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Biden: 2nd Amendment Argument is ‘Phony’

Joe Biden claims that the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution does not bar his gun control demands.

He claims 2nd Amendment arguments against his dictates are “phony.”

Watch the video below and share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you agree or disagree with Biden?


  1. AJ says:

    Agree that these democrap treasonist communist traitors
    need to be stopped. President Trump called out Mcconnell to day and Dr. Fraud. We need more of this. GOP needs to stand for WE THE PEOPLE otherwise no choice but to resist with force. But I think WE THE PEOPLE are on our own to save OUR COUNTRY. Make sure you know who to depend on when the the “Flame of FREEDOM” is ignited. If we wait too long, it will completely destroy OUR COUNTRY. Civil WAR is extremely destructive and costly, in property, lives and more. China is already making ready it’s navy to invade Taiwan, intimidating the Philippines, border fights with India, and threatening many of it’s neighbors. Russia is invading the Ukraine. Sounds planned. Once we lose our guns they will be coming here. Stand up at stay free.

  2. Tim Knust says:

    What I find amazing is how this story has so many comments to it, and yet even though O’Biden supposedly got more than the 80 million votes that President Donald Trump got, not a one of these comments seem to be in support of his Joe’s idiotic position on this.
    How is this even possible? Only one way I can think of, He never got all those votes, and the ones he did get were fooled into thinking he would be the one in charge.

  3. David says:

    Only one way I know to keep Biden out of the Whire house and that is surround it with stairs like they have on air force one LOL

  4. Pissed Off American says:

    Tell that to the INCOMING copper coated cylinder chasing you Democrap clowns. Think it will stop and consider what Obiden says?
    I doubt it. Long live the Republic.

  5. Brett Gordon says:

    Liberalism is THE epidemic in this country. The left has given up on God and common sense, and have substituted their own faulty judgment for His. America was founded on Christian principles and values, not liberal fantasies. When the 2020 election meddling is exposed, Joe should resign immediately and leave, and take that cackling Kamala with him.

    • Stephanie Milano-Dillon says:

      The supreme court allowed this to happen by not taking on the election fraud from minute one. By allowing the constitution to be trampled on without at least hearing the overwhelming evidence many states had they gave Biden the green light to say NO AMENDMENT IS ABSOLUTE. The constitution is not a list of man-made laws therefore cannot be changed like laws. It is the foundation of our country and every legal immigrant now citizen came here specifically for what our constitution holds. Joe and Kamila either have to start ignoring their cronies or step aside. Things have got to be addressed prior to election 2022 starting right now

  6. Maybe the Dems states call back thier reps and sentitors back for a new vote.the law says the people have the right.before they start a civil eat. All people know they cheated lied. Along with the news media.look what they are doing to our country.the dems only think how rich they can get by bring back in the swap.letd shoe them our rights for the people by the people. They have lied for years and don’t care what this country stands for military don’t fire on the people when it starts people power

  7. TonyLeitner says:

    If he thinks the second amendment is phony then he must think the constitution is phony you can’t pick and choose,,It all hoes together to make well functioning societyHe swore and oath to up hold the constitution .Maybe he is the phony president that needs to change!!When your whole life has been phony,and the party that you are apart of is phony that tells everyone exactly who and what you are!

  8. TonyLeitner says:

    If he thinks the second amendment is phony then he must think the constitution is phony you can’t pick and choose,,It all hoes together to make well functioning societyHe swore and oath to up hold the constitution .Maybe he is the phony president that needs to change!!

  9. SGT says:

    With record minors crossing the border, they may sadly be trafficked by Biden and Hillary with Epstein out of the picture. Maybe he planned it to prey on more kids

  10. Carolyn says:

    The only thing phony is lying Biden and he is so rotten and corrupt you can smell him Coming from miles away. Not only that, he can’t even spell the word. Needs his staff to do it for him. Has anyone else wondered about all the “mass” shootings around the country that started happening after he tried to desecrate the 2A? Wonder how many of them were attacks paid for by leftist to try and strengthen their arguments and justify their illegal actions?

  11. David Smith says:

    Seems to me the only thing phony is Biden and all the other politicians

  12. R. B. Blackstone MRB says:

    “Impeach Biden Now”

    Destroy the Bill of Rights, by a sneak move, constitutes “High Crimes and Misdemeanors”…

  13. Floyd Boyer says:

    Everything about this “president” is fake beginning with the election that consisted of votes by dead voters. We all know Biden could not possibly have gotten as many votes as were counted in his name. Everything he has done since he stole office has been against American Citizens. They want to take our guns so we can’t fight back when they declare themselves Dictators and cancel all our freedoms that have been fought for by so many of us through the years. Biden would like to take Trump behind the barn…lets do it I think Trump can beat the shit out of sad ass Biden!

