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Biden: Hunter Did Nothing Wrong

Breaking Now: Just moments ago, President-Elect Joe Biden stated that he’s “confident” his son, Hunter, who is under criminal investigation for a range of potential crimes, did nothing wrong.


President-elect Joseph R. Biden on Wednesday said he’s confident his son, Hunter Biden, did nothing wrong amid a federal investigation and increasing calls for a special counsel to probe the younger Biden‘s business dealings,” according to the conservative Washington Times.

“‘Are you confident your son, Hunter, did nothing wrong?’ a reporter asked the elder Biden at a press conference to introduce Pete Buttigieg, a former South Bend mayor and presidential candidate, as his nominee for transportation secretary.

“‘I’m confident,’ Mr. Biden shot back.

The exchange marks only the second time Mr. Biden has addressed his son’s legal issues since they were publicly disclosed last week. At a press conference last week, Mr. Biden tersely responded to questions about Hunter by simply saying, ‘I’m proud of my son.’

“Hunter Biden issued a statement last week revealing federal prosecutors in Delaware are investigating his taxes. He said an objective review of the matter will conclude that his taxes were handled ‘legally and appropriately.'”

Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you believe Joe Biden when he says he’s confident his son, Hunter, didn’t do anything wrong? Should President Trump appoint a Special Counsel to investigate Hunter and the Biden family?


  1. Joanne Mayberry says:

    All the Democrates are nothing but liars.
    Bidens belong in jail.
    If we had child pornography on our computers, our asses would be in jail.
    Joe Biden was even on video touching,& sniffing a women, what the hell.
    All of the shit his son did, lock them up.
    Why is it taking soooooo looking to admit that this was all voter fraud to.
    How much more damn proof do you need.
    Put his ass in jail for this to. Tell him nope, you didn’t win for cheating, President Trump won another 4 years. End Of Story!!!!!!!

  2. Wes says:

    Joe knows his son is guilty but still supports him. The problem arises when he thinks one worthless pup is worth more than all of the freedom loving citizens of the United States. It was his choice to run for President. Therefore, with that choice Joe chose to voluntarily put country above family. The American people deserve more than Biden can give them. Evidence is pointing to the fact Joe Biden sold his country out for greed. Evidence suggests that BIDEN HAS COMMITTED TREASONOUS ACTS! He used his son and brother as a buffer in his attempt to cover up his involvement in selling his influence abroad to the highest bidder. Trump underwent an impeachment investigation and there was no supporting evidence to validate it. In Hunter Biden, James Biden and Joe Biden’s cases there is an eye witness who has e-mails and other documentation to substantiate his allegations. There is also Hunter Biden’s personal lap top computer with its information. What about the video of Joe Biden when he was acting Vise-President under Osama Obama and committed “Quid Pro Quo” and got the investigator fired by threatening to withhold American taxpayer money if he wasn’t? Big Tech, the far left media and Joe Biden have done their best to hide the truth from Americans. Where is the “rule of law”? Why is Joe Biden and his crime syndicate composed of family, the far left media and big Tech above the law? If you study history, is Biden and this crime syndicate any different than Al Capone and his crime syndicate? Yes! Biden’s is on a larger scale and has farther reaching consequences for the American people but BIDEN AND THE SYNDICATE SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE BY “THE RULE OF LAW” as all Americans are.

  3. David says:

    As much as I don’t care one bit for Biden, saying he is confident in his son’s innocence, really isn’t a lie. Is he stretching the truth a little? Maybe, but it’s not a lie. It more like, “Wishful thinking.”

  4. Sic&Tired says:

    Biden the Loser….The Liar….The Deceitful….The Traitor of this Country.
    AND – He is going to be our President. ?????? Not in My Book – He is.!!!!
    I will despise this Man and All of his Administration Picked People. IF, they voting system would have been a Legal and True System….You would have seen President Trump being able to have a second term as President…. But, as the Truthful and Real American People have seen – Corruption just continues with the Democratic Party…….AND – They think they are going to make a better America.??? I Doubt That.!!!! The Majority of this Country and True Americans know that Biden is a Crooked Person and Always – WILL BE.!!

  5. J.R.Wilson says:

    Joe is the leader of the pack. He’s been in congress for 47 years and did absolutely nothing but steal his pay check. Look it up. What baffles me the most is how in the HELL did the people fall for this debacle ? I am 90 years old and remember ALL of the killing, stealing, raping of the 1940’s. About 25-30 million people killed etc. To all of you Democrats that didn’t stop to think, I wish all the luck in the world. Just wait till they take your money your respect , yes and all you hold dear, your respect. The only thing they can’t take is your love for family and country. GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL THE REAL AMERICANS. Cap’n Jack

    • Mary says:





  6. Sharon says:

    Not the first time he lied for him. I hope they both go to prison. He’ll lie many more times for him.

