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Biden Calls Trump a Whiner

According to The Hill, “President-elect Joe Biden blasted President Trump for “whining and complaining” about the election outcome and urged voters in Georgia to deliver a Senate majority to Democrats ahead of the state’s Tuesday runoff election that will determine the balance of power in the upper chamber.

“Speaking at a rally on Monday in Atlanta for Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, Biden accused former Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga.) and Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.) of putting their loyalty to Trump ahead of the people of Georgia.

“Biden also fumed at Trump over the rollout of the coronavirus vaccine, saying it had gotten off to a “God-awful start.” He accused the president of spending his time obsessing over his election loss rather than addressing the pandemic that has ravaged the nation.

“‘Getting America vaccinated will be one of the most difficult operational challenges this nation has faced, but we’ve known that for months and this administration has gotten off to a God-awful start,’ Biden said. ‘The president spends more time whining and complaining than doing something about the problem. I don’t know why he still wants the job. He doesn’t want to do the work.’” [emphasis added]

For more on this story, go to The Hill.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you believe President Trump is a whiner and a complainer who doesn’t perform the work of the presidency or do you believe he’s been an effective president?


  1. Ann says:

    They will never be acknowledged by me or any other TRUE TRUMP SUPPORTERS!!!!!!

  2. Annrace says:

    They will never be acknowledged by me or any other TRUE TRUMP SUPPORTERS!!!!!!

  3. Sam B. says:

    Mr. Trump has most definitely been a effective president. He took over an economy that had been slowly on the rebound putt’n along in first gear…gave it gas & turned it loose!! Unemployment plummeted. Stood up for the country with an America first agenda across all fronts…etc etc.
    So Is he “whining” about the BLINDINGLY OBVIOUS VOTER FRAUD..??…I don’t think so. He’s damn sure/most definitely addressing *ALL* the corrupt issues of this election as he should!! I’m a registered Democrat(barely left leaning) who personally knows dozens of others. We r patriots of our country FIRST! We r also NOT IN DENIAL that this election is waaayy to corrupt/fraudulent to HONESTLY certify Quid Pro Quo JOE Beijing Biden as president. C’mon seriously…in addition to the OBVIOUS FRAUD..does anyone in their right mind really believe that Beijing Biden got almost 20 million more votes than Obama..or even Hillary?!?! Lol seriously! Are the policies of Hide’n Biden that much better than Obama & Hilary?! LOL or is Biden that much more “popular” than Obama & Hillary was…even being in hiding all that time!! Yeah…”NO!” C’mon lol…with all due respect Quid Pro Quo JOE Beijing hide’n…doesn’t have both oars in the water. Several times he said he was the democrat nominee running for the U.S. SENATE…& running against George Bush!! Etc etc…so much more.
    I/WE applaud Mr. Trump for standing up against this BS. This is our democracy at stake here. A “FREE & FAIR” election is a huge part of our foundation!! ONLY the haters & naysayers will argue otherwise..sadly.
    This just in: WE AREN’T VENEZUELA!!

    • Linda Locilento says:

      As I was told from the time I was very young You must respect the office. When did that change? What I have heard is what you would hear in Jr.High. Name calling really.

  4. patriot says:

    so what ther f did slow ass who am i dumb ass biden do for 47 years

  5. All Biden has been doing is whining. Its funny how when Clinton lost electoral vote to Trump in 2016 Congress wanted to get rid of the electoral vote. The Democrats also forget how they for 4 years refused to accept the legitimacy of that election, saying there was Russian interference and cost the Americans millions of dollars in this bogus investigation. Yet now the Democrats are telling anyone who questions the election or claims voter fraud to just accept it, your crazy if you think there is any type of voter fraud and so much more. They never wanted to accept Clinton losing to Trump. If there isn’t voter fraud then they would willingly go along with reviewing and recounting all ballots instead of being so against it They wouldn’t have anything to hide and should allow it and prove it. I don’t understand how & why the supreme court is not stepping in when people working at voting polls who have openly admitted wrong-doing and there were states that had more votes cast than registered voters. Is the Supreme Court getting paid off by some wealthy democrats? Probably. And what about Rep. Omar (and supporters) harvesting ballots. The picture was proof. Oh that’s right because she’s a democrat nothing will be done, but if it was a Republican (and supporters) who did this they would be in jail right now.
    Harris for one won’t be remembered as the first black VP but as the first black VP who cheated to get elected/win. That’s not how I’d want to be remembered. If she has nothing to hide, she to would allow the recount and examination of all ballets.

