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Biden: Hunter’s Deals Won’t Create Conflicts

In what is certain to be a closely watched presidential father-son relationship, Joe Biden claims that Hunter Biden’s business dealings will not create conflicts of interest and will therefore have no impact on his presidency. Many Americans are skeptical of Biden’s claim.


Presumptive President-elect Joseph R. Biden said that when he’s in the White House his son, Hunter Biden, and the rest of his family will not have any conflicts of interest,” according to The Washington Times.

Hunter Biden has been the center of a storm of alleged nepotism and sweetheart deals in China and Ukraine while his father was the vice president in the Obama administration.

“The elder Mr. Biden said that won’t happen again.

“‘My son [and] my family will not be involved in any business, any enterprise that is in conflict with or appears to be a conflict whether the appropriate distance from the presidency and government,’ Mr. Biden said in an interview that aired Thursday on CNN.

“Hunter Biden is not the only family member who has been accused of trading on the elder Mr. Biden’s political clout to score lucrative business deals.

“Mr. Biden’s brother, James Biden, also was involved in high-flying business deals, including cashing in on Chinese investments in the U.S.”

For more on this story, go to The Washington Times.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you believe Hunter Biden will create problems for Joe Biden if he is sworn in as president? Do you believe Joe Biden when he says, “my son [and] my family will not be involved in any business, any enterprise that is in conflict with or appears to be a conflict whether the appropriate distance from the presidency and government”?


  1. Antoinette CLARK says:

    This whole political race was fixed!! We all know it, GOD knows it!! Hunter and “the BIG GUY” and the rest of those involved in this political warfare better hope they live a long long time because when they “die” there is another “BIG GUY” they will meet up with and and answer too. I hear “HELL” is not a very pleasant place!!

  2. Jerry Nagy says:

    Only an imbecile would believe anything Biden or his fellow swamp thieves have to say. He and others in the DC Swamp and it’s allies have been bought and have eagerly sold out American roots and values. The Drug and Porn cartels have won the day and regrettably the now defunct American educational and Religious systems will insure that they remain in control.

  3. Cg says:

    Of course there will be no conflict.Daddy and his druggy son will be stealing as always!Karma will get them real soon!

  4. Christine Lewis says:

    If Joe was such an honest man why did he let this go on? He is as low life as his son.

  5. Andy Thruston says:

    No, I do not believe Hunters involvement with China will effect Joe Biden(if he is legally elected) because the Democratic Party has practiced with Joe Biden on what to say when the questions are asked. Technically , their statements have been that they did no receive any funds from China. They are correct, Directly received funds ? Their Company established here in the States received the funds , then distributed to the Members.
    Next question: Do I believe what Joe Biden has stated regarding involvement ? No I do not believe anything that Joe Biden says.
    Previously he had also stated that he was not going to get involved with the CDC regarding Covid, but just like always speaking out of both sides of his mouth,Stated to the Media that he was going to let CDC handle the Covid and Vaccine situation.
    Then recently this
    On TV , has angrily stated that we do not have a plan in place for the Distribution of the Covid Vaccine.
    Well, if watch all News channels, you will here that the plan of phases for distribution and who plus how it is to get done. So, is Joe Biden now calling the News Media Fake News ? Well, just lied again.
    We have a Whiny pot for President Elect, plus can’t get his stories straight.
    The American People desire better than this and the Democratic Party has done nothing to hep the country for 4 years. all they have done is work towards getting rid of President Trump and anyone he stood for. Also were working on a strategy on how to have a one sided election. Used their Political persuasion to get State Governors and State seated politicians to buy into their scheme of how to fix the election using Fraudulent means with Gray areas. With this in place it would take a lot of funding and time to prove the illegal means that went down in the Major decision states.
    Am I upset and angry that the Media has gone along with this party, YES!
    Am I upset and angry that the election deciding State , Court Judges are not allowing cases to be heard, YES !
    It is no way the states that were a major deciding factor in the presidential election voted in Republicans for many other governmental positions vs Democratic officials , but yet did not support President Trump.
    Stop and think about it, its Not statistically possible, but yet this is not questionable by the Courts.
    WOW! Democratic Part has paid a lot of money out to cover their Voter Fraud Team or should I say Voter Fraud Party now !

