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Biden Asks Americans To ‘Turn the Page’

President-elect Joseph R. Biden asked Americans to “turn the page” on Monday night after his victory was confirmed in Electoral College voting across the nation, while President Trump showed no sign of conceding, even as he lost another election challenge in Wisconsin,” according to the conservative Washington Times.

Mr. Biden, addressing Republican suspicions that he stole the election from Mr. Trump, said after one of the longest post-election disputes in history that the system worked.

“‘In this battle for the soul of America, democracy prevailed,’ Mr. Biden said. ‘‘We the People’ voted. Faith in our institutions held. The integrity of our elections remains intact. And so, now it is time to turn the page. To unite. To heal.’

“He promised, ‘I will be a president for all Americans. I will work just as hard for those of you who didn’t vote for me as I will for those who did.'”

For more on this story, go to the Washington Times.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you agree with President-elect Joseph R. Biden that it’s time to “turn the page” or do you agree with President Trump that he should not concede the election to Biden?


  1. Tomb says:

    Even if Biden takes office in January, kamal will be president by March. He is either going to be impeached or Nancies 25th amendment will get him because he is senile.
    Trump should not concede

  2. Tootie Arthur says:

    The democrats even had dead people voting,no story, no lie. I want a investigation as to how many voting for trump are really alive @ time they voted.

  3. Jutzia says:


  4. Mark says:

    75 million people are e NOT turning the page for this puppet duo! SICKENING!

  5. A Patriot says:

    We true Americans that voted for Trump should show up at inauguration with handcuffs and firearms and arrest you your family and the rest of your cronies you’re all criminals.Enemies of the country

  6. Maryann says:

    Beijing Biden will never be my president! He is a corrupt feeble minded old man. He should be in jail not the Whitehouse.

  7. James says:

    This is for true Americans read what John Hancock said when he signed The declaration of independence independence “” gentlemen this is all been done in vain if you want to keep your freedom it will all. have to be done over pagpain.

  8. vinnie says:

    We turned the “page”in 2016 ,Now it’s Time to write (RIGHT) the “FINAL CHAPTER”

  9. vinnie says:

    We turned the “page”in 2016 ,Now it’s ime to write (RIGHT) the “FINAL CHAPTER”

  10. Joe says:

    He’ll no joe never will I follow a cheating fraud like you

  11. American says:

    Biden is not of God,the whole demonicratic party is evil, I will not be apart of such corruption and evil as what is on the left, They have taken God out of everything and support murdering. I’m sure Biden will get the same respect that his party gave Trump…which is NONE..God is in control, not man. This is not over.Trust in the Lord, he is coming with a wrath…

  12. francis little says:

    hey joe first you should be sued for using a bob seger song turn the page you aint nothing but scared of all these low lifes who want everything for nothing

  13. Tom says:

    Sorry crook who stole one billion dallors from the Ukraine. An told the Ukraine pres what to say to Trump when questioned. He made a threat . If you tell Trump Russia will take you over. I have heard the video call Biden made to the Ukraine pres. A truely un-American ass hole Biden is . 2. Videos of Biden the dirty pervert felling up ladies and little girls . An the v.p. the whore of Washington d.c. how has admitted it that thru the bed she got to where she is . Teo very discussing people who are very sick . An should never be running our country . His cabinet has perverts sexual convicted people on it . An you guessed it criminals crooks .fuck Biden piece of shit cheater

  14. James Street says:

    You wanna know what’s in store for the country with a Biden Harris presidency? Check out the article on this page “Convicted Child Killer set Free” Here we have an illegal alien, not an undocumented immigrant, an ILLEGAL ALIEN who killed a child and was then set free even though ICE requested he be turned over to them for deportation. This was in (believe it or not) California where state sanctuary laws do not require state officials to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. California is totally run by democrats. You would have liked to believe that even the unlawful and spiteful democrat’s would have cooperated with ICE in this particular case considering the implications and egregious crime of this particular illegal alien, but they didn’t. I guess a vote is a vote, no matter who makes the mark.

  15. Darlene Brown says:

    I will not turn away from President Trump… He has done amazing things for our Country and I shall always be Grateful to Him…

  16. MW says:

    I have never seen so much FRAUD. A blind person could see all the fraud. And, the supreme court is corrupt too. As for the vaxx,it is a bioweapon,it has HIV in it. There is also a man-made cytokine, to break down your immune system. MRNA is a code to change your DNA. It also has formaldehyde in it,& causes sterilization. They disrupt your DNA half way through & insert a code to make you subservient. Some of the side effects of vaxx-all cancer, HIV, Bell’s palsy, abnormal heartbeat. There is also a vaccine inside it called luciferase which they need to activate it. The code for it is 060606. The (0’s) are in there to throw it off. The real code is 666, the first step in the Mark of the beast. Fauci said that it won’t eliminate the virus. I think Fauci & Gates just wants to eliminate everyone. Too bad we can’t do a citizen arrest on these two whack jobs. Gates has plans to put a magnetic chip in everyone, & that is where the second step comes of the Mark or the beast. I think the chip would go in some time from the second injection or the next one. Astrazenaca is using lab & molecule cloning. Company’s are using senomyx (aborted fetal tissue)-FDA designated it to allow it being added to drinks for flavoring & to take away the bitterness & to reduce the use of sugar. It’s also being put Trump n food.

    • Jaybo says:

      Thank you for all of the vaccine info. I knew it would be bad coming in so fast. Wheres the cure for cancer, right? Evil. The whole world has been set up. DECEPTION

  17. Kristy says:

    I really Hope that Joe Biden does not become our President because he will ruin The United States of America by letting illegal immigrants here who will ruin our Country with wars and riots and that is not unity. He will also raise taxes which will make People who can’t Work Homeless because higher taxes. He also wants to defund the Police which then there will be more crimes and violence and that is also not unity. If he gets elected then then those People that voted him in do not love the Great United Stated that President Trump help make.