  6. Holly Rose says:

    No truer words were said. Biden is right. All trump does is complain and boasts and brags. What a lame duck president. Too bad we can’t get Obama and Biden team back in office. That was a very good administration. Economy was really booming at the end of Obama reign. trump just rode on Obama’s coat tails and claimed he boosted the economy. Shame. trump is such a liar and my sister said so. She knows as she is our family doctor, lawyer and politician and we all defer to her.

    • Donna Robinson says:

      President TRUMP is the greatest President we ever had. Obama WORSE we had LIAR and CORRUPT gave money to terroris

    • Bev says:

      Biden is the whiner, what has he done in 47 years? He us a total jerk, and the wife is a shrew!

    • Eloise says:

      The Clintons are corrupt, as is Joe Biden. The Democrat Communist Party has nothing good planned for the American people. Obama is a Communist. He was groomed for years, promoted and and controlled by the Deep State cabal. He reportedly has had long ties to Marxist Richard Ayers, and as President is said to have secretly funded Al-Qaida and Isis. Valerie Jarrett, his close aide, is said to really be his Communist Iranian handler. And although Obama committed seditious crimes when President, he may never be prosecuted. The crooked Clintons are still walking around free, as are their alphabet agency protectors. Will justice for these traitors ever arrive? Answer: Not if Biden is president.

    • Jo says:

      If you think like Rose who has swallowed the liberal ‘cool aid” nothing will change your mind.Trump is evil and Joey Biden is sooooooo prefect.She really needs to do an honest research of Mr.Biden’s back ground and that of that druggie son of his.Mr.Trump earned his wealth, Biden got rich at the pig trough of the Federal Government.Well sit tight sister you are in for the socialist ride of 2021.

    • Always 5150 says:

      Holly where the fuck where you during the Obama administration because the economy sucked get your shit together.

      • T Beach says:

        Im pretty sure Holly is that girl in the video smoking crack with Hunter while gettin banged. Doesnt matter what Obiden said anyways. There wasnt but maybe 6 people there at the rally anyways. Thats why he cancelled his parade too. He knew there wouldnt be anybody there. Amazing a man that supposedly got 80+ million votes cant draw a crowd big enough to fill a small closet.

    • Mguess says:

      Okay first of all Biden has done nothing but make money off of his position he has never sponsored one bill that has helped the American people only him and his family. Second 4 years ago the Democrats would not shut up about the election now all of a sudden that the shoes on the other foot were supposed to just shut up and go away when there is obvious fraud that has been committed in this election there is no way that 81 million people voted for Joe Biden because he’s not even going to be president Kamala Harris is going to be president that’s why they introduced the 25th amendment to remove an unfit president from office it wasn’t for Trump it is for Biden. Biden himself calls it a Harris administration so you put those little facts together. Trump has done more for this country in 4 years than Biden has done in 47 years those numbers don’t lie.

    • Sam B. says:

      Folks ignore Holly & her sister (LOL) Caracas-Kay. Their delusional…just trying to ruffle with uneducated ridiculous remarks of the current events & the political climate of our country. Sad.

  7. David Smith says:

    I lost a bet years ago cost me 300 dollars I bet some American or KKK would put a bullet in Obama’s head before he took the oath I thought Hillary would have gone swimming with the fishes but I will not loose a bet this time I will not bet against Biden taking the oath Sad

    • ck says:

      You’re still stupid, you’ll just have a few extra bucks in your pocket. I know send those bucks to trump. He’ll need it for his defense!!!

      • Eloise says:

        Look who’s back! It’s ck — the top troll in the Soros/CCP Trump-bashing contingent. From ck’s lofty perch of IQ supremacy, quick judgements are made and insults spewed at Trump supporters. We are all deserving, in ck’s critical eyes, to be labeled stupid or—even worse as morons. With a vast arsenal of insults, ck delivers those angry, contemptuous put-downs without mercy. I myself have been attacked more than once by ck for my pro-Trump, anti-Biden, anti-leftist views and comments, but somehow I’m still standing. Holly Rose and Corri are nearby on this website to give ck any needed backup, but ck is truly the champion of trolls with the harshest Trump-bashing insults of all the paid trolls, and I sincerely hope Soros or the CCP give ck a well-deserved raise in pay.

