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Biden: Georgia Is an Un-American, Jim Crow State

Breaking Now: Just moments ago, President Joe Biden issued a statement about Georgia’s new voting law (see below). Biden argues that, in essence, Georgia is a state with a majority of legislators who are white supremacists and who are un-American.

Biden states the new law is “Jim Crow in the 21st century. It must end. We have a moral and constitutional obligation to act.”

This is a breaking news story and will be updated as warranted…

After reading the full statement below, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you agree or disagree with Biden?


  1. Fed up says:

    Biden is the one who is un-American he has done nothing but put Americans out of work,caused illegals to enter the country with who knows what kind of diseases and looking to raise taxes,he claims Georgia is un-American why because they want to stop lowlifes like the left from cheating in every election like they did the last time

  2. NavVet67 says:

    I have one question about voter suppression….exactly and specifically what is physically being done to suppress voters? Are they (WHOEVER) not letting people register to vote? Are they preventing people from voting at the polls? Are they not having polling places in every city, town and hamlet? Or are people just to lazy to go to the polls? Of course we understand that handicapped and old people in assisted living homes or nursing homes may need assistance but other than that, if a person wishes to vote nothing is stopping them. Or are you suggesting than armed bandits are keeping people away? Please explain to me fully. Quite frankly, I think this is just political BS

    • Judy Cook says:

      Amen, you said it well, political bs.

    • Flip says:

      They have to cry yhat last narrative of hope that people will cave to that narrative . That the last option they have thats worked before .

  3. James says:

    Trump Train 2024. It’s okay because were just going to change everything back once we get back in office. Democrates will fail because they have no clue to what they are doing. It is just a matter of time. Mark my words. A country can not survive on this kind of stupidity for long in the United States, that is why they hold Presidency every 4 years.

  4. Charles Larson says:

    I agree completely with Biden about Georgia’s new “Jim Crow” law in being designed to oppress blacks and poor voters by making voting more difficult and all because BIDEN WON THAT STATE IN 2020 AND I BET THAT THE GEORGIA RACIST Governor will be voted out if not impeached and removed from office sooner. He’s just as disgraceful as George Wallace was. To make it illegal to offer a bottle or cup of water to a voter while they’re waiting hours in line has got to be the most insane and racist law in the books. It brings back Crow era “white” and “negroes” water fountains and other separate racist dining and restroom “privileges”. They arrested a black female representative who knocked on the governor’s door while he signed the new oppressive voting laws surrounded by white officials and they all should be arrested for arresting that black lady representative. If our D.O.J. does their job, the governor will lose and she’ll win her false -arrest case. That Governor could well contribute to more racial unrest in our country and thus is a threat to inciting more violence by protesters , like Trump incited at the Capitol on 1-6-21.

    • Byron says:

      You obviously get all of your information from cnn! Hope some day you wake up and see what is truly going on.

  5. AJ says:

    W. Virginia is passing a law to ban enforcing federal gun laws that aren’t similar to their state laws: Past current and future. Other states should take similar action to stop these democrap communist treasonist traitors. This could provide valueable time to slow the democrap communist adgenda to enslave us. Also can restrict federal agents from entering the state because by law federal agents need to notify states when entering their county and state. County sheriff has authority to stop deny entry and arrest agents not granted authority to enter state. Federal jurisdiction is only in Washington DC, national parks, federal buildings. Good job W. Virginia!!!

    • Charles Larson says:

      A.J., you definitely need to be committed to a mental institution. You think democrats are out to turn our country to communism and “enslave” us USA citizens. Man, you are so far off your rocker, dude. Let me assure you here, I promise I’ll personally take on all of Congress and invade the White House to capture Biden BEFORE any such insane scenario starts to take place. Chill out, Buddy. I PROMISE I HAVE AMERICA/ USA’s BACK ALL BY MYSELF AND TOTALLY UNARMED. HOW ? LET ME WORRY ABOUT THAT, BUT I’LL USE MY UNTAPPED MENTAL POWERS. NOW, PLEASE get the mental help and counseling you SO GREATLY NEED.

      • Charles Larson says:

        W. Virginia has no power over the Federal Government who CAN DISBAND THAT STATE FROM OUR UNION. THEIR GOVERNOR COULD BE IMPEACHED FOR CRIMES AGAINST THE USA CONSTITUTION THAT HE HAS THE DUTY TO DEFEND IN PROTECTING USA CITIZENS. If for example Congress votes to ban assault guns and W. Virginia refuses to abide by the law, how long do you think it’ll take to replace the governor? Do you think their citizens want to be disbanded from the UNION?