  18. Sam B. says:

    Even though “Beijing Biden”..”Quid pro quo JOE”..”The BIG GUY” who has a “truth over fact” agenda LOL…was certified as the president elect today…I certainly hope trump still pursues all this voter fraud. Just in could Trump go from being up 10s of THOUSANDS of votes when they closed off the vote counting on Election Day due to a “huge water main break”..(that was reported to only being a urinal that overflowed some) in the building where votes were being tabulated…all staffers were sent home for the night(except a few..) & would come back @ 9am the next day. SOMEHOW when everyone went home/all ballots were supposedly froze from being counted…overnight Trump went from massively being up to massively being down when counting resumed the next morning!! A 100,000 ballot/vote swing!! WHAT?! HOW?!?! If all ballot counting stopped election night in Ga…how is this possible!?!?! Hmmm…guess the corrupt shady few that stayed after everyone else went home re-scanned the hell out of multiple ballots as the security cameras video proves!! ALL the people that took part in the OBVIOUS VOTER FRAUD across the country must b jailed. They r screwing with democracy of our country & our free & fair election!!! This is only “1 example”. What about the corrupt voting machines/software…10s of THOUSANDS of deceased people voted…100s of THOUSANDS of ballots were scanned multiple times(42,248 in Nevada alone)…an 18 wheeler semi loaded with 28 PALLETS full of ballots being sent overnight from New York to Pensilvania!!!! All of This is what has been PROVEN so far!!
    Even If this election stands..the government MUST still look in to all this OBVIOUS VOTER FRAUD. If quid pro quo JOE ends up being our president there needs to b a “ * “ next to his name due to all the obvious BS.
    If Joe “Beijing” Biden* holds on the presidency…should true honest PATRIOTS (Democrats & Republicans) treat his presidency like the whackjob unhinged radical progressive socialist far left treated Trump?! It would damn sure feel right to do so..BUT let’s not forget all the nonstop hurdles/BS the Trump administration dealt with the past 4 years & what the BS did to the country. Just imagine how further along the country would’ve been if the delusional unhinged radical progressive socialist far left hate party would’ve worked with/come to bipartisan agreements for the betterment of the country. Instead the PRIDE of the radical far left overruled the POSITIVE PROGRESS the country could have made….more than it did with just the TrumpPence administration pushing forward..& that alone was remarkable with ALL that they accomplished!!! Unbelievable!! FINALLY A president with a SPINE & PERSEVERANCE!

  19. William H. Wilson Jr. says:

    God bless the President elect Bided and his team to replace the tax evading and corrupt Trump family rejects. I will not miss the Trump plutocracy. Perhaps we might return to a respected democracy and be again respected by the world.

    • Born in the USA says:

      Learn to speak Chinese moron. You peopleneed to get your heads out of your ass and LEARN about your beloved Beijing Biden and Family. Get a fn clue dumbass!

      • Carol says:


        • Ricky Lee Aper says:

          When and how will law and order be restored to this country?? If law and order will not be restored, then , this is what we get, the humanoids that destroy the most property, yell the loudest, kill the most people, make the rules.
          They demand that we keep racism alive and well. By calling all of us racist.
          Jesus says “the devil comes to kill, steal and destroy” this seems very familiar in 2020.
          Gang rule is not a good way for America to go forward.
          For those of you who think that’s a good plan, I suggest you go visit the refugee slums outside of Nairobi, Kenya and talk to the people there.

    • Sam B. says:

      Mr. Wilson. Do u really believe the nonsense u r saying?? I/WE r sure u meant the CORRUPT QUID PRO QUO JOE BIDEN FAMILY LOL. C’mon man! U too must believe “truth over fact”. U must b drinking the same crap kool-aid from the unhinged far left SOCIALIST DESTRUCTORS party that the pathetic divisive biased negative narrative media networks like CNN & MSNBC etc serve up. It’s all “Russian disinformation!!” LOL!!! U, Holly Rose & Kay who leave comments on this site & others have a sadly hilarious delusional outlook & need to come back down to earth! if nothing else you can always move to Venezuela. That dictatorship socialist destructive government there has the same outlook u do! You all will fit right in!! SEE YA!

    • American says:

      First off God will not bless thoese who remove him from schools,churches,state military, country or home..Biden and the left are not called DEMONICrats for nothing..carol Ann…come to the light.

    • Shay says:

      You must be one of the elitist that cant stand someone sticking up for the little guy. Someone that has gotten rid of more regulations so as not to line the pockets of big corporations especially Big Pharma. Someone who dropped unemployment to 3.5% by bringing back 400,000 jobs. And of course youre racist because you dont want to see the black community increase wages by 19% in 3 years versus 11% over 8 years with your buddy Obama. Biden cant even manage a rally with no more than 100 people. And you want to believe Trump didn’t win the election? You are nothing but a sheep in a herd.

  20. BUDEN WILL NOT GET IN RHE WHITE HOUSE.TRUMP WILL MAKE SURE IF THAT.Biden is a low life scum bag just like the rest of the swamp people.Excuse me my bad just like the rest of the SEWER RATS

  21. Marty says:

    There’s no way in hell I will ever turn the page and as far as I’m concerned no friggin Democrat will ever be president they can all go suck a dick and die

  22. Kelly says:

    Biden will never be my president and his girlfriend Kamela will never be my vie president. And when she becomes president because Biden is incompetent to lead this country she will not have my respect either . To hell with both of them.

  23. Thomas says:

    I will never turn the page. He will never be my president. He is a corrupt communist who lied and cheated at every turn to get elected. Harris was out there intentionally as the Marxist dictator to move up when Biden is forced out due to dementia or worse. I give him six to nine months. Be afraid people.
    I strongly support a secession of states.

    • James Street says:

      Exactly right. Biden isn’t what bothers me the most, it’s that BLM terrorist, Harris who WILL be president when Joe is OFFICIALLY declared unfit for orifice. We all know that he’s not fit right NOW, it just needs to be made official at which time BLM will ru(i)n the country. This is going to get ugly FAST.We haven’t even seen the tip of the tip of the iceberg yet.

  24. Kelly says:

    No president of mine. My president just got screwed by the democrats again : Anything that happens in this country in the next four years will be on the heads of evil people. Biden , Pelosi Harris and oh so many more. God have mercy on there souls.

    • James says:

      Maybe we should do what mad maxine said when we see them get in their face and tell them that we do not want them here they are not welcome here harass them like they did the Republicans!!! Biden will never be my president and I will not wear a mask!!!

  25. Donna says:

    We are all screwed for the next 4 years! He should be in prison with his son, Obama, Hilary He still the election!!!

  26. alan vervalin says:

    Move on, turn the page, heal? Joe and the dems can kiss my ass. They never accepted President Trump as legitimate and I sure was Hell don’t accept this corrupt asshole as my president! I pray to God that America can survive this calamity and restore our country when this nightmare is past! I haven’t given up on this tainted election and hope it will be stopped before it’s too late!

    • Joe Elam says:

      I think all these Comment speaks for the American People! The majority of the People of American believes President Trump got cheated out of the Election! biden and the rest of the demcraps can SUCK MY DICK UNTIL MY HEAD CAVES IN!!!!

    • Joe says:

      I think all these Comment speaks for the American People! The majority of the People of American believes President Trump got cheated out of the Election! biden and the rest of the demcraps can SUCK MY DICK UNTIL MY HEAD CAVES IN!!!!

