! Time for her to GO!!! ENOUGH OF HER ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Merrill says:

      James. I totally agree. Defund that bi*ch. Omah. Tlaib Pelosi …They are all set on destroying this country .. Why should the millions of us have to put up with anti US trash like that …DEFUND THEM !!! Our BLUE are important .. Those 200,000 a year bitches are NOT !!!!!

  5. phillip steen says:

    President Trump had the most correct answer to “Motor Mouth ” Cuomo, who is far more arrogant than ugly(which he also is!). HTH did the people of NY ever conclude that he was capable enough to be elected as Governor? Ort is it that NY will vote for any kind of stiff providing the stiff is a Democrat? The Cuomo on CNN is a handsome young man,and gets ridicule by people calling him “Fredo”. They just ought to allow the man that he’s better than most on CNN. He’s O.K. But his dictatorial brother in a Governor’s office has run away with his own self-importance and is a terrible bore.

  6. David Smith says:

    LMAO Did anyone read what that Black Professor said about using the term legal vote is RACIST???? This is an educated black man LOL Now Anything a white person says or does is RACIST It shows the mentality of the black people oh and water fountains are racist Too LMAO Hi My Name Is Forrest Gump Momma used to say stupid is as stupid does LOL I am sure sooner or later a black person will tell me my truck is RACIST Because it has four black tires holding up a white truck LO God help you America AOC likes it here she gets a great salary alcohol allowance and a great retirement fund

  7. David Smith says:

    Wow China would nuke us if we sent all the democrats over there they are more dangerous than this virus LOL

    • Merrill says:

      We would be better off if we defunded her, the rest of the squad ,Pelosi and Harris .Democrat Women seem to be.more dangerous than men ..Except for Obama and he is gay..

  8. David Smith says:

    Cheyenne at no point did I read someone say they are not happy in the USA. They said they pretty much would like to get rid of certain politician’s and people Like Soros As far as defunding the police live where I live never see cops very seldom. My neighbor deals drug ex-marine with of course PTSD they all have it now. One of his drug buyers bought some stuff and backed out into the road never looked of course caused a wreck the dude took off he had to go home he said and get his insurance card sure he had to go home and hide the drugs. we called the police 45 minutes later no police arrived. Also junkies shoot up right across the street and shoots are fired every week. I wonder what shot will be a mistake and kill me SO any of you idiots believe cops will save you think again they won’t even come down here and they know my neighbore deals it is like a train station here and he has already been arrested once on probation and has a gun Only thing is his Daddy is a judge I know illegals who live better then me. By the way Cheyenne if you can stop the virus please do so I can leave Corpus Christi LOL And the Slogan MAGA for the democrats it means More A$$holes getting Assitance . Perhaps they should have shrinks evaluate the nut cases we have in office. I think I will go to Russia and marry my fiancé who hates this virus and have a family she has a very smart beautiful and artistic daughter Take care everyone

  9. GTB says:

    AOC is a communist left-wing nut. Defunding the police is insane. Look at what’s happening in Minneapolis right now. They’re scrambling to find police to stem their crime wave after the city council voted to decimate their police force.

    • Merrill says:

      I hope the police. Side with the conservatives when we have to fight to keep our country. Non communist … And Bidens Covid_19 doctor said not to give the Vaccine to people over 75, that they should just die .. So you idiots over 75 that voted for Biden and witch. Signed your death warrantes.. …

  10. John thomey says:

    Get rid of her

  11. Paz says:

    All of you that are insulting AOC are the ignorant ones. She is trying to save innocent lives. Defunding the police does not necessarily mean taking away funds. What it means is using some of the funds to go towards mental health professionals to be available to assist the police when they are called out on calls having to do with people who are more of a danger to themselves due to their mental health problem. In the past, as you are well aware, many people have ended up being killed by police officers when all they needed was the help of a professional health person to diffuse the situation. I expect many of you to attack me but I really don’t care. I just want to correct this misinformation you are all putting out there so people can see the truth for themselves. Defunding the police does NOT MEAN taking away funding from the police. It is using that funding to save lives.

    • GTB says:

      Sorry, that’s not going to work. Having been a clinical psychology specialist in the army, is foolish to confront someone in a Manic state who is off their prescribed meds because they were feeling better and possibly self-medicating with methamphetamine or alcohol. You cannot talk someone like that down out in the field.

    • GC says:

      All you are doing is repeating what someone else said without using common sense to determine its effectiveness and practicality. The government has enough social programs costing taxpayer money with no cost-benefit analysis. If you can’t measure it for effectiveness it is just another costly political program created to to meet a candidate’s agendal. These shootings are not hostage situations they happen at a moment’s notice and on what might be considered a routine stop. When police were called to Wendy’s because a car was not moving in the drive thru went from routine to deadly quickly. When some idiot tries to break into your house do you want a psychologist or a policeman to save you?

    • Merrill says:

      Lol. Wanna bet …..

    • Nancy says:

      AOC Leave our police alone!… Go ask McCray what she did with all the money she got for Thrive!??? That was supposed to go for mental health issues and to help the homeless. If you want to stay locked up AOC go into your bunker!

    • Sam B. says:

      Paz I respect ur view…but how about we ADD these mental health professionals on staff with our great law enforcement agencies & NOT reallocate funding for them which takes law enforcement off our streets?! Not Ok by any scenario. If anything we need MORE law enforcement officers! Ask the great people/patriots of cities like Chicago, Portland, New York etc etc. As for Aoc…u & ideals like THIS r “off the reservation”.