  6. AJ says:

    The media and politicians did not expose the following facts. And nothing from President Trump either.
    On June 9, 2020, Natural Living, posted this article, “Gates & Military Funded Mosquito Vaccine Delivery and Gates Backed Company to Release GM Mosquitoes.” Also posted on Natural Blaze on 3 27 21. The mosquitoes were to released in summer of 2020 in Florida and Texas. Why do you need a stringe full of vaccine if a mosquito can infect you with one bite?
    On 3 27 21, Natural Blaze posted this article, “Nano chips And Smart Dust Dangerous New Face Of Human Microchipping Agenda, posted on 10 20 17 in Natural Health News. This article explains clearly what these vaccines are really for. Not to stop a virus but to infect you with nanochips that will be used to control your independence and emotions. It can enter your body by food, liquid and air. This article in very detailed and informative. The reality of these facts have to terrify you. It like reading science fiction. But it is the “TRUTH.” Beyond belief that this is happening. The nanochip is a billionth of an inch. That means a one mosquito can infect hundreds of humans. And it does not need batteries to function. This is an attack on every living human in the world to convert them to slavery without firing a shot. And it could work. There is no time now left to wait to take control of OUR COUNTRY. These democrap communist treasonist traitors don’t realize that they too will be infected with nanochips and be controlled slaves too. President Trump has not united patriots to take OUR COUNTRY back. So it is up to patriots to start the forceful resistance. GOD BLESS AMERICA PATRIOTS!!! LIVE FREE OR DIE FIGHTING!!!

    • Charles Larson says:

      You’re all a bunch of Lying no-good punks….> nothing but hot air. Leave our country Now if you hate everyone as you seem to. Beat It!

  7. Jack says:

    If the 2020 election is not sorted out there will never be another free and honest election in the US. Biden and the CCP stole the election and with god’s help we will correct the fraud.

  8. David Smith says:

    Just read another story on Real American Pundit written by Nancy Taylor it said according to a Gallop poll up to 42 million people from the central and South American countries want to come to American and that the people coming to the border and being allowed in could reach as high as 2 million But I am sure Gallop may be wrong besides Nancy Pelosi said Biden has the border under control Maybe I will get lucky and I can find a small farm I can buy down in Colombia I hope millions do come to the border and Biden lets them in It is the humane thing to do according to some people Not being racist just what other people have said. I am going to stop my terrorist thoughts and stop being so much of a negative person I am going to believe everything Biden Pelosi and Harris say and I am glad I read that Biden is getting advice from a great past President Obama In light of all these shooting people must be right we must ban assault rifles. Maybe like some people have said get rid of all guns. Jeez it is great to have faith in my government again I just wish Trump and his terrorist and the Republican party would stop telling lies The election was totally legal Trump like people have said is just a sore loser. And like the educated professors and teachers say we should say we are sorry for being born white and give our homes to black people because had white privilege And tear down all those white people statues Not being racist just saying what other people have said here and in the news And I guess I was wrong to say the Indians should be paid along with the other people who were abused before. Just saying what other people have said I should not have put my limited brain cell to so much wrong thinking Well have a great day everyone

  9. David Smith says:

    Just read on Reliable News Now Trump is concerned about the border as some people have said he starved a bunch of children I am confused is he going down there to make sure the bodies are all buried He is not President so why would he want to bother going

  10. David Smith says:

    Just read on a post the Pentagon is going to release information on UFO’s June 1st it was posted by John Garrett But I thought the government said they did not exist for years and people who saw them or were taken up into a space ship were all nuts that included Police doctors Lawyers Pilots who lost their jobs Military people But I believe the government that it was a balloon that crashed at Roswell I guess John is not telling the truth and all the videos were fake He must be looking for his 15 minutes of fame and all the people in Arizona that saw something in the sky must be eating too much peyote LMAO>

  11. David Smith says:

    Just read on Real Conservatives Unite Mr. Biden plans to run in 2024 isn’t that wonderful It would be interesting to see if He wins I am trying to stop my sarcastic remarks and just write what I read my opinion doesn’t mater anyway and no one is going to do anything about anything anyway. I read Oakland has started giving the money to poor people but not poor white people no racism intended just what I read exact words

  12. Gary Price says:

    That’s funny ever thing is racist when it’s a Republican but the scumbag Democrats forgot that the Democrats are the kkk the once leader of the kkk was a Democrat in office and when he died Biden Schumer Pelosi and Obama praised him and went to his funeral these people are the biggest hipagrets I’ve ever seen and to faced nocounts

  13. AJ says:

    Great to hear citizens are feed up with the voter corruption. But the issue of destroying OUR RIGHTS to bear arms more important at this time. Because these democrap communist traitors won’t stop once they don’t fear the citizens. OUR 2nd Amendment provides a response to treason and tyranny. 9th circuit court just ruled against open carry. And Hawaii has a state law against open carry. And you can’t depend on scotus to over the 9th circuit by their pass actions not hearing the 2020 voter election fraud cases. Are you aware that these treasonist traitors intend to destroy OUR RIGHTS, CONSTITUTION AND COUNTRY. Words will not prevent these treasonist traitors destruction of OUR COUNTRY. And once they have confiscated OUR GUNS we will be communist slaves. If they want riots let give them riots that leads to a civil war. In a short time all dissents against this government will be censored. There is no other way. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND PATRIOTS!!!!

