Beloved Country Star: ‘Never Apologize for Being Patriotic’

( – Esteemed country artist Toby Keith, who passed away in February, has advised Americans to “never apologize for being patriotic,” his daughter Krystal Keith revealed while addressing the audience at the University of Oklahoma’s commencement ceremony.

She accepted an honorary degree on behalf of her father, who died following a battle with stomach cancer.

Krystal conveyed her father’s enthusiasm upon learning of his induction into the esteemed ranks of Sooner Nation last autumn.

“When he learned last fall that he was being inducted to Sooner Nation on this high of a level, he was so excited, and he was so proud,” she stated during her speech, according to Fox News, cited by The Daily Wire.

During her address, Krystal illustrated her father’s deep commitment to the university, particularly its athletic programs. He felt deeply honored to receive the honorary degree.

She humorously recounted their exchange about the effort involved in academic achievement.

“I actually made a joke about how many hours I spent here getting my bachelor’s degree, and he joked that he didn’t have to work that hard to get his,” she said.

“But we all know he earned it and spent many more hours dedicating his life to earning it this way. He loved his family (he loved all of us), God, our country, and Sooner Nation,” Krystal added.

She continued to outline her father’s unwavering work ethic and his philosophy that drove his career.

“Throughout his life and career, he made sure to work hard to have the best, to be the best. He often said, ‘They may write better than me, they may sing better than me, and they may look better than me, but they will NEVER outwork me,’” she reflected.

“And that made all the difference. He was a larger-than-life legend, he was an icon, he did things his own way, his songs inspired nearly everyone in country music and beyond,” Toby Keith’s daughter added.

She also highlighted how her father instilled in his children a profound sense of patriotism.

“He always said, ‘Never apologize for being patriotic,’ and practiced what he preached through his work with the USO [United Service Organizations],” Krystal mentioned.

Krystal discussed her father’s dedication to uplifting the morale of military personnel stationed in perilous locations.

“He was going into the most dangerous zones, where guys that never got those entertainers to come to them, were housed and were sitting, and he would go and boost their morale. And that’s who he wanted to go see. We called him Captain America. And that’s something he earned,” she added.

“My dad taught me everything: singing, writing songs and … most of what I know about life. And I hope the graduates that are here today can learn from him, too. He fought hard to live his dream. He had faith and believed in himself. He never gave up the fight, even when the odds were against him. He would want me to tell you to never give up on yourself,” Krystal Keith concluded.

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