  14. John J says:

    We need a real president and this jerk off needs to be subjected to the 25 Th. amendment

  15. Robert says:

    The fraudulant dictator n crook joseph stalin biden, and his hunta members kamala komunist harris, nazi pooplousy need to be perp walked from any goverment facility they are poluting.

  16. Misty Mcleod says:

    Someone needs to give this idiot a history lesson.He is truly living in a fantasy world.I think they need to up his meds,put a diaper on his ass and put him in a nursing home.He’s a embarrassment to our country.His wife should be ashamed of herself for allowing the Dems to do this to her husband.He’s not competent enough to run this country.Especially since he didn’t win the election!!

  17. L says:

    Leave our guns just where they are!! We may need them to defend our families from the illegal aliens that are crossing the border! Need to IMPEACH BIDEN, HARRIS, PELOSI, SCHUMER and others that are in the White House that are ruining our AMERICA. Need to IMPEACH them all….. immediately.. Biden is a STUPID IDIOT!!!!!!

  18. Don’t you Know that Obama Is behind all of whats going on.He has wanted to destroy the U.S. since his boyhood He is the one pulling the strings and All on the left are his puppets.You democrats had better wake up to the facts and turn to God for answers.

  19. David says:

    LMAO And they say you don’t want to be third world LOL It is costing us 60 million dollars a week to take care of their children who is the dumb ass now LMAO

  20. David says:

    Semper Fi what did the Cannibals ever do to you that you would want to poison them with that putrid Biden and his son Hunter the only thing he has ever hunted was the next pipe of crack and little girls I think it is time for some lead poisoning for this corrupt insane politicians

  21. utuchuck says:

    Dear President Biden;
    Is this your laptop?

  22. Hands off the 2nd amendment to the Constitution! We won’t give up the weapon ! It will come in handy for us!

  23. Lisa says:

    Biden is the international embarassmennt if you ask me.

  24. Everythimg joe biteme biden said today about new gun control was pure bullshit. The constitution is not a phony document. It is the law of our land and cannot be changed by presidential fiat. The only way to change or amend or delete any part of the constitution is through the legislative process. It takes two thirds vote of the 50 states to change the constitution. Biteme knows this but he is too senile demented and sick to even realize what he is saying. Let him try to overturn the constitution and then impeach him and camelhump and piggylosi for treason…

  25. marnie says:


  26. W says:

    This incompetent jackwad is nothing more than a pathetic DICKtator who is stomping all over the Constitution. The articles of the Constitution ARE ABSOLUTE unless changed using Constitutional procedures to repeal.

    Stop sticking it to the many law abiding citizens of this nation, they have had enough of your party’s tyrannical, repressive and illegal actions. So far, you maggots have FAILED MISERABLY to unify this nation as you falsely claimed you would do. Another lie from the many you and your party spew.

  27. RLR says:

    Biden should just resign! He along with any other individual in office should just resign if they can not protect the US Constitution as written. After all did they not swear an oath to do so? Either they should be impeached or resign.

  28. kelvin graves says:

    I and thousands of vets and those who have died in our wars did not do it to let Biden take away our God-given right to bear arms. we have the right to own the same firearms the military has.

  29. Mike Steward says:


  30. Rodney Stark says:

    What a pos. It’s a God given right so that we protect ourselves from a tyranical Government.

  31. Dennis Smith says:

    I cannot believe Biden. The president who wants to bring us TOGETHER? He is killing good paying jobs and industrys.
    Now he is telling us the constu…n 72nd amendment is NOTHING!!!
    who is pulling his STRINGS … hE IS A puppet

  32. Come and take them you pos. You will gain weight.

  33. James Heath says:

    The whole purpose of the second amendment was for the people to protect themselves from a government like the democrats are trying to establish.

  34. Robert Shriver says:

    Joe Biden is worst President in my life time. Kamelias as Vice is know better. It is awful that people voted for these 2 back stabbers too be our Leaders. It is down right pitiful for them too Run USA. Research both of their past and the think about. Why did you vote them in too office. If you thought you would get everything for nothing. They sure fooled you.All they want is power. We the people paying them too do nothing
    .Stop and think about it. Let your dog bite people and see who will pay.


  35. michael hein says:

    What Mr.Biden is saying about guns and the 2nd.amendment is a total lie. What he is proposing to do is a violation to our gun rights under the constitution.Again, in my opinion, he is corrupt and lying to the American people.

  36. tacodog says:

    hey sleepy joe how about your ccp buddies they kill people for no reason but to try to tell the world the truth u need to turn yours and baby hunters weapons first if you are going to lie about the 2nd amendent.