        • ck says:

          Hey there’s stuppy do eloise!!
          George did tell me I was doing a great job. Showed him your post and he gave me another raise!!! LOL!!! LOSER!!!

          • Eloise says:

            Gee whiz, ck, I was right! You ARE trolling for evil George Soros. I’m not surprised he gave you a pay raise, because you are a very hardworking and profane troll, furiously defending and promoting corrupt Joe Biden and angrily denouncing patriotic President Trump and his supporters with an intensity that’s awesomely admirable. You are a super troll, one of the angriest leftist trolls to ever patrol this website, and Soros, sharing several of your personality traits, must surely appreciate your service. Carry on, ck. Earn those big bucks. Keep Soros happy. You’ve got a future with him.

        • ck says:

          Thank you. I will LOSER!!!

          • Getting Impatient says:

            really going to be glad when this is over and we turn the likes of nazi george soros over to Israel. Then, we escort all the lying leftist liberals, socialists and demonrats to the border along with their illegal alien supporters and tell them they are not allowed back into OUR (not china’s) country. Won’t miss you when you are gone

  8. Scott says:

    Biden puts his son to do all of Joe’s illegal corruption puting without shame.

  9. Paul says:

    Joe Biden. You best go back in your basement and stay there because your so out of touch of what our President Donald J Trump has been doing on the covid 19 virus and all other fronts so wake up or go back in your den and hibernate for the next 4 years because you are going to be found out and your people and at such speed you”ll be saying where am I again.

  10. Only Biden’s senile madness is to blame for naming President Trump instead of – the Winner – the Whiner. But this is not surprising if he also confuses his wife with his sister. A half-witted President with senile dementia – this turns out to be normal for America.

    • Mr.Mudd says:

      Dementia Joe won fair and square? Then why not agree to Ted Cruz audit? I will bet everything i own,because dementia Joe’s team stole the election. I hope you die before Jan 18. You are a traitor and a self serving traitor. This will be the gay Kenyans 3rd term…

      • ck says:

        Maybe because it’s been litigated in 60 court rooms and lost all but one…..idiot. I hope you die before the 17th!!!

        • Eloise says:

          60 courtrooms is an exaggeration, ck, and you know it. Your troll masters—evil George Soros, the Democrat Communist Party, and the oppressive, deceitful CCP, have all bribed a lot of judges to do their bidding, but the rigged and fraudulent 2020 election that changed Trump votes to Biden votes hasn’t been adjudicated in 60 courtrooms. I am praying for honest, non-bribed, non-blackmailed Judges to oversee the Trump lawsuits — if there are any such judges left in America. We’ll soon find out. Regardless, God is about to intervene to clean up this corrupt election mess created by the cheating Democrats, and Trump will win in the end. God will in His own way prevent the Democrat Communist Party from winning this election. MAGA!

          • ck says:

            I know you know how to use a computer because you’re on here. So try to look up election cases. Think you can handle that? 59 cases with the exception of one were either denied, dismissed, settled or withdrawn. Get the facts straight before you flap that ignorant mouth of yours! LOSER!!!

  11. Jeannine Fenton says:

    Yes, go back to your basement exactly where you need to be, you can’t run the country, good for nothing, you cheated and your a con man connected to China big time along with your son, brother. You will continue doing the dirty work of Obama, your a yes man for him.

  12. Pauline says:

    I think that Joe Biden is a bull shit artist, the fact that he did hardly any campaigning himself shows that the presidential election was fixed, I don’t think that President Trump is whining

  13. Dave says:

    President Trump won this election, fair and honest! He has every right to fight against the corruption of the democrats. The democratic party wants to tear down the United States, and President Trump WON’T LET IT HAPPEN under his watch!
    God Bless America!
    God Bless President Trump!

  14. Mary L Janes says:

    It makes me feel better that the American people agree the election was messed up the Dominion voting machines were unreliable and it should go to THE POTUS
    The Dems are the crooks look at NASTY NANCY bragging on all her ill gotten gains she should be horse whipped and deported

  15. Carole says:

    BIden is the Whiner. President Trump is the BEST President we have ever had!. HE has made our country Respected, uplifted all races, Denominations , Classes,Etc. HE truly has put the American people first and has worked trielessly against the Filthy, lying Democrates and the Deep state Rhinos and foreign enemies to make & keep this great country at the top of his priorities.
    He WON & deserves a second Term!!! The Supreme court needs to get its act together and STOP being WHIMPS and playing politics!! I am Ashamed of the republican s that are backing down- Its time to FIGHT! THIS is a CIVIL WAR. STAND UP AMERICA or we will lose everything this country has stood for for the last 245 years. God Bless Pres Trump, His Family V PRES Pence and his family and all the Courageous politicians that are standing with them in this fight against the EVIL in this country!

