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Biden Blasts Texas, Mississippi for Lifting COVID Restrictions

President Joe Biden blasted states like Texas that are planning to lift COVID restrictions, saying such a move is a ‘big mistake,'” according to MarketWatch.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Tuesday that he was lifting the state’s face mask mandate and would allow businesses to fully reopen on March 10.

“Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves announced similar moves.

Biden at the White House said ‘masks make a difference’ and said ‘the last thing we need is Neanderthal thinking.'” [emphasis added]

Please share your opinion in the comment section. Do you agree with Biden or the governors of Texas and Mississippi?


  1. Pegs says:

    Texas & Mississippi, I’M SO HAPPY!! #FREEDOM

  2. Carolyn says:

    Joe Biden himself lifted all Covid restrictions the moment he opened the borders and let infected illegal immigrants flood into this country, covid is a fear factor. The best way to control people is by fear. If there was a real problem with the virus he would never have opened the borders. Why wear masks when the illegals with positive covid don’t? THINK ABOUT IT SHEEPLE. The number of “Covid” deaths is exactly equal to the number of deaths recorded in pre-covid times. Heart attacks, car accidents, natural causes,. The number of these deaths have dropped because all these normal causes of death are now named “Covid”. Take off your masks, open your states and your churches and let life return to normal. Biden isn’t capable of caring for himself, why on earth would anyone think he could care (or would care) for We The People?

    • Of course he’s going to be mad at these 2 State’s n anyone who doesn’t approve of Nazi America!!! He’s a Nazi himself wanting Communism cuz his pals in China are already doing it to their people n are in Biden’s ears!!! Oh n this new lawsuit against poor Trump his son n his Attorney are ALL cover ups for what their spending Trillions on!! They send him to court every time their up to bad things!!! So I certainly smell a Huge RAT, right about now!!! N it’s stinking mighty foul!!!

      • The cool part about this new lawsuit against Trump n Jr. N Guiliani are that their Attorney’s will be having to show proof of their innocence n in the process will be showing Pelosi n Biden n anyone else guilty of setting up Trump with all those cops n rioters that filled the Capital on this day..cuz Soros paid them to do it to set Trump up!!! They sure have alot of nerve the size of Texas just to steal the Oval office is flat out insanities!!! But their days are numbered…its going down soon n very soon they’ll ALL be busted!!! N poor President Trump will finally be FREE of these EVIL, EVIL HATERS N SATAN WORSHIPPERS!!! God’s been trying over n over to get them to Repent but they won’t listen n later they will wish they had listened!!! Cuz God would’ve forgiven them!!! Past tense!!!

    • Susanne says:

      Well said!! It is easy now to see how easy it is to manipulate the general population. The “fear pandemic” causes people to follow whatever the so-called “experts” tell them, yet we have witnessed the experts reversing themselves on numerous occasions. Time to use your common sense and stop caving to questionable instructions. Still need to be safe but stop being so terrified of this virus.

    • Carlene Lemon says:

      Exactly my thinking. Glad to see someone is thinking my way

  3. donald stevens says:

    Biden has mental problems, he should be removed from office.The news media supports him in any thing he says, the news media is trying to remove are freedom of speech thay all are getting paid off by the communist party along with Harris Pelosi and the other Democrats.Thay are dangerous to our country thay want power to destroy all our rights.Biden is crazy and will do anything to obtain his total power of this country thay need to inpeach him remove him from office he supports all crimes that are done with his blessings.Wake up America we are in a hell of a mess thay have to much power all ready.

  4. Daniel Stewart says:

    Typical idiocy spewing forth from the mouth of Joe Biden. He calls Texans and Mississippians Neanderthals because they are ending mask mandates yet he is opening our borders to untold numbers of illegal aliens with God knows what diseases and he thinks that’s not a problem. Biden is a retarded idiot moron douchebag. And that doesn’t even take into account the terrorists and criminals who will be allowed to just walk in and run amok.

  5. Lisa Carter says:

    I just want to applaud every one of Trump supporters in your comments and integrity….i read through the whole list of comments….Kudos and that’s the way it’s done!!!!loved it!!!

  6. Samuel S. Kent says:

    Biden was directed to criticize the governors of Texas and Mississippi for relaxing Covid regulations for one singular reason: He and his traitorous administration do not and cannot control state authority. Tough, Biden! And why do I call Biden a traitor? While his presidency is illegitimate, what other head of a nation throughout history has facilitated an invasion of one’s nation as is now happening on the border. And for what? Votes! Particularly in the context of our Constitution, this is treachery.

