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Biden Closing Guantanamo Prison

Like Barack Obama before him, Joe Biden plans on closing the Guantanamo Bay Prison where some of the world’s most notorious terrorists – including members of al-Qaeda involved in 9/11 – are currently incarcerated. Obama never succeeded in closing the prison and former President Donald Trump wanted it open. But, with Democrats in control of Congress, Biden may close the prison known as Gitmo.


The Biden administration aims to close the controversial detention facility at Guantanamo Bay by the end of its term, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Friday,” according to Politico. [emphasis added]

Speaking at her daily news briefing, Psaki said the administration had launched a process with the National Security Council to examine steps for shutting down the facility. She said it is “certainly our goal and our intention” to close the controversial prison, which was a priority for former President Barack Obama that he failed to fulfill… [emphasis added]

The facility was opened in the wake of 9/11 and has been criticized by human rights advocates amid reports of extrajudicial detentions and inhumane treatment of prisoners.”

For more on this report, go to Politico.

Share your opinion in the comment section. Most conservatives want Gitmo to remain open and used as a prison for terrorists. What do you think?


  1. George Nunn says:

    This idiot and his worthless crew of Communists are no more who they are portraying than me thinking I am King of Russia. God help us with these lost brain morons unleashing Stalin-type ideals on OUR Country. Pray people every day, The Lord will rapture the Saved people away, so he can unleash all his fury on this earth of unsaved devil-worshipping goofballs. God be with you all !!!!!!

  2. James F McMasters Jr says:

    We need Quantanamo open. Those Communist politicians need a place to spend their punishment for crimes committed

  3. Ron says:

    Great plan Joe, close Gitmo and open our borders thats really keeping the country safe. OH but wait Joe’s not calling the shots its the wizard behind the curtain.

    • Ellsa says:

      Biden is not President, obammmmy is. He will turn terrorists loose to hit us again, because he is terrorist himself. He hates the US. After all the American people have done for him. Put his non-citizen ass in a 14 million dollar mansion. Ask people in his neighborhood how old he was when his mom brought him to Hawaii and got him a birth certificate and changed his name. Do u call that a FAKE.

  4. Ward Patterson says:

    Biden and the rest of them are afraid they will end up there that is why they want to shut it down!!!

  5. judith says:


  6. David Smith says:

    Why not close Gitmo Biden is going to open our borders and that will let in people worse than those Arabs MS13 makes those terrorist look like baby food

  7. Sam B. says:

    So sure…lets close gitmo. Now what do we do with the wonderful people that r being held there?? Turn loose some of the worst of the worst radical Islamic terrorist?! Let’s also stop building the southern border wall so anyone can enter the country wherever they want whenever they want..unvetted…..oh & while we’re at it let’s lift the travel ban from people wanting to travel from terrorist sponsored countries to ours!! These r all BRILLIANT ideas! Oh wait…the Biden administration has already started do’n all these things! Sigh. Smart/Great moves for our country! *NOT!!*
    NONE of this garbage & unhinged radical thinking is good for our country.

  8. maxibaby says:

    Dementia-Jo-Jo is seeing to it that BHO gets a third term! As you see, what Biden has done is do to DJT what DJT did to BHO and take up with the same programs and policies BHO was doing or planned to do! Anyone who hasn’t already figured this out, stop and think about it….you will need only one to two minutes before it is crystal clear! Now, if we can get some of that “concrete evidence” (Adam Schit used to lie and say he had on DJT collaborating with Russia) for real….. wouldn’t it just be peachy keen?

  9. Gitmo says:

    Yeah that pos biden wants to close it knowing his butt buddies like Obama and Killery belong there and should be for what theyve done to America! His son could end up there for the Biden money laundering operations and Biden himself for accepting millions of kick backs from Ukraine and China! Gitmo needs to remain open for terriost and if Biden shuts it down or releases those camel jockeys terriost he should be shot!! This pos is the worse political hack on earth and hasnt a clue what hes doing! Obama is telling him what to do! There crime spree days and stealing money from tax payers is slowly coming to and end and they dont want to be there or in the floating prisons that’s been there for the last 2 years!! GITMO is the place all top official corrupt demorats belong! All the top military brass demorats stabbed in the back are the leaders there! Of course they want it closed!! Soros and Obama are the worse criminals we have along with the deep state! Cortupt CIA/FBI /and DOJ. There all scared to go there but continue to do the crimes! Gitmo will remain open if we have a say about it!! Make sure you sign petitions to keep it open! Cant wait to see Killery/Obama/Soros/Biden/Pelosi/Schumer/Adam Shit/ or Nadler arrive!!