  7. Don says:

    If his gums are flapping, he’s lying.

  8. David Smith says:

    What ever happened to Trey Gowdy he came out like he was going to get corruption out of our government haven’t heard a word from him since Hillary I guess he got told to shut up or get what Kennedy got. He came out like an atomic bomb and ended up a fire cracker I think all politicians should be lined up and shot for treason and Devil worshipping I will go to hell but I will be the first to pull the trigger and I will wear a confederate flag over my shoulder how do you like that Cuomo I wish he could have met my grandfather he was almost a grand dragon in the KKK and a big man. he would have slapped Cuomo upside his brainless head and Biden too

  9. Cheryl says:

    Of course he would lie for his son. Most normal parents would help their kids when they got in trouble, but not lie for them . I am speaking as a parent whose kid always would get into trouble. Not once did I ever lie for them I actually turned them in for their major mistakes. How will they ever turn out to be productive people . My father who is 92 motto was you do the crime ,you do the time. Joe only lied to cover his own as s as well as his whole family, and all the democrats who were in on this blackmailing debacle. They are all truly disgusting. Sniff, sniff.

  10. Obvious that Hunter is in bed with China and his dad is well aware of this. Time to face the facts and quit trying to bail him out, only makes things worse. He needs to grow up and face the consequences. Apparently dad has been drug in also and is part of the problem.

  11. Barbara says:

    All the democratic are liars , cheaters . They lie to the American people . Wake up America . Is this what you want to run our country to the ground . They should lock up every democratic that lie cheated abuse our stystem Let’s start with Clinton’s and all the way down to the Biden’s . They should definitely be in jail every single one of them . If republicans did all that shit which they would never do . . But republicans don’t stoop that low . How do you think that he democratic won was it fair no . Do you believe there going to help the American people, no .

  12. ann watkins says:

    Lock the whole bunch up. They are all crooks stealing everything included the election. And Papa wants to unite the country? Ain’t gonna happen, Joe.

  13. Joseph Garland says:

    Biden and his family belongs in jail.He keep saying months before the election it in the bag,the democrats knew with drop in ballotsthey couldn’t trace all the votes. Did the high courts go commies like the democrats? As a vet I lost faith in my government.

  14. N says:

    I can’t say whether or not the Biden’s are guilty. It does look bad that Joe used his presidential office position to coheres a foreign government into giving him and his son what they wanted.

    • Born in the USA says:

      What about the extortion Joe Biden admitted on live tv regarding the termination of a prosecutor in the Burisma scandal? The billion dollars of TAX PAYERS MONEY he used to get this prosecutor fired that was investigating his SON for money laundering and corruption? Live television he admitted and joked about it! If it was an ordinary American that did this, instant jail time!

  15. Laura says:

    Sad times for America Biden and his family are evil! Never should they get away with what they are doing to all of us and to trump.

  16. Ray Blowers says:

    Joe is as crooked as they come just like the election we just witnessed was crooked preordained before the 2016 election

  17. Richard Brown says:

    Joe and Hunter can not say anything against the CCP (China) They have too munch information on them. This is very dangerous to the American people and freedom. This means they are obligated to do as China tells them. Joe has already said he will not put America first. Wasn’t he elected as the President of the United States of America. Does this mean obligated globalism or just China. It’s funny ( or not) that the Government that is supposed to be working for the people of the United States Of America. They have turned there backs on us and you are forbidden to know why ? I guess prevails and will eventually change the constitution for there own means. We can only trust in GOD, or for as long as they alow us. (GOD bless the USA)

  18. G says:

    Biden’s with the help of many others have permanently damaged the Democratic Party that wants to sell socialism for thee but not for me. These politicians think they have a seat at the communist table for helping commit treason if they can get away with it. They think there family and future families will be the elite to reign over the rest of the people. They got caught and sealed there own fate in the process. People of interest have and continue to be identified that aided and abetted the fraud in this election.

  19. Biden is too dumb to realize that he is being set up, they knew Harris couldn’t possible win so they put her in as VP, Biden will serve as a puppet president for a few months then, step aside and let lying Camalla Harris step in where the deep state communist wanted her to start with. God help us if we lose the senate to more crooked elections.