    • Charles Larson says:

      Samuel, you refer to Biden’s defunding the Wall that Trump started or Fence , whatever. Let’s discuss it for a moment, because no other President, republican or democrat , not even the great Ronald Reagan, even considered the ” need” for it. Reagan would’ve opposed it based on principle since he was mostly the guy that brought the Berlin Wall down, you know. Besides the fact of how effective it would be, Mexicans can just dig tunnels underneath it. They could get a ladder, for God’s sake and go over it, like my brother joked before. I mean how could we guard every foot of it against it being broken, dug under or climbed over? They can still come by boat or in tractor trailers like they already do via companies exporting goods. So, no one can guarantee it’s effectiveness would be foolproof. We know it still requires border patrol by our troops, if it can be built later , so be it if it can help, it should not be a high priority now with too many more pressing needs for our country.

    • Richard says:

      He calls them Neanderthals but he doesn’t realize is they are smarter than left wing loonies.

    • Gary says:

      I just found something alarming. As I am sure most people on here want a way to legally get rid of Biden, if you Google it there are zero results. How can this be unless there is some sort of censorship, think about it, zero results.

    • John Jackson says:


  7. Kaye says:

    The only way we will get free from wearing mask is to stand up and refuse to wear the mask. I have refused to wear a mask in a number of store and was prepare to not enter the store if I had to wear one and I have not had a store refuse me entrance. So stand up and refuse to wear one.

    • Veronica Gutierrez says:

      This…. Governent….is trying to destroy the U.S. stand up for our rights …YES……

    • Jo says:

      A agree. Our Mt Sate Govenenor lifted the mask mandate in Feb. Some stores still pushing masks. I walked out of one store when when met by a security guard with a box of mask and politely offered me one. I remided him the mask mandate was lifted. He said our store still requires masks. I said, maybe you asan employee have to follow that rule but shoppers don’t need to. He said so we ask everyone one to wear a maks. I walked out. I like that store but I can go somewhere else. I feel sorry for the employees assiged the task of mask policeman. They get an ear full from ‘freedom lovers’ pushing back.
      In SC my sister said they assigned a elderly lady as the mask police. Poor lady took a lot of ‘push back’. People stopped shopping there and it,effeted their buesiness. They did away with the mask requirement and gave the lady a different job in the store.
      That is what freedom lovers have to do. Take a stand. Stop wearing masks. I believe we should follow common sense rules – washing hands, some distancing, etc. but masks need to go away.

      • Charles Larson says:

        Jo, the statistics prove that masks work at stopping and slowing the spread of the virus. No amount of lies can change that fact. You Rebels aren’t happy unless you’re giving the ” finger” to our politicians. Go buy a remote island if all you want to do is act like a BIG BABY, like Trump and Obama did.

        • ck says:

          Charles, they’re not interested in facts, data or truth for that matter. They are filled with hate and depression because they’ve made so many poor choices in life and have to blame anyone but themselves. Their lives will continue to………well suck!!

        • John Jackson says:

          You need to go back to mama biden and daddy harrie ass and live. We rebels fight/die for causes all the time. Maybe you should have been born one instead of a frigging yankey.

    • Franklin Arthur Wyrick says:

      Why do we have to wear masks yet any amount of people can come across our southern border without masks, without any sort of screening to ensure they are not sick, or to assure they are not dangerous?

  8. Sharon Boot says:

    I agree with the govenors! If Covid is such a problem why is Biden wanting to let the illegals into our country to bring the Covid in? Biden is the Neanderthal!

  9. LouAnn says:

    I think it is great here in Texas. Governor Abbott is doing the right thing
    As adults we should be able to decide if we need masks. We do not need government ie US in its current form to tell us what we need to do. We know we need to wash our hands, cover our mouths and use distance to reduce the chance of catching COVID 19 or any other illnesses. There are families that are hurting because of lock downs. Children not being in school. Parents having to quit their jobs to be able to obey the lock downs. No job very little money, no food and it goes on and on. Thank you Governor Abbott for giving us a chance to recover our dignity.

  10. Sam B. says:

    With all due respect Quid Pro Quo JOE Beijing Biden…aren’t your comments like the pot calling the kettle black?!?! LOL.
    I live in Florida..the “oasis of freedom”..we’ve been 100% open since September!! Thank u Gov. DeSantis! Florida welcomes Texas, Mississippi..& hopefully numerous other states to the party very soon!! The party of LIFE! Those of u that live in New York, Pennsylvania, California, New Jersey etc etc.. good luck(akk) & hang in there! Time to vote out your communist dictator governors/local politicians in 2022 & 2024!
    Attn president biden.. u harp on the Governors for opening up their states 100% for etc etc.. yet u & the socialists stand for: Open borders(how’s that go’n)…Spending lots of effort searching for a pathway to citizenship for 11+ million/more to come(for WHAT/WHY?)…Sanctuary cities & states…Offering all these illegals federal assistance/healthcare while totally ignoring our own homeless issues…Closed schools…The start of the destruction of our energy independence…Much higher gas prices ALREADY & projected to reach $4.50-$5 a gallon by mid-late 2022…Defunding Law Enforcement(how’s that go’n Minneapolis & Portland). THESE & much more draconian views, ideals..”thinking” r disastrous for the country.
    As a registered barely left leaning/very moderate Democrat (NOT a socialist supporter) who knows dozens of others..i/we r patriots of our awesome nation FIRST. We bailed out on the quack radical left socialist titanic a few years ago….& totally support the non-corrupt patriotic Governors!! Sorry Quid Pro Quo JOE! True Patriots don’t believe in ur “truth over fact agenda.”

