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Are Closed Schools Increasing Student Suicides?

Clark County School District in Nevada, the nation’s fifth-largest school district, wants to reopen as ‘quickly as possible’ following a rash of student suicides, according to a new report,” according to Blaze Media.

There were 18 suicides in the nine months that the schools were closed due to the coronavirus lockdown, which is double the amount of suicides in all of the previous year, according to the New York Times[emphasis added]

“‘When we started to see the uptick in children taking their lives, we knew it wasn’t just the Covid numbers we need to look at anymore,’ Jesus Jara, Clark County superintendent, said. ‘We have to find a way to put our hands on our kids, to see them, to look at them. They’ve got to start seeing some movement, some hope.’…

“‘Superintendents across the nation are weighing the benefit of in-person education against the cost of public health, watching teachers and staff become sick and, in some cases, die, but also seeing the psychological and academic toll that school closings are having on children nearly a year in,’ the New York Times said. ‘The risk of student suicides has quietly stirred many district leaders, leading some, like the state superintendent in Arizona, to cite that fear in public pleas to help mitigate the virus’s spread.'” [emphasis added]

For more on this important story, please go to Blaze Media.

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