    • ron mauldin says:



        President Trump is the winner of this election. Biden is the Clown and Puppet used by the DemoRats!

        • ck says:

          There’s only one clown in this circus and he happens to be the ringmaster too. That orange POS who’s about to be kicked to the curb! LOL!!! LOSERS!!!!!

          • Eloise says:

            No one takes your Trump-bashing seriously, ck. We know you’re just a troll trying to be a good little foul-mouthed troll in order to please your troll master, America-hating George Soros. Soros also hates Trump because Trump wants to expose and remove all the many evil, rotten, treasonous, entrenched swamp rats from government, and those swamp rats are Soros’s friends and partners in crime. We understand why you’re also angry with Trump — Trump’s a corruption-fighter, and you support all the corrupt swamp rats that Trump is trying to remove from government because they pay your troll salary. But consider this — when Trump is re-elected and the economy starts to recover under his supervision, you might find a new, better, and more honest job. Cheers!

          • ck says:

            Can you say delusional lynet?

      • DazzleMe says:

        Thank you…very good post…..AMEN

  16. Jean says:

    Great rally in Georgia. Thanks President Trump for Making American Great Again.

  17. Voldemort says:

    Good ole Lyin China joe is at it again. I’d say let him retire but that would make the prostitute president.

  18. Beverly says:

    Well that was good for a good laugh. Lol. Look in the mirror Joe. You shouldn’t talk about yourself that way. I know you didn’t mean President Trump. If if wasn’t for the democrats and their antics we wouldn’t be doing any of this. You were good for a good laugh today and for that I thank you. Lol

  19. Craig G says:

    Biden needs to SHUT UP AND SLITHER AWAY. No one knew exactly what to do when the covid happened. Our REAL PRESIDENT TRUMP acted the most responsible way he knew how. WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE DONE?…YOU wouldn’t have a clue. YOU were so busy kissing China’s ass and doing you and your coke head kids TRAITOROUS ILLEGAL MMORAL acts of TREASON to worry about the people who pay your salary. YOU ARE A LIAR AND A THIEF. YOU ARE A PEDEPHILE AND A BABY KILLER. I can’t imagine a TWISTED GUTLESS NO BRAIN LOOSER SHRIVELED UP OLD MAN calling himself President. But you better enjoy that title, because by the end of the year you and your publicity “DR” old lady will be out in the streets. Camel toe will have your office and title. Maybe then you and your whole filthy family will go to China. But don’t expect to stay very long. They got what they wanted from you–you will be useless to them—And you will be NEVER be allowed to come back here. It’s a little thing called KARMA come on,man,you should know how in works. You screw over someone and you get it back 10 times over. So, after all you have done to us I hope it pays you back AT LEAST 74MILLION TIMES

    • Lisa Waddell says:

      Lol,I had to respond because I have never heard it said better.Good for you,I’am sure ALL of us “deplorables” as Steve Bannon proudly calls us,agree with every word you said.We all feel the same.Thank you for making me laugh under all the anxiety of this mess

    • Theresa says:

      He would of crawled in his basement until it all passed over! The whiny little bitch!!!! President Trump is the only President that truly cares and loves the USA!

  20. Wayne Lyle says:

    Biden is not capable of any work. He has never worked in his life except for being a front man for the Teamsters and other unions and enriching himself and his family from his position. Why would he start now when he is getting ready for a nursing home. Look at his temperament when under any pressure. This guy is clearly not capable of the presidency.

  21. Rosa says:

    Biden is delusional and should really stay in his basement. He is an embarrassment and a criminal to boot.

  22. bruce says:

    13 million and counting vaccines have been distributed. Its up the states to get them to the right people, meaning the old and at risk, not healthy politicians like Kamala and AOC. What does Biden know about vaccine distribution? It took him and Obama 4 years to get one produced and another year to distribute to a much smaller H1N1 population. Trump is not drving vaccines to the nursing homes. We have the best logistics group in the world (US military doing that). Biden just has to fins something to complain about since he knows he’s an illegitimate pres-elect (what that is). The Dems complained about these very things when Trump beat Killiary, but now everything went perfectly they say. Yeah, perfectly fraudulent.