  10. Davyjoe says:

    Biden knows Gitmo is where they’re going to very soon.

  11. Uncle Bill says:

    Don’t you people have any kind of a brain, it’s not biden giving the orders, come on. Is everybody brain dead. Think slimey creatures, dah.

    • Davyjoe says:

      Who gives the order then?

      • maxibaby says:

        Primarily BHO, ever heard of him? I ask since you couldn’t imagine who!
        Dementia Joe idolizes him and with his demenished mental faculties and no self confidence, thinks BHO is still “da boss”! In this case……he is!
        Poor Jo-Jo has so many people pulling his strings his little wooden arms and legs are flying in all directions!

  12. I think Alzheimer Biden was deliberately made president, аmerica’s enemies, bribed by China. They have occupied Congress and, behind the back of the idiot president, are destroying our country and turning it into what they did to Detroit, Chicago, Portland, Kinosha – that is, ghost towns. Their task is to take our weapons and then turn us into slaves.

  13. Holly Rose says:

    By all means we should shut down gitmo as well as the FEMA camps. We would save much money and can help the world with what we have saved. All those incarcerated at gitmo should be set free. They have done their time. It is the only humane thing to do.

    • Sam B. says:

      Yet again…another delusional comment/anti thought process LOL.
      Sure let’s shut down gitmo & turn loose these radical terrorists who have purposely destroyed/killed tens of thousands of American lives..millions around the world…..sure let’s turn them loose..& turn them loose in your neighborhood.
      Once again..”no brains no headache” Holly! LOL

    • GITMO says:

      Are you nuts Holly? They should be water boarded and put to death!! There terriost that dont belong on earth! Theyve cost millions in damages and have cost American lives! They dam sure dont deserve to be set free! And these evil pos cortupt domestic demorats dam sure belong there and should be known to the world, this is what happens to corrupt criminals from any where! Theres 3 choices here! Hang! Get shot by our squad! Or get the needle in your arm! Was up to me I’d bring back the gilitine and televise it to show people what happens if you cross that line! I would put them in face up though! People would think twice about doing what they do! America is way to soft on corruption at it highest levels and terriost! It cost millions and lives for these operations and you want to let them go!! You are nuts and a prime example of why women dont belong in goverment! They cant think with there head! You have to put more thought in it besides the moment! People like you is what’s wrong with America! Let all the trash across the border for tax payers to take care of that we absolutely dont need! Wed have a country full of thugs, disease carrying scum to create more pandemics and crime running wild, especially with camel jockeys! It’s exactly why we need border walls! Soros is paying this trash to come here! America dont need the expence because demorats want voters! Enough people here already! It only drives the cost of everything up! We dont need it! They all need deported! Biden keeps this up they will become target practice on the southern border! Bidens to stupid to do the right thing and Soros wants open borders! Wake up!

    • Rebecca Fischer says:

      Done their time? Are you kidding me……How many lives have been lost because of their terrorist actions. They should never be “turned loose” . An eye for an eye definitely applies here Holly!!!

    • Mickey says:

      Damm you are stupid

  14. William Zehner says:

    Great idea. Close Gitmo and move the terrorists to the capital in DC. Then Nancy and Chuck can care for these terrorists.

  15. I think Biden is an imbecile and he his wife Dr.Pepper should move all the terrorists to their house. Quit taking orders from the IDIOT Obama

  16. Chuck says:

    Biden is not acting in america best interest, I’m beginning to think he is secretly involved with China and other communist affiliation since he began his term he has been destroying and threatening our safety Biden , Harris, polosi,and shumer shoot be immediately removed from office in any capacity, Harris supported and funded rioters , murders , mom and pop businesses burn to the ground lost there life savings , why hasn’t anyone stepped up to inprison her all you Americans need to join and go to executive office to oust these criminals ASAP !!!

  17. James A Langham says:

    No Biden isn’t, but DRUMPFis siding with DOMESTIC TERRIORISTS.

    • Jack says:

      The domestic Terrorist label applied to Trump supporters is a bold lie, fake news and a rouse made up by communists, deep state traitors and criminals to silence American Patriots as losers like you try to destroy the USA. Using that label makes you a liar and a traitor. Be gone Satan!

  18. Betty Strauss says:

    Biden is putting the US in danger every day as he doesn’t know what he is doing.He is not a leader.

  19. Robert says:

    If he wants to close Gitmo by the end of his term, then lets vote him out now, and end his term early!

    • William H Wilson says:

      Sorry to say Robert he’s not up for election now as he has already won but you know who lost don’t you?

      • Janet Holley says:

        Sorry to say William we know there were foreign servers involved(changed the votes) and We know who really won Biggly. Biden(obama) couldn’t win without cheating…and cheating…and cheating…

  20. Sandra Smith says:

    If Biden wants to close Gitmo, it’s fine with me as long as all the terrorists are executed first. If he insists on moving them to the USA, then I think he should move them to his basement & he & Dr. Jill can take care of them.

  21. Thomas Murphy says:

    Why would he spend time and worry about closing Gitmo? The people in Gitmo are
    terrorist. Bad people who want to kill us.

    • Garland says:

      Joe we can build you a Basement in Cuba with adjoin rooms for Harris Hillary. Nancy boy toy spy Eric.

    • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

      There are a lot of those people as the number of people killed in the Iraq war was very high and they say that for every one person killed you make enemies of the whole clan.

  22. Carol Bartlett says:

    I would prefer to see all the terrorists executed! However, in lieu of that Gitmo needs to remain open! Just saying.!

  23. So, no problem, wipe out the population in it’s entirety, close the dump..

  24. Jean says:

    Biden and Jill should move in there. We could add a Alzheimer’s wing and doctor Jill could be his care giver.

    • Rhina says:

      Good one! I agree.

      • Darwin Salls sr says:

        Biden and his sons, and his Kamila would be great as residences in GetMo. And his boss Obama. These people have stolen billions of dollars from us tax payers. All criminals

        • William H Wilson says:

          Actually there are only forty men left in GITMO AND i’M SURE THE PROUD STUPID BOYS COULD HANDLE THEM.

          • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

            Does Jared Kushner have any bad news about his hope so the worse it the better I will feel about it. .

          • Nicholas M. Mikulak says:

            If you think Biden is doing good you are more than likely part of “generation idiot” which was brainwashed by Obama and his speeches when he was in office

          • Nicholas M. Mikulak says:

            If you think Joey “CHINA INC. Biden” is doing good you are more than likely part of “generation idiot” which was brainwashed by Obama and his speeches when he was in office

            • james says:

              Biden must have his head up his ASS or deep in Obama’s. What about the thousands of lives lost during 9/11. I thought the thought was life in prisonment w/o the chance of parole.
              How are the Gitmo detainees better than others in our prison system?

        • Mickey says:

          It is going to be a toss up has to the worst president in our history China Biden or Obama Ben louden.

    • Corri says:

      Then Trump will have to join them there as well. Remember, he is in their age bracket as well. Judging someone by age will wipe you out as you as you age – you will soon be in that bracket. So you are condemning yourself as you age. I know many people who are much smarter in their elder years because they take care of their bodies pristinely with healthy unaltered pure foods and not carrying negative emotions like anger and hostility which rot our bodies. Check out the findings of studies on Blue Zones around the world. It’s a proven fact. I am preferring to give up the anger and hostility and poor habits that cause such. Why would anyone want to harbor anything that makes them rot inside their own body? That’s my question so… Goodbye KFC. Goodbye junk foods. Goodbye gene-altered produce and meat. Goodbye anger. Goodbye bad feelings. It was all stuffed in my body and mind. What a huge wonderful difference life is proving to be without them.

      • Tom Carman says:

        it not a age thing it they are dumb with what they doing and the way he cant talk without reading and he can do that and forgets everything he talks about why he flips all the time and is not allowed to talk to the press without them setup of the confress first so they know what to ask and they can set up his answers time for you to open your eyes

      • Mickey says:

        Good by to you

    • Tom Carman says:

      LOL i love it and we can add pelosi chuck to the wing also

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