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Attorney General Barr: No Biden Special Counsel

Breaking Now: In a stunning development and a direct slap at President Donald Trump and his supporters, Attorney General William Barr just stated moments ago in a press conference that:

  1. He will not appoint a special counsel to investigate and prosecute Hunter Biden.
  2. He doesn’t see any reason to seize voting machines across the country.
  3. He doesn’t see any need for a special counsel to investigate election fraud, and
  4. He believes the massive cyberattack that was just revealed came from Russia, not China, as Trump has suggested.

In short, on almost every topic he was asked about, Barr disagreed with President Trump and indicated he would not be taking any legal action that Trump has indicated he would like to have happen.

Please share your thoughts about the positions Attorney General Barr just took in opposition to President Trump in the comment section on this page. Why do you think Barr is not cooperating with Trump?


  1. Carol says:

    Okay. Enough is enough! We have a bigger problem heading our way from the Ukraine and we need God more than ever in our lives
    The covid is a mutation and it will kill everything in its path, including animals. That’s real bad. If Biden doesn’t take us down, it will be this mutation that is in the Ukraine. There will be nothing left because it is deadlier

  2. James Street says:

    There were more FBI agents appointed to investigate a rope handle on a garage door than there were to investigate hundreds of sworn affidavits of election/voter fraud.

    During 3020, there have been more citizens arrested for going to church than for the destruction of 2 billion dollars of property by the terrorist organizations BLM and ANTIFA.

    When you consider those 2 stats ALONE, is there any wonder why we are a nation in decline?

  3. harvey Cohen, MD, Retired Colonel, US Army says:

    Barr demeaned himself by going along w/ Trump for so long but he evidently has limits and principles. Trump lost the election and the country needs to move on. DOJ should investigate Hunter Biden and clear him or bring charges. If the public does not trust the DOJ investigation, then there should be a special counsel. I hope the Biden admin will the DOJ investigation to run its course.

    • You are so WRONG Barr never did what Trump wanted he always was in the pockets of the SWAMP !!! The DEMO–C–RATS are afraid to open election FRAUD investigations because of what the TRUTHFUL outcomes would be & several swamp RINO’S are in on it !!! The DEMO–C–RATS have something on BARR so he won’t investigate that also !!! If the DEMO–C–RATS or AFRAID to do any investigations then there is probable cause , DEFINANTLY !!! They say “ya investigate ” knowing BARR won’t do so they look GOOD in public eye ,which is more of the same GIMICKS they always pull when HIDING TRUTH !!!

  4. Linda says:

    William Barr is a deeply embedded part of the swamp. He is a liar and a disgrace. I don’t know how they can live with themselves as they are so hurting the American people and our way of life. I want my President Trump for another 4 years to clean up that mess known as Washington D.C.

    • Carol L Sears says:

      You are spot on. Barr is a huge dissappointment to the Patriots who want to save our Country from Socialism and Communism!

      • SDOfAZ says:

        Sessions and Barr both are swamp creatures in line with the establishment. Wonder what both were promised to play this dirty deal for four years on the majority of the nation. We will remember both of you. Better stay retired.

      • Susann says:

        I stand with you!

  5. Veronica Mathis says:

    Barr is being threaten by the demo basters, If any of them got hit by a car I would not shed a tear for any of them. We as American’s need to come together and get rid of our garbage that is trying to take over. All the Demo people need to see what they are really doing to our Country and get with all the Rep and we need to go to war and get rid of the garbage, there is more of us then them. The first place would be San Francisco. The police are on are side and I am sure the service men of our country would be to. We can’t let Biden in the White House.

  6. Ruth says:

    He was paid off by the Democratic machine. Lost all respect for the man. He will get his do.
    AshMe he took money over country. Another elite

  7. Scott J. says:

    Odumbbass Clintons and Bidumbs all need to be hung publicly.

