Biden Admin Believes Protesting Parents Are Terrorists?

U.S. Department of Education Secretary Miguel Cardona

( – Does President Joe Biden’s administration – most especially his Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona – believe the parents of schoolchildren who speak up about concerns they have with the material being taught their children are domestic terrorists?

You be the judge.

According to multiple news outlets, including this report from Fox News, headlined, “Education Secretary Cardona solicited NSBA letter comparing protesting parents to domestic terrorists: email”:

“Education Secretary Miguel Cardona solicited the much-criticized letter from the National School Boards Association that compared protesting parents to domestic terrorists, according to an email exchange reviewed by Fox News.

“The email exchange indicates Cardona was more involved with the letter’s creation than previously known.

“President Biden’s Department of Justice relied on the NSBA letter, which suggested using the Patriot Act against parents, in creating its own memo directing the FBI to mobilize in support of local education officials.” [emphasis added]


“‘Should this allegation be true, it would reveal that this administration’s pretextual war on parents came from the highest levels,’ PDE [Parents Defending Education] President Nicole Neily told Fox News Digital.” [emphasis added]

This is a stunning development. It leaves no doubt that the Biden administration has declared war against parents it deems overly involved in wanting to shape what their children are or are not taught in public school systems all across the United States of America.

It means there is no room for dissent in Biden’s administration when it comes to American parents and that they better shut up unless they want to be labeled as dangerous criminals and have law enforcement target them for investigation and prosecution.

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