  6. Barb Orr says:

    I am so aggravated about this election and what the Dem’s have done and what they plan to do to our country!!!! Trump needs to be our President for four more years. I want all the mess in the election to be brought out so very one will know what has happened!!!!!

    • Grace says:

      If the courts in the states won’t listen to us perhaps it’s time for a march on Washington to the supreme court. This crime has to be prosecuted now, no waiting for the next election. The crime is treason, according to Gen. Tom McInerney. He has stated.
      ” Trump needs to declare a National emergency and seize Dominion machines.”
      The General stated several times this December 2nd interview on the John Fredericks Show that the President should declare a National Emergency and suspend Habeas Corpus; that he has the authority and the September 2018 Executive Order and the Insurrection Act -and that he must act.

  7. Kimberly Evans says:

    He lied about it and you can go on youtube and listen to the President of the Ukraine say the DOJ has done nothing with the evidence. Even voice recordings of Biden asking the Ukrainian President what his conversation was with President Trump, before Biden will answer if he will help, he wants to know what they spoke about. They also show the money chain, with Biden at the top, receiving the laundered money. If this was President Trump and Don Jr., God could only help them! How does Biden get a free pass. He gave a Billion of our tax dollars, only after they said the investigator, into the money laundering, was fired! They want their money back and so do we!

  8. judith therrien says:

    Biden will never be my President and I will never call him that. Biden and his son should have been in jail along time ago. If that was of us, we would be in prison by now. Biden is a pervert and can’t keep his hands off young girls. he couldn’t keep his hands off his own daughter, His wife must be as sick as he is. He isn’t to be president of THE UNITED STATES or any Country. He is a traitor to America. He has don anything for America or the people in 47 years, Why would he start now. Biden is Bad for Our Country and so is the HARRIS person I hope President Trump gets back in as OUR President. He has brought America back, Trump has done so much for our country in 4 years. Biden will undo what ever Trump has done. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP. Praying that you get back in as OUR PRESIDENT

    • joe penor says:

      I agree with many others on here. I do not believe anything quid pro groping joe says, even if he says the earth is round. He is as corrupt as obozo is. I won’t claim either as my president. Donald Trump is the best President of my 72 years on earth. We are in big trouble with groping joe and the ho% in the White House. Please pray for our country because we are back on the immoral, feckless and corrupt path that obozo/biden regime took us on.

  9. Mriley says:

    The President is just a figurehead and doesn’t have as much pull as the public seems to think.
    That is why they never accepted Trump because he couldn’t be swayed by Congress and Senate. They have been trying to get him out since the day he got in the White House.
    Biden is a puppet that they can manipulate, God help us all.

    • Jocelyne Kays says:

      That is the very reason why so many big wigs in Washington hated President Trump, he could not be bought therefore he could not be manipulated by anyone. The little people will suffer at the hand of Biden’s Administration.

  10. It doesn’t matter that he promised not to it again they have both already done it and should be already in jail. How does Democrats think they are above the law. Well I guess because they always get away with crimes.

  11. Jerry White says:

    It will be up to the Supreme Court to right this wrong. Unbelievable fraud and cheating in our face. The answer seems to be ” well it is not enough to overturn this election”. How much is enough? Give it time and recount with signature matches on each ballot. Throw out the bad votes where they do not comply with the law and their will be plenty of evidence. If the nation accepts this fraud and cheating, it will continue. I pray the Court will interpret the Constitution and rule in President Trump’s favor.

  12. NewBikeoldbike says:

    Hunter will probably die in a drugged car chase after shooting someone in a strip club. His corrupt “old man” will not mind anything he does, as long as his 10% is protected.

  13. denise says:

    Joe Biden knows he committed fraud no matter what the Fake News and the Corrupt Democrats say! He will be too busy with Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Schiff and Schumer sitting behind bars for a felong! Pelosi to this date is still trying to stop Trump…someone doesn’t’ learn after losing and losing! She needs to go to a mental home. And take Joe with her.