    • Charles Larson says:

      You must be the son of David Koresh or Timothy McVeigh. God, please help us and these lunatics to get the counseling they badly need.

  14. Angela says:

    All democrats in Washington talk about and treat people of color like they are stupid, like they can’t think for themselves or survive without aid from government. Democrats politicians need to wake up and realize we are very capable of thinking speaking working and achieving our goals without there handouts and insults.

  15. David Smith says:

    OMG I just read Allah Akbar passed a background check maybe his family should have stepped up and said he does not need a gun Maybe we need to make getting a gun harder. If we ban guns only the illegals will have guns and the criminals the police who we know never shoot and innocent person and the military and we know they would never shoot Americans

  16. George Jones says:

    It seems as time goes by that more and more we Need a New Declaration of Independence. The reasons to rid ourselves of a tyrannical government that was in 1776 is upon us today. We need a new central government. A Do Over. The current system is too badly broken to be patched up. It is time for a secession of States similar to the Southern States breaking off in 1861 but this time it will be for a Holy, Worthy Cause. Starting with The Convention of States we must break free.

    • Charles Larson says:

      George, can’t you go back to song- writing , instead of becoming a domestic terrorist like these other posters talk of becoming? Remember Jerry’s kid Mattie Stepanek? He said ,”Be a peacemaker.” A Wise old soul if there ever was one.

  17. David Smith says:

    LMAO New one on Breitbart news Oakland giving BIPOC 500 dollars a month but not poor white families LMAO You should read the article it is insanely funny But that is Californication for you But New Jersey and Georgia are starting to do that too.

  18. CornPop says:

    Not long ago when Barak Obama was asked why he hasn’t endorsed Biden for President, Obama stated quote: “Joe has the ability to FCK up anything”.

  19. David Smith says:

    Corri LMAO Considering the choice we have of corrupt people to vote for I would not stand 2 minutes in line and I always carry a bottle of water with me as I ride a bike and I don’t care if they close the voting places When we get an honest person to run for President then I will get upset and even then it will not mater because they will either change the votes like this last election or shoot him or her like they did Kennedy

    • SweetLadyMary says:

      The Democrats always think that people of color are too stupid to get an I D card and to contact the voter center for a mail in ballot if they are unable to vote in person. I have news for them, we are not stupid and many of us have college degrees. We know enough to bring our own water bottle if it is hot outside. We know enough to ask our employer for time off or get to the polls early as I did for many years. We don’t mind sending a copy of our new driver’s license with our mail in ballot. What we do mind is the cheating that took place in the 2020 elections for the senators and for the presidency. Joe Biden did not win by a long shot. Never, ever vote for a Democrat. They will do and say anything to get and stay in power.

      • Charles Larson says:

        There’s no WAY you are a black American. You are a white racist liar. “A WATER BOTTLE IF IT’S HOT”. ONLY A LUNATICAL WHITE RACIST WOULD SAY THAT, MORON. Your words are bad enough, but you have to grossly offend us with that screen name. Lady, you are pathetic.

  20. ee says:

    biden, harris, pelosi are traitors to our country, America………..they think that we are too stupid to know what they are doing…….our Constitution says….. When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for people to dissolve the political bans which have connected them to another, a decent respect requires that they declare the causes which impel them to the separation. We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain rights and among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. To secure these rights governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed and whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it and to establish new government………..why do you think they are trying to do away with our Constitution?

    • Patricia Marquet says:

      So what should we the people do about it? Does’t seem like any Senator is really taking any action that would stop the things that are going on. Biden tells so may lies, he is embarrasseing.

    • Inna says:

      Exactly. We are Americans have to stand up what is right for as and for our future generations.

  21. judith says:

    We need President Trump back in Whitehouse as soon as possible. WE also need a Voters ID for Americans Only and this crap would stop. Illegals who are not citizens of America should not be aloud to vote. Have of them can’t even speak English. they should even be here according to our constitution. Biden and his commies needs to go. This is OUR COUNTRY and we want it back. Let these illegals go with live with pelsoi, schumer and the rest of their commards in their Homes they want them here so bad. The democrates are nothing but, UN Americans who doesn’t care about America or the people and never has.