  11. bootsonground says:

    Take it for what it’s worth. Biden isn’t the sharpest knife on the rack. The dude woke up from his nap and is pissed because states are ignoring what he dreams up and rambles on about it. When you have a dumb ass running the show, you just ignore the stupidity and go do what needs to be done to keep the country going

  12. rm says:

    Forget about Mr. Biden. Election fraud proved his credibility. Gas prices up 40 cents his first month in office. Illegal aliens swarming in. Thousands of jobs hosed. Paris climate agreement…the US is a sovereign country and must take no orders from foreigners…Texas and Mississippi…Those two states are listening to their residents and not the corruption in Washington. Gas up 40 cents/gal. Pet owners…note shortage of cat food in stores? Biden is going to screw up the US economy so bad that urban pet owners are going to have to let their kitties fend for themselves….or else jack off the dog to feed the cat….Country kitties will find their “tender vittles” as nature intended…

    • Charles Larson says:

      Rm, why did the moderators miss censoring your post here? …Weird.

    • Richard says:

      We have to look at the cowards who are telling that nitwit what to do and what to sign. They are sitting back and laughing at creepy Joe and the American people.

      • Charles Larson says:

        Richard, yep , you got me. I’m the puppeteer you speak of. Now, you and all your loony friends have to come and get me. Ha Ha Ha. Ho Ho Ho. Merry F- ing Christmas.

  13. Kenny Malloy says:

    If the people of Texas are happy with their governors decision so be it.If Mississippi people are happy with the decision
    so be it. Nancy should tell Joe what to do she always does but if covid spikes it will be on the Democrats fault for letting covid in and crossing the border shame on him

  14. Jay says:

    If we don’t need Neanderthal thinking, then get Biden and Harris out of the White House! They are making some disastrous decisions for our country, beginning with opening our boarders to children without family and illegals with covid-19.
    Sorry man, no one is wearing mask. At this point I doubt they would help, anyway.

  15. Susan says:

    Biden & his outrageous left are freakin ridiculous. Not keeping the masks mandatory tells the lefties that theyre game is about up, that theyre losing the control that they thought theyve had all along. I read in the comments that there are worse things than death – slavery, & that is so very true.
    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    Good for those states that are standing strong. I hope others follow soon.

  16. Elizabeth Tabb says:

    Moving on past Covid
    Crap is showing we can think for ourselves. I don’t need to be told to be careful. I am a Conservative with a brain and God as my wing person. I had Covid, I am 65 and it was very tough. I think it killed some brain cells for sure but I am still smart enough to know that our government want to suppress us all and make us dependent. Our America is not about that! We need to work and thrive! Wear a mask if you are afraid and immunocompromised. If not, don’t. For gosh sakes we have to live people!

  17. Holly Dutton says:

    So Biden accuses the governors of Texas and Florida of Neanderthal thinking while he himself fits that grotesque mindset to a T.

    • Inez Bowman says:

      I agree with the governors, first of all this covid-19 is a bunch of bull. Secondly why is Biden willing to bring the south americans into the country without covid testing? If we are to believe all this bull, then no one should be able to come over our borders. This country can’t be beaten from without, but the damn greedy, worthless democrats are doing it from within. PRESIDENT TRUMP I stand with you even if your vice president didn’t. Shame on him.

      • Charles Larson says:

        Inez, the Covid-19 is B.S. and “fake news”, and the 518,000 USA deaths by the virus is fake and B.S., too, since you must not know anyone who died from it, no, they died from something else. I know, from insomnia because they did not have “My Pillow”. Mike Lindell told you that, right? He’s the “great supporter” of the stolen election theory, too.

      • John says:

        Shame on the people that did not stand with president Trump.

  18. Robert Shriver says:


  19. ee says:

    Good for Texas & MS…..So. Dakota never did shut down or do the mask and they have done wonderful…….I am sick & tired of the dems trying to scare the hell out of everyone with oh my gosh, 500,000 have died……..well guess what.that is less than than 1% of the population……..if you look at the numbers you will see that we have not had anymore people die this past year than the year before…….media & dems are just trying to scare you so they can control you…am hoping more states will open up……..and, the ‘covid’ has a 99.98% survival rate…….better than the normal flu…… quit letting yourselves be scared………go on about your lives, tell biden to go kiss his own a–………….