    • C k anderson says:

      I was told biden is in big trouble with argentine and they have warrants for this scum bags arrest and his son is scum and bidens son, and what is really ss ick about bidens son he divorced his wife and had affair with his deceased brothers wife how disgusting is that but that is the bidens for another douche bag Hillary clinton get away and dose no it get punished for it lying piece of crap hi Hitler to him and the whole dam democratic party may he rot in hell with peolsi schumer Obama harris Hillary clinton and the whole loted democratics and also maxine waters karma will come back to bite them all in their racist bigots assses

  20. Mariano says:

    What we need in this country is a coup d’etat. To purge the FBI, Department of Justice and all the llying scumbags like Biden, Schumer, Schiff and Pelosi.
    I am tired of all of this talk and no action.

    • GLENN says:


    • Millie says:

      I too feel this way, I pray President Trump takes this all the way in taking
      this to having the Marshal Law. Then we will see some action against the swamp of the USA government as it stands now. Thank you President Trump.

      • Tim says:

        President Trump should do exactly as Abraham Lincoln did. He had Habeus Corpus suspended and sent U.S. troops all over and arrested those that were out to pull a coup d’Etat on this country. One was a judge sitting in the middle of trial in Maryland. Biden Crime Family is supported by most of the high tech/media companies that suppressed the story about his deranged son making illegal deals for him along with John Kerry and others. Want to get pissed off? Read Peter Schweitzer’s “Secret Empires” that document enough information to put all of them in prison. How did a dirty DOJ keep this guy in the running for President when he should be in Leavenworth?

  21. Regina (Jeannie) DeWees says:

    I would almost believe he would throw his son under the bus if he could get a guarantee that he will escape this with nothing dirtying him. There’s a lot of Clinton people around that like to make things disappear

  22. Honest says:

    Do Not Forget … !0 percent for “THE BIG GUY”

  23. Honest says:

    Iron Bar Saloon For All Bidens~

  24. honest says:

    Like all Bidens Their All Honest Politicians ~ Angels (Or SOON to Be)

  25. Harry Jones says:

    Every damn Democratic leader has contributed to this farce of a political party. They’ve hurt their followers by preaching their lies and misrepresenting the voters that put them in office. It’ll take 3-4 months, but Biden/Harris will be the cause of our nations spiral to more hate and discord. They should be ashamed for the lies and false accusations against President Trump.

  26. Ken says:

    The ENTIRE Biden family needs to be investigated. IMPEACH Biden!!!!!!!!! and the Wicked Witch of the Dems…Palosi….. It’s a dirty shame that the world can’t see the injustice of this election. Biden, mentally will not make it!!! He is not capable of fulfilling such a responsibility nor fill Trump’s shoes….I hope the Republicans give the Dems a taste of their own medicine for four years….

    • Jennie Ross says:

      I totally agree!!! All dems need to be investigated, especially Biden, Pelosi, and the Obama’s!!

  27. Craig says:

    Hell yes he’s confident they won’t find anything wrong with CRACK PIPES taxes!! The FAKE NEWS and tweet Jesus along with Zuckerbillions!!! Will suppress everything they can from the sheep!
    This is Maduro Venezuela type sh•t rite in front of your eyes, slide of hand shell game sh•t and Chuckles Todd, the Big Don Le’Mon, FREDO CUOMO, Anderson Pooper and the gang will tell you otherwise rite… and if you disagree with them you are right wing nut job and many other little names they label conservatives as well as we do them as Libtards!!! Nonetheless this will be swept under the proverbial rug just like the sex charges allegedly against the BIG GUY… remember we have to believe a woman when she comes out?! They are untouchable just like the CROOKED CLINTON’S!!
    Good Luck they are coming for you guns your money and anything els they can get their Swampy hands on and use COVID-19 as their excuse for the redistribution of fund’s aka reparations to them!!! God Bless the United States of America!! God Bless General Michael Flynn a true patriot and last but not least GOD BLESS THE PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP!!! Keep Fighting the Fight 45!!!!

  28. Franklin Steele says:

    Joe is a chronic liar, and complete crook. I hope the whole damn bunch ends up in orange jumpsuits.

  29. JM says:

    All the Bidens are as guilty as sin. If he didn’t want his dirty laundry aired out, he shouldn’t have run for office. All lies always come out. His legacy will be ” First president arrested and thrown in jail” At least he won’t be alone. He’ll have his entire family with him. Maybe they can have Hilary join them and make it a party. President Trump should appoint a special counsel and begin draining the disgusting swamp.

  30. Jean Warnke says:

    No I don’t believe Joe Biden and President Trump should appoint a special counsel to have the investigation done. So many lies, fraud, corruption, cheating and stealing! President Trump should remain our President for another 4 years based on that alone and the fact that Biden is in bed with China!

