At Least 65 Dead (Video)

Red light

( – In a preemptive strike and a new punch in the face of its invaders, US ally Ukraine has killed at least 65 Russian troops using a US-supplied missile, as close to one-fifth of Ukrainian territories remain occupied by Moscow precisely two years since Vladimir Putin ignited the full-scale war.

In an apparent attempt to rebuild the former Soviet empire, Putin’s Russia invaded Ukraine from three sides with hundreds of troops on February 24, 2022.

The Russians surprisingly failed to overwhelm the Ukrainian resistance, including thanks to the vital US and other Western military aid to the latter.

Grim photographs and video footage have emerged showcasing the devastating impact of a Ukrainian missile strike that decimated at least 65 Russian soldiers in the occupied Donetsk region.

These soldiers had been ordered to gather in an open field close to the frontlines awaiting a review by a high-ranking officer when they were struck, The New York Post reports.

The images show numerous deceased individuals clad in military uniforms dispersed across a soggy open area surrounded by trees.

The devastating strike has been confirmed by Russian military correspondents on social media channels, arguing over who was to blame for the defeat, with most accusing the commander on the ground.

According to insights from Russian military commentators and a Ukrainian official, two to three U.S.-manufactured mobile rocket systems (HIMARS) targeted the encampment of Russia’s 39th Separate Guards Motorized Rifle Brigade.

This unit was stationed close to the occupied village of Trudivske in the Southern Donetsk area, and the attack occurred on a Tuesday morning.

Serhiy Bratchuk, representing the volunteer military forces of southern Ukraine, shared two video clips on his Telegram channel, which he claimed illustrated the “consequences” of this lethal assault.

The troop assembly took place around 9 a.m. local time in anticipation of Major General Oleg Moiseyev’s visit.

Moiseyev, a highly decorated leader of the 29th Army from the Eastern military district, was due to inspect the brigade.

“Our commanders had lined us up in an open field,” recounted a soldier who managed to survive the attack, in footage acquired by the BBC’s Russian service.

Ultimately, Moiseyev did not arrive for the inspection, as communicated by Russian war reporter Roman Saponkov via Telegram.

The well-known military blog Rybar labeled the incident as a “tragic event,” critically noting that “the lack of common sense and flexibility of thinking in the ranks of senior officers is not surprising.”

Ukraine claims to have eliminated more than 408,000 Russian troops since the start of the war.