  23. COWBOY BILL says:

    QUESTION:: That ==NO ONE is Asking==!!! Why is this the ==FIRST ==TIME== in ===DECADES === that the ===LEGAL LAW ABIDING $$$ TAX PAYERS === of the USA ==could ===NOT ===VOTE ===STRAIGHT ==TICKET ???
    NOW YA ===KNOW ===WHY ===! Ya can not CHANGE == 80 ===MILLION==
    ===STRAIGHT ===TICKETS====!!!

    • That was definitely one of the many fraudulent ways that were implemented by the DEMO–C–RATS !!! I know several hundred voters in my precinct that voted STRAIGHT TICKET,& those people knew other people in many other cities that had voted STRAIGHT TICKET !!! IF DEMO–C–RATS are Shure they won why would they deny looking into ” PROVEN” FRAUD ??? !!!

  24. Francis says:

    Bidenhad 47 years to do good for our country , didn’t due shit but collect a paycheck

    • Catherine Snyder says:

      Biden should have been gone years ago. Forty-seven years of this worthless body in our government is ridiculous and he was collecting a paycheck. I don’t believe this airhead was considered necessary to be around for nothing but to just collect dust. His family must be getting something useful for him hanging around – it had to be money because it isn’t for his intelligence. The man doesn’t have it anymore — just a bag of bones.

    • Lillie says:


  25. Reallytickedoff says:

    Let’s hope Joebama is arrested and put against a wall and we the people can use weapons to shoot him ourselves. He committed treason, he is a liar, he IS a pedophile and I understand he did it to his kids, too and there is so much more crime he has done. while we are at it, put the camel there, too-that’s hiw pi$$ed I am about all the corruption going on today!

  26. Yank says:

    The American voters are the only ones hurt by this ridiculous election. When Hillary stole Bernie’s chance to run for president, in 2016, by cheating him out of that chance, the handwriting was on the wall for THIS election. Not that I cared that much about Sanders. It was the point that every American running for any office has the Constitutional right to a fair election! This election was a sham and that is the only nice thing to say about it. If it was able to be postponed Constitutionally, it should have been postponed.

  27. joyce says:

    Consider the source, v-pee biddeeen, hidden in the basement, he thinks his time is up, more and more each day brings the true President TRUMP to office as should be, look at harpy harriss, she hasn’t even quit the senate seat.. just saying..

    Bloodless coup, killery failed again, the world is watching, God is watching, WE THE PEOPLE, are watching!

    • ck says:

      Keep watching idiot, watch trump slither away to wherever. I just know it won’t be the Whitehouse!! LOSERS!!!!

      • Eloise says:

        Wrong! It WILL be the White House for Trump, not Biden, ck. You’ll see. And we Trump supporters are WINNERS, not losers. You should join us so you, too, can be a winner. When Trump wins, will you lose your job as a troll? No need to worry, because when President Trump wins re-election the economy will boom again, and you’ll be able to find a better, less shameful, job than your current position trolling for Soros. MAGA!

        • ck says:

          Really eloise, how stupid can you be. I work for George Soros and he just gave me a raise. LOL!! No wonder you got sucked into the cult, you gullible little guppie you!!! LOSER!!!!

  28. Christopher Chambers says:

    The only one I see whining is Biden that he wants his briefs his briefs are already on when they put his depends on because he can’t remember when he had to use the restroom being a butthead he is going to successfully start a civil war in this country by his left wing ideas he is poking a hornet’s nest at the American people the whole Democratic party is poking a hornet’s nest what are you going to do when the American people are pissed and start to come and give our rightful sting as what is in our constitution when the government no longer represents people and oppresses the people it’s the people’s duty as in American to rise up and remove the oppressive government and replace them with someone who represents we the people now we the thugs with false narratives and bail out rioters and looters in Wisconsin and Minnesota thanks DNC for showing your true colors by bailing these thugs out and showing us your true colors especially, Harris will never be representing me a self-centered money-hungry witch