  8. Debbie says:

    Fire Barr before his release date

  9. David Smith says:

    It is sad when the police FBI and CIA are all corrupt It is time to have a Salem witch hunt for politicians and BLM and ANTIDA And clean up all the illegals in this country and find the spies and terrorist and line them up. America better get ready for hell because it is coming white’s better lock and load because you will be the target of Blacks Hispanic Muslim and Latino’s Good luck you will need it and this virus is just starting it will continue to mutate Like Captain Trips a real virus in the movie The Stand by Stephen King this virus is just taking longer. I just hope I can move to a less crazy country and have my fiancé and her daughter as safe as I can keep them. You can see how much these politicians are corrupt. Look at how much money they are giving you in the second stimulus compared to all the money they are giving other things Also look at all the foreign aid this government gives out with out asking us. But they won’t help you unless you are a minority or a foreigner. Don Mclean said it right Bye Bye Miss American Pie. God will not help America

  10. H Shamir says:

    Barr saved his reputation at the last minute !!

  11. Gary says:

    Remember Barr was knowing nothing Biden and son billion $ for 2 months obviously secret! Evidence! He is guilty to resign? Do you think FBI Mueller did good job cuz no evidence between Trump and Russia involved voting 2016? That Barr was hoping Mueller announced Trump is guilty.

  12. Totally fed up says:

    What the he’ll is wrong with him!?#?! Barr is right down there with all the other swamp creatures. I’ve never seen such back-stabbing numb nuts in my life! Barr is a total disgrace to humanity. I reckon they offered him the right price and another one sells his soul to the devil.

  13. Lonnie Frost says:

    I am greatly disappointed and frankly disgusted with AG Barr’s actions. Apparently the integrity of this election and the actions of Hunter Biden mean nothing. This after 4 years of the Democrats trying unsuccessfully trying to prove Russian collusion.
    Shame on you Mr Barr

  14. Susan Ifland says:

    Barr is just another commie traitor! RUN HIM OUT OF AMERICA!!!

  15. Beverly Soltwedel says:

    Anyone with an ounce of brain knows without a doubt there was massive voter fraud. It does not take a PHD to figure that out. As far as Biden, Obama, Bush , Schiff Pelosi Schumer that are distrustful crooks. This bull needs to be investigated–as far Barr is concerned-he is as big a crook as there ever could be. We need to completely clean house in the house and the senate. To dismiss the voter fraud issue is an insult to anyone and everyone in the USA.

    • Gini says:

      Barr finally exposed who he really is. I suspected it before, since he really hasn’t done anything since he was appointed AG.

  16. Kendall Walker says:

    This was an illegal coup by the Dems, not an election.

  17. Richard Bergeron says:

    Trump needs to fire Barr on the spot. Someone has gotten to him he’s no longer needed. If it’s going to go like this President Trump has the right and should use it to call Marshall law and do this election again. Our country is under attack from with-in. And that’s what we have to do or else were toast.

    • Rob says:

      ABSOLUTELY Richard. You nailed it brother. WE, conservatives are once again gonna have to take this thing….and GO WITH IT. May Almighty God have mercy on our souls.

    • Connie Pabey says:

      Fire Barr today and hire Sydney Powell tomorrow! She will do all the things that Barr refuses to do. Has Barr been paid off by the swamp or has he always been part of it?

  18. I believe the democrat’s threatened Barr and his family. God will judge each of us and what we do. I believe we are being judged for our many SINS and that the Lord is coming soon. I am very disappointed in Barr. What a sorry soul.

    • Ruth Pontier says:

      I AGREE!!!! 🙁 🙁

    • D.S. says:

      I believe Barr is being threaten as well!! While praying for him one morning I felt to pray a hedge of protection around him n his family…Despite what Barr has said Almighty God has got this n Our God will not allow America to be destroy by the Dems. The corruption is being exposed..

  19. I think he and family were probably threatened by the Democrat’s. Anyone in their right mind knows the election was stolen. But God is still in control and He is probably judging the U.S. for all our sins. Lord Jesus come soon.

  20. MYRA says:



    • DS says:

      He doesn’t need to call martial law. There is enough evidence. Let’s get this right! Pray people call your legislator’s. Trump 2020

    • Lisa says:

      II totally agree with you. I feel like we are being punked – HOW IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING!!??? I think Barr may have been threatened but how about getting a backbone and standing up for what’s right. It seems Trump is the only one that has a backbone and stands up for our country and they hate him. Makes me sad and sick to my stomach to see what is going on. So much corruption and no one wants to do anything about it – let’s just look the other way and pretend it didn’t happen – WTF have we become???!!! How do these people sleep at night??!!! Pure Evil!!