  27. Frances Chamberlain says:

    I refuse to obey or be under satan or the communist party. His running mate said those will pay who were against us. She better stop and think about what she will have to pay some day. She is not black and that is the start of a lie.
    I keep asking God why did You let this happen? The only answer I can come up with is that He has His reason. At the end of his term President Trump will become Saint Donald Trump. AS other saints fought for God President Trump not only fought for God but for our country. I don’t trust the supreme court and I thing they should be investigated.
    God Bless and pray for our country,

  28. Myrle Anderson says:

    We are screwed as a COUNTRY now that Biden is sucking Chinas dick… I hate Biden….He’s a lying,cheating,corrupt,pedophile & he belongs in jail with his kid

    • Hazel says:

      It was reported by a CCP that since TRUMP was defeated that they will own the USA by 2022. GOD HELP US ALL!!!

  29. Bindi says:

    Likes like a dictator to me. Biden is not fit for the office and will NEVER be POTUS to me! He’s as bad, if not worse than Obama. Both are nothing but puppets serving the elite anyway. At least Trump continually tried to fight against them. He’s one of the few. The others all lives in the oligarchs pockets…, they cannot be trusted to do what’s best for the people and this country. It’s all about big companies, and the money. They’re destroying our world, but most people are brainwashed into thinking everything ok. What a joke. Biden is a joke. And the elite are laughing all the way to our graves.

  30. tim says:

    One day his knee will kneel before god. And god will say depart from me I know you not.

    • Robert says:

      And at his advanced age and lack of health he will have to look God in the face sooner than he’ll want to. Bet the doofus will be surprised there is a God!

  31. Robert says:

    I accept China Joe just as much as the FAKE media, Hollywood elites, Silicon Valley and Hillary accepted Trump’s presidency.. I’m ashamed to be from Georgia. and can’t wait two years to get rid of Kemp the Chinese PIMP!!

  32. ANTHONY KITABO says:

    The same OBAMA crap is coming back. They all sucked before and will now devastate the country completely. Joe Biden is a lying fuck and so are all of his dumocrat cronies. Make AOC the head of the labor dept. where she can finally screw all people. Pelosi is the most disgusting POS on earth. Wake up people. This country will be a free for all shithole in just a short time.

  33. Dr. Gregorie says:

    No, I can’t turn the page!
    I am afraid of Joe’s loyalties (🇺🇸 USA or 🇨🇳 China). As well, I can’t trust someone who wants to end our energy independence and put US citizens at risk of losing their livelihood to foreign entities. God help us.

    • Grace says:

      Joe Biden will never be respected as the lawfully elected President of the United States. No one, not even Democrats, can claim they respect a man who has cheated his way to the top and now, aided by a corrupts Democrat party has cheated his way into the Oval Office. If this election stands due to dereliction by the Supreme Court the next four years could spell the end of the Republic and freedom as we know it. There will not be another country in the world that can offer freedom.

    • James says:

      The place to begin is with repentance as a nation turn to GOD and as Him to forgive us our sin turn from our wicked ways of killing babies and allowing same sex marriage and the corruption in high places. Remember the American revolution!! Let God change us and then the country. Turn the page Not on your life turn back to GOD YES!!!!

  34. James says:

    Now I am starting to see everything that happened in the old country. The same patterns of corruption that is going on in the United States today. Everything our forefathers fought for is being flushed down the toilet. What happens when you have a divided country? Nothing Good.

  35. Sam says:

    I’m a retired military person and vet. To have Biden as the president it will be just as bad as Jimmy Carter policies as well as the sex madden Clintens and the other president that served two terms. I won’t mention his name because he was not a American. Where does the Democrats get these guys!!! I believe they are for the billionaires and China. What is wrong with people who can’t see their intentions. This country needs to wake up!!!!! I will not support anything the demos want and never what sleep Joe WANTS!!!!!!! Pelosi and Her side kick in the senate need to go. God Bless America

  36. Holly Rose says:

    Thank goodness we got a real president now, President Biden!!!One must admit that trump was a terrible president. Businesses died, lower taxes, wasting money on the military, causing rioting around the nation, refusal to help Democratic cities, exacerbated CV19, won’t wear the mask, won’t isolate himself when he contracted CV19, will not mandate vaccination or lockdown , what kind of a president is that? Not a president at all. We will need higher way higher taxes to feed this nation which has starved while trump fiddled in DC. I am so glad trump lost. We got our nation back in Biden and Harris. Thank goodness rioting in Portland will cease to exist.

    • Betty Bird says:

      Oh Hilary you poor sick soul. Did you ever turn the TV off CNN and MSNBC and read something legitimate? I am not sure where you were hiding your head but Trump did not cause the riots in Portland, the Democrats running your state encouraged it and wanted it so that folks like you would believe their stories that Trump caused it. Antifa is supported by the Democrats, George Soros, Obamas,Clintons, etc. You were fooled into believing their lies. Sorry you can’tread something more truthful. You think Trump damaged your Country, just wait sister till you see the damage your Favorite Democrats do to it. And when you have time HIlary read up on the kenship Bidens have with the Chinese, and the fact that Harris is a full, I mean full fledged Marxist. If you don’t know about Marxism you better go to the library and read fast because that is what you have done to OUR COUNTRY!!! Socialism/Marxism. You sick sick soul!!!
      Believed all the garbage stories. You think any of them will come to your aid? Wait and see Sister????

    • Sam B. says:

      LOL…as ALWAYS ur delusional comments/outlook is so pathetically sad..yet hilarious. Lemme guess..u only get ur info from the heavily divisive biased negative narrative networks that r anti journalism like CNN & MSNBC?! LMAO…pathetic. True honest journalism is dead with these biased bastards. I certainly hope u really don’t believe that BS ur spewing out lol. As a barley left leaning democrat…NOT PART OF THE PATHETIC RADICAL PROGRESSIVE SOCIALIST LEFT BS (like u obviously r)..I & millions of others/Patriots aren’t in denial of ALL the obvious progress the country has had in the past 4 years vs the past SEVERAL YEARS.
      If u really believe in that bs propaganda..PLEASE take ur delusional insanity to Venezuela! LOL you’ll fit right in with the way that unhinged dictatorship socialist government operates/further destroying that country!! R u even an American citizen?? Hmmm. Ur delusional comments/outlook makes us wonder.

    • Born in the USA says:

      We have a career liar and cheat, turn off the fake news and get a clue. Biden has waisted 47 years in politics. WHAT THE HELL HAS HE ACCOMPLISHED? NOTHING!!!!. Enjoy your shutdowns and higher taxes fool, oh by the way, learn to speak Chinese, they own BIDEN

    • A friend of AMERICA. says:

      To holly rose! You are sick. You drink the same shit the demonrats do. Your head is up your ass and so is your mouth. When the shit hits the fan and your still talking like this, someone or everyone is going to pay your simple stupid ass a visit
      No one wants to hear your anti American shit spewing from your shittrap or any other stupid fucking thing you feel you have to say! Your a traitor and an asshole you commie no good bitch!

