AUTOPSY Reveals Chilling Details

( – The case of the mystery death of Riley Strain, a student at the University of Missouri, appears to have been resolved as the release of his autopsy report has disclosed chilling details about the death cause.

Strain disappeared during a bar crawl with friends in Nashville on March 8 and was later discovered deceased in a river after an extensive search operation.

According to NewsChannel Nashville, cited by The Daily Mail, the autopsy revealed that Strain succumbed to alcohol poisoning and drowning.

Strain, aged 22, had a blood alcohol concentration of .228, which is three times the legal limit for driving.

Additionally, the autopsy found traces of Delta 9, a legally available form of THC in Tennessee. His death has been classified as accidental.

Despite early dismissal of foul play by law enforcement, Strain’s parents have been actively seeking clarity on the circumstances of their son’s disappearance. On the night he went missing, the bar he was last seen at reported that Strain had been served only one alcoholic beverage before he was asked to leave.

Strain, a member of Delta Chi fraternity, was expelled from the bar around 9:30 p.m. during a fraternity outing for their annual spring formal.

He informed his friends he would rejoin them at their hotel, but he never appeared when the group returned later.

His friends attempted to contact him without success and subsequently reported him missing after failing to track his location via Snapchat.

The intrigue surrounding his disappearance intensified with the release of video footage showing Strain staggering through the city hours before he was found dead.

No surveillance footage has placed him near the Cumberland River, where his body was eventually located.

That evening, Strain had FaceTimed his mother, Michelle Whiteid, who mentioned that he appeared normal during their conversation.

Strain’s parents have expressed dissatisfaction with the police investigation, suggesting that more significant leads had surfaced from the public rather than the police.

This dissatisfaction was highlighted when two individuals, Anna Clemdening and Brandy Baenen, discovered Strain’s bank card while searching through trash along the riverbank—a clue missed by investigators until that point.

Days after the release of the autopsy report, Strain’s grieving parents received a posthumous diploma on his behalf during a ceremony at the University of Missouri, where his mother tearfully raised the diploma skyward as the assembly of students gave a standing ovation.

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