      • Kimberly says:

        Psychological help doesn’t work on the fly in intense situations. It only works in long term therapy WHEN people want it. Police are usually there after therapy failed anyway. Saying this is a remedy is ignorant. I wish they’d stop repeating this stupid mantra! Also having housing or a job doesn’t mean people will stop committing crime or doing drugs or abusing their wife and kids. They don’t do drugs just because their broke!

  12. Pegs says:

    She has to be THE MOST HATED IDIOT in America!!! Get RID OF HER !!! #POISON

  13. James Hutchins says:

    AOC is a Moron

  14. Terrie Wyatt says:

    Democrats are evil. Socialism is their end game. Stop them before it’s too late.

    • Merrill says:

      Democrat POLITICIANS are so greedy. They want to destroy this country and kill people just so they get their way .. Obama is leading the Democrat party and plans to destroy this country since he failed his agenda while in office..AOC is just another over paid treasonous bi*tch as is Tlaib, Omah, Pressley and Pelosi .. Democrat women are insane and shouldn’t be allowed to be in politics .. HARRIS . WARREN. WATTERS GRETCHEN ETC ….

  15. Douglas S Harrison says:

    I can not believe that people would want to defund the police.
    especially the politician I can not believe a person like Chuck SCHUMER
    would say that. suppose we defunded the military during world war two.
    where the hell would CHUCK Schumer be?

    • George says:

      Chuck Is from German stock, perhaps this would have become Germany if the US stopped funding the war effort during that period of time. We would all be speaking German. Put the city of NewYork would still have zones within it that could not be developed since Hitler planned to nuke the city.

  16. Nancy J Miller says:

    She just has to be the most ignorant person in politics.
    It’s frightening to think that anyone would vote for her to represent them.

  17. MICHAEL says:

    I just don’t understand how stupid New Yorkers are for re-electing this female pig. I guarantee you, this pig went into Congress as a former Bartender and at some point she will leave as a millionaire.

    • George says:

      Your so correct, members of Congress have a special investment program that is like insider trading that we don’t have access to. So of course even after 2 terms in Congress she will be very well off. Then maybe she can support her dear mother who had to move to Florida since she could no longer afford New York taxes.

  18. Bob V says:

    Maybe police departments should hire AOC. Send her in first on all the calls.

  19. Dawn Guthrie-Clark says:

    We need the police, and quality, trained officers with competitive salaries and incentives to stay with their jobs. The police do a remarkable job, and they are very much needed in this country. Sending social workers to donestic abuse cases is ludicrous. Social workers are not trained the same way as police! Social workers could be sent in as follow up to incidents, which I think is a much better idea.

  20. Charles Kerss says:

    AOC should find something that she is good at and get out of politics. Defund the police? It makes no more sense to even say it than it did initially. Let her spend a day with a hardened criminal. Wait, not a good idea, she would invariably adopt some of the criminals lofty ideas. LOL

    • nancy b says:

      EXACTLY! Those of us with 2 brain cells left to rub together and can still think for ourselves have had more than enough of her insanity. Honestly, she needs to move to China and join the CCP

  21. Chris says:

    Somebody needs to hit her on her head to knock some sense into her or maybe she would be better off in Russia

  22. Dianna says:

    AOC really has no brains nor an education. she and her cohorts should be impeached out of Congress.

  23. Cheyenne Delamater says:

    AOC should go back to sucking heat-seeking moisture missiles and working in a bar like she used to do. Instead of showing how truly ignorant she really is by opening her mouth and removing all doubt about how truly stupid she is.

  24. Patricia Collins says:

    The police should walk out and let them defend themselves as well as the protection they receive from being in office. Bet minds would change then

  25. Joe says:

    U couldn’t of said it better CJ, this uneducated college failure, is an embarrassment to stupidity, kind of like crazy,piglosi the ripper.

  26. Larry Jaspring says:

    This idiot would be the first to call 911 if even a homeless person asked her for a quarter for something to eat. Then accuse him of trying to rob her. Then sue the police for a slow response due to no funding for enough police to come to her pitiful aid. You idiots that voted her in deserve every thing you get from this incompetent fool.

  27. Emmett Nichols says:

    Obviously AOC hasn’t looked at the figures on murders in Chicago,New York Houston,and Los Angeles before opening her big mouth about most of the deaths being caused by police. The only deaths you highlight are the ones by police. Seems you need to fact check your facts. On I’m sorry but can you do that? Hmmmmm

  28. Cheyenne Delamater says:

    What I meant to say was defunding the police only leads to more chaos and More Death.

  29. KP says:

    Would that even be “possible”??? For some, education blocks common sense from their minds…. Perhaps colleges should start teaching a class on “Common Sense”. Titles don’t make people smart!!!! Thanks CJ for your so true comment!!

  30. Cheyenne Delamater says:

    Defining the police only leads to more chaos and More Death. If you truly don’t like the country that you’re living in right now then get the hell out and go live somewhere else!

  31. CJ says:

    Does this , supposedly college educated, idiot ever think before she opens her very big mouth? One day she will wake up, hahahaha, and realize just how stupid she really is!

    • grace says:

      Unfortunately the press gives AOC much more attention than she deserves because they know the far left liberals love it. If sane people would just not read or listen to the garbage they print about her she might just go away. There is far too much control given to a far left media that assumes they are the arbiters of what is appropriate for we sheep to see or hear.

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