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Biden/Fauci: Masks Will Be Mandatory

For better or worse, one thing seems certain. If Joe Biden is elected President, he and Dr. Anthony Fauci will make the wearing of COVID-19 masks mandatory. The powers of the presidency are immense and it’s clear that, with the support of Fauci, Biden will use those powers to command the wearing of masks.

As noted by Breitbart, “Appearing Friday on CNN, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, said the United States may want to mandate wearing masks to combat the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus.”

And, as can be seen in the video below of Fauci being interviewed on this topic, clips of Joe Biden speaking at length about his determination to use every presidential power he can muster to make mask wearing mandatory are played for Fauci so he can agree with Biden’s call for mandatory masks.

Eventually, Fauci states: “Well, if people are not wearing masks, then maybe we should be mandating it.” [emphasis added]

Bottom line: Joe Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci want to force everyone in the United States to wear masks for as long as Joe Biden dictates.


What do you think? Should it be mandatory that Americans wear masks for as long as Joe Biden demands they do so? Share your thoughts in the Comment section.


  1. AW Apon says:

    That little worm He thinks he knows everything there is to know about everything. this week he wants to do things this way next week he’ll want to do things a different way. I’m not wearing a mask because they tell me to wear one. I’m an American there are rights and I’m not going to let anyone step on them I don’t give a damn who he is!!!!

    • Lou says:

      I agree! Funny no one is talking about the Flu. My mother-in-law & myself ended up testing positive for Covid right after we got the flu shot. We both live in different states. I find that very interesting…Did the flu magically disappear? Don’t think so! they’re using the flu to spike Covid numbers so they can continue to push fear into the American people. Quite frankly, I’m so sick of hearing about Covid. Now that the Dems will be running the country we are all screwed. Good-bye freedom!

  2. Edna Shanok says:

    It is crazy for a healthy person to wear a mask!!!
    I cannot breathe when wearing a mask; i also have doubts that it prevents the wearer from getting ill if they do wear a mask. For those who do feel more comfortable with a mask then wear it. But me, I would rather be able to breathe! I happen to be 80 yrs. old and each breath that I take is very important to me.

    • Bubbelove says:

      Edna, I agree. I am 79 years young, and my husband 83 years young. Fauci is in bed with the Democrats. People have made him the second coming. Cannot stand the smirk on his face. I don’t care what his title is, I think he is a fake. I also do not understand the people who
      are driving alone wearing masks, on a bicycle, walking, etc. This is madness. We have not had a cold in years- why? because we don’t go near anyone with a cold. Notice how now they are referring to Biden/Fauci.

  3. Sheila says:

    I agree with Che. Those at high risk should wear a mask if they want their health protected. But don’t force their beliefs on those who are sick of their freedoms being tred upon. If it wasn’t for Barack, none of this virus would be prevalent as much as it is in America now. He has betrayed our country in more ways than one and had the gall to try to kill alot of us off by giving money to the Wuhan lab to make the virus worse and more dangerous. He needs the highest mandated penalty for treason!!

    • Cheryl Fitch says:

      I agree with you. They’re trying to destroy our immune systems so more of us will die. Everyone knows the more these bs masks are worn, the more we destroy our immune system and won’t have the ability to fight off future viruses.

  4. Brenda says:

    I think masks should be mandated. Everywhere there’s a big gathering and no mask mandated we are having big outbreaks.Common sense people. I am at high risk of dying from this, think of other people’s lives and not be so self centered.

    • The Sturgis Rally of unmasked bikers was supposed to have serious ramifications, never happened.Those guys and gals are made of steel!

    • Robin says:

      I’m at high risk too but that doesn’t give me the right to expect people who supposedly live in a”free” country to wear masks for me. I’ll learn to live in a way to keep myself safe. Not put that on others and keep them from going on with their lives. Read all the info about how well masks work. Fauci has money on a vaccine when it comes out that people say they won’t get. If they get tired of wearing masks his hope is they will give in and he’ll get richer. Most things in life go back to money.

  5. Van R. Waterhouse,C.D.T. says:

    Dr. Fauci is behind this virus; had he not violated the 2014 law stating that no monies from U.S. be given to foreign viral labs! Fauci by passed congress and sent 3.7m dollarsin 2015 to the Wuhan lab! He should be prosecuted for his actions! He is part of the DEEP STATE, a George Soros puppet,and a commie!

    • Robin says:

      They blame China but they should be blaming Fauci. There are pics of him not wearing a mask around other People. He’s a fake with an agenda.

  6. Stephanie says:

    Mandating mask wearing is against our guaranteed freedom. I chose to wear a mask when around other people. Some people don’t want to wear one. We all have the choice to either do it or not.