  21. Alan says:

    I knew before Barr was officially appointed for the DOJ attorney general position that it was a bad pick, because Barr was mentored by the nazi and NWO pusher GHW Bush, and it didn’t take very long for the people to realize something wasn’t right about Barr, being he was taking so long to investigate and make his decision public for any of his investigations on the far left democrats and deep state operatives with a total sweep under the rug ruling or cover-up for these treasonous [email protected][email protected]$. Barr will be held accountable for treason along with those he covered up for, build those gallows.

  22. Beverlyl says:

    WE THE PEOPLE need to make those decisions not one man. He’s suppose to speak and represent us. Hopefully these comments are being read. UGH! I’m so fed up with everyone not wanting to investigate. Why? What’s the real agenda? Something really is wrong if everyone is so afraid of finding the truth. I just want to know the truth. I don’t need the president to tell me something went wrong with the election. That was obvious but we blame Trump for everything. Lol. Poor man but he takes every single blow. Why you might ask? Because he believes in America n God bless him.

  23. Wayne says:

    I never did trust the guy, I thought he was two faced. I hpe he is gone and we get some one that will go after these crooks.

  24. marlene says:

    I suspect AG Barr is a member of the Trilateral Commission.

  25. Betty Jones says:

    Betty W. Jones
    December 21,2020 at 1:30 pm

    We need a President that want turn our world up side down and raise taxes on middle class people and undo every thing that President Trump has done. He has done a lot for this NATION. We need him for four more years .Trump should’ve fired him before he got the chance to go on his own. He’ll get his pension and benefits now, which he definitely does not deserve. These idiotic morons have a higher power to answer to !!!! O.K. Trump we are depending on you. Get ride of the ones you need to.They all are morons.

    • Jaybo says:

      Yes I’m wondering what the holdup is. President Trump is tough. I don’t think he’s threatened in any way. Not wanting to sound arrogant but if it was me, for all they did to him and us, I’d be sniping those mofo’s.

  26. Jeanette Brookes says:


    • Bill Eastman says:

      If there was voting fraud, why didn’t the Retrumplicians present PROOF to all the court cases? Jan 20 our President Elect will take office. Trump will be removed by force if that is what it takes. Even Mitch has called Biden President Elect.

  27. Ray says:

    Bar resigned over a week ago there is only old news here like post Georgia runoff! There is proof it was China. Bar can go die in a hole far as I’m concerned.

  28. Candyce Clanton says:

    You are very disappointing and have been for the last several months. I can only think that the Deep State has gotten to you too! There is a lot of evidence of voter fraud as well as a lot of evidence about the Biden Family. You certainly don’t seem to be interested – not sure why you’re even acting like you’re working because obviously you’re not & you have turned against President Trump. So you want to be a Socialist/Communist? Well, the American People don’t want that & we’ll remember you in the future. Hope you got a lot of money to retire & move away (out of the country maybe?).

  29. Mitch says:

    1. The criminal Obama administration Spying on Trump and Liable for the Fake Russia/England Dossier and Media Liable against Trump needs Justice applied in the magnitudes of all out war.
    2. Hunter Biden investigations are on going and nobody really gives a shit about Hunter (only related to Joes crimes against America).
    3. The Supreme Court has ruled that States Legalization of Marijuana is in violation of Federal Law. 1864 Supreme Court Precedent during the Civil War disallowed Delegates Votes from States attempting to Secede from the Union to Legalize Slavery. The magnitude is equivalent. The overwhelming majority States in violation of Federal Law, Democrats Slavery and Marijuana voted Biden/Harris. Overwhelming majority of States NOT in violation of Federal Law, Delegates votes went to Trump/Pence.
    4. Precedent (1864) and current Supreme Court ruling (2005) Trump/Pence wins. The voting machines employed came from States in violation of Federal Law (they don’t count anyway so it is a waist of money and time other than negligence charges to all those who employed adjustable voting machines).
    5. Russia, China, England… The responsibility is Americans.