    • Daffy Duck says:

      Democrats radicals Biden scare the American people so they can keep us uncontrolled. That takes away our freedom. So stand up and fight so you can free yourselves from these evil democrats. We need to get ruid of these radicals biden Democrats party.

      • Charles Larson says:

        Daffy Duck, you’ll have to come through me to ” get rid of” democrats. I’m a registered independent who won’t hesitate to defend a democrat or a black person or anyone you hate if you want to try me. Watch your language, the moderators say they’re doing that , at least mine to my bewiderment. I never post bad language like some of you Trumpee nitwits do.

        • Jason says:

          I’ll take you on. While it’s not just Democrats there are a lot of corrupt republicans as well. I believe they need to wipe the whole slate clean and start over. You bashing trump supporters shows your ignorance and your hypocrisy of which you should be ashamed of. The mask mandate was a hoax as is the Covid. Some of you people need to stop watching local news and the Democratic propaganda that is shown on them and look at your surroundings and figure out what is best for people. It’s not masks. It’s not the Paris accord and it’s surly not this illegitimate president and his regime.

        • John says:

          Charles Larson. But heads with me. I’m the proud, the few. A marine grunt, devil dog. I have friends that don’t have color. We get along just fine. We don’t have group tags(rep., demo’s., Indy’s.) We are people. We don’t like name calling, mud slinging, hatred, greed. We respect people that earn respect. Not because of who they are. Any believer’s out there.

          • Charles Larson says:

            When you Trump supporters talk of “getting rid of” people, spewing hate, “hang Mike Pence” at the Capitol, etc., you’re making murder-death threats. You guys think you’re badasses and you’re just delusional nitwits living in an alternate reality. The FBI will catch up to the Capitol insurrectionists, what did they hope to accomplish other than scaring some politicians? I’ve been threatened by jerks like you on social media before over my football comments. None of you tough guys have shown up here. Why not try growing up? If you respect people you’ll respect their opinion and First- Amendment rights and their votes in an election, instead of attacking the Capitol and trying to stop the certification of the winner. You’re not going to try to undo democracy because your candidate lost the election. We don’t need a civil war and a renewal of slavery. We need to move forward in peace, but you Trumplicans like acting tough. Your hero is getting ready to run away to his island retreat. Some tough guy, eh? Why is he running?

  20. Candy Clanton says:

    I stand with Texas & Mississippi!! Even Johns Hopkins said the virus was down 77% in the past two months & that it is a flu & most people will live through it. Also that herd immunity is the best, much better than the vaccine & not to take the vaccine! I agree with everything Johns Hopkins has said. It is our lives not Biden’s so he can do whatever he wants – it has nothing to do with Americans. We’re still living with the First Amendment & our Constitution!

    • I too stand with Texas n Mississippi! I have felt since Day 1 that this Virus was all exaggerated..the number of deaths-exaggerated!! The death toll-exaggerated! The Mask Mandate- Exaggerated!!! It’s all 1 big HOAX just to gain Control over the people!! And they have!! I wish my State would SO follow suit with Mississippi n Texas!! But then again maybe I’ll just move to Texas to be near my Brother!!?

      • Charles Larson says:

        Chistina, what control, lady? Why post if all you’re going to say is nonsense and gibberish just because you hate democrats? It’s amazing that all you Trump Cult Heads think about is insulting and hating democrats. Ha Ha, it’s so stupid and ridiculous we all can predict what you loony tunes are going to say and post on these boards anymore.

        • ck says:

          Right, they even have a new day picked for the “trump rise to glory”. You know, cause the other dates were duds, Jan 6th, Jan 20th, Mar 4th…….on to the next date Mar 20th! What a bunch of pathetic morons!!

        • John says:

          Wrong again dick weed.

  21. Good for the free thinking world. Too bad for king biden and gang. Open up all. If you don’t want to go ouytside stay house. That is still your choice for now anyway. 500,000 people dead. How many died of old age,on going problems,one foot already in grave just needed a push. 300 million in if half of what govt. Says is true it is less than 1 percent of population. Govt. Pandenmic

    • Larry says:

      So true all the states need to open up and get those teachers back into the school doing what they were hired for teaching

      • Inez Bowman says:

        Larry, I agree with you, but in Dayton, OHio the school system is sooooo poor that the kids learn nothing. I had my daughter in 3 different high schools hoping I would find one that taught her anything useful. Thank God I had put her into a private church school in her first years (K-6) she was soo ahead of her school mates in public school. She was doing 4th grade work in the 8th grade. they taught nothing of history, math or much of anything.

