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Biden Demands Legal Status for 11 Million Illegals

As many suspected, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will immediately push Congress to grant legal status to the more than 11 million illegal aliens in the United States.

During his first days in office, President-elect Joe Biden plans to send a groundbreaking legislative package to Congress to address the long-elusive goal of immigration reform, including what’s certain to be a controversial centerpiece: a pathway to citizenship for an estimated 11 million immigrants who are in the country without legal status, according to immigrant rights activists in communication with the Biden-Harris transition team,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

The bill also would provide a shorter pathway to citizenship for hundreds of thousands of people with temporary protected status and beneficiaries of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals who were brought to the U.S. as children, and probably also for certain front-line essential workers, vast numbers of whom are immigrants

Both Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris have said their legislative proposal would include a pathway to citizenship for millions of immigrants in the U.S. without legal status, and The Times has confirmed the bold opening salvo that the new administration plans in its first days doesn’t include the “security first” political concessions of past efforts.”

For more on this story, go to the Los Angeles Times.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you agree or disagree with the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris plan to immediately place more than 11 million illegal aliens on the path to U.S. citizenship? Why or why not?


  1. Jan Walters says:

    I don’t think Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, or his administration will be good for the country. Unfortunately from everything I hear and read about it, all I feel is a black shroud of fear and loathing enveloping this nation. I am a 66 year old female, disabled vet living with my daughter on the pitiful pittance that the VA allows and on food stamps. And it’ll probably get worse with Biden and this migrant caravan coming in the country to rape the USA of everything we might’ve had to survive. All I’ve got to say is God be with us all and God bless the USA.

  2. Jean says:

    Taxes go up and you can’t find a job – make sure you thank a Biden supporter.

  3. Tim says:

    Beijing Joe is tryouts no his best to collapse this country. Think what it’s costing to keep the National Guard troops (25,000) on active duty for his “Stolen Impeachment”? And now we have that many more in a caravan headed to our border? Finish the wall and turn non-citizens around!

  4. Amberdawn Richmond says:

    Biden Harris should both be impeached for crimes against WEthe PEOPLE. Almost all of Congress need to be in orange jumpsuits for the rest of their miserable lives.
    I am a 60yo, female HOMELESS VETERAN.
    Why would vets like me want to give up the pittance the government allows us to live on so illegal criminals can prosper. WTF?

    • What has happened to Capital Punishment for treason? Putting these folks in jumpsuits, housing and feeding is to costly. We once had a country of laws, where has it gone? We shall never see it again. Opening the borders and allowing the scum of the earth to invade our country will surely be our demise. I listen to all the wonderful rhetoric about diversification as I stand in line listening to this trash argue with clerks and post office personnel, when they can’t and won’t speak our language. Four long years of Obummer/Biden mismanagement 2.0

  5. Joe says:

    There is a real problem here with dementia, corrupt,slo,joe, with 11 million illegals,them numbers are from the early 90’s. Actually were talking about 25 to 30 million illegals here now, so this idiot is going to allow us to be invaded by other countries,no matter how many cross, we need to make sure he can’t do this, or this country is doomed.

    • Michael DeMeo says:

      that s because of the useful idiots who voted for biden

    • Merril says:

      Sure he wants to make them legal because they voted on 11 million of those ballots ILLEGALLY for Joe .. That was the agreement ….That is what liberals will do for all of us .. It is going to get worse fast.
      .those 18 to 24 year kld loafers. Plan on living off the rest of us who work to survive …. And Joe will be killing jobs every week ..Just like Obama did .. Time to separate the country …

  6. Pat says:

    The illegals are here because they are illegals. They don’t work, they don’t pay taxes, they don’t do anything but sponge off us (WE THE PEOPLE). I barely get enough SS to pay my bills and afford to eat. I sure don’t want to have to go back to work and work until I die just to pay for illegals. Making the illegals legal only opens up our country for anyone and everyone to come in here and sit back and live off us (THE AMERICAN PEOPLE). If the government wants to really help the AMERICAN PEOPLE, they should tell the illegals to either work and become a citizen or get out and go back where they came from. They also need to check on the people who are on welfare, food stamps, and etc. I worked retail and people who were dressed to the hill came in, bought a lot of stuff and then whipped out a food card. When I had to have help for a few months, we couldn’t buy candy, pop, chips, etc with food stamps. Now they can buy anything with a food card. I have seen people come in after a holiday and fill a cart with candy and whip out a food card to pay for it. What sense does that make. NO food in the house, but plenty of candy. No wonder our kids are fat and have health problems.