  30. rick says:

    Well, it’s official! We now live in the Communist States of America! If I were Mr. Barr, I wouldn’t raise my head out of it’s hole anywhere west of D.C.!

  31. Raymond Cohen says:

    Unfortunately, it turns out that Mr. Barr is just another Rino .
    So sad for our Country

  32. Honest says:

    Mr. Barr I used to have the utmost respect for you but unfortunately I was wrong {and So ARE YOU} ~ You actually should support your Bro Hunter and the molester Father~ Up Your ARSE !!!

  33. folks, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet! Wait until the Biden Crime Family is in charge! Dems think they are going to be rid of him in months! HA! “Doctor” Jill Biden intends to be First Lady for 4 YEARS and do nit cross her! By the way, go on line and read her paper for her doctorate. It is riddle with errors and spellings and incomplete sentences. For anyone with an IQ over 77 it is a hoot!

  34. Robert Martin says:

    Now is the time for President Trump to declassify everything and release it to the public. Be damned to the democrats and the rino’s let them sweat, also release all information on jeffery epstein and the the people he was involved in.

    • Walter A Urweider says:

      Couldn’t agree more…..It’s the Biden’s or the country, how hard a Choice is that?

  35. CHEE says:


  36. James Pyles Sr. says:

    What’s new, EVIL flourishes when the good do nothing, while you arm chair quarterbacks set back and do nothing. Start walking and stop the talk. We will be governed by reprobates. Protect your guns and Bible, they are coming after you and them. FIRE Barr and bar his pension!!!! If they don’t fix this wrong, this will be my last time voting!!!!! It not who is right or wrong, it is what’s right or wrong and the lying,stealing,cheating and stabbing all of Americans in the back is wrong. Hey Barr, how much did it cost them, for your integrity, morals, scruples and self-respect. ASSUMING you had some. Why can’t you see the fraudulent voting going on when it’s plain to see, AND also yet you can’t see the fraudulent Biden family goings on- SHAME, SHAME AND have you lost your sight for CORRUPTION !!

  37. Robert Martin says:

    Barr has been a deep state operative the whole time. With the delays of the investigations it has been obvious he was shill for the left. President Trump needs to fire him immediately before he resignes.

  38. Bob says:

    New strategy time.
    President Trump after Jan 6th unfavorable Congressional activity (that’s pretty much a given fact as of today 12/21/2020) needs to regroup with Rudy and Jenna to put together an elite team of Untouchables just as Elliot Ness did to take down the Alphonse Capone Empire. That team needs to build the 2024 Cabinet and run independently as a Constitution and law abiding party OF, FOR and BY the people.

  39. OST says:

    It is not surprising that AG Barr is taking this position. From the start of President Trump presidency all guns were out to defeat, obstruct and terminate his first four-year term. From the initial Russian collusion, to his Ukrainian impeachment, and up to election irregularities he has served the country well, even when his hands were tied behind his back by all those around him talking with forked tongs. What once were the crown of democracy has become a joke. People have lost their ability to reign in a country that is no longer by the People and for the People. Although we don’t know the truth about everything, we will never know it when the politicians we elected to represent us are not demanding that the truth be known. We are living right now a lie. If “We, the People” allow it, we will never be free again.

  40. Mary Harris says:

    Attorney Barr is just like Jeff Sessions. They have been threatened to have been bribed. I am very disappointed. We do not have a country. No justice at all.

  41. Kenneth Shockley says:

    But then you have to ask, is it real, or fake news? nobody knows for sure

  42. Kojack58 says:

    I can’t believe Bill Barr. What the hell does he need. There is more evidence and probable cause to fill two prisons. Yes I can see civil war coming.

    • Jeanette Jenne says:

      I’m with you. Can’t believe Barr! He must be threatened, as was Sessions. the corruption in the deep state has no limits. Just heard there is an issue with McConnell also. Was EVERYONE in DC in on the big conspiracy to destroy America and make big bucks selling us out to our enemies???

  43. Bob says:

    1. Barr can now be seen as a very deep, deep state agent. Fire him today and hopefully the acting AG will appoint a Special Prosecutor.
    2. Term limits are needed starting on the positions next election or appointment cycle. ARTICLE 5 of the Constitution makes this legally possible and it is underway.