    • Candy Clanton says:

      The numbers they advertise that died is not fact – last fall CDC came out & said it was about 6% of the numbers that are being advertised! And if you look carefully you won’t see anyone dying of the every year flu – no cases were listed last year – impossible. Also low numbers of cancer & heart attacks. By saying we have this many deaths just has Europe thinking we are the worse country to allow into their country so US is not allowed. This is a way to keep us in the country & tied down!

  22. Grover Jackson says:

    What happened to human rights now we are beginning to see what a bought election is all about this is tyranny America knows he is the not the elected president

  23. K Quinones says:

    I live in Florida, and we have been without a mask mandate for almost a year, and we are doing fine. I am also a nurse, and COVID is not as bad as the media and democrats make it seem. Every state should get on board with this. Also, the store should stop mandating masks. We all know they don’t work.

    • Charles Larson says:

      K., you’re a liar. My neice lives in Florida whom I talked to last week. I don’t believe you’re a nurse even if you might live in Florida. The whole world knows that Florida has had a mask mandate for awhile, except possibly on some beaches and Florida has had one of the worst surges of new Covid-19 cases in recent months. Stop posting lies.

  24. Jocelyn says:

    I am so glad that they are helping start rebuilding our economy. The CDC is of the same opinion. They wanted to release their finding but guess who told them they could not. What I gathered is the vaccine is forming antibodies. Which will start preventing transmission. And info is leaking that non elderly and those with no preexisting conditions were negative from the beginning of all this.

  25. John says:

    Biden is too feeble to make comments like this. Most likely his handlers composed the statement.

    • Susan says:

      I agree w u 100%!!
      Biden is incapable of putting a sentence together!! We know is/was/is a bad guy & this is maybe part of his karma, but still, the way the left is using a senile old man to hide thier own faces is vulgar. Shame on every single one of them.

  26. Michael says:

    Biden is a jackass and has no business telling any of us what we need to be doing. He shouldn’t be in charge of this country at all. But that’s another issue. Personally I believe that these two Governors have a valid point and it should be up to us as to how we want to deal with this situation. I do believe that the government is lying about the numbers that the media is telling us about. I don’t trust our President, government, demonrats, or the media at all. Biden is destroying our country in every way possible. Today I read about how they are going to control our money in these digital accounts, and if someone is over weight they won’t be allowed to buy sweets, or if the government feels that you are spending your money wrong they will lock down your account or completely delete it. They will have total control over us. This is so very wrong and I just don’t know what we can do. Anyone having total control over every single person in this country is so crazy, but they have every intention on seeing how far they can go. I wonder just how bad things are going to get before there is complete chaos.

  27. Mike says:

    Biden is just an idiot if he thinks anything that he says pertains to Texas or Mississippi
    The virus is not as bad as they have been saying
    He is an employee of the American people, not running anything except his mouth
    Then he is just repeating what the idiot demoncrats tell him

  28. Robert Feldman says:

    This reminds me of what we used to say as young kids in school “It takes one to know one!”

  29. Ken says:

    Biden and his open border policy of letting CRIMINAL ILLEGALS cross our SOUTHERN BODER INTO THE UNITED STATES without being checked for Corona Virus released to go where ever their hearts desire while we are told to lock down in our house and not travel anywhere or visit our family if they live out of state!!!! And illegals can travel where ever they want on airplane or bus or what ever. Then you have the stimulus money which goes to everything except Americans that need the money cause they can’t afford to put food on table!!! The American people GET A WHOOPING 9% OF THE 1.9 TRILLION DOLLARS AND BIDEN & THE DEMOCRATS ARE CRUNCHING THAT EVEN, WHILE THE REST IS PORK! So who is calling the American people stupid IT IS BIDEN AND ALL THE DEMOCRATS THAT ARE STUPID AND REPUBLICANS OF COURSE ARE LETTING THEM GET AWAY WITH IT. SURE REPUBLICANS LIKE TO BITCH ABOUT IT BUT THAT IS ALL THEY DO, EXCEPT TO ASK FOR MORE DONATIONS

  30. Mikeyg819 says:

    Biden is a jackass and has no business telling any of us what we need to be doing. He shouldn’t be in charge of this country at all. But that’s another issue. Personally I believe that these two Governors have a valid point and it should be up to us as to how we want to deal with this situation. I do believe that the government is lying about the numbers that the media is telling us about. I don’t trust our President, government, demonrats, or the media at all. Biden is destroying our country in every way possible. Today I read about how they are going to control our money in these digital accounts, and if someone is over weight they won’t be allowed to buy sweets, or if the government feels that you are spending your money wrong they will lock down your account or completely delete it. They will have total control over us. This is so very wrong and I just don’t know what we can do. Anyone having total control over every single person in this country is so crazy, but they have every intention on seeing how far they can go. I wonder just how bad things are going to get before there is complete chaos.