  14. Curt Hymer says:

    He’s already committed impeachable offenses, he should have been prosecuted instead of running for President. I think he will just be a Clinton/Obama puppet and will be door mat for China.

  15. Patty says:

    And I have a unicorn in my backyard, Really!

  16. Reeper says:


    • MICHAEL says:

      I am totally with you. He is a scumbag that deserves no respect.

    • NewBikeoldbike says:

      Ready for what ever comes, and trained to do it.

    • Christopher says:

      I’m with you

    • Grace says:

      Everyone who voted for President Trump is with you but we have to have strong leaders and I haven’t seen many on our side yet. We just don’t have as many nasty bullies as they do nor are we as prone to break the law. Nasty Nancy and Churlish Charley and the squad + Bernie are always ready for a fight. However, if the cause is right- “We will each have the strength of ten because our hearts are pure.” . or so said Sir Lancelot.

    • jeanette bybee says:

      Biden will never be in any conversation I have with anyone about MY president, because he is not and will never be MY president. He is a basement hiding, sniffing pedophile. Dont understand why and how his own family dont see it. And as for his personal corruption with his family, they should all be in prison not just jail, there is a difference. And I dont mean the prison with executive privileges, iam talking about the same prison that the rest of us would be in for the same crime. Oh yeah and let’s not forget about the sneaky snake Hillary, and of course the lying big mouth Obama, he tells so many lies that he has everyone in the media actually believing him and putting him up on the highest pedalstal they could with all the crimes, lies, and sneaky self defense that the creatures of the swamp have been involved with.

    • Jaybo says:

      Me and every other patriot in the USA are with you reeper

    • Jocelyne Kays says:

      I am with you!!

    • Colleen says:

      I totally agree with reeper. Hunter has sold his soul, Joe is a crook as well as the rest of the family. They sold us out to China and will continue to do so!

  17. Jen says:

    Little dirty Joey is being protected by the corrupt media and the radical left. He knows it, we all know it. And President Trump will win….again!

  18. Jen says:

    Well, we know for sure that The Clintons made deals with Russia, Obama made deals with Iran against the American people. and now corrupt Biden and his family enriched themselves with China. Meanwhile President Trump donated his salary to various causes and never took a dime from lobbyists and other countries. You tell me, who are the dirty cheats here?

  19. Carolyn Sack says:

    He is just lying again. A leopard does not change it’s spots.

  20. Duane says:

    Do they have chocolate pudding in china ? Sorry Joe only rice pudding. Hopefully you will choke.

  21. Rick says:

    Biden is a corrupt politician always has been. An will never be my president.

  22. Do you people really think that he is the first to do this, or even the worst? If so then y’all really need to brush up on history!! I guess you also think that trump never did anything wrong too! And how about clinton?? Just STFU and get over it.. go get yourselves an education and live a happy life!

    • MICHAEL says:

      How about you STFU

    • Yvonne Scott says:

      Biden and his family are corrupt and should be persecuted for the crimes against America and our citizens.
      I will never accept him as president and I don’t feel he is destined to be inaugurated Our nation of people want fair elections. Most of the US voted for Trump. Though he is flawed, who reading this has not a single flaw or never sinned once? Trump loves the USA and will continue to make America the great country we deserve!

      • Ann Jones says:

        I certainly don’t believe Biden, Clinton’s, or Obama. Prayers for Georgia to vote Republican and save our USA. May God protect the USA

  23. George L Speros says:

    What a crock or is it a crook? Biden says that “it won’t happen again,” which to me means that he admits that it happened once or multiple times. He’s not going to be my president! This action is/was criminal in my opinion and, apparently, in the minds of plenty of others. Shouldn’t Joe and Hunter be prosecuted instead of moving into the White House?