  44. Jaybo says:

    One more that China has got something on. What else. He’s like the rest of the sellouts.

  45. Dale M Freitag says:

    The whole damn bunch in Washington needs to go to prison. This country is totally screwed with Biden and all of his idiots coming in. Time for war

  46. Kenneth Shockley says:

    I wonder what Bill’s Price was?

  47. Rhoda says:

    This news of Barr is so disappointing, but not surprising. He has turned out to be a swamp dweller like all the others. President Trump has worked hard and done such a great job and then people like Barr, Romney, Bush, Obama, Clinton, Harris and Bidens just to name a few stab him in in the back while they get paid from China and Soros. So sickening. Keep praying that we will have some Republicans with guts to investigate these people and get this fraudulent election turned around. President Trump is our only hope to keep the United States of America free from communism. God help us!

  48. NavVet67 says:

    Three different scenarios here. 1. He was a deep stater all along. 2. They have something on him or 3. they threatened his family

  49. JlJones says:

    How much did Biden, China snd their cronies pay Barr Et al for this? President Trump needs to get rid of Barr and get a special counsel appointed. Is there no end to the corruption in the Democratic Party? Why has this investigation dragged on so long? Why wasn’t all this made public long before the election? Does Barr’s actions border on treason? I bet if anyone really looks hard enough you will find payments to Barr, Biden, Fauci, Pelosi, The Dominion programers and many others from China. After they sell us out to China then what? True Americans will not go willingly! We will not br subservient to China? Or idiot Obama’s “One World Order”.

  50. Franklin Steele says:

    He’s as useless as Jeff Sessions. Bar should be ashamed.

  51. Mark Melchert says:

    Barr is a true member of the Deep State. Their personal priorities include many items of receiving personal gains and money. Serving the public tax payer is way down on their personal list of priorities and importance.

  52. Barr is a traitor. He a vengeful person. He knows he is done so he doesn’t care what he does. All he wants to do is lie like the rest of them. He was paid off. They should investigate him. I am sure they would find stuff on him. He is a disgrace to our country. He is a jerk.

  53. Sic&Tired says:

    HELL….. IF, we can’t have a Decent – Attorney General, who is “SUPPOSED” to DO RIGHT FOR THIS COUNTRY.!!! ….. Surely looks like we just have Another Traitor to this Country…………. Never Ends.!!! Deceit, Corruption, Foul Play, and what else can be tossed into that Mix of Pathetic Garbage that We as True and Faithful Americans….Have to Put Up With. So Sick and Tired of it ALL.!!
    Miserable People Everywhere in Our Government.!!! We Can’t Even KEEP TRUMP.!!
    The Underlying Lawlessness is Just Amazing.!!!!

  54. Debi Gulotta says:

    Somebody has something on him, we may never find out what, but it must be good. Can you spell B-L-A-C-K-M-A-I-L???

  55. Tony says:

    Barr is another Romney do nothing but say no to all things good for the people and country. Lets see Hillary, bush, oboma, romney, barr, lbj, clinton i didn’t have sex with monica. Wow talk about a load of crap…lets all pray for trump that he wins again he’s the answer .

  56. Cynthia Hersey says:

    Romney and Barr are closet libtards and we unfortunately got skunked with both of them holding an office in the Trump administration!!! Barr really surprises me with his opinion on the fraud in our election. However, Romney doesn’t. Barr must be dumber than I thought or else he got bought off. Both are real “bumb dastards!” President Trump backed Romney and he turned coat on him and and he appointed Barr to his very important position and he turns traitor!!! How DUMB do you have to be to SEE THAT THERE WAS FRAUD IN THIS ELECTION!?!?!?!?

  57. All of Washington is rotten. Everything for sale and conscience too. I think he never had a conscience. And bought this shit !!! Just look how they all defend China!!!!!! What Barr is doing is a crime against the state and the current President. When will all this mafia finally begin to be tried and imprisoned ???????? I have heard many times that America is a free country. For whom??? For people like Barr !!!!!! NOT. FOR US !!!!!!!!!! Shame !!!!!!!!