    • Charles Larson says:

      Mikey, I read that science- fiction post, too. What a novel. Right, our politicians would allow banks to take control of our bank accounts and the “digital banking / currency” will replace our monetary system and we’ll be injected with ” tracking material” that’ll help banks control our accounts and cut us off if we’re bad or too fat, ha ha , which means 80% of Americans are about to be ” eliminated” from our world via losing their money and banking rights. That author must be a writer for the movie industry. They accuse “demoncrats” of scaring Americans about a “fake pandemic” and then post their terroristic threats and insane theories about our government turning our country into a ” Communist state” with us being tracked by evil controllers and having to wear the Devil’s mark/666 tattoo. Where do these people come from? Oh, it must be another far – away planet, folks.

  31. Lorri thompson says:

    I agree with the stated that lifted his stupid has been proven that wearing masks don’t help.they do hurt your health.keep up the good job Texas and the other state.i wish more states would follow sute

  32. Carolyn says:

    You have no room to judge anyone Joe. You forget your mask, have to be reminded to wear it and then wear it improperly. If you don’t like the way they are doing things in Texas and Mississippi, then just stay the hell out of those states. I am sure they would appreciate it.

  33. Dale says:

    He has defeated the mask by leaving his nose out , So may as well not have one on !

  34. Dave says:

    Go Texas and Mississippi. Stand strong. Fed gov keep you nose out of state business when you say: do as I say not as I do. Go Florida that where I live. God bless all Governor who have more common sense than the entire belt way politionst.

  35. Jim Westfall says:

    Biden should hope that he has the brainpower if a Neanderthal ( it’s apparent his intellectual level would make a turtle seem like Einstein). Texas and Mississippi are doing things right. Anyone ever wonder why the reported deaths in 3020 from heart issues and cancer are at half the historical le vel. Many physicians are also reports ping they have treated ZERO cases of the common flu this year. The red state governors have it right, the democrats are using Covid as a cover for their power grab.

  36. Anthony Moreland says:

    The mistake was allowing Biden to become POTUS! We will be sorry for that.

    • maxibaby says:

      Oh, we already are! Conservatives realized before Dementia Jo-Jo was elected what America would suffer under his marxist administration!
      Even people who voted for him want their votes back! He makes DJT look even better than he was and he already was the best ever President!

    • Irene says:

      We are💯% already sure the man has a hard time
      Brushing his teeth
      Didn’t vote for him eventhought a lot of people didn’t eather and yet we’re dealing with the issue, something needs to be done without
      Having Kamala Harris or
      NANCY Pelosi on that chair of power.
      There will never be light ever again if it happens .

    • John says:

      He wasn’t elected.

  37. Kevin says:

    He is an idiot he is bringing in immigrants in this country and that’s ok who is the Neanderthal now. Like they say how to get your dumb uncle who loves in the basement elected president. This is how it works

  38. Clarence Hendrix says:


    That should just about say it all.

  39. Donald Lester says:

    Biden is a racist dip shit and Texas and Mississippi Governors have the last word not sleepy Joe

    • maxibaby says:

      Neither Governor said not to wear a mask, they are just giving freedom as allowed by the Constitution i.e. the right to bear arms, doesn’t mean we have to buy weapons but, can if we feel the need to.
      I personally wear a mask in a state with no mask mandate and think we all should until a lot more have been vaccinated and we have developed a herd immunity. I think people who don’t mask up are irresponsible but, I also don’t want my right to choose taken away!

    • John says:

      Come join us.

  40. Allan says:

    Biden, the Old Fossil ought to have known a Neanderthal or two! As if he would know the difference. Somebody, quit telling him to say this crap!

  41. Byeden doesn’t know if he is coming or going,all he can do is what his masters tell him. He doesn’t have a sane thought in his head.

    • maxibaby says:

      He is so far gone, he can’t even read his prepared statements and speeches, no matter how short they are!
      His brain is in full on “short circuit mode”!

    • maxibaby says:

      He is so far gone, he can’t even read his prepared statements and speeches, no matter how short they are!
      His brain is in full on “short circuit mode”!!

  42. Kim says:

    I stand with ALL states that want to open. This has gone far enough!

  43. Karen Harlow says:

    Pedo Joe has no room to talk when he is opening our southern border to untested illegals who sure aren’t wearing masks.Biggest liar in the history of the US presidency in my 75 years!

  44. rick says:

    The only Neanderthal here is ol’ low-brow, scratch-n-sniff Joe! What really surprises me is that he can even pronounce the word! But I’ll bet he doesn’t know what a Neanderthal is. Probably got it from one of his marionettes! What a boob!

  45. Sandra Zwierlein says:

    I stand with Texas and Mississippi!
    All states should do this!