  7. Doliver says:

    No. How do we build an immune system if we are never exposed to germs? Mask mandates are stupid, idiotic and counter-productive.

  8. camille says:

    what is happening to the land of the FREE? WE wear masks to enter buildings and on public transportation. BUT I will not wear a mask if I am out walking my dog, or my car!!! If this is not the beginnings of SOCIALISM I don’t know why more people are seeing this.

    • Robin says:

      It’s the socialist saying he will mandate it if he becomes president. Those voting for him think it’s unconstutional and it is. In our state. The Supreme Court ruled against the Govenor. She bypassed them and made the Health department mandate masks. We can’t win.

  9. Ever hear the statement “too many cooks spoil the stew! All these people should submit their recondition to the President of the U.S. or his designated representative for disimanation.

  10. Sonia says:

    Masks shouldn’t be mandated, it shall be up to the person or merchant. I am 76 years old had Covid and I’m fine and no mask! Only mask for Halloween

  11. We seem to have no end in the # of differing positions of “experts” on what to do about the virus! These experts should submit their requests to the President of the U.S. or his designated representative for discrimination! Ver hear “too many cooks spoil the stew?

  12. Darlene Shively says:

    I think Fauci should retire. Of course there are more cases being reported because more people are being tested. The Democrats led by the liberal media have made this political as they have nothing else to stand with. Trump is a business man and not a politician. Our economy has improved these last four years. All these riots, of course there has been more cases. They weren’t all wearing masks. Pelosi is out of control. Biden & Harris do not have the experience this country needs to survive. I am not in favor of benefits for illegal immigrants. We need to do more for our veterans & struggling small farm families. God save us, I am praying. I am happy to be a “Chump” as Biden calls us & my vote stays with Trump.

    • Ron Ron says:

      Trump is a WORLD CLASS IDIOT! He claims (and so do many other people!) to be a businessman. He relies on this son and son-in-law to run his businesses! He doesn’t have a clue as to how to run a business!! He needs to go back to his socalled acting skills and start filming The Apprentice again so he can fire anybody he wants to fire, he does that anyway!! He is a sorry excuse for a President of the United States!! He HAS NOT supported the American people throughout this horrible pandemic that has invaded our country! He knew it was deadly and people would succumb to it but, he chose NOT to share the information with the American people so as “not cause a panic”! What the hell does he think he’s causing now — A PANIC!! People look to him for leadership and he has failed the American people tremendously! If he would consistently wear a mask while with other people and properly socially distance with others, the American people would follow his lead, but he chooses and has chosen NOT TO DO THAT!! Trump DEFINITELY NEEDS TO GO for the sake of our country!!

      • Cheryl Fitch says:

        Ron your entire hate filled TDS speech only shows your ignorance. Not 1 thing you stated was truthful “ie” his son and son in law have to run his business because he doesn’t know how too? You show your incredible, beyond words, boggles the mind, ignorance. Although we’ve come to see the pattern of uneducated rhetoric (such as what you have displayed here) among other Democrats. You embarrass yourself. Educate yourself.

      • Robin says:

        I’m assuming you think a frail old man who can’t remember where he is or his own wife’s name unless he’s on a drug that lasts an hour or two would be a better choice for the country? Your listening to the media and not to the President. He does NOT lie all the time. They have convinced you he does. It’s sad there are so many People with blinders on. If they’d take them off they would realize one man can not do everything by himself. It takes an army of people to stand up for their rights. Wanting the Government to take care of everything is socialism. Either you want to be free or you don’t. Make up your mind.

    • Cheryl Fitch says:

      Darline Shively, I agree 100% with everything you said.

    • Bubbelove says:

      I agree with you 100% We are not getting correct information from the media. More people are being tested, most people who are dying have underlying diseases. A friend of mine went to get tested, the wait was so long she decided to leave. Several days later she received a letter telling her she had the virus. NEVER tested. This is happening all over the country. My son and his family, one of my daughters, and one of my grandchildren all had covid. They are perfectly fine.

  13. Robert L Stewart says:

    Fauci number-Science plus Biden dictator-Leadership = criminal stupidity and prolonged weakening of the human immune system and PROGRESSIVE increase of weakness and viral-bacterial Death Rate — Oh, and the beginning of unconstitutional central government control.