  31. R.J. Foronda says:

    Hunter and China Joe are in trouble Joe’s lying and there’s going to be a lot more than taxes uncovered here..Dealing with China, Russia, and the Ukraine all illegal dealings. Washing money fr forgien governments while Joe was Vice for Obama.. don’t forget his Brother Jim was also involved.

  32. Yes President Trump gets the special counsel we are so tired of the Democrats getting away with everything just think how the Democrats or corrupt sense Hillary and Bill, Barack Obama ,Hunter ,Joe Biden, Joe brotherJim and FBI. They all need to go before the Supreme Court. The American people want them to answer for all of their crimes.Joe Biden is lying to protect himself and Hunter How can Democrats even think of letting Biden be President much less the Republicans .Investigate the whole Biden family.

  33. All the Biden’s are DIRTY,they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The evidence is THERE,now the FBI needs to take the correct action,NOT THE POLITICAL ACTION!

  34. kevin Bolin says:

    Biden cant open his mouth without lying! He knows hi sson is as crooked as he is and he was in on all his son did hell Old Sleepy Joe enabled it to happen an deven has a phone call boasting he forced the Ukrainians to fire a guy investigating his sons company – this guy is as big a liar as anyone in Media or politics and I will never say he is ever my president he belongs in Jail

  35. Donna mcneill says:

    Joe biden is involved also. Once a liar always a liar. Apple never falls far from tree

  36. denise says:

    Hillary had soldiers killed did she go to jail????

  37. Lesly says:

    Obama has a hand in this. He knew and didnt think it was wrong? Maybe he got a cut too like joe.

  38. Linc. says:

    Birds of a feather flock together.

  39. Arnold 0 Tobias says:

    Trump came to office a billioaire, so how does someone that’s been a pollitician for 48 years become a multi-millionaire?

  40. Linc. says:

    The apple does not fall far from the tree.

  41. Cliff says:

    Mary’s on the wrong site…get over to A–book or Google or Twiddle-diddle where your fans get top billing.

  42. Michael Lamb says:

    Biden’s son was kicked out on the Navy for drugs and he was an Officer. What a disgrace this POS is to all the service members who serve this country. As for his father what a lying asshole. He will say and do anything to make money and obtain more power for himself and his family. Both are traitors to this country and should face charges for their crimes against this country, but hell no what happen the liberals made him the president of the United States. What a bunch of BS.

    • jeanette bybee says:

      The whole lot of them are corrupt, evil, mean, sneaky liars. I agree they should be punished for the crimes they have committed against the people of the United States of America. They believe they are above the law and can do whatever and get away with whatever they want and have absolutely no consequences. If it was any of the every day American people that got caught doing something corrupt we would never see the light of day ever again. Such a double sword of laws.

      • Les Bennett says:

        Traitors One and All, They should all be Tries for treason! And President trump needs to call for Marshal Law Until he is able to Sweep the Swamp!

  43. Carol says:

    Biden is doing what any politician would do….deny, deny, deny. It has to be investigated. Clear,y, Joe is involved any some pretty shady deals. [email protected] is clapping for joy at his election. As are Russia , Ukraine and Romania (probably others as well) they now have the goods, not just on a politician but the Oresident of the United States!!! How can this be good for us peons?

  44. alan P douglass says:

    2 crudballs

  45. Norm says:

    All the Bidens are CROOKS

  46. Jackie Schuette says:

    Hunter is a criminal, and Joe should be investigated along with his son. He is not capable of being president

  47. Mary says:

    Taxes well we all know that trump is under investigation for his taxes
    So what’s the difference
    I am sure if trump was asked the same questions about one of his kids the answer would be the same
    Move On

    • Hipshot says:

      Big difference in being investigated for taxes and espionage. You Libtards still don’t get it. You will when the breadlines start

    • Denise says:

      The Democrats had him investigated he paid his taxes….Do you think he will go to jail for

    • Debra says:

      There is a very big difference, Mary. Hinter’s taxes are being looked at because of evidence that has put him into the sight line of the FBI for money laundering, possible tax evasion due to the millions he raked in from questionable means, and racketeering.
      President Trump’s records are being audited, not because of any reported wrongdoing, but simply because that is what the IRS does with large corporations every so often. With the amount of businesses and all the transactions made within those, an audit that size can take a very, very long time. My husband is a tax specialist and represents many clients going through IRS audits. He says that a very high percentage of them come out clean and of those that had errors found, none were committed for illegal means, but certainly needed to be rectified by the client. Some audits even found mistakes that actually helped the tax client, though those are far and few between. Most IRS agents aren’t honest enough to point those out.

    • Lesly says:

      Mary when you democraps want to avoid truth you bring up russia or trump. Face the facts liars, coverups,do as i say not as i do