  46. Carl Larsen says:

    I agree with the Governor’s lifting the “mask” rule! ALL studies show that there a literally NO masks made that can block a Virus! The real numbers show that 85% of the American deaths from Covid19 were “mask wearers”! The Govenors should be lauded for waking up and serving their people with honesty! Neanderthal thinking? Neanderthals really must have been a lot smarter! Biden actually complimented them!

  47. ANNE WARDLOW says:

    518,000 deaths from CoVid, but nobody died from any other disease. What happened to all the people who die from the flu every year? Florida has low cases but has been open for a while.

  48. Patty says:

    So now we are Neanderthals, wow at least we are not blubbering idiots, you have the market on that Joe.

  49. Starkiller says:

    Dictator Biden is losing his power grip on America & he’s running scared other states will pull away from his Communist remaking of America. Science had shown all along that the mask idea doesn’t work. Covid droplets are microscopic & no mask can keep them out 100%. The Demonrats just want to rule us & control us. The trouble is this is America not China, Russia or Venezuela. We’re losing our jobs & our homes & we’re starving & he doesn’t care.

  50. Curt Corson says:

    Neanderthal thinking would be a step up for President Potatohead.

  51. Michael R says:

    Joe Biden should be and possibly will be in Prison for what he has done to the USA. how dare he reprimand any state trying to reopen by criticizing any state. while he is opening our southern boarder. as mass influx of infected immigrants pour into the country. who is the most dangerous man in the world? his name is Joe the plagiarizer Biden… God help us all!!!

  52. Larry says:

    I commend them for their decision. They can always revoke that decision if things don’t work out. I’m sure that most everyone will appreciate the tied down effect that is really effecting almost everyone. Power to the People…

  53. Cliff Oneill says:

    Yea coming from a dementia riddled pedophile

  54. Richard Baxter says:

    I can see no reason that states can’t independently ascertain their local condition and react accordingly. They don’t need assistance from good ol’ Joe who would like to keep us under the federal government’s thumb for as long as possible – – pure total existence justification!!

    • doodles says:

      Totally agree Richard, this is not one size fits all. All factors need to be taken into account to make informed decisions, I feel these governors have that intellectual ability, not so sure about Biden — he just says whatever he is told to say.

  55. Carroll Jenkins says:

    I agree with the Governor’s of Texas and Mississippi! And it appears that there are about a dozen other States that feel the same way! Biden doesn’t know what he’s talking about!

  56. Bob says:

    The Neanderthal is in the White House

  57. S. Pare says:

    Yes, like he can even put a sentence together logically and you expect us to believe he knows the difference between Neanderthal and what else. I’m surprised he could even pronounce the word, must have had his speech writers give him that word!

  58. TeresaHL says:

    Catherine Austin Fitts put it best by far in a way. Brutal but it’s time to be in reality

    “Death is not the worst that can happen, slavery is the worst that can happen”.

    Catherine Austin Fitts is an American investment banker and former public official who served as managing director of Dillon, Read & Co. and as United States Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Housing during the Presidency of George H.W. Bush. She has widely written and commented on the subject of public spending and has alleged several large scale instances of government fraud. She is also the founder and president of the Solari Report.

    “The central bankers are trying to bring in a new system but it’s not ready to go yet. We are in a period of great change and uncertainty where the central bankers are trying to keep the dollar system going, so they’re trying to lengthen the dollar system and they’re trying to accelerate bringing in the new system. And they have to bring in the new system without anybody realizing exactly what it is.”

    “That makes it a very chaotic thing since much of the new is being tested and tried and prototyped and it involves many different industries. So I’ve described the new system as the end of currencies. So we’re not bringing in a new currency. We’re essentially bringing in a new transaction system that will be all digital and will essentially end currencies as we know them.”

    “So what they’re trying to do involves essentially all the money on the planet, so it’s big, it’s complicated, it’s messy.”

    “The challenge they have is how do you market a system that if people understood it, nobody would want it, but of course the way you do that is with a healthcare crisis… because generally if a few people want to control the many, the question is, how can you herd all the sheep into the slaughterhouse without them realizing and resisting?”

    “So the perfect thing is invisible enemies… so we had the war on terrorism with invisible terrorists and now a virus is perfect because it’s invisible. You can’t prove that it doesn’t exist because it’s invisible. So invisible enemies are always the preferred one, particularly if you scare people. If you can use fear and introduce significant fear then people will need government to protect them from the invisible enemy.”

    Then the second tactic which is very effective is divide and conquer, so in the meantime if you can use the media, the media plays a very important role. If you can turn men and women against each other and black and white against each other. One of the reasons why you import a lot of immigrants into Europe (in 2015 and 2016) is you turn the general population against the immigrants and then you need government to be in the middle.”

    “So whether it’s divide and conquer or invisible enemies, these are all ways to institute fear and get people to go along with things.”