  14. Buzz says:

    This just proves the Biden doesnt care or even know what the Constitution says. It would be a violation of our Constitutional rights to mandate mask wearing. Thats why Trump never tried it. If you recall there was talk about it and they found this out. But the Democrats dont care about the Constitution. They want to rewrite it to fit their Liberal agenda. Just look at Pelosi and Amendment 25. Only at the State level can mandating masks be done and many have already implemented the mandate. You really want to know why Covid is on the rise? Has nothing to do with Govt. Its because people are being stupid and not following the guidelines and recommendations thats been put out. But neither candidate can stand in front of the crowd and point at them and say the truth without consequence. In this case losing an election. Wake up people.

    • P. says:

      people are not wearing masks because they’re smart enough to know that they don’t work how many times do you people have to be told about the controlled studies from other countries look at China they all are in masks and they’re still infected smarten up. It’s a very bad flu eventually will probably all going to get it. Blame China for that quit locking us down and covering our faces it doesn’t work we’re all going to get it we have the majority of people covering their face staying home not working and we’re still getting it so tell me where this is working. Start living your life sorry about the ones that have lost their lives we’re all going to die someday. it’s a sad day when you have somebody in your family die we had one in November probably from the coronavirus even though they said they didn’t know what it was. At that point they called it pneumonia. But he was 88 years old we’re still sad to this day he died everybody that lived loses somebody is sad for a very long time. You can’t jeopardize all of America for 1% of people that are dying from it unheard of unconstitutional unfair. and you know what for some ungodly reason it’s the majority of Democrats that are believing this BS. Smart enough people before you turn into China.

      • Robin says:

        I don’t think the Dems believe it. If they did we wouldn’t have pics all over of senators, Govenors etc… With no masks on. We always said when the election gets closer we’ll start hearing the virus is getting worse. Sure enough. Now there’s a third big wave going on and it’s mixing with the flu. Many more will die they say. In Democratic states they were writing covid deaths on anyone who died. Govenors put covid patients in nursing homes. When they repeat the number who have died they forget to mention how many died because politics is more important to them than lives.

  15. verdonna says:

    Wait, what country are we in again? I thought this was the United States of America.
    Land of the FREE, home of the brave???

    Although I do agree wearing a mask is wise, I for one do not want the US Government mandating what I can and or should wear. Fear-mongering is shallow and desperate. It’s so obvious why China unleashed this pandemic.
    Dr. FauxChi flipflops more than a fish out of water.

    How about we go back to the basics, do unto others as you would have done unto you. It’s not that complicated.

  16. verdonna says:

    Wait, what country are we in again? I thought this was the United States of America.
    Land of the FREE, home of the brave???

    Although I do agree wearing a mask is wise, I for one do not want the US Government mandating what I can and or should wear. Fear-mongering is shallow and desperate. It’s obvious why China unleashed this pandemic.
    Dr. FauxChi flipflops more than a fish out of water.

    How about we go back to the basics, DO THE RIGHT THING or better yet, do unto others as you would have done unto you. It’s not that complicated.

  17. Christine Kluch says:

    If masks work, why is the virus still a problem? Biden needs to continue scaring people because he doesn’t offer anything else. He’s done nothing for 47 yes. What is going to change? Nothing.

  18. Dawn McClain says:

    It’s appalling to me that people swallow the lies Fauci throws out! He expects all of us to mask up when he doesn’t wear one half the time! Plus, I think the fact that he has ties to the Wuhan Lab where the virus originated and to Bill Gates, his old college buddy, should be investigated further. This virus is a deadly hoax being played out on people! Wake up!

  19. Frank Chancholo says:

    Fauci is a flip flopping Democratic operative. Biden is an idiot and masks do nothing except getting people pissed off that they have to wear them. America is supposed to be a free country and mandating anything takes that away.

  20. Linda ross says:

    I thank should wear mask

    • Mickey Green says:

      Sheep wear a mask! I am not a Democratic Party sheep! I will not wear a mask! To have other issues! You wish to that’s on you! Do not push your ignorant ideas on others! Keep in your own lane

    • Donna says:

      Then you wear one ! It should be up the the individual ! This is the land of the free ! The government has no right to run our lives ! Some people just can’t wear them ! I myself have attacks when I try and put one on and even seeing others with them on all over the place because what has happened to me !

  21. Che says:

    Fauci is a Democrat puppet. It is because of him that lockdowns have been on going since March, and it has been shown that mask wearing does nothing for people, that if people who have a compromised immune system want to wear them, that should be good enough. This guys lies have lost me my job, and millions of others, and he knows if was all for nothing. If Obama hadn’t given the Wuhan Lab $38 million dollars, this virus would never have come to this country. And the media and these politicians think we don’t know how this happened, and right in an election year, Imagine That

  22. Linda Ross says:

    I thank it should be mandated

    • ROSE says:


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