  7. Suzy says:

    WE gots to do somethin before they bring all these folks in her and make us por folk pay the bills when we cant even pay our own. They are all protected an such and we gots to put up with this shizer.
    Whos gonna feed em Joe, whose gonna pay der health insuranc? Not me, ain’t got much you r gonna make this fine cuntry go broke C’mon man you be a has been get that trump guy back in there cause he probly one anyway not you.

    • Tim says:

      Sorry to say Suz, but you, and WE ALL are ALREADY paying for all their expenses. But it’s just gonna get worse. Now they’ll get free housing, more free food, free everything. That’s what the F’ng dems want, a socialist, then communist state, where “we get everything ‘free'”…ha ha. Nothing’s free believe me. We will give up all our rights, we’re well on the way now with all the crap the dems want to take away already. Biden will use forced vaccinations, and then proof of such, as a way to control societal movement. Just watch. Like Schumer said, “Buckle Up”.

      • The fish says:

        Tim you are so spot on too bad we have so many uninformed, uneducated, dependent people out there! Many voters said IF they knew about hunter they wouldn’t have voted for joe. But if your ass is glued to cnn etc. what can you expect?

    • ELSIE JANE CLAPP says:

      The Seniors who paid into Social Security during their early years of employment with the understanding it would be available to us once we reached the age of retirement. Question now is- Why are those coming into Our Country illegally are receiving the Social Security that we so faithfully gave and now is being given to the illegals that never contribute. Many elderly receive about $800.00 a month or less while the illegals receive $1500.00 a month. We should be taking care of our elders before we dish out their money to the illegals who never contributed. To the Democrat/Socialist Party, take care of the people born in United States and make sure they are well cared for before you bring in illegals that will require us to give them everything for they have been promised every thing is free. This will turn around adventurely and hurt the Democrat/Socialists Party, at least I hope it does

      • Laurie A Brown says:

        This is the most disturbing of all the senseless, unfair and sickening reasons why we need to monitor/police our government ourselves. There spending. It’s your and my money. The misspending,the fraud and side aggreements that have depleted social security for those that PAID IN for most of their lives with a promise of security is appalling. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Tax payers get punished for being abiding. Our government’s spending is worse than being a thief. It’s ABUSE OF POWER. It’s ABUSE of TRUST. I don’t care if your left or right, as long as you abide by the laws. Without laws we are all in trouble. Each time an official abuses their station of power. They are committing a crime against each an every law abiding citizen and tax paying body in this country. They watch us. Let’s watch them. Keep them honest. Because it’s worse that a swamp it’s a sewer. Filled with disgusting vermine. Without law we have no liberty and no justice. Without law there is no happiness.

  8. sherry says:

    Biden needs to start putting America first like Trump did. Say no to illegals – come in the right way or be booted out. This is just opening America up to more terrorist, rapist, murderers and drug dealers. Heal America first. Protect and close our borders especially in the light of the pandemic.

  9. JOHN LAWRENCE says:

    we got enough illegal people here. take care of our own first leave the jobs to the american people . biden says hes ;ooking out for the american people, bull corn.trump has the right idea.

  10. Dave says:

    Ditto Jeff and Sam B. Ys

  11. Bob Bruno says:

    Dreamers should be allowed. Most were brought here as children and know nothing but this country. As for the rest, there are programs to wait in.

    • Cagney Lange says:

      And their parents and other family members — they would be deported so that they could so they could pursue the legal path?

  12. Sam B. says:

    What is the benefit of allowing citizenship without legal status for these 11 million (for starters)??? How would it help or b proper for our country?? There mite b a very small percentage that could/wold b understandable…but 11 million (for starters)?!?!…with all due respect to these folks but sorry we r “full up & need to take care of our own FIRST.”
    Let’s face it…we all know the reason why the socialists(formerly the democrat party) want to do this. These deranged radicals want to flood the population with (hopefully) millions more socialist democrats so the unhinged radical socialist party will stay in office & in control for several years. So sad that the radicals constantly want to change the “rules of the game & voter fraud.” So now How about we focus on infrastructure? How about we focus on our horrible homeless problem with our own citizens?!! How about we focus on jobs for our own LEGAL CITIZENS that need the help?! HELLO!!!!!! Instead the socialist focus on citizenship for illegal aliens & this worthless embarrassing impeachment!!
    These radicals want to do what’s good for them & the deranged socialist party…instead of what’s best for the entire country.