    “And of course the invisible virus allows you to have an enormous control mechanism. You can stop people from gathering. You can stop people from organizing. You can stop people from getting together and talking about what’s going on, etc. And if you digitize it with contact tracing then you can control who is talking to whom. You can get them to do all their work and education online. You can literally listen to everything they’re saying, so you can institute extraordinary amounts of surveillance all with the theory that we’re protecting you from the invisible virus. It’s very clever and as you can see, it’s working with many people, not everybody but many people.”

    “I don’t want to underestimate the ability of the leadership to introduce pathogens that will kill people. And I don’t want to suggest that people aren’t getting sick, but essentially what you’re trying to do is you’re trying to get people to buy into a solution before they see where it’s ultimately going to go because you’re talking about a transaction system that is no longer a currency. It’s a control system. So it’s like a credit at the company store. If every central bank comes out with a digital central bank currency, they have the ability to turn your money on and off, so if you don’t behave, that’s it.”

    “And of course as we know, they want to combine this with trans-humanism which means literally, you know, I take injections that can institute the equivalent of an operating system in my body and so I’m hooked up to the financial system literally physically.”

    Excerpt. “Regarding the lockdown measures…

    “I used to call the Patriot Act the Concentration and Control of Cash Flow Act and this is a very similar process. You’re trying to dramatically centralize economic and political control. So let me give you an example. We have one hundred small businesses on main street in a community. You declare them non-essential. Shut them down. Suddenly Amazon and WalMart and the big box stores can come in and take away all the market share. In the meantime, the people on main street have to keep paying off their credit cards or their mortgage. They’re in a debt entrapment and they’re desperate to get cashflow to cover their debts and their day to day expenses. In the meantime, you have the Federal Reserve institute a form of quantitative easing where they’re buying corporate bonds and the guys taking up the market share can basically finance at 0% to 1%, or their banks can at 0% to 1%, while everybody on main street is paying 16% to 17% on their credit cards, without income. So basically, now you have them over a barrel and you can take away their market share. Generally, they (the people on main street) cannot afford to do what they say because they’re too busy trying to find money to feed their kids.”

    “So this is an economic war and you’ve basically had the top 1%, so since April, we’ve seen global billionaires increase their net worth by 27%. Now, what that says is that this has been a very successful global economic war because what you’re having is this sort of global capitalist class. And I shouldn’t call it capitalism because it’s not, it’s economic totalitarianism. What you’ve seen is they’ve been able to consolidate fantastic amounts of economic wealth, not just by deleting the income of the middle class and consolidating it into their companies, but by significantly improving the wealth and power of the largest G7 developed countries and China, vis a vis the emerging markets. So the countries with the most advanced technology and the access to AI (artificial intelligence) and software and digital systems, including through space, are dramatically consolidating economic power, vis a vis the weaker nations.”

    “What COVID-19 is the institution of controls necessary to convert the planet from democratic processes to technocracy. So what we’re watching is a change in control and an engineering of new control systems. So think of this as a coup d’etat. It’s much more like a coup d’etat than a virus.”

    “The technocracy that they’re pushing for is what is called trans-humanism. So essentially what you do is you use injections to inject materials into the body that create the equivalent of an operating system. So everybody knows the idea of Microsoft causing you to download an operating system in your computer that gives Microsoft and a variety of other players a back door into your computer and every month or two or three you have to update it because there are viruses. It’s back to the magic virus that can solve all problems. And so, this is a similar system for your body. You inject materials into your body that essentially create the equivalent of an operating system and a receiver. And you can literally hook everybody up to the cloud. And that includes hooking them up in a way that they are a transaction system. You know the Bible calls it the mark of the beast. It’s one way people know this picture. You’re basically talking about being able to digitally identify and track people in connection with their financial transactions, so it’s a world of zero privacy, but more importantly, what’s important to understand is if you then institute more central bank cryptos (crypto currencies), you’re now talking about a system where every central bank in the world can shut you off individually from transacting if they don’t like the way you’re behaving.”

    “You’re basically, if you install the smart grid in their car, in their community and now literally in their body, you’ve got 24/7 surveillance and if they don’t do what you say and behave the way you want, they (the central banks) can and will shut off your money. And they’ll also have spatial controls. If they say you can’t travel more than five miles, that’s it because you’re in a complete digital control system and it’s controlled by the central banks through the money.”

    “We’re digitizing everything, but it includes the human body as well, and the human mind. So this system comes with complete control, not only of your ability to transact financially, which is hooked up to your body, but (also) very sophisticated mind control technology through the media and those cloud connections. So basically you’re talking about hooking up into the borg, if you will. So trans-humanism and technocracy go hand in hand. So I describe this as a slavery system.”

  59. EVELYN JENSEN says:

    I agree with Gov. Abbott

    • Margaret says:

      Most of Texans aren’t wild about him. He is bought a nd paid for as is his family, probably more in the senate& probably won’t print this, it’s true.