  37. MHP says:

    It’s amazing how Biden has brought this country to a new low after President Trump worked so hard to lift us up. Biden couldn’t wait to sit down with his stack of Eos and undo all the good we were experiencing for the first time in our history, thanks to President Trump. Now Bidens mission is to unarm the law abiding citizens as he unleashes criminals from south of the border into our country. He has no shame!!!! He has no scruples!!!! He has no sense!!!! He has no brain!!!! God help us. Our only hope of survival is winning in 2022.

  38. Wulf says:

    There is no patriotism in Biden, only throwing our taxpayer money in grants to his friends . Red flag , where is his clown from Texas he stated would be his gun control czar. Identify the root cause! Gangs ! The media hardly will print that word anymore! Look at the blue cities that cause the crime or look at the states such as CA, NY, IL and yes , Washington DC. The Biden train is all about money that comes back around! Ask Hunter! A poor name for him! He can’t hunt !

  39. Bryan Lamb says:

    I think it is time for us we the people to make our stand I’m sure all agree with me on that because we are all out of time we wait any longer we will be defenseless china will come and have Bidens back they will without a doubt come to the USA to back the Biden administration up we have witnessed their treachery on our country before his inauguration and after so only question for us all is how much is too much for is to put up with? Now we do not have to resort violently against him and his team we are many and enough to walk them all out like misbehaved children.👍

  40. Benton L Bryant says:

    This self-proclaimed “President” is phony and certifiable as such. Was he present when the Constitution was written, signed, and adopted? Who the Hell gives him the sole right to decide? I certainly don’t believe this deranged lunatic with clear and present ill intentions for our once-proud nation has the mental capacity to single handedly make these ridiculous claims, remarks, and declarations! He is clearly out of his mind, or what’s left of it!

    • Jack Spring says:

      Please remember that a lot of people did not vote for Joey the jacka$s, they voted against Trump. I know a couple of these people and they said they regret that decision.

    • EJS says:

      Make sure you impeach that president wanna-be Harris, along with Pelosi and Shumer. We don’t want any of them in office. They only want to destroy our great country that I and my other military brother and sisters fought for.

  41. Just wait until sleepy sends the gun czar beto to confiscate your guns. Let the party begin. The woke will soon get a wake up call that could be very uncomfortable. Sleepy and chuckles know not what they are doing. Watch his approval rating continue to drop until it is in the sub basement.

  42. David says:

    From my cold dead hands

  43. dan burrington says:

    are we gona start with HUNTER BIDEN an the lies on his gun application would be a good place to star enforcement

  44. Concerned Voter says:

    The Constitution is perfect, it is the President of the United States that is not at all perfect. He has dementia and he believes that he only can make changes without any problems. He thinks that he is above the law of the land and can do no wrong. Well Surprise, Surprise! He just put his foot in his own mouth and again lied to the American people. He cannot make changes to the Constitution or the Amendments without the legislature’s approval. EO’s do not override what is legal.

    • Semper Fi says:


    • Semper Fi says:


  45. Ron dunn says:

    All they want to do is take the guns from the law biding civilians. The criminals will still have there guns then gun vile vehicles will really really be bad. Hitler took the guns from the people. Look what happened next. That is what they are doing. When. We don’t have any guns we will not be able to fight back. What are we going to do throw rocks. Wake up people.

  46. Gwyllim says:

    The only thing ‘phony’ is his ‘election’.

    • Lela Pettit says:

      Biden and Kamala are worthless pos. They think they are perfect but they are not. They both need to be impeached along with bitch Pelosi.

      • Roy says:

        These democrats are tyrants , people need to rise up ! Remember what the revolutionary war was about ? The democrats didn’t want to give up their slaves , well what are they trying to do to us NOW ? ENSLAVE us ! They have to take guns away to this to us , and they have to convince people that people on the right , law abiding citizens are the villains ! But look closely at who is actually doing all these shooings ! It’s the liberals and their immigrants that they’ve allowed to come into the country !

  47. Mark A Burford says:

    Any restrictions on a citizen’s rights to own or bare arms is an infringement on the 2nd amendment. And the only embarrassment to our country is the last election and the entire Democratic Socialist party. Especially Nancy Pelosi and yes you joe Biden.

  48. Margaret says:

    Everything is phony to Biden, he wants to rewrite the constitution, I pray he will be gone soon, to bad there were so many greedy people, he is mentally not good , he has dementia.

  49. rm says:

    Mr. Biden is the worst US president in history. I would care less if I picked up the paper and read that Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, and their henchpeople in Congress and elsewhere caught the coronavirus with a terminal result. Or caught a good term-limiting heart attack or stroke…

    • Geneva says:

      They all need to get something because if Biden is gone then Harris takes over , then if Harris is gone then Pelosi takes over. All are just as bad as any.

  50. F F Tramutola Jr. says:


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