    • I was going to point out the same fact! Biden said it will not happen AGAIN! This is an admittence of the truth–that he “the big guy” and his family have been crooks in the past! Why isn’t “Shifty Schiff” and “crazy Nancy” all over this in their constant, tax-paid investigations? I believe people are SO FED UP with these hypocrites that we may be looking at a civil war if things don’t change QUICK!

    • camille says:

      The Soros media has kept the wrong doing under wraps. Why aren”the facts related to biden family corruption exposed in the media. Of it was someone else ebery fart they took would be magnified
      Fouble standards for a senil’m e dementia acting is evident obama orchezyrated by Soros running the office.

    • camille says:

      The Soros media has kept the wrong doing under wraps. Why aren”the facts related to biden family corruption exposed in the media. Of it was someone else ebery fart they took would be magnified
      Double standards for a senile dementia acting is evident obama orchestrated by Soros running the office.

  24. Annrace says:

    Horse pucky……..BS…BS… DO NOT trust any of the incoming !!!!

  25. Raymun says:

    It really boggles the mind that Biden has all this corruption under his belt and still, he was allowed to run for President. What happened to the election rules and ethics? Biden should be treated as R Nixon. Resign from the senate or if he becomes president, be impeached. All this saying from states attorney generals “no one is above the law”. REALLY? the regular John Doe or Sallymae goes to jail because no one is above the law. (B.S.) All these high profile politicians are getting away with treason.

  26. George R Devendorf says:

    You already lied about it several times. Why should we believe you now?
    You are OWNED by the chinese. How is that going to change?
    In short…. Bullshit!

  27. Franklin Steele says:

    I thought Joe said that he didn’t know anything about Hunter’s dealings. It’s a criminal in the white house, folks.

  28. David Smith says:

    If you are expecting the FBI CIA and DOJ to do something you are more deceived than I thought they are just as corrupt as the judges and police in this country Just look at the crap Hillary and Bill Clinton got away with I wonder how many little girls Bill had fun with maybe he csn give Hunter his list from Epstein A lot of our trouble started with letting outside people in and not closing the border Just had another illegal kill two people this is after he assaulted and was arrested four times before for attacks with a deadly weapon Of course it was in Californication I wish you luck America you will need it

  29. Lloyd Vansciver says:

    It’s already happened and he admitted, “that won’t happen again. ” DOJ needs to decide if it was treason. 74 million and more think it is. Crazy how this goes unseen by so many, supposedly well educated.

  30. David Smith says:

    What scares me are the people who voted for this brainless twit and his perverted sick son and his corrupt family thanks for the help from Obama another dip stick and people voted in the magical black man for years Until Americans take over this government nothing will change we need another civil war this time against a corrupt government and a demented society Good luck I will watch from Russia then maybe Colombia with my fiancé and her beautiful smart daughter We will be married by then I hope God will help America but I fear this country is done The evil and corruption is far greater than most people know

  31. BeverlyK says:

    Hmmmm I am an independent voter and always have been. I voted for the best candidate no matter what office they ran in but now ? After seeing the Democratic Party in action. I’m voting straight republican. The impeachment hearing were embarrassing to watch and then there was Pelosi who mocked President Trump and Biden oh my! His response up above does not say what hunter Biden was doing while Biden was Vice President I still want to know and personally I don’t care who finds out or how they find out. I want to know what was hunter Biden doing there!!! Biden right now doesn’t even know what office he was running for so why believe anything he says? I’m still in awe that people actually voted for him. He’s not fit to run our government bout then again he probably will be a puppet figure while everyone else pulls his strings.

  32. Beverly says:

    Hmmmm I am an independent voter and always have been. I voted for the best candidate no matter what office they ran in but now ? After seeing the Democratic Party in action. I’m voting straight republican. The impeachment hearing were embarrassing to watch and then there was Pelosi who mocked President Trump and Biden oh my! His response up above does not say what hunter Biden was doing while Biden was Vice President I still want to know and personally I don’t care who finds out or how they find out. I want to know what was hunter Biden doing there!!! Biden right now doesn’t even know what office he was running for so why believe anything he says? I’m still in awe that people actually voted for him. He’s not fit to run our government bout then again he probably will be a puppet figure while everyone else pulls his strings.