  58. Carol Sittser says:

    Barr needs to walk out the door and let it hit you in the ASS that you are.
    President Trump needs to fire him ASAP. Now we will have cheats and corrupt running our country. God will come down on them so they better look over their shoulder.

  59. Bob says:

    Fire the man now today. He is fraudulent himself. Took his salary which is undoubtedly high under false pretenses. He never had cooperation with his boss in mind. Like Obummer, talks a great story but gives no concrete results. Let him go work now OUT IN THE OPEN for Obummer and Soros. They’ll make up the pay difference from currently where he is getting American people’s pay plus whoever untraceable source else is paying now to where he won’t SUFFER with less pay. It’s all about money you know! BAR barr!!!

    • Cynthia Hersey says:

      Yes, Barr should be “Fired”!!! Doesn’t deserve any benefits for turning traitor!!! Isn’t there a firing squad involved with treason???

      • Jaybo says:

        We were warned about communists back in the late 50’s and it got laughed out. It’s called Mccarthyism and he was SO right.How can anyone doubt what these evil demonrats have done.they took an oath and lied swearing on the Bible! I took an oath too! Defend our country from enemies foreign and domestic. I didn’t lie when I swore to uphold the constitution. Demonrats you ARE the enemy and I’m going to kill as many of you traitors as I can! SEMPER FI

        • Jaybo says:

          Our.forefathers told us to fight tyranny when they wrote and signed the constitution.the demonrats shit on them and us and every soldier serving now and in the past.demonrats want to take our guns and are going to try. They’ll see mine barrel first and I’ll keep that up until they kill me. I don’t want to live if this shit don’t quit! It’s our RIGHT and I will personally remind them when the time comes.

  60. frog says:

    Barr is a trader!!!!! To this country and himself. Shame shame!!

  61. Tom Merwin says:

    William Barr will forever be known as the most disgraceful AG in American history, and rightfully so. Of all the deep state traitors who worked, and are working, to deprive President Trump his next term as the best President we could ever hope for AG Barr could very well be the most despicable. He should rot away in a landfill somewhere.

  62. Gary says:

    So sad we don’t have honest people that will take a stand shouldn’t surprise any of us God help us

  63. Noel Lewis says:

    I believe Barr must have been threatened. There is no way he would have backpedaling this hard. Just like some of the other witnesses and Kemp! This could have been over. The Supreme Court? Give me a break!!! The people of this great country need to stand together and demand a full forensic investigation of all ballots in every state, Republican and Democrat, if we don’t make this happen now we will never see another true election in this country. We will have lost our Freedom!

  64. Joe says:

    Typical deep state swamp rat, he just showed his true radical, colors.Isn’t there a real lawman in this country, that hasn’t been compromised by deep state underbelly, this country is lost,thanks tp people like this ya=hoo, who we thought, might be honest,what a joke. Puppet,corrupt,racist,sexual perv,lying,dementia, slo,joe is unfit to be president,he is a national security risk,with his crackhead son, compromised by china.We will not accept this brain=dead idiot,as a leader. This election was stolen, and we won’t accept u destroying what Trump built, accomplished, just because u hate him. WAR is near

  65. George says:

    I am concerned that he is a Deep Stater also ,sadly

  66. wesley thomas says:

    Barr is a paid off traitor.

    • Roscoe Conklin says:

      Barr must have dirt on him that the left brought out or the threat of? We will never get ti the truth with acts like this? it is so sad? When people run away?
      This man is scared? God help him and God help our nation?

  67. maxibaby says:

    Is there anyone living or dead who is surprised by these AG Barr announcements? As all of us realize, when your “boss” insults and humiliates you publicy, whether deserved or not, as you are going out the door….you take potshots at said boss! This of course neither helps or hurts either one of you! DJT can hire someone else to do these things that Barr won’t do because they certainly need to be done!
    This is all just noise and doesn’t help the terrible situation our beloved country is in!
    God bless and SAVE America! ✝️🙏🇺🇸

  68. Elaine Treadway says:

    General Barr is in with Hilary, Obama and the Bidens, like all the other lying crooks, he has been bought off. In the end, they will all pay with Gods fury, ITS NOT OVER YET!!!!