    • PS says:

      Let’s face it … the Democrats only want votes… th we t care nothing about America… or the American people The election was a big mass of fraud America will never be the same President Trump is now treated like a criminal which pistes me off … Biden has more criminal activity in his background and it’s right out in the open … I’ve had enough of the BS More illegal people coming more trashy people that care nothing about America just what they can get FREE and the AMERICANS get nothing Talk about communism.. there is no more America.. Trump loves our country And he put us first … say what you want about Trump He was our greasiest President HD LOVES AMERICA .. that’s what a president should be like LOVING THEIR COUNTRY NOG TRASH IT …

    • The fish says:

      My reply is if the caravans are people wanting to escape socialism, communism etc. why come here you’ll be right back where you started.

  13. dave says:

    brainless people namely bidin and the dems should be put in insain homes

  14. dorchek says:

    What do you expect these two are idiots – Deep State

  15. Curt says:

    The current DFL party are radical Communist ! and I truly believe we will experience a civil war in this country . Every “Democrat “ needs to be removed from office . Biden will be removed from office within the first year . Then the pole dancer from California will take over as President . God help us .

  16. Jeff says:

    Absolutely Disagree with giving Illegals Citizenship, If they want to be U.S. Citizens they need to go through the Appropriate Channels. They should have to prove their Identity so they can be properly vested. And they should be Healthy and able to work for a living like the rest of Us. We don’t need anymore Freeloaders and welfare cases. If Biden and Harris try to push this through they should both be Impeached and removed from Office. They could effectively be giving Possible Criminals, Cartel members or Terrorist free Reign in Our Country. If that’s not putting Our Country and Citizens in Danger What Is? Honestly, This is Biden’s Crooked way, Hey Folks, I’ll Trade you Citizenship for more Democrat Votes. And if they manage to actually pass this Abomination through Congress who will get to Suffer and Pay for it? The American Taxpayers as Usual. It’s the Same Old Same Old the Democrats are known for when in Office. Don’t worry about the long term Cost, We’ll just Raise Taxes and Make the American Taxpayers Foot the Bill. Well it was Nice while it Lasted, At Least We had a President for 4 Years Who Put Our Country and Americans First.

    • Marilyn says:

      You say illegals should be healthy and able to work and support themselves if they are to be given citizenship. Just a point—almost all illegals other than children are healthy and able to work, but the same cannot be said for many, many of the million plus legal immigrants added to our country annually. Because of chain migration, the legal immigrant program brings us the elderly, the diseased and ill, the mentally and physically handicapped, people who require instant and forever care. And you should never be foolish enough to think these foreigners have no access to our welfare, free medical care, even our SS/Disability/Medicare program and of course, the anchor baby policy works for legal fireign non-citizens just like it dies for illegals.

      • Jeff says:

        Marilyn, First of all I want to say I Appreciate your Comment and I don’t Disagree with you in regards to Chain Migration at all. That is something President Trump wanted to work to Change. All I’m saying is Illegals need to follow the necessary Procedures to become Citizens and they need to be able to Contribute to Our Country and not just expect to come here and have the Government take care of their every need. We as American Citizens have to Work in Order to Live, At least the Greatest Majority of Us do. I have no Problem at all with anyone who wants to Legally come to the U.S. to better themselves and their Families. But to Simply hand Millions of Illegals U.S. Citizenship is of no Benefit to Anyone except the Illegals. Which a very high Percentage of are Women with several small Children in Tow. These Individuals have no Intention of Working which simply means the greatest Portion of them will be expecting a Free Ride, a Welfare Check, Food Stamps, Free Medical care, Free Housing. In other words a Massive Strain on our Already Over Taxed, over Worked System. Not to Mention Biden and Harris want to Throw the Doors Open to our Country and let Millions more Illegals into Our Already over Populated Society. I would Hope you feel as I do that we should take care of Our Legal Homeless Men, Women and Children, Our U.S. Veterans, Our Elderly and the rest of Our Population and Our Country before We start sending Billions of Dollars Overseas or We Let Millions of Illegal Aliens bring More Disease, Crime and Poverty into Our Country in the Middle of a Pandemic. Also in Regards to Chain Migration as I said I don’t Disagree with You, But in their Defense they don’t enter the Country Illegally, They have to have a U.S. Citizen or Green card Holder Sponsor them to be able to enter the Country. Is it a Problem? Absolutely and it needs to be Eliminated or Changed to a Policy with more Guide lines and Control. Times are Bad right now for a Large Portion of the American Population and with Biden and Harris in Control I Hate to say it but I Think we’re in for even Harder Times Ahead.

        • Jeff says:

          Sorry Marilyn I forgot to Address the Anchor Baby Policy. To put it in Plain English, “IT SHOULD BE ELIMINATED COMPLETELY”. Just because a Women Gives Birth within the Confines of Our Borders should not make that Child(s) a United States Citizen. And that was the Point I was Making in my last post in response to your Reply. When all the Caravans were showing up at the Border How many Women did you see with No Husband, But They look like they were going to Pop at any Minute And Already had 2, 3 or more Small Children in Tow. Do you Honestly Think they are here to Find a Job or because they really need Asylum. Not Hardly, They’re here because they have been told the streets are Paved with Gold in America and everyone gets Free Money, a Free house, Everything is Free. Again Not Hardly, If We know anything in America it’s that Nothing is Free. And the way it’s Going, Not Even Speech will be Soon.

      • Manuel Reyes says:

        How about the American worker who would see their pay get smashed so greedy business owners need only pay pennies to their workers. Also how about real working American workers who slaved their whole lives and payed into social security and to see it drained and bankrupted to pay to freeloader illegal aliens who just show up and qualify for food stamps, free government housing , free college, welfare, free medical and dental. This will not end well for these communist when the real Americans finally get pissed off.

  17. Norman says:

    President Trump would never all this bs to happen.Does President Biden care about the American peoples.And who will support 11 million illegal immigrants.Will the American taxpayers be forced to support them.They have no right getting health care,stimulus checks and Social security.
    When we the American peoples work their butts
    off to get Social security.Before we die of old age.
    Make me wonder if the democrats really care for the American peoples.Sure the stimulus checks are a major help.But to have 11 million illegal immigrants allowed to come to America.If that does happen will the democrats willing to support
    them with their money’s.That will never happen.
    America is on spiraling out of control and one day America will be bankrupt.And if you think the great depression was bad.The next great depression will a unrecoverable.America will never be great again. American money’s will be almost worthless.A Nation thats strong so will be the money’s.Please President Biden,American has
    fallen down and needs to stand-up and be strong.
    Focus on American,not illegal immigrants.They don’t care about us.All they care is taking away the American money’s.Look what covic19 has done to America.American peoples will be wearing masks
    for years before it becomes safe.And be able to enjoy our freedom once again America was once the greatest and the powerful nation on earth,but not anymore.
    America has to look up at nations that has left us behind.It’s high time for America to start movin on up! President Biden if you care and love America then now is the time to make it happen.
    Be strong and focus on making America great again.And making America the greatest nation on earth,before it’s to late.

    • Jeff says:

      Really you think plugs & heels up harris will ever do right by America? I have a better chance of sprouting wings.

  18. Varmit says:

    There is a lot more to citizenship than demanding it happen ! He may be the next wanna be but to do that, I don’t think so ! He does not have unlimited power !!!

  19. Pegs says:

    I just heard on the news the evil biden $400 BILLION !!!!!! That’s just a start!!!!! CORRUPT CROOK!!! GOD HELP OUR COUNTRY. OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!!! HERE GOES !!! ONE WORD…….PRAY PRAY PRAY IT’S POWERFUL.

    • Tim Smith says:

      Pray, first. Like the last ‘stimulus’ package, 93% went overseas. Only 7% went to American citizens. 2000 pages in that bill?? Just like Obama, billions will go to the middle east to countries that want to kill Americans. 200 billion dollars to Iran from Barrack. His newest bio, he speaks of his hate for Israel. Pray harder!

  20. Sam says:

    why are there no consequences to breaking our immigration laws? I guess they don’t see anything wrong with voter fraud either. President had fixed this problem and many others by being a strong leader who wasn’t bought and paid for by anyone. That is what we needed again. Unfortunately there aren’t enough true Americans in congress to uphold our election laws and investigate this illegal election and place the true winner of the election in office. Now we have those two criminals overthrowing our government with troops to enforce them. Where is a good sniper when you need one on Jan 20?

  21. Richard says:

    Joe Biden is a sick, sick man and to even think an idiot like this could become president of the USA is scary. I do believe the entire “ DemoncRATIc party” is on drugs and has an anti-American agenda. They sure as hell are not Patriots. This time I’m not sure our beautiful Republic can endure the hate demoncRATs have for America.

  22. Wes says:

    Things keep getting worse and Biden is not even in the White House yet. I think the Democrats sit around on their sofas at night and write down what is the stupidest thing I can think of to bring to the floor to pass. And to add to it, Republicans are listening. No research on fact. There should be a new test to become a Politician. First, like the citizenship test, word problems that demand, “What would you do” ? Some scenario comes up about something like these. It seems like most of these politicians have no common sense. No compassion. Lie without no conscience or punishment. Even no one to investigate if something is true. Just because they say something does not make it true. People call me an idiot. So. It’s not true. Or prove it. Also, they should be committed to the United States best interests. Classes that improve these skills on a regular basis. To many self interest people. Instead of me, us. To many things they do are not researched. If we did that at a job, we would be counseled, written up or fired. Money is another problem. To many lobbyists and donors. What if no money was required. More like passing written test and presented in front of a board where questions are asked by maybe five or six people like the military to move up in rank. The best are the picked based on these things. Lot of these politicians are lazy or cannot understand regular people. Changing the Constitution is not allowed. Since one will be President, they should have certain things that cannot be done. Impeach without evidence, pay foreign governments, lie. Anyway, I have emailed or tried to pass this information on. Good luck on anyone listening.

  23. Paul says:

    Biden and Harris . The idea of even trying to get away with that. Will never happen with us Trump supporters. They come in legally only and that”s the line we are drawing. You want these illegals ? Build a house with you two idiots in it 24?7 you feed them support them and house them on your dollar NOT OURS. So swallow that you dirty liberals

  24. I do not think that today’s Biden can demand anything for illegal immigrants, since he can hardly even distinguish his wife from his own sister. And as for illegal immigrants, he hardly remembers anything. Dementia problems.

  25. Ellen Proffitt says:

    NO. They must come in with U.S. immigration status approval like everyone else. It is the law.

    • D E Payton says:

      Biden/Harris have no regard for our Constitution!!! Here they all come! Another 11 MILLION illegals that WE are supposed to support! We already have 40 million! and I believe they are 15% of the population.

  26. Nelda G Weber says:

    We have enough problems in this country now without adding
    Thousands of illegals to the mix. Many of our people are out of work
    and cannot get jobs…how are illegals supposed to live here too?
    The middle class cannot support any more debt. I say ‘NO’ to
    inviting more problems into our country. Let them stay in their own country.

  27. robert peters says:

    This Elitist thief will screw the Average American and you’ll want our beloved Pres. back so badly, most Americans will realize with the caravans coming and the increased spread of the Co-vid from these Illegals, we’ll be lucky to survive, The hell with Fake News as these people refuse to cover the real truth in an effort to get their power back. From the late night hostd with a Liberal agenda to the CNN scum news slanters, America is constantly fed a false narrative. I can say that our Pres. had the right policies in place to make our country the powerful nation it has become. Remember the photo of weakness when our American sailors were held by the Iranians with their hands behind their heads when the Incompetant Biden/Obama was in power. We’re headed back, Our Pres. Trump had the perfect slogan “Keep America Great” Under Biden the new motto is “Keep America Stupid” and the people dependent on the tax and spend Democratic Liberals who seek power and fame while leading the country into an abyss of gloom and doom. So Sad Americans wake up and start to think for yourselves. Stop being fed this Communist Agenda. America will rise again, just not under this so called Pres. and the Swamp dwellers of Wash. D.C. And a great big vote of Thanks to our American President Donald Trump for his efforts to make and keep America Great.

    • Grace says:

      The truth is it’s not 11 million, it’s close to twenty million. It will be even more than that, Biden has promised open borders, tear down the fence. It’s no secret that with Biden in power the jobs will be going back to china. What small business in America is going to afford fifteen dollars an hour to a trainee who can’t even speak the language. Can you imagine the disruption in our school system? Haven’t our children suffered enough. There is gong to be a depression in America so deep it will rival the 20’s.

    • D E Payton says:

      LISTEN TO, WATCH NEWSMAX TV for the truth!

      Covid is political! Stats arent accurate and are exaggerated. Government controlling with FEAR! So people will get vaccines to support big pharm and the kickbacks! CHINA FOR BIDEN!

  28. JAYBO says:

    No he won’t. Biden and the whole rotten bunch are through. Happening now!

  29. Larry l bean says:

    The United States is not a welfare state for the world. We can not support the world .if Biden gets away with this then we will wind up supporting every body in central and South America then we will be nothing but a third world country our selves .then every thing our fore fathers fought for and died for will be for nothing.Biden and the vice president needs to be impeached now, we can:t let him run this great countrie down .God Bless the United States .make those people stay in their own countries and fix their problems .what about job for our people?

    • Ernest Garcia says:

      Remember cancel culture is getting rid of our fore fathers, they called trump a liar and the real liars were the demos making it look like they would every thing to people. Now the caravans are coming again so watch out for more illegals

  30. Marie says:

    REALLY!! You have got to be kidding me. We have American citizens who are suffering, no food, no home and no job. And you want to give what citizens don’t have to illegal aliens.The U.S. has laws that Biden, Kamala, Schumer and most of all Pelosi and all those who betrayed our President Trump should learn to live by. It’s terrible what is happening to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

  31. S says:

    I totally disagree. Because 1st they are already breaking the law and 2nd we need to take care of the legal citizens first. Drug are rampant because of illegals.

  32. S says:

    I totally disagree. Because 1st they are already breaking the law and 2nd we need to take care of the legal citizens first.

  33. Robert Shriver says:

    Hey Joe where are you going to get the money from too support all of them. Ofcouse from hard working Leagal American citizens who defended our country for people like you an The American hater (The Big K.) . Your really must hate the Great Country Called USA. If You And The Big K think your helping the American Citizens Then You Both Need Too Listen Too The People. Americans LEGALLY here Don’t have a job. So put that in your pipe and smoke it. Your 8o yeare old and probably Don’t care. So Good Luck.

  34. Keith says:

    This is the anti-American things we knew they would try to pull and with no way to stop it, we can only try to delay it in the courts until the GoP wins back congress in two years. The congress needs to be called and told this is wrong especially by minorities, as they will suffer the most due to the increased number of illegals. And with this, if it comes into being will come free college, medical, and God knows what else at the taxpayers expense and the economy will crash, COVID crash, it will be worse than 2007 crash and will be called a world wide depression. And it could end the supremacy of democracies to socialism, that is elitist politicians that own all the businesses and control the economy and peoples lives. Biden must be impeached!

    • Michael Robinson says:

      I don’t think it is right to reward people for doing something illegal to begin with. I do understand that people want to come to the United States to better there life and that of there family’s and I am all for the millions of immigrants that have worked hard to come to this country and becoming citizens of our great nation, however they did not get a free ride to citizenship so why should the people who are here illegally begiven a free ride our country can not afford that extra burden be put on the hard working tax paying citizens of our great nation. My heart hurt for the children that was paraded in front of the television because there parents are here illegally and the hardship the illegal actions of there parents has cost them but the bottom line is they are still hear illegally and should be made to leave.

      • Elizabeth says:

        People came and come here for freedom and a better life,but now that the Democrats are in power they can forget that. We already don’t have freedom of speech. Just let a conservative person of high regard try to speak at one of our colleges or universities and see what happens. They are shut down and violent crowds boo and harass them. Is that freedom where everyone has the right to speak? Is that freedom? They are now taking away the right of conservatives to post on Facebook and Twitter. They don’t want to be reminded of their sins such as the riots they allowed all the past years. They even block citizen from reading the truth on other cites.
        They only know “their” truth and won’t even listen to any conservative views. They don’t want anyone else to hear them either. They want total control over what we say, what we think and how we act.They want total power.

  35. Bill Zehner says:

    When millions of Americans are jobless due to covid restrictions, how does it make sense to add 11 million more foreign nationals to our workforce and encourage millions more to invade our country? When foreign diseases are killing tens of thousands of Americans each month, when does it make sense to encourage millions of foreign nationals to invade our country?

  36. Cg says:

    He joe why don’t you just tell the illegals they can move to Delaware.That way you can be real chummy with them when your home.I;m sure you wouldn’t mind having several thousand of them hanging around the house.After all you giving them the pathway to citizenship.Hmmm.

  37. Hope Kasper says:

    Totally wrong. Apply and come here the right way.

  38. James Mc Cormack says:


    • BG Brown says:

      Amazing that so many of the commenters can’t spell or put together a sensible sentence. Get an education before you start telling people how to govern!

      • Andy says:

        Well apparently they voted for this moron to be in office or did they, will never know about the corruption now that corruption is taken over within the administration. Voter fraud at an all time high, this country will not rebound from this. Your worried about spelling when we will have a president that doesn’t know he’s president. I would be more concerned about that.

  39. Terrie Wyatt says:

    Make them get jobs and pay taxes like the rest of us, No free handouts.

  40. Tyler Cholger says:

    Most of the platform that Biden/Harris ran on is unsustainable…the caravans are already in motion and soon will be at our borders…the proposed minimum wage hike to $15 per hour will apply to all new arrivals too id suppose…the minimum wage hike alone sounds good but the facts suggest that it is not very well thought out…it will be counter productive, it will be inflationary for all end products, the fast food industry will be drastically impact, the result will be more “NOT” less business closures…untrained kids, students, immigrants should “NOT” be entitled to what has been referred to as above poverty entry wages…that I thought was why there are trade schools, colleges, universities, etc…Additionally, bail out moneys for poorly run/managed cities regardless of political leanings should not be in any offering, period. Further, I am disgusted with the singular sided and spun censorship which has been allowed by big tech companies…unfortunately, what used to be the big dog (government) today is being wagged by the tail (social media companies/big techs) so sad…and so sad because I do not see any end to what they can do/control…so sad…wake up conservatives/liberals and the rest of you with potential grey matter and a sense of reasoning.

  41. steve says:

    11 million, that’s nothing, tip of the ICEBERG, when every person in Central America who wants “free stuff” arrives at Border on the Caravan

  42. Nurex35 says:

    Here’s a Q for all you lawyers and legal scholars; can an illegitimate president issue a valid executive order making illegal aliens legal citizens? Thats of course a rhetorical Q because most of you elitist a$$holes who fall in that category the answer is clear. The only liberal legal scholar with more than an ounce of integrity id Alan Derschwitz. Even he states that Congress acted contrary to the provisions of the Constitution in impeachment Trump while most of your ilk cheered!

  43. F F Tramutola Jr. says:

    AMERICA demands PRISON for him and all who participated in, condoned, financed, planned or COMMITTED election fraud.

  44. Carol Bartlett says:

    Never do I want to see 11 million illegals just allowed to remain in this country legally through sketchy legislation! I am in no way a Democrat!! My Dad was a proud veteran of WWII and Korea. He would view this stunt as the travesty it is!

  45. Rhina says:

    I am being Terrorized every day gov own property mobile home park I live at. While us Americans are over charged for rent we get to live in third world conditions and when we ask a question they will make your life hell. It’s why nothing works right Americans we don’t get opportunities they rather have them which they use as slaves. Biden will make sure none of us Americans survive. God Bless America

  46. L. Brown says:

    With a national debt of almost 27 trillion now, I would like to know how they will be able to take care of over 11 million more people. They are talking about Social Security, medical care, and education for them{free}. Our own citizens don’t get that, but I do see that the citizens here don’t mean anything to this government. Except to over charge for what we do have, and take as much as they can for taxes. They are trying their hardest to drive this great country down as far as they can. But they should stop and think think that if they do, we won’t have any money for them to take.

    • Sam says:

      L Brown, the democrats, especially biden and pelosi, don’t need our money to steal, they get plenty from China in their plan to sell out our country

  47. Leon Lurie says:


    • David says:

      Agree! both Biden and Harris must be impeached for creating such and outrageous plan. But let’s not forget the democrats and their RINO buddies outnumber the sane congressional members. We are truly on a crash collision course.

    • Ernest Garcia says:

      Demos want votes so that’s they want hive these illegals citizrnship

    • Verna Gifford says:

      They’re not in office yet and they’re already making devastating plans for this country. When they take the oath of office, don’t they have to swear that they will uphold the Constitution of the United States? They have never planned to do that, starting with the rigged election. Everything President Trump accomplished during his 4 years will be undone within 4 weeks or less. That is downright deplorable and makes me sick.

      • Sam says:

        Do you think they know or care what’s in the constitution? They don’t value the oath to uphold our constitution. It means nothing to them. The only think they care about are the millions of dollars that China is paying them to overthrow our government and hand it over to the communists. Doesn’t all of the troops at the capital look like a government being overthrown after a sham of an election?

  48. Danny says:

    They are surely two of the biggest enemies if our great country Biden and Harris we are doomed, they haven’t even taken office yet and our gas prices are going up up up, we are truly in bad trouble in our country.

    • Robert Miller says:

      Civil war

      • David D'Anna says:

        2nd REVOLUTION! They will NOIT get this DONE,They will be Hanging!! or SHOT!!..Look at how many times we had the goods on them and how they dodged the TRUTH!! Remove the MSM, Take pout their Leaders in CONGRESS and they HAVE NOTHING!!,..They alone are GUILTY of TREASON and SEDITION!..If President TRUMP is NOT The PRESIDENT..There is NO OTHER WAY!!

  49. Honest says:

    Did You Forget the REAL Americans Joe~ Must be time to send Dopey Joe to a old folks home and throw away the keys~

  50. frank roesch says:

    there is no way this should happen

  51. Gregorable says:

    This “legalization” is just blatant pandering for votes and forcing the taxpayer to foot the Bill for all the new government services they will tap into. This is democrat payoff politics on open display! There will be plenty of new work for the police and the HHS as they chase down new con men and fraudsters, (democrat voters)!

  52. C.C.P. says:

    Biden and Harris will immediately demand that 11 million illegal aliens be legalized, then charges back taxes and penalties for all their illegal years in the Country. If unable to pay at once, they will rounded up and placed into NY style Detainment Camps. The educated one will become indentured servants for Wealthy Elites and free Labor for Democrat owned Businesses.

  53. norm says:

    01/21/2021 Pedifile Joe,
    And Cumalot Douchebad Harris Impeachment

  54. Linda says:

    heaven sakes . NO I don’t agree, they need to go through correct channels, with back ground checks and proof they can physically work for a living. Our country will be over run and will be nothing more than a 3rd world country. No for Biden and No for Harris they will ruin our Great U SA!

  55. The corrupt rewarding the law-breakers – how novel! This is an open invitation to the world to dump their criminals/terrorists/welfare cases on the US and putting CITIZENS in the position of supporting them………again!!! NO incentive to do it the right way, and NO ACCOUNTABILITY!!!!

  56. The “Tree of Liberty” is about to be watered again…

  57. Robert Brannan says:

    That should be grounds for impeachment!

    • Jim says:

      I just contacted the brand new Congresswoman Marg Hreen from LA to prepare to impeach him for violating the Immigration laws in the Constitution. I also get ready to impeach him the 3rd time for his participation in the attempted coup in 2017. She has more courage that the ineffective establishments and Rinos combined. She needs a very strong position in the party. Let’s see if McCarthy has the courage to do it. Maybe she should replace Dizzy Lizzy Cheney.

  58. This is the first step in many Stupid ideas that this clown will come up with. Harris is just as dumb. Won’t be long before taxpayers will regret voting for him.

  59. Don says:

    vice president biden and President Harris should rethink that position after stealing the election I don’t think the Majority in this country will stand for giving away our rights and taxpayer money to Illegals COM’ON Man use some freakin common sense….. Don

    • David D'Anna says:

      I don’t think that will happen,They DON’T have any…

    • Elvira says:

      What can we do? Everybody is corrupt on both sides. The people gave to take back the country and eliminate them fricken politicians like parasites. Biden and his hyena will destroy this country beyond repair. They don’t give a flying flip, they stuffed their pockets full. It is a disgrace!! I fear for this country. The illegals caravan are already in route. The cartels panting, not to mention the diseases. What a concept, illegals come and you will get rewarded. The American Taxpayers will take care of you all. Everybody that voted for these lunatics will get what is coming to them, unfortunately we will too. We can only pray!!!!

  60. BARRY A. Sailor says:

    This is total bullshit and I firmly disagree to it. We are a country of laws. Not giveaways as these two inept fools want to do. This is an insult to

    • Rosita says:

      I totally disagree with the BS their trying to push down our throats . There not thinking at all about the American people, they want to bring them over here so we can support them, bye taking our jobs and lively hood. The hell with the American People, Biden and Harris and the rest of the DemRats, more votes for them, come election time

    • david says:

      Except both parties and been “giving” away for decades to illegal aliens and foreign countries. The trillion$ of dollars spent on those two issues alone would have already fixed all our schools, streets, highways, bridges, tunnels, ports, parks, dams and probably resolved most of the homeless problems.

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