    • Patricia says:

      That’s what the Dems want someone in a position that can be manipulated.Biden was fully aware of what hunter was doing. Biden has ties to China for quite some time now .

  33. Paul says:

    I don”t believe either one of them. u papa bear or baby bear. They have already undressed themselves as far as I”m concerned . There is honor among thieves and I wouldn”t trust either one of them or the family others. This is a corrupt den of thieves and that”s it.

    • Lucy Bunn says:

      Biden is admitting he has been corrupt as a government official before. Of course he is open to bolstering China and helping with their success bc they (China) have been lining his family’s pockets for decades!

      Papa bear, momma bear, baby bear and Joe’s brother bear not only ate all the porridge but are lying(sic) in bed together with ‘Chy-na’!!

    • Elaina says:

      The night of the election I was on my cell with pen & paper writing down the election numbers. About 10pm my phone froze up and I have Verizon as my carrier and I live in Florida and I never loose my signal. I could no longer get anything on the election after that. Also, my Sirius radio kept loosing the signal. Something happened election night to the airwaves. Bidens crew needed to surge all the Trump votes to Bidens skinny ass because no way in hell did that many people vote for him. That’s why he stayed in the basement all that time. Why campaign if you already know your the winner you piece of dog dodo. DONALD TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT FOR 4 MORE YEARS!

  34. Stanley l Enyeart says:

    Oh yes they will. The dems will have us be china’s slaves. People need to rise like our fire father’s to give us freedom and fight the dems. Or else we will loose our freedom and be slaves to the dems and china. If they don’t like what I have said tuff. Then all dems need to leave our country. Cheaters will loose. Long live the USAundet freedom and God.

  35. Roger Harper says:

    If a liar lies about one thing they will lie about anything!

  36. Sharon says:

    Again I ask where is the FBI, CIA, DOJ, Barr & all of the Republicans on this, the main stream news is corrupt & worthless & from what I see so aren’t the rest, guess they are all democrats in sheep clothing. We only hear from Trump, & his team, his Lawyers and a few Rep. Senators etc. who are fighting for our freedom. Every democrat in office and some Republicans across our country are corrupt, breaking the law & committing treason & getting away with it. If I knew how I’d take this to the Supreme Court myself. This has to be stopped NOW! Biden crime family, Obama, Hillary, Democrats in general, voter fraud etc. etc. these crimes must be dealt with & stopped!

  37. Linda Anderson says:

    Don’t lose faith. Trump will keep digging into this fraudulent election, and then Biden’s family, including him, needs to be handcuffed and jailed for a very long time.

  38. Sic&Tired says:

    Biden…Clown #1 AND Harris….Clown #2 Plus, all of their Miserable other Democratic and Miserable Clowns of their Administration. This CIRCUS is a True Laughing Stock to the World…..Can’t help But Laugh with All the Other Countries, Too….Due, to it is So Pathetic.!!!

  39. Carol L Jones says:

    Joe’s pants are on fire! He probably has not told the truth for decades. Never mind he says there won’t be wrongdoing going forward– notice how he doesn’t deny the recent Hunter/Dad scandal. . .

    • T Beach says:

      The only true thing i can remember hearing him say was they had the most inclusive and comprehensive voter fraud set up ever.

  40. Sic&Tired says:

    Any Real and True American….IF, they Believe Biden with all of his comments about his – son, or family or business dealings with China, Ukraine, or whomever….They are as Stupid as Biden. AND – Probably is why they voted for the Moron and Clown………To Call Biden a Leader, a President, …Surely won’t happen from Me. He has lied to the American People and will continue to do so – If, the Idiot gets into the White House….. A Real Sad Thing that So Many Stupid People – Voted for Him.!!! It is Really a Laughing Joke.!!!!

    • Ginger Finch says:

      He didn’t legitimately win,most fraudulent election ever,of any nation,the fraud was right out in the open,democrats, rinos do as they wish.

  41. G says:

    They are all going to jail so there will be no conflict of interest. The conflict of interest happened when he was VP under Obama.