    • Natalie Wright says:

      Again, America will never lose Face. The Establishment understands that this. We voted for President D.J. Trump because he is not a politician. Only American citizens are held to the letter of the Law. Politicians never. America coddles it’s political criminals. Hate it, but, facts are facts.

    • Sharon Trampe says:

      Just sad that we have to feel so helpless against the corrupt politicians. There are very few that are in office that have earned the respect of the public. We don’t know who to trust anymore. Not sure there is an answer to fix our broken government. Maybe lots of prayers.

  69. Richard Hull says:

    Barr is just another in a long line of deep state operatives opposed to OUR president. Go to the left side of the aisle Barr because that is where you belong.

  70. Benedetta Slavin says:

    This is a very sad day in America.I feel now that he was in on destroying President Trump.what does Biden have on him.What a traitor.God help us
    Now the Bidens will continue to break the law and get away with

    • I will give you “The Kingdom of ALMIGHTY GOD Updates”Those traitors, wicked rebels will not get away with it-evil deeds! “The LORD is KING! Let the nations Tremble. MIGHTY KING, LOVER if Jus, YOU HAVE ESTABLISHED FAIRNESS. YOU have acted with Justice and Righteousness throughout America.” (Psalm 99) I send these WORDS of GOD to Manifest throughout Barr’ Situation. GOD’S Justice will continue to expose and Destroy all vile deeds of Wickedness cover ups, lies, deceit, pay offs, calling evil good, and good evil, bribes, corruption, all Conspiracies working Against ALMIGHTY GOD’S PLANS-Agenda for The White House Pres Trump-America-Israel-The Earth. I trust and Depend on GOD’ Justice to rule and reign over all these corrupt Situations. No weapon that is formed against us shall prosper. I DECREE in JESUS NAME.

  71. Ann DeHay says:

    He has been paid off by dumocrats. Trump could not be bought but all others could.

  72. Duane says:

    The fat bastard will be gone on the 23rd. Trump can pick a new attorney general, and if the new attorney general has any courage they will appoint special counsel to investigate everything. let’s send all of the swamp creatures STRAIGHT TO HELL!

  73. Eilleen says:

    Barr May have been paid off or they threatened him. I have lost respect for our leaders, nothing would surprise me!

  74. sherry says:

    what a traitor to the people who actually love and believe in America.

  75. Diane Roberts says:

    He will go down in history as a traitor to his country.

  76. NORMA PATE says:

    Sour Grapes .

  77. Elizabeth says:

    He’s not in agreement because he’s a liberal Democrat. They’ve been out to get Trump from the day he became president. They want their power to make our country over, and they will do anything it takes including lie, cheat and even kill to get it. I just wish we, the people, could do something about it. We cast our votes and they treated it like rubbish. Maybe there should be a new election with all the poling places carefully monitored for fraud. Naw, the Democrats wouldn’t let that happen, because then the vote would be the REAL will of the people.

  78. Coco says:

    Barr should be ashamed and he is corrupt and why we the people have no faith in him or the government.
    He is a disgrace to our country!

    He has stabbed Trump in the back !

    He has done NOTHING to address voter integrity or hold anyone accountable . Russia-FAKE… MULLER investigation… Biden_CORRUPT and COMMPROMISED. . Biden and family dangerous to our country.

    Unbelievable…and I really have other words to describe how I really feel.. but I won’t go there.

  79. Mary Smith says:

    Barr is a total Jackass. He is just getting even with Trump – who should fire his ass now and move on with someone who can do the job. He still has a little time.

  80. Elmer Woytasik says:

    new employer is China and Bidens. Loves that money

  81. Richard Lemmler says:

    Barr is kissing up to the democrats to feather his nest !!

    • Dottie O'Callaghan says:

      Oh u r sooo right!!!

    • Pat says:

      I agree that Barr is just trying to advance his own opportunities. I think it is going to take a divine intervention for our Representative Republic to survive. This election proves the Democrats have moved us to a very corrupt banana republic.

  82. Denny says:

    Has to be a good reason why or else Barr isn’t above the fray like we thought he was. Let’s hope that the FBI continues their money laundering investigation into Hunter along with Hunter’s ties to China.