    • Faye says:

      You are so right!!

    • TroopAbn says:

      Time to get this tyrant at the Pentagon out with those others trying to overthrow our country. To say we have individuals in our military that are enemies because they are Republicans! This is an outrage! Those in power are the enemy! I never thought I’d see cabinet members try to purge our ranks. This guy along with Shumer, Pelosi, Harris, Biden, Shiff, Swallwell and many others are despots against the USA. Time for the Patriots to takeover, jail these scumbags, put our troops on the border and send the illegals back across the Rio Grande. We didn’t bring them here. Let those 9-year olds walk back to El Salvador, (a 9-year old never walked here in the first place). Anyone that think’s he did should go to Holland and do the 4-day, 160km (100 mile) walk. Then you will know what a lie Biden’s Press Conference was on This past Thursday.

      • Charles Larson says:

        I don’t know who you refer to at the Pentagon or what he said. No one cares about the 9-year old’s journey , he might’ve taken a week or two and he supposedly walked with another kid. It’s hard to believe the mom did what she did but you’d think she’d get him on a bus or a truck or car to travel most of that distance. The family obviously is dirt poor, though.

    • Patricia Link says:

      I agree with your statement untested and no I’d illegal aliens need to be put in Washington DC Delaware and anyone who thinks this good let them use their money and their families no back around check illegal vote take away from legal vote they stop using the black and brown people it’s racist to say that black and brown are not smart enough to get a I’d most work and you need a I’d to fly to get job

  22. Jim Crow was defined in its day by restricting votes to African _Americans on isolating issues of notice.. some were not fair in notice and in concepts appeared rather far fetched in terms of allowance… others questioned who and with what capability should actually get to VOTE which was some what reasonable.. but then the idea of restricting a vote to a person just on color or parents labor status was too severe but in some cases people that could not neither read or write or participated in gainful employment in a manner that one has an invested interest in paying taxes …. this personal perspective causes one to respond in attention discerning declaration vote on just how you want “confiscated ” monies spent in earnest and relation to your belief system …that what is deemed right and just..this is of course is in how well informed the voter is in preparation … before ballotpedia before Women’s Forum..League of Women’s Voters.. ads and debates were made to hear contrasting positions of those running for office could present their platforms so the “educated ” voter could come in conclusion with rightful discourse and a well reasoned mind .. and conclude that a vote in preference was a right choice for “himself”.. These JIM Crow exclusions should have also been predicated on how many good white folk were in the same uneducated status and then the difference in color of your skin is no longer applicable..the rule of the masses has always been a criticism of those challenging the democratic process..European visitors and intellectuals alike discussed this formation of governance with some serious concern… just who is casting these votes came into question the logic of national control..personally I do not believe that an American citizen should ever lose their Right to Vote and that if waiting trial or incarcerated the written ballot should be the protocol..I believe in redemption. and that the right to vote is used in discrimination and represents double jepordary in process…to turn your back on a person is to deny the opportunity for a life to be placed in purpose..there are those who have not been incarcerated and their arrogance of entitlement angers me to no end.. this escalation of getting away with crimes is the cornerstone of our current dilemas ..Early ballots are set up to be convenient for those with geographic difficulties .. overseas etc. NOT replace election day.. Never more than one month should need be necessary.. for the continued unfolding of the candidate’s positions allows the voter to take away time for their basic obligations and focus on this important time in community obligation.. to extend the voting to three months or more makes the process seem mundane and unending.. ( not special ) because of the stretch of time payed in ascertion..Candidate narcissists enjoy the play time mind you..and why would you want to accomadate this type of ego.. people have lives this is over-consumption !! ..Georgia is on my mind because the loudness of VOICE of black lives matter should not DROWN the rightfulness of doing what is best for colors of all spectrum….

    • Charles Larson says:

      Total B.S. Your post is nothing but redundant nonsense in defense of the illogical new Governor’s rules. There is no defense. He’s shown he’s a white racist who is trying to make voting harder for poor blacks. If you care about everyone’s right to vote you Know that any new law should make it easier without compromising security. Besides , the security was already good and no changes were needed.

  23. Philip Brant says:

    Everyone,no matter what race you are,has to follow these voting guidelines. Where does it say this only pertains to blacks and other minorities? If anyone is infringing on the rights of the American people, period, it is the Biden administration, and these radical democrats. Pelosi might as well have said, “Read My Lips America”, it doesn’t matter who you vote for in your states, if I don’t want them here, they won’t be here.” The Dems are trying for a one party govt. And everyone knows where that leads. Not only are they leading this country into depression soon, they are going to create a civil war that will make the last one look like a board game. After today’s remarks by Biden and pelosi, how can any citizen not wake up and see what these traitors to the American people are really doing to us and the country, much less the constitution. They are the true insurrectionists, and we the people can handle their asses.

  24. Phil says:

    Can it really be that I.P. Biden really has no clue about what happened in the 2020 election? He described himself how you try to make an entire nation believe the biggest possible lie (viz., that the election was free and fair). You repeat the lie again and again and again.

    • Robert says:

      You repeat a lie often enough, and people will believe it—-ask any democrat!

    • Don Butler says:

      If the election was fraudulent then please bring some evidence of malfeasance forward to a court of law. Otherwise shutup.

  25. 9mm says:

    We’re letting a old foolish dementia riddled old man being told 2hat to say, if he is aware of it to any state that’s has finally seen the crookedness in this Presidental election whe he satin the basement doing nothing and then has more votes than any in history. CCP IS HIS BIG BACKERS not the American voters

  26. Keith Martin says:

    Tired of this lying, deceiving bunch of people. They are creating more racial problems than there really are. They are trying to divide and destroy america. I hope everyone can see the evil these people are doing.

  27. Sunny says:

    The domestic terrorists are in the White House and are currently running the country straight into the ground. With a quickness. Everyone needs to wake up! Enough of this ‘woke’ crap. Reminds me of when you are having a bad dream then you think you woke up, but you’re still asleep. That’s ‘woke’. It’s not REALITY! It’s bs, and virtue signaling and huge racism. It’s divisive and full of hate and destruction. If the only thing any of us have in common is that we are Americans, that’s good enough for me. Get over party line hang ups- all you have to do is open your eyes to see all of us lost this one. No one is spared whether you are democrat or republican. If you are American and you want rights and freedom and a future for your kids where they have the same, then it’s time to wake up.

  28. Disgusted says:

    Just drop dead, Joe Biden and get out of our aces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Marie says:

    Funny all your recorded comments support republicans. WHY?

  30. Sandi says:

    These democrats are going to start a civil war

    • Corri says:

      What? Democrats are standing for the right to vote for all people. If you lived in a polling district that refused to give you free water if you were standing in line for several hours to cast your vote, would be for that? Is that freedom? And if polling districts around you were closed so that there was only one within a few hours from where you lived, would you think you were being treated fairly? And would you agree if that polling location closed an hour before your regular daily shift at work and you could not cast a send-in ballot? If it was YOU that had these restrictions put on your voting, would you jump up and down and say “heck yes, I’m for that!” In this case, I believe that the voting laws should be federally mandated so that all people have the same opportunity to exercise their right to vote. It doesn’t matter democrat or republican or what neighborhood you live in. This is a land of equal rights and freedom for all. It doesn’t matter what party any person says they belong to. All of us have equal rules and rights to vote.

      • The constitution delegates each state to regulate voting laws for their respective state and must remain that way.

        • Charles Larson says:

          The state lawmakers have no right to violate the USA CONSTITUTION with laws that oppress voters and make them suffer while waiting overly patient in line. If someone needs a drink of water or to eat a snack to keep their blood sugar stable , or to stay hydrated in order to prevent a heart attack, they have a right to that brief supplement. Imagine a school teacher making kids wait several hours for their lunch break and how outraged parents would be. Who do you think is going to win the fight for oppressing the kids and making them suffer?

      • Evidence speaks says:

        The dems stand for corruption, lies, misrepresentation, rigging elections, planting false evidence, and other high crimes. No one is stopping people from voting. Some are faking ballots. Dems believe everyone should vote, citizens, noncitizens, criminals, people here on vacation from Mars and all should vote often. As long as they vote for Dems.

      • Robin Pilcher says:

        They’re just mad because it doesn’t fit their agenda, and very sad indeed they didn’t step up during the 2020 election.Anyway good for them! Good deal Geaorgia! Ruffle some feathers!

      • Old Man says:

        The GOP wants the dead people to stop voting

      • P-Bug says:

        When one political party changes the voting process to make it virtually impossible for the other party to win a fair process has not been incorporated. HR 1 does precisely that. When poll workers raise doubt as to their reliability, when late voting is allowed, when questionable mail-in voting is allowed, when ballot harvesting is done and when one party is kept out of polling places as spectators to assure legitimate procedure there is a real question as to legitimacy of the process. Sound familiar? Unless you have been hibernating or in a coma it should.

        • Charles Larson says:

          The state’s voting process included auditing like checking the mail-in dates on the ballot envelopes to insure they were NOT too late, idiot. They included counts by hand and recounts. If you cant trust THAT process by trysted election officials hired by both parties, then you might as well kill yourself.

      • DIANE says:

        MAN, If these Democrats don’t wake up to see what’s Happening!!!! They start by saying we only want big guns taken away, next it’s all guns!! When Pearl Harbor Happened and was over they ask the Question why Japan didn’t come in and conquer. and the reason they didn’t ( Americans have too many guns) GET THAT!!!! Bad people will always be able to get guns!! Good people need to protect themselves, and remember if they take some, sooner or later it’s all, then don’t cry if you voted the idiots in and can’t protect your family! We should all have to show proof of who we are in an election!! You do for about everything else, right? This covid bill only 9% went for covid, the rest to pay off what was promised to get these nut cases in office. But we the people was happy to get 1400. They will take away all our rights, then you can see what it’s like to live in North Korea. I think if we the People don’t get Biden, Harris, and Pelosi out of office Lord help us!!! Their spending will send us down the river without a paddle!!! The boarder is a crisis!! and since Biden hasn’t yet been there maybe their keeping him from that because he has a mental issue!! Why hasn’t his wife told him he needs to step down, but then we’re stuck with Harris a socialist, like Pelosi. Todays Democrats are not Yesterdays Democrats!!! I voted Democrat for Quite a while and walked away!! And as far as taxes, anyone who thinks only the rich will be affected are down right stupid, they will leave the country or raise their prices. All other countries only charge big business 15%, because they know it brings jobs for their people!!! Of course a lot don’t want to work anymore. they want Big Goverment to pay for them!!

        • Charles Larson says:

          Diane, you talk a lot. Not much substance, though. You all bragged about Trump had unemployment at an all-time low in decades BEFORE the pandemic. Now, you say too many democrats don’t want to work. Who’s talking out of both sides of their mouth ? If the richest Americans Do leave and take their billions and millions of dollars to private islands and foreign countries who’s to blame for that ? They include Trump and Obama. Why the hell are they running from the only country that was so great to them and their families ?

        • Charles Larson says:

          Dipshit Lady, the $1400 is only the rest of Trump’s $2000 that he tried to send to most of us. It’s not the “Covid Bill”, dumbass. It’s the “Rescue America Bill”. That’s why there’s a broad range of unemployment and tax credit coverage.

  31. rick says:

    More proof that the Great Usurper & his Merry Band of Marionettes are nothing more than anti-American commiecrats with no sense of law or truth! If this bunch isn’t stopped now, there will be a civil war much worse than the last one!

  32. Another blow to the the democratic voting machine. Get rid of those and there will be fair elections

    • Don Butler says:

      Fair to who the minority white racists who vote republican hmmm, that makes sense if you want something like that Putin can put you up. Oh he is an ex communist.

    • Charles Larson says:

      Michael, haven’t you got Sydney Powell’s confession on national news and haven’t you read my posts here ?

  33. Steve says:

    Can’t believe the American people are putting up with that bulshit lying crap biting the destroyer 2% Pamela freaks

  34. Ped B. Jane says:

    The insanity of flooding the country with illegals is just a plan to get more votes for democrats. He says everyone has a right to vote. Including illegals! How do we get rid of this puppet and his handlers? Now queen Nancy says she can seat whomever she pleases to in Congress! These people are a clear danger to all Americans. Never before has there been any politician as out of control and arrogant as these lying traitors. Our president is owned by China. Nancy is owned by Satan.

    • Olive says:

      I couldn’t agree more…… Joe Biden should also reflect back on the 2020 campaign regarding his lies to the American Voters and all the facts that he hid from them. It’s always different when the shoe is on the other foot, right Joe??? Once Again, Where’s Hunter? Why isn’t he in jail already? Why hasn’t your entire family had to forfeit their money that everyone knows came from China deals —– and other crooked ventures???? We need to have President Trump back in office to fix all the horrible things that Joe Biden has done since Jan. 20th.

    • Anita Johnson says:

      Totally agree w/you!!! There were more votes counted this election than there are people in this country. How does that work???? Biden and his little cult of commies are all the spon of the devil.Hitler must be smiling !!!

      • Charles Larson says:

        154 million+ total votes counted for both Biden and Trump. 80 mil+ for Joe, 74 mil+ for Don. Get over it. Lying Ladies. Leave the Liars Club and join the human race.

  35. jerry d sexton says:


  36. Whooped says:

    Sorry sport Stacey Abrams, a lesson here…Voter IDs are NOT Voter Suppression and universal absentee ballots DO foster rampant VOTER FRAUD!!! I do d’clare…JOja be fuzzy peach RIGHT!!!

  37. DCC says:

    Why did you block my comments?

  38. Geneva says:

    Biden is angry because it takes more chances for them to cheat, and they must have ID you can’t even get a prepaid card without ID , so anyone that has an acct of any kind has an ID. They are lying when they say it will stop voters, all it will stop is illegal voters. Some states give illegals id cards and drivers licenses, so they cheat anyway. Just like the new stimulus, some of the illegals are getting it ,when I am a retiree and haven’t received any yet and I could use it.

  39. Maylynn Hughes says:

    Biden is a lying sack of shit. How can you tell Joe Biden is lying? He opens his mouth. Way to go Georgia! Ignore this bastard and illegitimate cheating president. The left dumped illegal vote after illegal vote to be counted after the time for election had ended. The voting procedures are left to the state legislature. So the constitution states. And Joe Biden is not allowed to change that. I agree with Anthony Moreland, Biden needs to STFU. The left is the only un-American party in power right now. They are socialist/communists and are destroying our country not to mention selling our country right out from underneath us to China.

    • Debra says:

      Well said, every point you make is right on!!!

    • Charles Larson says:

      Maylynn, you need an old-fashioned bare-ass spanking. You’ll never stop keeping TRUMP’S BIG LIE from dying….> in your pathetic small mind. The rest of us AMERICANS —EXCEPT FOR THE FEW LOONY BIRDS HERE — ARE MOVING FORWARD.

  40. Driller says:

    Your nothing but a disgrace of a human person! You are not our President! TUMP IS OUR TRUE LEADER OF THE UNITED STATES! Not you!!!! How dare you call any state a racist state when they helped you too election under false hood of course, then you lied to them to help you win Senators for you! You are a total disgrace, your so ignorant that you don’t even know when your party will use you and then feed you to the wolves. They don’t care about you! Even your wife don’t like you! She needs to be held accountable for Elder abuse on you! I’ve never seen anybody who would abuse their spouse for their own personal gain, how disgusting is that of a person!!!!

    • Charles Larson says:

      Dummy, Biden called the Georgia Governor’s new racist laws designed to oppress black and minority poor voters, “racist”, not the state of Georgia or it’s citizens, LIAR. You really don’t think their Gov is going to win his racist fight he blatantly started, DO YOU ? I just wish I were the black lady representative’s lawyer who was falsely arrested for knocking on his door. She represents GEORGIA,TOO. HE’S GOING TO LOSE AS DECISIVELY AS TRUMP DID.

  41. DCC says:

    Biteme joe is a sick demented senile lying old asshole! He needs to be recalled by the Supreme Court for stealing the election. Trump is the real President no matter what these lying demoncraps say.

  42. JumpinCholla says:

    Democrats gaslighting AGAIN!!! It was DEMOCRATS who started and perpetuated JIM CROW crap!!! States are autonomous and can set their OWN lawful laws!!! CORRUPT FEDS ARE VERBOTEN!!!

  43. Brian Trappler says:

    When looking for the definition of Filibuster all I could find was that it`s a loophole used by disgruntled Republicans to prevent the Government enacting Laws vital to society. Not quite. There are occasions when this brake-system is critical in preventing a runaway Government from passing laws that would change the way society lives and survives. It ensures that if the government wants to enact something visibly and radically so wrong that one needs a two-thirds majority to go along with it. Remove the Filibuster and every new government can change our laws by a simple partisan majority. And that`s exactly what a radical group of Socialist Democrats intends to do right now – ensure that every Democrat vote along partisan lines to ensure that the majority they currently enjoy will remain in perpetuity.

  44. Anthony says:

    Joe Biden should be IMPEACHED before he causes us to lose the entire Country! He’s spreading COVID throughput the entire Country by not testing illegal kids that are being bused all over our land!

    • Ruth Wiles says:

      Spreading covid through ILLEGAL immigration is the Democrat plan. They love denying us our God-give and Constitutionally guaranteed rights. Voter ID is no more discriminatory than requiring ID to drive, fly, put a roof over your head, buy cigarettes or alcohol, or even get an education. The left is unhinged because state laws want to prevent bloating the voter rolls with dead people, illegals, and people who vote (albeit illegally) in multiple states. The US Constitution puts voting laws into the hands of state legislatures for these very reasons.

  45. James Parker says:

    It is ashamed that we have a President that does not care about the integrity of elections by sending out ballots for anyone to vote that are not registered. It is by-passing the voter ID laws across the nation. There is no telling how many people in Georgia, PN, AR, AZ and many other states that voted by harvesting voters by unprincipled democrat activist . There is a process that we must go through in order to prove that we are who we say we are and that we do not vote twice or multiple times nor vote for people that are deceased. If, we got our hands on multiple ballots we could continue to vote and have no proof of who we are. President Biben has no concept of the voter laws. To refer to a state as a Jim Crow state is an insult!

    • Charles Larson says:

      James, yes it is an insult. It’s the truth. The truth hurts. In this case it hurts black voters most of all which is why the Georgia Governor will lose his stupid fight he started. He’s worse than George Wallace was in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Wallace had more racist supporters back then.

  46. Greg Dowler says:

    Biden talks out of both sides of his mouth. He talks and needing integrity in the elections when he and his administration cheated to get elected abs so did The People who worked the polls in Georgia. I’m outraged as the citizens in Georgia shield be.

  47. Bj says:

    Oh! I get it ! If the vote is not for Biden? It must be a white supremacist! That’s how this works. If they feel beholding to you? It’s Ok?? We th
    My thought would be. People are capable of making their own decisions without a very sleepy Joe Biden! Or his deep state government who wants nothing more than yo own slaves!!

    • Charles Larson says:

      Bj, you spout more nonsense. Biden never said all republicans or all Trump supporters are white supremacists. He said Georgia’s new election laws are Jim Crow racist nonsense and designed to oppress black voters as they are. Biden just tells it like it is. You can deny and keep lying. No one cares. You lose just like Trump lost and is a poor loser.

  48. Sandra Ellison says:

    More socialist garbage .they need to get a grip

  49. ROBERT POWELL says:

    this has to be elder abuse, byden can not think that fast ,someone in his string-pullers and video-graphics crowd was typing faster than they can think.

  50. Robin Pilcher says:

    Biden/ Harris both are making this great nation look like a joke, to both us THE AMERICAN CITIZENS and the world. Good for those states that stand up for the people! They just mad because they can’t double dip votes anymore in Georgia.biden is the thief and liar!

  51. Barbie says:

    One word: TRAITOR!

  52. Mary says:

    Biden could actually say and think that much on his own…when he couldn’t get thru a press conference….this man is amazing (said sarcastically)

    • Charles Larson says:

      Mary, it’s “through”. (Correct spelling) Don’t tell me, you went to public school.

  53. Don says:

    We could care less what Xiden thinks of the new law. It’s state business and more states need to follow it.

    • Charles Larson says:

      Really? More states have to make it illegal to offer a voter a cup or bottle of water while they wait for hours in the hot weather to vote? No food, too. Next will be no bathroom breaks. Can’t you see the Georgia Governor has lost his marbles and will be ousted by voters and overruled by the Federal D.O.J. ?

  54. F F Tramutola Jr. says:

    Proof Biden and democrats have no interest in election integrity. THEY STOLE EVERY OFFICE SINCE JFK.

  55. This proves the deep state found a way to steal two elections! Sick of the hyprocresy of the left!!!!

    • Charles Larson says:

      Lawrence, did you and your friend here miss Sydney Powell’s confession that she and Trump lied about the election being stolen? How can the news where you live be so extremely slow in this era of social media and the internet? Please read my post to Patricia below, fellows.

  56. Anthony Moreland says:

    Biden should STFU. No conservative wants to hear or take heed of his B.S.! Trump is the real President.

  57. Alan says:

    Biden projecting his feelings. States determine their own election process. Voter ID is not voter suppression. A legal ID is required for almost everything else voting should notbean exception considering elections have consequences. I’ve heard a lot of people saying minorities have an issue with getting ID. I think that’s a very racist claim.

    • Charles Larson says:

      Who said that? It’s I.D. AS IN IDENTIFICATION.

      • Charles Larson says:

        Oh, how is it “racist”? The laws apply to everyone equally and getting an I.D. or a driver’s license is everyone’s equal requirement. Poor Blacks and other minorities are just more likely to have a problem getting transportation to where they need to go, as they do for groceries, etc, in cities and if they have no vehicle. So, saying that can’t be “racist”.

  58. Patricia Harran says:

    So, it is UNAMERICAN to actually follow the Constitution and set electipn laws in the state legislatures? Good for Georgia, but it would have been much more AMERICAN if they had acted at the start of the 2020 election when the Constitution was being violated!

    • Charles Larson says:


  59. bruce says:

    Biden’s statements are false on the face of it.

  60. Billy Mcclain says:

    Biden has no right to call anyone those names he is a lyer and a trader to the American people everything in Washington has done nothing but put us in harms way with his administration not to mention taking money out of our pocket

    • Charles Larson says:

      Biden has EVERY RIGHT LIKE YOU LOONY LYING TRUMP SUPPORTERS HAVE A RIGHT TO TRASH BIDEN HERE. WHY DO YOU MAKE UP NUTTY LIES , THOUGH? IT’S “LIAR” AND “TRAITOR”. Man, it’s a shame when your spelling is atrocious and child-like.