  42. Sharon says:

    I don’t trust anyone that lies or does drugs.. this is a. Crime family. Biden stole the election if he does that and has no remorse what else will he do. He has no businesss being in office . He is demented. He’s not m President.
    Trump is my President.

  43. Joseph Santacroce says:

    That is flat out bologna… if the presumptive president elect SHOULD become potus… the Biden’s will continue as Hunter will continue because there is too much $$$$ he will lose. He will continue to bankroll Joe as potus and use the name to get more. Does he really think we are that stupid?? Why does he live in Delaware??? He can off shore his money with no worries as it has been legal there. His name will bring more to Hinter because they are all as crooked as the Clintons

  44. Joe Biden , will never become president of the United States. He will never take that oath. Because God almighty has already selected President Donald J.Trump
    to serve a second term.

  45. Mary Casper says:

    I don’t believe a word Joe Biden says. He lies about everything. He should never have been able to run for any public office; especially not the office of the President. He is corrupt to the core, along with his whole family!! They have sold us out to China and the Ukraine and they should be headed to prison!! He is a total disgrace and he will destroy our country!!!

  46. Roger Savary says:

    Biden has been lying for half a century, he can’t be trusted by the American people. God help us if he actually becomes president, Trump is going to win anyway.

  47. Sic&Tired says:

    Joe Biden is going to be the “Worst”….and most Miserable President that this Country has Ever Seen.!!! His Puppet VP – Harris is just “Baggage” and Dead Weight….It is Bad enough that Biden is a Clown, but to see Harris as a Vice President….What a Joke and a Laughing Stock of the World..!!! I guess when a person like Biden….a Corrupt Democrat…wants to talk about his son – Hunter, who has taken after his father….What a Pair of Miserable Humans and yet Biden, somehow gets into the White House….So Pathetic.!!!! Then on Another Note:… THE ELECTION – WAS THE MOST RIDICULOUS JOKE IN OUR HISTORY…… SUCH A “PATHETIC” – SHOWING FROM THE POLITICAL INDIVIDUALS OF THIS COUNTRY…THESE ADULTS SHOULD BE NOTHING BUT TOTALLY ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES (BUT THEY DON’T CARE – THE WORTHLESS HUMANS)……..WE ARE THE LAUGHING STOCK OF THE WORLD.!!! TOO BAD THE MEDIA …. ALIAS POOR NEWS REPORTING ORGANIZATIONS (ALL OF YOU NEWS AGENCIES) CAN’T PRINT AND REPORT THIS KIND OF TRUE FACT…… SO SAD, THAT TRUE AND GOOD AMERICANS – HAVE TO PUT UP WITH ALL OF THIS –> B.S..!!! SO, SICK AND TIRED OF IT ALL…..SIMPLY PUT – PATHETIC.!!! IT IS A VERY HARD THING TO SEE FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP….FIRST OF ALL….. HE HAD TO GO THROUGH FOUR YEARS OF PUTTING UP WITH THE TOTALLY DUMB AND ASININE DEMOCRATS, WHO DID “NOTHING” FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, BUT TO WASTE OUR TAX PAYING MONEY….. AMERICANS ARE JUST SO TIRED OF ALL OF IT…… !!!!! Biden along with ALL of His Cronies..”Democrats”….Can’t even Win an Election Legally….and Now the Real, True, Faithful, and Respectable Americans have to watch a Deceitful Man – Biden…try to run our country as a Leader.?? What a Joke and a Clown.!!!

  48. Biden and family have been corrupt all their lives. He lies and can t keep up with them all especially now with demenia

  49. Eileen Young says:

    Biden has been dirty for most of his 70+years. Why would anyone believe he will now now be clean? He is a known plagiarizer, a creepy old man who is seen repeatedly as inappropriate; and now appears to be suffering with mental issues. He is more than unfit for the Presidency of the USA! Start praying people at 7pm for 7 minutes, joy in begging GOD for our deliverance from the total destruction of our Nation. Where we tread, the World follows! We, the USA must continue to be the Beacon of Light for ALL mankind.