  83. Skip says:

    Barr is a phony. His uselessness is because he’s too lazy to work and to do his job. Our great President Trump deserves better than this sleazy swamp creature.
    Incidentally, has Durham crawled out of the woodwork yet or is he still “investigating”?

  84. Josh says:

    Bar is going to live to regret his idiotic decsion when Trump is done with em! Just another idiot turn coat.Theres ways around incompetant people thats afraid and has no backbone!

  85. Wayne says:

    Strange opinion. I don’t understand the man

  86. Rosa M I says:

    Why do you think Barr is not cooperating with Trump? Is this a rhetorical question?????!!!!!!

    This is another reason the SUPREME COURT ***HAS*** to rule on this abomination!!! It has done so on cases of considerable less importance. WHY DON’T THEY WANT TO DO SO HERE???!!!

    • Joseph Winch says:

      He is in the tank with the rest of the democratic criminals and most likely some Republican criminals like Romney. Some of you call it the swamp I call it the cesspool

    • David says:

      Democrats have had way too much time in office, with clinton and obama alone they had 16 years to seize control of literally everything from education to defense and all things in between, we never had a republican as far as i know for 8 years because democrats rally to destroy them, but maybe this time with biden and harris at the helm enough damage will be done that americans will open their eyes and pull their heads out of their butts, maybe democrats who will also be victimized by this new administration will get tired of higher taxes, no jobs, masks, no guns, no rights, no nothing if america truly is a country built by rebels this won’t last.

    • what surprised me in all this definite election fraud is who on the SCOTUS were bought off by SOROS. I certainly did not peg Amy Barrett for a sellout. maybe it is the 2 family homes and her husband had to quit his law practice to raise their children. Kavanaugh is another sell out for cash that i did not suspect.

      • Cynthia Hersey says:


        • Cynthia Hersey says:

          It could also be that they and their families were also threatened. I really wouldn’t put it past anyone who is tied to the Deep State. We will probably never know either. Someone needs to break this federal mafia up! No one wants to touch it!

  87. Don says:

    Barr is nothing more than lefty trash himself which has been evident since he sat in that chair.

  88. Diz says:

    Trump should have already fired BARR BEFORE he had a chance to shoot off his mouth as AG. However, it still is not too late to can him. Trump is STILL Barr’s boss.

  89. Rene Reynolds says:

    Traitor like the rest. Part of deep state. Get rid of him now

  90. Pierre Plauzoles says:

    Too many underlings in Doh are beholden to the DNC. I thought that was a known fact. I guess that I was mistaken.

  91. Gene Brown says:

    I thought he had resigned. If not he needs to be fired.
    Hunter Biden and family are as guilty as sin.

  92. Connie says:

    I can’t believe Barr is a traitor! He is afraid of what the Dems will do to
    him or hisfamily -thank God we have President Trump who is not afraid for thetruth to be revealed. Barr is the least person I thought would do what is right, REMEMBER EVIL DOES NOT WIN –THE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL!!

    • Cynthia Hersey says:

      Unless he gets some guts to come out and say he and his family were threatened (a known tactic of the Deep State), I will always see him as a traitor.

  93. ROBERT POWELL says:

    this just proves without any doubt that barr is just one more crooked swamp rat scurring for cover. he was a bush appointed socialist looking for a position in the new world oder.the stench of this new world government gives him more for the firing squad to handle .

    • Josh says:

      Yes it does all that his cowardly actions prove is that hes got something to hide along with other coyotes!

  94. Mr.Mudd says:

    Ruby ridge Barr is part of the deep state, Swamp Creature.

  95. Guadalupe covarrubias says:

    Probably afraid for his family and his own life….

    • Duaina says:

      I too believe it has something to do with his family being threatened. I think he is a good man and otherwise would have already had the Clintons, Obama’s and Bidens in prison. Three of the most dispised and dangerous families in the country outside of Soros and Bill Gates.

    • Barbara says:

      This is the most viable reason for his statements. Find is like Hillary Clinton too many supposed suicides to believe. True evil is in that woman and the deep state. God help our country.

  96. Brian says:

    Lets see. Who is the boss here? Oh yeah, Trump still is. Fire his ass.

  97. George says: