Biden Gets Warning

Joe Biden

( – As more and more question marks are hovering around Joe Biden’s reelection bid, political experts are arguing that the latest Democrat primary in Michigan should be seen as a severe warning for the president, as his performance shows he’d likely lose the key swing state to Donald Trump.

Even though Biden garnered substantial backing from Democrat primary voters in Michigan on Tuesday evening, the election outcomes signal several potential challenges for his reelection bid, The Daily Caller observes in a report.

Biden faced opposition from a state campaign encouraging Democratic primary voters to opt for the “uncommitted” choice on the ballot as a form of protest against the president’s approach to the war between US ally Israel and the Islamist terrorist group Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

A notable segment of Michigan voters, notably Muslims and far-leftists, endorsed this option, and there was a marked difference in enthusiasm levels between the Democratic and Republican primaries, with former President Donald Trump securing more votes than Biden.

Michigan is recognized for having one of the largest Arab and Muslim populations in the United States, with around 200,000 Muslims.

“Biden has an Arab problem, and he has a black voter problem in Michigan, and he’s not getting the kind of numbers that he should get. Having said that, I don’t see where ‘uncommitted’ has a home to go to,” stated Adolph Mongo, a Democratic strategist from Michigan.

“They’re gonna find out that a lot of these people gonna stay home, might vote third party, some might crossover and vote Republican, but regardless, it’s gonna be a major issue, as it’s a toss up in Michigan,” he added

The “Listen To Michigan” campaign is spearheaded by Democrat US Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s sister, Layla Elabed.

It motivated those opposing Biden’s backing of Israel after the October 7 Hamas terrorist attack to vote “uncommitted” in the primary to convey a political message before November.

This ballot choice significantly surpassed Elabed’s target of 10,000 votes, with over 100,000 Michiganders opting for “uncommitted,” which represented 13.3% of the total votes.

“Where I do think it telegraphs problems for Biden is there is no simple answer to his problems. He can either stay where he is on Israel and risk alienating this progressive and Arab coalition, or he can change his position and risk alienating another segment of his coalition. And so I think he has no good pivot from where he is,” commented Jason Cabel Roe, a GOP consultant in Michigan.