  50. MICHAEL says:

    I just hope and pray that Biden has a MASSIVE HEART ATTACK. I also hope that Kamala has a tragic accident that leaves her paralyze from the neck down.

    • Peter0527 says:

      If both China Joe and Camel Ho are unable to fulfill their duties, you know who is President? You guessed it, Nasty Nancy, the speaker of the House.

  51. Marian Gresham says:


    • Marian Gresham says:

      Human nature is that if HUNTER got away w/ it this time & goes UNPUNISHED, this is where STUPIDITY steps in. Just like the Clintons..never been punished so they continue to be corrupt & become richer & richer. I wish I were a gambler because the original plan HAS TO BE, the reason that Pelosi “dig out” the 25th ammendment. Not to endanger Pres.Trump, because the V.PRESIDENT has to agree to it& everyone knows that VP Pence WOULD NEVER do that. Only thing unknown about “this plan” is how long they will let JOE stay in office.Remember Camel-a was in there to dash, NOT run today Go ahead ..he is dimitted or dead.
      Our only hope is that we hold on to the Senate. I hope these rallys will encourage every Republican to not only get out & vote but to find as many who think it wont make a difference, to do the same.

  52. Dewayne Rasor says:

    No joe is a lair

  53. Richard says:

    Everything the commi Demo -rats tried to accuse Trump of doing this guy and his corrupt son have done, where is the move to have this clown impeached even before he stole this election? Trump should declare Marshall Law and turn the country over to military supervision so we can can true election results!

  54. Vann says:

    USA are degrading when many criminals are voted to become the leaders.
    Either the voters are stupid or the election was rigged, the votes of
    Americans are worthless.

  55. Norm says:

    Bidens are crooks,everyone of them,the only house them POS belong in is the BIG HOUSE-PRISON.

  56. Shuggs says:

    Joe Biden is a major security risk to this country and should not be sworn in as President. The only place Joe, Hunter and the rest of the Biden crime family should be moving into Federal prison.

  57. Betty Ringo says:

    This is the biggest joke ever. The entire Biden family are corrupt. This election was the most corrupt ever. China will own us because of all the dirty dealings with the Bidens. The people that voted for Creepy Joe will live to regret it. He is a tool of Obama the creep that loves the spotlight. No other president in the history of this country has ever done what Obama has done by controlling the FAKE media. God bless President Trump he has withstood hatred from the RATS that no other person could have taken.

  58. Mary says:

    Too little too late! We have a man with a declining mental state of mind, who Is going to “ RUN” our country into the ground. He is simply the puppet who will have his strings pulled, as they have been pulled for the last 12 or so years. So sad what we have allowed this election to be. I will never be convinced it was anything but stolen, and the people involved will pay a heavy price in the future. Let’s see what they call the Corona virus problems in the future. At least Slow Joe will have stock piles of ventilators and masks, and meds and it will all be figured out before he gets to the “house”. He will probably take the credit for it all. Look out people the job market will tank and the borders once again unsecured.

    • JOHN Hanson says:

      Sitting in the basement since January and became President Elect?Trump did more in 4 yrs than the last 3 administration did 24 yrs.Trump has his faults but he gets things done.I voted for him twice.People in the USA have had an opportunity to see President who can get things done

  59. Pegs says:

    BULLSHIT!!! That’s the main reason biden wanted to be President so he and his family can get richer. AGAIN!!

  60. john says:

    “The elder Mr. Biden said that won’t happen again.???
    So,is true. did hapeen

    • Thomas Driber says:

      Certainly sounds like an admission to me. Where are the consequences for him and his family?

    • Harry Jones says:

      Somehow, a confession isn’t considered to mean what we understand it to mean; in American English. What a country!

  61. MICHAEL says:

    Yeah, right. The Biden family should be getting ready to go to prison not the White House. They are as dirty as the Clinton’s and like the Clinton’s they get away with it yet President Trump makes a phone call and the Democrats try to impeach him. I will predict this now, if Biden does make it to the White House we can kiss this country goodbye.