    • Sven says:

      What kind of drugs are you taking??

  37. Judith Therrien says:

    You will never be my President and that crazy Harris will never be my vice president. You can’t even remember where you are half of the time. How are you going to run OUR COUNTRY when you haven’t done anything for this country or the people in 47 years. You need people telling you what to say and do because you can’t think for yourself.. You are one sick person. You should be in hospital instead of running a OUR COUNTRY. President Trump has done more for this Country in 4 years than any other President has done in the last 24 years. You Democrats Stole it from him. He will always be my President and he will be again. People voted for Trump and he won, the vote is still out there to be counted that you stole from him. God Bless President Trump and Vice President Pence for 4 more years. Good bye Biden you haven’t won and never will win.

  38. That Jackass Biden is out of his 79 year old mind. I am not turning any page for his Corrupt, Fraudulent, Traitor Ass. He didn’t do anything for 47 years…and he will not do anything now except turn this country over to Communism…with Evil Radical Muslims like Obama and the Squad in our government already. Obama hates America…and so does the Squad. They should all be deported to where ever they came from…instead of destroying our America, our heritage, our monuments, our soldiers who died for our Freedom, Our God, our Flag, our Anthem. Be an American or get the Hell Out.

  39. Richard says:

    President Trump is just that president period. He won the electoral votes needed. Joe Biden won popular vote by criminal means and should be prosecuted for fraud plus accepting money money from ccp. Biden is a crook.he reaks of criminal activities and is by no means presidential quality. Voter fraud must end NOW!!!!

  40. Theresa English says:

    Biden will never get respect from me he is not and will not be my president.him and all his crooked cronies are all lying piece of garbage.i do not and will not trust him to look out for the American people.he will bring America down in the first 6 months in office.our country is in trouble with him being in control.but that is my opinion and everyone has their right to an opinion.

    • Luella S. Ramert says:

      Biden and the Democrats are crooked and they STOLE the Election the 75+ million trump supporters and at least 10 % of the democrat’s will NEVER unite under Biden-Harris. Notice he put the millionaires, Billionaires, media Big tech on his transition team; I pray all Trump supporters keep standing up against Biden And Harris laugh is the most evil, stupid laugh I have ever heard. She is crooked and her end game along with the other democrats is power control over the middle working class. Notice Bill Gates who is a billionaire- wants the country shut down for another 6 months. They want the American people dependent on the government. We need to ask Trump to continue fighting for us. or this country will NO longer be America. We need Justice to be done on the Chinese takeover of the politicians, who are more concerned of making money than working for the American People. Notice Pelosi will not pass the stimulus’s because she does not want to give Trump credit. We as the middle class CANNOT give up our freedom, nor our guns– If we do, we cannot defend out selves. To all the ones that want Socialism–go live in another Country. And their should only be one National anthem. Biden has always been a racist listen to his past remarks He now wants to unite us after they stole the election– Biden-harris team will NEVER be my President. I purposely di not capitalize harris– she is so crooked and evil. and her laugh is sickening!!!! A tiger does not change its stipes. The democrats say only what they need to say to gain power– then once they getit– that meaning of those wods no longer count.

  41. Steve Apelman says:

    Joe Biden can kiss my ass…. I will oppose him at every step. He is THE COMMANDER IN THIEF. Don’t tell me to accept what has been proven to be a crime, and come together under Mr. Joe the Potato Head Al Capone Biden.
    Both he and his son are Chinese Communist agents, collaborators, liars theives and scoundrels. No wonder Biden never actively campaigned… he never needed to… the fix was in! There are many very violent groups out there that are not going to let this go…. and Biden as well as his VP could find themselves the next Kennedys…. and not in a good way. Me… I intend to give Biden the same acceptance and respect he and all the pond scum in Washington gave Trump…. the best President we’ve had in a very long time.

  42. Shirley says:

    To me Biden will never be president to me or the American people. He s lowestperson on earth along of all the people who picked me. His wife is a cheater.. They will be the lowest couple ever to lived in the white house along with Hillary,Obama Dems are scum lairs,crooks. They dont know the truth if it hit them in the face. All they do is lie and cheat to get what they want. Thank you President Trump for your services and caring for America and America people. You sure have guts and are a very strong man. We love you.

  43. Michael White says:

    I am an American who did not vote for Biden. Will he work hard to preserve my Second Amendment Rights?

    • T Beach says:

      He will work hard to make sure he takes or taxes all your guns. Even ones you have owned for years the way i hear it. Im hoping the cops and military refuse to do confiscations against the constitution but guess we will just have to see. I dont understand why if we have the Dominion servers showing the cheating why Trump is playing this out any longer. Just throw them in jail and be done with it.

  44. Buddy Snowden says:

    Biden is not my president. Never will be. Him and all the lying cheating democrats should be behind bars.

    • Patricia says:

      I agree with yopu completely along with those who were vote counters who kept the republicans back. It happened again when the Republican electors showed up to work and was barred by police allowing them in. This shows who the crooks are including the DC police

  45. Richard Rivas says:

    WOW! Take a look at all of the comments. If I were to take a poll based on them,
    I would say the majority is not for Biden. This in itself speaks volumes. We the people are Trump supporters all the way. I have always said that if someone does not like who the president is to at least respect his position as such. Well, IF Biden should become president I will have to go against what I said. I will never support nor respect Biden nor any of his team.
    God bless Trump and God bless America!!!

  46. Lloyd says:

    Joe Biden has proven by his own words that he is a liar and allowed China to buy the highest office in the USA. He wants those who voted against him to believe he will represent their best interest. What he deserves is the same thing the Democrats gave President Trump. Investigations, lies, distortions, and finally unjustified impeachment. It will be interesting to see if Crooked Joe can function as President when he cannot put two sentences together without stuttering and waiting for (Dr.) Jill to tell
    him the answer. The next four years may prove to be interesting to say the least.

  47. Always 5150 says:

    Wrong again sleepy Joe WE THE PEOPLE VOTED FOR TRUMP you and Harris are not and will not be my President. We all know what your up to and will be watching you DO NOT CROSS ANY CONSTITUTIONAL LINES!!! WE THE PEOPLE ARE READY

    • mjk says:

      We will not turn the page until the Socialists are out. They will stop at nothing to make America Socialist. Dem cities closing down throwing Americans into poverty so they have to depend on the govt. Just another trick. Fake news feeding us only what they want us to hear and read. A corrupt election. Plans to reopen borders that will take American jobs and on and on and on.