  29. Joshua Snow says:

    President Trump is the “only man for the job! Ya damned right he has a right to be mad, hell so are the people! Were behind em every step of the way! All that the democrats do is screw crap up! They couldnt run a popcorn stand right! Whiners? Ha ha thats ridiculous, they think that hes going to lie down and take ut, hell bo and nuether are we! We already know that the sorry media isnt going to tell the truth, oppress people that what they do, and its all that they do! Their liars and the Trump team, and us people that gives a damn aboyt this country knows it to! Bidens team are rotten to the core, most of the democrats are indeed rotten as well! A person with a 8th grade education can tell which is better here, and it sure as hell isnt Biden! No we didnt elect Biden, and he knows! The election committee, knows it to thats why they didnt recognize him either “president” elect! Its because hes a crook, a scam artist at best! He runs a criminal empire filled with nasty people, hell the whole country knows it! Biden hasnt won a damn thing, the ptess can say what they want, but it doesnt make it law! They just want to tey and fool us into thinking that Biden, won when in fact he didnt,…..not by a long shot!

  30. michael perkins says:

    Biden,go back in your basement and stay there

  31. Stephen C McComas says:

    Biden is and has been a corrupt politician for many years and never been convicted for his various crimes. He is no more able to keep up with the duties of a Meter Maid let alone a President.
    President Trump demonstrates he is able to out think and run circles around Biden. Biden needs some very heavy lawsuits placed on his total lack of character.

  32. Lois says:

    Every word out of Biden’s mouth is a lie. He most likely is the mastermind behind Hunter’s schemes, why else did he allow him to go on the overseas trips!!

    • Barbie says:

      You put the wrong name down you meant everything out of trumps mouth is a lie and the only thing important is his sorry _ _ _. What a joke and he is and a whiner just like because he DIDN’T WIN.

      • Clara says:

        I guarantee you if the shoe was on the other foot, you and your absent minded leader would be whining. Anyone that can be for someone that corrupt must be as corrupt himself. The election was a fraud and anyone with half a brain would be able to see that, the evidence proves it. If you really think Trump is whining he has a right after the way he has been treated by you dummycrats for the last four years and now this! Get the facts!

      • Eloise says:

        Barbie — Are you a new troll working this pro-Trump site? I haven’t seen your name before in the anti-Trump genre, but was well aware of your leftist Trump-hating troll-mates—Holly Rose, Corri, and ck. Have they moved on to other conservative websites to spew their anti-Trump venom, or is this their day off? If you are new to this site, welcome aboard and be forewarned — You will have to work very hard with your insults and dismissive remarks if you intend to keep up with your leftist, Trump-hating colleagues because they had their hateful leftist rhetoric honed almost to a fine art. Almost. Especially ck. I hope ck got a raise in pay and a promotion from George Soros, because ck is a very diligent scanner of all pro-Trump comments with an array of nasty responses. So get busy, Barbie! You’ve got a lot of ground to cover. Show us what you’ve got in your anti-Trump arsenal. Fire away! You’ve got a tough assignment from Soros and his Communist cabal. Leftists have been trying to take down Trump and us Trump supporters for four solid years, and we’re still standing. Hurry, Barbie! President Trump will soon be inaugurated for a second term, and corrupt CCP-owned Joe Biden will be back in his basement wondering how the Democrats well-planned election fraud failed so miserably. MAGA!

        • Jaybo says:

          Way to go Eloise! Loved what you posted and I’ve been after those demonrats clowns too! It’s hard to believe these idiots think the way they do. By the way I meant no offence to clowns by comparing them to these brainwashed, anti GOD, baby killing communist scum!

        • ck says:

          Hi eloise! I’m back and you’re just as ignorant! LOL! You stupid bitches will be crying on the 20th and it will do my heart good. It’s you mother fuckers who are trying to steal the election. If the Dems tried to steal the election why are there so many Rep and top officials, all the judges(including trump appointed) admitting Biden won. The retrumplicans have put their own ambitions before the county and the constitution. You lost and you’re all losers and just can’t accept it. Too bad for you!!!

          • Eloise says:

            Gosh, ck, you really know a lot of curse words! Is your x-rated vocabulary approved by your troll masters? Maybe you should try to tone it down, because it reflects very badly on you and them. Get a grip. Things are looking up for America, because a The Living God will not allow a corrupt, anti-Christian, pro-Communist, cheating, lying, vote-rigging Democrat Party candidate like Joe Biden become president.

            Your arsenal of insults is in need of a serious cleaning up, ck. Will you work on that, or are you so angry with us loyal Trump supporters that x-rated insults will remain as part of your weaponry? I will forgive you, and pray for your deliverance.

          • ck says:

            Oh poor eloise. The b and f words are just too caustic for your tiny little eyes? That doesn’t surprise me, it matches your tiny little brain. LOSER!

      • DazzleMe says:


  33. JAMES says:

    NOW IS THE TIME THAT WE NEED TRUMP THE MOST, when Biden gets in we will all be in never said this, deap shit!!

  34. JAMES says:

    NOW IS THE TIME THAT WE NEED TRUMP THE MOST, when biden gets in we will all be in deap shit!!

  35. T Beach says:

    Shows how important he is. I never even knew he had a rally. It must have been those 3 people i saw standing together on the corner.

  36. Frank J. Andriuli says:

    As usual Biden twists and distorts things. It’s not the president’s job to distribute the vaccines. He gave the wherewithal to the manufacturers to gain approval for the vaccines and he authorized distribution to the states, who in turn authorized the manufacturers to distribute the vaccine to the hospitals. So the blame is not to be placed on President Trump, but on the individual states to facilitate the process.

  37. Mad as Hell says:

    I think Biden is the whiner, liar & crook!

  38. John Molina says:

    It is a very sad day and frightening time for the people of America to experience the antagonistic, partisan, and destructive behavior of the Democratic party. The infusion of lies by the Main Media and the Democratic party over the last four years plus the outright voter fraud which has occurred is the most disconcerting experience I have had living in the US since I came from Cuba in the summer of 1965. May God deliver us from the power hungry politicians who will stop at nothing to destroy our Country as we know it and turn it into an Orwellian nightmare and a wasteland! I pray and hope this sick effort will not succeed and that the people will not allow government to control every part of our lives similar to the prediction of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four novel.

  39. Liberty Bill says:

    There have been FEW Presidents who have desired to put America and Americans first, and who have made promises during their campaigns and kept them even while being continuously attracted by the opposing party and even his own party.

    Thank you President Trump – God bless you Sir.

    Joe Biden, the Obamas, the Clintons and the rest are treasonous losers with no honor, only stolen money, no consciences and black, empty hearts.

  40. Beverly Frizzell says:

    President Trump is not a whiner! He (we) won this election by thousands, if not millions of votes. The Democrats cheated and we ALL know it. President Trump has been the best President this Country has ever had along beside the Former Presidents, Reagan and Kennedy. Any Republican officials that do not stand up for President Trump should start looking for another job because they will soon be voted out of office.

  41. Leona C Corcoran says:

    Trump is not a whiner or a complainer. He has been working hard for the American people. Biden has lost his senses and is only listening to the left side because his brain is not functioning properly. TRUMP is the best man, he kept all his promises and he has advised us that the LEFT WING is taking away AMERICA standards. Already, look at what Pelosi (The devil woman) is now taking away the Mother, Father, etc from their children. Don’t call your Mother call her for an example Hey Judy

    P.S. – As GOD is my witness…the left side stole the election from PRESIDENT TRUMP… How do you feel abut that……………….

  42. Biden told to say that. He is demented..and is not capable of being President. He didn’t even know what he was running for. Can’t speak without a teleprompter. Jealous because Trump is the Best President since Reagan. Had to cheat and create a fraudulent election to win…Just like Obama.


    “but we’ve known that for months and this administration has gotten off to a God-awful start,’ Biden said.” Kinda tough since the vaccine has been out for only a few weeks. typical Biden BS.

  44. Joe says:

    Dementia,slo,joe is the only whiner I hear, he has been pissing and moaning about everything, and doesn’t have a clue, how to fix anything, but to engage with china in betraying our country, with his crackhead, dirty dealing son,who has now got the big guy, hinself involved, this is why he can’t be presdent. He is a national security risk to our country.

  45. Bill says:

    I guess he considers his self an expert on the subject since that is all the democrats do. We had 8 years of them whining over Bush and 4 years of crying over Trump. Hilda beast has not shut up about getting her butt whipped legally. Hypocrisy is where they excell. Jack… Joe can shove it. NEVER BIDEN …… RESIST

  46. Eileen says:

    Best President wen have had in a very long time. He actually cares about us Americans. He has shown this in many ways the LMS Media refused to print or to allow the American public to know about.
    He is our real President, not something cooked by fraudulent machine hardware. Time for the media to go live in China and bend themselves into the media over there since they don’t really care about the place where they live.

  47. Jeffrey Lind says:

    That sorry assed Biden is the biggest liar they ever was for a presidential canidate, however he learned a lot about lying from his former boss who by the way is still calling the shots under the watchful eye of the biggest DOUCE BAG IN HISTORY………… George Soros!!!!!!!