    • Patricia says:

      Are you for real ? They have changed rules and changed our voting rights which is laid out in the constitution. The Proud Boys are the only ones doing anything

  48. don says:

    Asshole lying Biden is not my President. What happened to honest reporting from our piece of crap reporters.

  49. Lk says:

    Everyone needs to look up EVENT 201…this whole virus.the censoring of media .the phrase “dark winter” was ALL planned back in 2001. Why is this NOT being brought up at all?

  50. David Smith says:

    If you really want to get mad look up the foreign countries we give hundreds of millions of dollars to in so called foreign aid it is insane we give money to countries that hate us and to places I didn’t even know if the are a country never heard of some of the places we give foreign aid too it is totally insane

  51. Bruce Sauer says:

    GO FUCK YOURSELF BIDEN I WILL NEVER TURN THE PAGE UNTIL THE DAY I SEE YOU, HUNTER ,YOUR PATHETIC brother, Odipshitbama, Killary, pelosi, shithead schumer,pencil neck schiff, S.Rice, land your whole administration at the end of a Rope. You all deserve to go Straight to Hell. Which is where you belong. Again. GO FUCK YOURSELF. LWE THE PEOPLE WILL NOT RECOGNIZE A CORRUPT PIECE OF SHIT POLITICIAN LIKE YOU OR HARRIS.

    • Tim says:

      Fuck you Biden, you didn’t win shit! It is beyond repulsiveness for your terrorist ass to even utter those words. I am a veteran and patriot. You and whore mouth and everyone involved have spit on me and everyone else who has stepped forward to protect our freedoms and way of life. I want to do my patriotic duty as written by our forefathers in the constitution that if those elected to govern should forget to uphold the integrity of positions in which confidence was placed upon them, then it is our right to remove you in any way necessary to protect the people and every right for them to achieve happiness. The lot of you are no longer officials. I love you America and we will never be a socialist country! America should always be first before anyone else! No debate, no exceptions! Your time on stage has been exhausted! I don’t care about the wealthy or media either! Here is the line in the sand! You waged war on the American people and our freedoms! I beg all heroes to rise and inspire all patriots. We are the people! This is our country, not any crooked politician!

      • Always 5150 says:

        Amen brother my oath has no expiration date I am ready

        • Patricia says:

          Thank you both for your service. I hope all of you remember and stick by it as we will be along side of you, The FBI, CIA and DOJ never meant a word of what they muttered

      • James H says:

        I am a veteran also and at 70 years old I am ready and willing, locked and loaded. I have never been relieved of my oath!!!

    • Karen Mullens says:

      I totally agree with you!! They set this up for Biden/ Harris to win and it is wrong. How can 72 percent say election was stolen, rigged when only 27 percent says it be wasn’t? I don’t get it. Never in my life have I registered to vote until this year and they just proved my point why I never did. And I’ve always said why vote? Your voted don’t count they gonna put in there who they want anyways. Yes in 2024 I will vote again only to the hopes that niden gets out of there because he’s going to send this world straight to hell!! Post this or not don’t care cuz yaall only post false fake stuff for Biden !! God help us all!!

    • John says:

      I thought I was the only one that feels this way.thank you sir I’m with you

    • Pissed Off says:

      People should march protesting Biden on inauguration day. Demonrats want to usher in New World order and cater to illegals while Americans lose jobs, homes and go hungry. Pedo Biden will give all to illegals and open borders.

    • Buddy Snowden says:

      Amen agree 100 percent. Liberals can kiss my ass.

  52. Joe says:

    No way in hell… he is going to compromise this entire country through him and or his son. Joe already proved his worthlessness with Ukraine and 1 billion dollars… he is going to give our country away like Hillary was trying to do with uranium… EVERYTHING the dems accused Mr Trump of is what they were doing and with whom. Russia… Hillary… China … Biden… are you dems that damned stupid you can’t see the truth and the lies from the election the cheating ALL the crooked stuff they pulled

  53. Mariano Garcia says:

    Only a person who’s been in do-nothing politics can look the camera in the eye and lie like Pinocchio. Biden is a hypocrite and he wants to come on t.v. and tell you that he won the election. Just like he lied about his corrupt activities. And Harris? She’s chomping at the bits to follow the rest of the vipers in the swamp.

  54. herb flack says:

    How can true American people be so stupid and yet be successful in this country. I have quite a few friends that are Democrat and yet they are so blind to the true facts. Just if they would do their own research instead of listening to the main stream media, they would be very enlightened. Biden will never have the respect of the 75 million republicans on the right. You sir may be blessed with being the recipient of the same shit you cast upon a true American and that is Donald Trump. Lets see how good you fair in prison with your 0 experience son and all those millions taken from the communist Chinese and the Russians. I pay to God that he bring the wrath upon your treasonous co-conspirators for the treasonous actions against this great nation.

  55. DKW says:

    This is the end result of a totally fraudulent election. Trump won the election via legitimate votes. I will be hanging a Biden flag upside down for the few months he is in office. He is an embarrassment to this country. The democratic process has suffered an irretrievable setback. How about this scenario: Biden stays in office a few months, pardons hunter and his other cronies, but they keep the money, then Biden gets so mentally bereft that he steps down, kamilla moves in, pardons Biden and her cronies and we have our first female president (of color, no less). This election is a fraud, and the courts had an opportunity to exercise some damage control. But our jurists appear to be suffering from a severe lack of testosterone, estrogen and calcium. The DC Swamp is filling up again. Americans had an opportunity to keep President Trump in office and God back in our country. Stay tuned. Looks like the party is just beginning.

  56. john says:

    Personally, I had enough of the Democrats and how they have handled government business since the nomination of my President (Donald J Trump). No Thanks, Mr. Biden and all those ugly situations your democrats put a Great President through for the past 4 years. I can never ever trust the Democratic Party to Make America the greatest nation in the world, can’t match what Trump did in less than 4 years. Thank you President Donald J Trump for making America Great.

  57. Brian says:

    You will be President when you prosecute Hillary and Obama for Benghazi and all the other things brought to light about them, plus stop allowing illegals into this country. Won’t happen so you have zero support from me.

  58. Sherry says:

    NEVER, I believe the Biden Crime Family along with the Democrats colluded with the Chinese Communist Party to release the Covid virus to try and stop Trump from being re-elected. Numbers are now showing 90 million voted for Trump 30 million for Biden. I will never concede to Biden.

  59. Always 5150 says:

    Wrong again sleepy Joe WE THE PEOPLE VOTED FOR TRUMP you and Harris are not and will not be my President. We all know what your up to and will be watching you DO NOT CROSS ANY CONSTITUTIONAL LINES!!! You will have to come any take them WE THE PEOPLE ARE READY

    • Charlotte Cunningham says:

      Amen! We all know Trump won and We all say. Start the Impeachment on Biden for treasonous crimes with Obama and Hunter! These are fact checked crimes and Joe is bragging on national TV about it! So yes impeach his sorry butt! Biden will only do the same thing he did for 47 years and that is work to make more millions for himself! After all, he is the big guy right! They stoled our vote and we the people have the right to get Trump back! Biden won’t remember we’re he’s at pretty soon let alone run our country.

  60. Jimmy Kennedy says:

    NOT MY PRESIDENT!!!! Possibly not my country for long!

  61. Charles Parker says:

    I have known Biden since the Sixties. I’ve never heard him do anything, but piss and groan his whole life. All Biden and Obama ever did was to tear down our institutions and our way of life. May Biden and the rest of his criminal family rot in hell.

    • Gail G says:

      Biden Harris are liars, cheaters, murderers, thieves and the lowest scum on the earth. They will do ANYTHING for power and money, including murdering their own mother and children. I can NEVER believe ANYTHING that spews out of the mouth of a leftist democrat. They hunger for the ruin of ALL around them in the hopes of reigning supreme on the earth. God has reserved a special place for them, along with their leader, Satan.

    • Charlotte Cunningham says:

      Your so correct. He will destroy us if he remain President elect! Not our President! Voter fraud all the way! Makes my blood boil!

    • I am in a state of shock about these results. from what I read there is enough
      evidence of fraud to have made the election null and void. Likewise how do three supreme court judges not vote with the other two to at least hear the case and make a fair decision concerning the next step. which would be in my mind to have adjusted the vote and declare Trump the winner. This is a sad day for our great country and for Biden to get the number of votes that he supposably had is not statistically possible according to some statistics personnel that i know. so Biden sneaks in the back destroy our country!!!!!

  62. Paul says:

    Mr. Biden. We the real American people will never turn the page the you. You and your people are illegitimate people of no value. You never won this election fairly or honestly and we will never accept you and never turn a page so just remember that.

  63. Robert says:

    The only thing Joseph Stalin Biden will get from me is complete and total contempt.
    He represents every thing that is a oppressive police state and his party has morphed into 21st century NAZI’s
    His actions as VP make him a traitor.

  64. Amberdawn Richmond says:

    Not my President. F*ck off biden harris
    You lied, cheated and stole everything you could. Well, it is past time to take our country back.
    Go ahead, declare Marshall law. We the People, are behind you. That includes the 2.5 mil veterans.We still stand by our OATH of SERVICE even if congress does not.

  65. Matt Millen says:

    Biden lost. He knows it. Healing? He has no clue that those of us on the right will never align ourselves with his damnable ideology. The differences are irreconcilable. President Trump will be sworn in for his second term on January 20, 2021 while the leftist profligates burn down half the country. True Americans voted for President Trump in a landslide. Anyone who has any sense know it.

  66. Don says:

    Biden can GTH in my opinion. I don’t support treason.

  67. Sandra Smith says:

    I’m a senior citizen, but I’m not senile. Only misinformed or stupid people would have voted for Biden. There aren’t enough people in those categories to have elected him, that’s why they had to cheat. He will never have my respect, nor any other lying, cheating Democrat. Trump needs to make a move asap and clean out the swamp as he said he would do when elected. I want to see all of them rot in jail, or better yet, stand before a firing squad. I’m a pretty good shot!

    • Charlotte Cunningham says:

      Amen! Voter fraud all the way!

    • Linda says:

      I agree with the firing squad. They are traders. They should be tried as the traders they are. I am also old, 70yrs. The democrats have ruined the country. Our parents would never believe this could happen. I feel like someone killed my country. There is a ton of proof, but no one cares to do anything about it. What can we do?

  68. Larry. B. says:

    Biden/Harris bought this election, the so called gutless Supreme Court, DOJ,and dumb asses like Romney, the rest of the Left wing dumb asses keep shoveling this BS at us that they won legally.THEY DID NOT!!and Trump supporters KNOW IT!! Shove the page and your book up YOUR ASS Mr. SO CALLED President and V P. Harris you are nothing but a baby killer.

  69. Kim says:

    Unite and heal??? That’s a joke. Trump won the election and all Biden and Harris have done is sit and wait for the corruption to take place. They want us like sheep to do as they say so they can condition us as they please. NEVER will I unite and heal with Satan and his sister!

  70. C rime Boss Joe will NEVER be my president! Donald Trump won the election & everyone knows it! The whole family STOLE from Americans & said “to Hell with THEIR safety, I’m cleaning out other countries for POLITICAL favors! By the way, WHAT exactly, did CHINA & Ukraine get from Sleepy Joe (and Hunter) for all the money they were given? IT is SO OBVIOUS with all the investigations going on with them! (PROOF) As in a witness or 2 to their corruption. In four years all these Demon-rats will be exposed & hopefully, America will NEVER vote in another Demon!

  71. Don Dunham says:

    The only page I will turn are pages of indictments of all you worthless pcs of SHIT ,LYING,TREASONOUS, GODLESS,POWER HUNGRY,DISCRASEFULL,HATE AMERICA SWAMP BELLY SUCKING PIGS.

  72. Tony says:

    This is Total Sham against the True American Citizen! He and Harris should never be allowed in dc! Lie lies lies, Fraud fraud fraud!

  73. Karleen says:

    Biden will never be my President. The election was fraudulent. He has no shame. He knows what was done for him to get into office. Don’t know how he can even look in the mirror.

  74. Kathy says:

    Corrupt, creepy, crazy, criminal Biden will never be accepted by seventy-five million real Americans, and neither will Marxist pig Harris. They will be illegitimate “leaders” of this country. President Trump, don’t EVER concede. MAGA 2024!

  75. Neal says:

    The only page I want to see turned is the reversal of this fraudulent stolen election!! Like many millions of Americans who believe in Law and Order I will NEVER recognize him as a legitimate President….he is nothing but a criminal and a fraud!!!

  76. Andrew Makos says:

    Biden and company are the essence of the swamp ! The Clinton foundation is now running America ……… God bless us all !

  77. bruce says:

    The way the democrats, media and social platforms treated honest Americans who disagree with them and how they treated our real President was so disgusting, it would be hard to accept this illegitimate person as my president. Joe, you have a long way to go…You can’t command anyone to accept you. If you were honest you’d say, please open up the machines that changed the vote, tell your militia to quit attacking our cities, tell your media to quit lying, ask for a total review of the massive fraud in our voting system. Purge the communists and socialists from your party. You won’t do any of these things…

    • Cathy Floyd says:

      Respect can can not be demanded or commanded, it has to be earned. It is NOT earned by lies, cheating and stealing the honest votes of the American people. I have no respect for the democratic party because, they have no respect for the American voters, they stole our votes and committed fraud against us in the worst way. This in no way earns respect.

  78. Beverly says:

    Ugh! I’m with the Texans in forming another United States that is honest and not corrupt. Who allows voters by mail that are not registered voters. That allows foreigners to vote for our government policies. Are they crazy to allow this. Really???! And his son is under investigation all this time without us the people of the United States knowing this? Nope not my president even if I have to leave the country I love. This sounds more like Russia and how propaganda works by the media etc. BULLSHIT!

    • William Wolfe says:

      I agree Biden and Harris will never be my president this country was fought for and I believe we need to fight again

  79. Charles says:

    Biden is a mindless fool and his family is a crime family hes not my president.

    • Buden is a traitor to the United States of America.He stole the election in his kiniving little swamp creature world.He is A LIAR and a cheater.And he knows he CHEATED TO WIN THE ELECTION

  80. Susan says:

    What a lying, fake, piece of crap the whole Democratic Party is and I have been a Democrat’s for over forty-five years, sad to say. This is the most corrupt party and OUR PRESIDENT DID SHOW US THE SWAMP PEOPLE. Lying, cheating, stealing and selling the United States to China
    Is not how to unite the honest people of the United States. We are not the United States anymore we haven’t been since 2016 when the Democrats never accepted that we the people voted for President Trump and did again in 2020 , and stole it from us. Not United States anymore just America.

    • Ss says:

      Agree! This so-called election is a banana-republic sham!! Biden is not, and Harris is not, my president!! Ever!!

  81. Karen Metz says:

    I only bow down to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Joe Biden will never be my president. He isnt my president because he cheated and so therefore is not a legitimately elected president. He is loyal to only two things and that is China and himself. I have always put party aside when a president is elected that I did not vote for but this time I will not do that. God stands for justice and goodness. Biden stands for neither of those things.

  82. Harry says:

    She’s NOT my president !!!

  83. Pat says:

    F**K DEMENTIA Joe & HO Harris🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻. DEMENTIA Joe is CORRUPT/EVIL SEWER GUTTER TRASH—HELL NO HE WILL NEVER BE MY President nor HO Harris she is a whore/she has spread her legs only to screw over whoever to get where she is now.. They are both UNAMERICAN LOWLIFE SCUMBAGS. They will destroy AMERICA & the AMERICAN PEOPLE. I wish they both would drop DEAD 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👹👹👹👹👹👹🔥🔥🔥🔥..KARMA TO THEM ALL*****************

  84. Terry says:

    Biden kissmy ass

  85. Michael Darnell says:

    I will not obey any command the false president says him and the dems bought and stole the election ow we the people can’t trust nobody the true parrots will still stand behind president Donald Trump even thy some of his republican governor s tell him to concede they put Al Capone in prison for tax evasion let’s do the same to the Biden’s

  86. Linda J Hewitt says:

    Its so obvious Obama is running the show. Biden is a puppet and Harris will be leading the Country. God help us all. She is a Socialist just like Obama. We are in big trouble. President Trump did more for Americans than these people ever will.

    • Voldemort says:

      Harris was raised communist. Both her parents are hard core communists and raised her as such. She does not believe in anything the US stands for.

      • John Annis says:

        I havecto agree with you.Both Biden and Harris are so corrupt. Does Buden really know that he won’t be the President. Harris will be. Both are nothing but puppets. If Biden attacks the 401ks and IRAs he should be sued.The people that nhave them worked for that money to retire on.Also free medicare and education is a bunch of b.s.We all shoud be entitled for a huge refund and taken careoftoo.This younger generation thinkscthat it is great.They have not yet earned it.As for the vote no way,and the age should be 21 again,unless you arexin the military. Thank you.

  87. JBug says:

    No, not going to happen! There is no way, Biden is a LEGITIMATE President-Elect. In my State, 1.8 million ballots were mailed yet 2.5 were counted as returned! Does that sound right to any of you!

  88. Jeff Paulsen says:

    Turn the page? Like He** I will. My name is not Ben Dover, Go to China with the rest of your corrupt family. You’re not President-elect either…

  89. Elton says:

    Biden is only a puppet for Soros/Obama. He can barely get a sentence out even with his teleprompter. This election shows how the media controlled the information to the masses. Our new page is the totalitarian state with thugs destroying honest, hardworking businesses.

  90. Gilberte says:

    I will not turn the page. Biden and family are corrupt and he will never be my President. He should be headed to jail for what he did. He is “in bed” with China, our worst enemy.

  91. Lawrence Mervine says:

    Can any American of sound mind believe that Joe Biden did not know (or did not
    benefit) from his son’s and brother’s activities in China garnering the family
    of millions of dollars? I don’t think many of us can. We need to win the two
    Senate seats in GA to at least save this country from the radical Left.

    For four years, we should treat him as the press did with Trump (and the Russian

    • Campy says:

      I agree with all you said, he won by fraud and should be treated like it.. I hope we can win the two seats or we will have a very difficult time the next four years..with Harris as President….

  92. Jane says:

    I can’t believe he has the guts to say that We the people voted for him . He knew in the first place , democratic party knew , the media knew and their complacencies knew they stole the election from President Trump . How could he sleeps soundly thinking that he will be sitting as a president through stolen votes . Does he has conscience at all . I think it’s time for him to talk to God especially he is already old .

    • James Reel says:

      The demonrats socialist/communist don’t care if it was a legit election or not, they used force to get in and hope the American people are dumb enough to fall for it.

  93. rick says:

    Tell it to me from behind bars, you pompous, pusillanimous, lying cheat! If we can ever find ONE honest politician or law enforcement individual in DC, you’ll be breaking rocks at Leavenworth with one of Billary’s iPhone hammers! Only then will the “page be turned”! You know, kind of like how the “WORM” turns?

  94. Joe Scott says:

    Year’s of non-accomplishment,lying, dishonesty,and election stealing do not deserve my respect! In addition, age and questionable mental health are extremely risky to the country and it’s welfare. I cannot in any way support or trust Harris! So it’s four years of complete failure at accomplishing anything politically! I guess the Democrats deserve the same treatment they gave Trump over the past four years!!!

  95. Bill says:

    He’s a lying sack of shit.

  96. Dale DuBois says:

    The time is now for Trump while he is still our President to declare Martial Law. Then maybe those who committed voter fraud will be sent to prison. If this voter fraud is not stopped the next election will never happen.

  97. Joe says:

    Dementia,racist,sexual perv,corrupt,puppet,slo,joe will never be america’s president, this election was stolen, and we will never give in to this corruption. U mst think 74,000,000 people in this country are just plain stupid, well were not, and this is far from over. Hidenbiden is a national security risk, he and his crime family need to be arrested, not promoted to run our government, joke of the century.

    • Filthy reprobate Biden can rot before our eyes day by
      Day and his piece of shit reprobate son President
      Trump many of us ordinary people also navy vet will back you time for a coup or insurrection act of 1807
      And get a paper vote reelection better yet arrest Biden
      Pelosi and Harris after successful coup I’m so pissed off
      Rift now can’t believe I defended my country twenty
      Years to see this happen

  98. Richard says:

    No Biden and the Democrats stole the election and there was not a single judge willing to even look at the evidence. Trump knew that he was screwed as soon as the Democrats illegally changed the rules for mail in ballots. There were so many players helping to steal the election like those separating signatures from the ballots so that they could not be verified, counting fake ballots that were pulled out from under tables once they got everyone out of the room, voting machines changing votes, etc. My faith along with millions of others have lost all faith in our government.

  99. Robert says:

    Biden has been a nobody politician all his life doing nothing for Americans & enriching himself & his family. He should be headed to the Jail House not the White House. He was a terrible Senator & he’ll be a worse President until he’s replaced by Harris.

  100. Robert says:

    Screw biden and harris not my president never will be

    • RON KNOX says:

      he’ll work as hard for us as he did for china

      • Bill says:

        He’ll work as hard for china as he does for himself.

        • james long says:

          just as that cheating so called son of a @@@@@ he should stay in china for every thing on him is slanted for our next so called cheater harry hoouser harris short live the demmmoes also if you take a good look at biden his eyes is already slanted nap time for them china here they come good luck to you

  101. Darwin Fojtik says:

    Biden and his establishment are tresonous traitors and need to be tried and sentenced to a firing squad!

  102. Ken says:

    I have NO respect for Biden and his Kindergarten team…Opps. Sorry about that…even kindergarteners have more sense. I will not watch, listen to or read any messages from “Mr” Biden. I will “NEVER” accept him as a president. Only loyal dedicated Americans deserve that title. I hope now he experiences the same harassments the Dems gave to Poor “President” Trump. He won’t last and then as now. Harris can take over…opps….don’t forget about Mad Palosi…. Those who voted for him will now see what they caused….and they are deserving of it!!!!

  103. Robert Begin says:

    I will never turn the page for hypocrisy and lies! Biden is not my president nor ever will be!

  104. Steven Sipes says:

    We are now doomed!! You had best get out of the stock market before it crashs hard. Real hard. I expect it to fall as much as HALF OF WHERE IT IS. If we are lucky! Maybe even worse. They elected a old man with Alzheimer’s and a VP that is not much better. If I was rich I would leave the country while you can. The only thing we can hope for is that the Congress will continue to do nothing. Which it has since last March!! GOD HELP US!

  105. Marcia says:

    No one legally made Joe Communist Biden PresidentElect. Trump has much evidence of deep state stealing the election! Trump won by millions!! The courts who have not recognized this have been paid off and fear losing their jobs. We can’t trust our own government anymore and there will be a battle, but it will not be in the courts if Trump isn’t declared President very soon.

  106. Bob says:

    The only page turning will be the review of documents in prison as they escort Joe in.

  107. Billy Coleman says:

    The DemocRATS cheated the people of this country at every turn in this election. The Pravda style News media and Big Tech were involved too. Once everything is known the Democrats won’t be able to run for dog catcher. The people WILL find out and justice will prevail. I have followed Biden for over 40 years and a bigger LIAR does not exist. God help this country till the truth is known—now all we have is DNC Lies.

  108. Stacy says:

    I simply wont turn the page on a so called result from a fraudulent and unfair election. Creepy hiding biden you will not ever be president

  109. Nina says:

    Biden will never be my president. He is a crook

  110. HB says:

    Biden’s actions since November 3rd are contrary to his claims that he “works for all americans”. One more falsehood in 47 years of the same.
    Words do not amount to accomplishments. Just watch what he does. Biden is the greatest threat to democracy since 1776.

  111. blazer says:

    Is there more ammo behind the page?

  112. StarKiller says:

    The real president is still fighting for us. The Communist president wanta be & his Socialist Hole can die already, because he will never be my president. Lets give the jackass as hard a 4 years as they gave our President. Don’t do anything they say & fight for America. The only people that voted for him were the 2020 card board cutouts & the fake celebrities.

  113. Screw Biden
    No matter what, he will never be my president

  114. biden is the Trojan Horse .

  115. Voldemort says:

    President Trump is president. He got the majority of living peoples votes.
    The poseur and the prostitute are illegitimate.

  116. Nancy A Miller says:

    I have no respect for Biden. He will never be my president. Biden is a pawn among the swamp and will feed the swamp daily. The election was rigged and not a bit fair. Biden knows but he has no integrity or morals to say so.

  117. Orange peel says:

    No thanks creepy uncle joe. You cheated and rigged the election. Not listening to a traitor who will bring Iran and China regimes to control the people. You make me want to puke. You are a disgrace to America.

    • david arthur anderson says:

      I doubt that biden did, he was merely a feeble pawn, presented as “moderate”to the Public in an unspeakable and lascivious scheme. So he can’t be held solely responsible, craven pickpocket that he is. As for the rest — TO THE GALLOWS. This biden Manchurian candidate antagonizes the public with pre-recorded rhetoric like a Barbie Doll. Merry Christmas – there is a box under the Christmas tree — larger than a bread box, smaller than a cow.

    • Monell says:

      Amen. The election was fraudulent. You’re a fraud. We’ll
      turn the page like the democrats did in 2016. You’re not the president elect. You’ll never be the president to patriotic Americans. You need to respect us. We will not roll over and allow socialism and the elimination of our constitutional freedoms.

  118. Billy Coleman says:

    Biden is a known LIAR and will owe everybody that voted for him. He has promised to defund the police and says he will deliver. He really needs to keep a book on all the lies he tells…

  119. Jackie Schuette says:

    I will NOT turn the page, he is NOT my president!!!

  120. JOHN UHR says:


  121. Inna says:

    Here we go. I just don’t understand where is justice? If you are rich you will escape a judgement but if you are poor you will sit in jail even you are not guilty? Joe Biden start to dictate so that’s what most Americans want? Good luck …. he will never ever be my president.

  122. Marsha Clapp says:

    He is not President until after the inauguration. We don’t need or want to see him in the news daily. Let President Trump finish his term. You would want the same courtesy at the end of your term. I don’t ever remember seeing a president elect in the news like this year.

  123. Honest says:

    Creepy Joe and All of His Freeks can KMA!!~ You shall NEVER be My President~

  124. Carol Kouffman says:

    President Trump was voted in for re-election.