  48. Gary says:

    Amazing strategy.

    Attack the president every 4 to 6 months with some outlandish charges.

    Remember the wall, the detension center’s, ice, ballot stuffing, opioids, vaccine, etc., etc.

    The Dems make up a story every few months to get the press and media new hatred to the president. Gets lots of press, then followed by another made up issue. So the general public forgets and gets new food for hatred.

    Thank god for warp speed and the vaccine. The dems would still be caucus about to do. Have the Democrats governors done anything to help the people other than to complain

  49. Sgt York says:

    How in hell could a continuous Basement dweller understand that Trump wasn’t the one making the vaccine and getting to out to the people? Biden is now the same old fool he has been for the past 40+ years only now he has a guide dog in Ovomit who will guide him from now on till they tire of him then up steps Harris who is the true Socialist being totally guided by the closet Moslem Ovomit and one who they picked for her ungodly ways to move America into the Socialist cesspool lying next to Venezuela while being backed by the CCP And Iran.

  50. patty says:

    he is not a whiner and he does his job better than any other president ever has he puts the American people first unlike the dems they want to give everything to other countries and to the illegal people here instead of to the working americans we would be not in this place if there was not so much fraud out there making sure they got control of the american people biden did not win except with cheating

    • Len says:

      Name another President who has worked 7 days a week, not 5, and who works 10 to 12 hours every day on the Nation’s problems. And while Biden is at it, ask him if he intends to give his salary away every quarter ? I would say the American people have received a pretty good deal during the last 4 years. What does Biden plan to do; he is a millionaire?

      • ck says:

        All that POS does is attack people on twitter and golf. Oh he works sooooo hard. How stupid can you retrumplicans be?

        • Eloise says:

          Tsk, tsk, ck. There you go again, texting lies. But then, of course, you ARE a leftist—and they lie all the time, so we shouldn’t expect anything else from you. Trump 2020-2024!

  51. Stacy baker says:

    Hiding biden will never be my president ever im so sick of the corruption in this country and president trump has done a fantastic job. Why dont you go back to your basement and get ready to go to gitmo and take your antifa thugs with you

  52. Fern Sunday says:

    The only whiner I see is Biden, that is when he decides to come out of the basement.

  53. Stephen English says:

    Is this the same Biden that knew Hillary was plotting against Trump during the 2016 elections. The same one that knew Hillary was paying for false documents (Steele document). Same Biden that plagiarized speech’s, lied about his education.

    As far as the pandemic, the vaccines are getting to the states, the hospitals have not increased staffing to provide the services necessary to distribute the shots. Not Trump’s issue but the states issue.

  54. Ross says:

    He isn’t a whiner. He just doesn’t like
    the thought of a thieving China loving POS
    TRAITOR stealing an election.

  55. Kenneth Shockley says:

    who’s whining? I think I saw a video of biden crying about the transfer of information, STFU and quit crying, you didn’t win the Election, you lost, your a loser

  56. Sharon Sturgeon says:

    I don’t think Trump is a whiner or a complainer. He has done a fantastic job, he got a vaccine for the American people. It’s just the stupid Democrats want to hold this over the people. Cuomo won’t vaccinate the elderly, he is holding on to the vaccine, why I don’t know, I guess because he is just a moron. President Trump is still doing his job so Biden has no place to make such comments. At least our Great President doesn’t need a teleprompter to speak to the American people and he takes questions from reporters who lie through their teeth. biden has to have his people select who he will take a question from. What kind of a President is this idiot going to make. Biden will never be my president-I don’t care for idiots who think they are more important than the American people.

    • Kenneth Shockley says:

      cuomo probably wants to sell it to Iran, because I don’t think they will have any vaccine for them

    • Gary Fernett says:

      The real elected President of the United States of AMERICA is Donald Trump

    • Virginia L Ross says:

      When I Read This I LMAO, Coming from A So-Called President-Elect, Who Is One of the most corrupt, disgusting Person to run for the highest office in this country not to mention he did no campaigning he stayed in his basement & hid from all very important questions about how he would do, if elected. Which by the way he wasn’t, Rigging the election, Lies, His sons, business with China 🇨🇳, They should prosecute all of the Biden Family & The whole Election should be required for A total & Accurate re-election For our real President of our Country, Who would be President Trump, Who, Everyone knows Won.!