    • john little says:

      I agree with you 100% the bidens are a corrupt bunch you can’t believe anything Joe Biden says. He is a chronic liar

  62. Cg says:

    If you work in Washington it’s not a crime to steal,wheel and deal.Only recourse is to vote them out.Only problem is they cheat and steal the vote.Eventually people have to fight back and completely take them out!

  63. Mary Prendergast says:

    No, I don’t believe anything Biden says. He has lied so often that I don’t think he knows how to tell the truth. I feel very sad about what is about to happen to our beloved country with him and his awful vice-president in charge.
    We must continue to pray,

  64. Leon Lurie says:

    If anyone believes this B.S. You need a SHRINK.

    Biden will be like a fox in the henhouse & amass a fortune as OBAMA
    did. The PRESIDENTIAL OFFICE will be like a $$$$$$ play-house. BIDEN & FAMILY and the others will never pay for their MISDEEDS. POLITICS AS USUAL. The election will never be overturned. AS USUAL, THE AMERICAN VOTERS ARE SCREWED. AT 85, I will not waste my time voting again.

  65. Beth says:

    I don’t buy a single word that comes from his mouth. He knew he didn’t have to campaign much as the Democratic Party told him that he has it in the bag, as they are going to cheat big time to win. His son and himself should have been investigated by the DOJ and the FBI to determine if they have been ‘bought’ by the Chinese and since they could be compromised by a foreign country, Joe Biden jr should never have been nominated by the Democratic Party, but they wanted him in as a bloody puppet in the White House.

  66. Joan says:

    Biden and his son should be in jail along with the media, CIA, FBI, Clinton and all those who aided and abetted his ability to take thousands of money as vp. He’s a liar and a thief and he thinks he’ll get away with prosecution when he says it won’t happen again. That’s proof enough that he’s no good. It’s disgusting.

    • Frank says:

      He needs to be impeached and prosecuted for using his influence and Air Force Two for personal use at the taxpayer expense! This should be against the law???

    • Frank Stokes says:

      He needs to be impeached and prosecuted for using his influence and Air Force Two for personal use at the taxpayer expense! This should be against the law???

  67. Bruce says:

    It’s too already betrayed your country.

  68. Dorothy O'Callaghan says:

    Joe Biden is also a criminal n should be held accountable. If elected he will grant pardon to Hunter. Not for the American people, only for himself n family.
    Biden n Harris cannot run this country only into the ground.
    GOD help us!

  69. Laurel says:

    Unfortunately I viewed part of Hunter’s computer. I had to close it due to the disgusting material and due to Google’s threat. I have followed Joe Biden for years. He is bigoted, he lies about anything and everything. Many of his business dealings with his son Hunter are with China. Who do you think runs Biden? Especially in light of his new “appointees”. Hell no I don’t trust him!

  70. Lesly says:

    Joe j-off wants us to wear masks for 100 days. What the hell does he think weve been wearing you moron. He should be impeached for being stupid

    • Melissa says:

      So agree! Biden is a joke. We don’t even need Hunter visiting the Whitehouse do to his dealings with other countries! Huge security risk!

    • jane says:

      He hasnt been elected yet God willing he wont be and President Trump will stay President four more year and Biden and the other criminals Dems will rot in prison for Treason

    • IL UNO says:

      Of course there were, are and will be conflicts of interest. Biden is already beholden to many unfriendly countries and regimes that he will bestow favors upon in order to keep his dirty secrets secret. Of course he won’t be President long as the Socialists will use the 25th Amendment to remove him and coronation Comrade Harris as our Dictator.

  71. Sleepy Joe has said nothing my family did was wrong? Now he says that these bad things will stop?
    For 47+ years the Biden family have been dealing on Joe’s name and position if you thing this will stop you most be uninformed or voted for him or both!
    China owns the Biden family and they will continue to use Joe, Joe’s Brother and Hunter now Sleepy Joe many not realize what’s happening, that doesn’t make it the truth.

  72. Sam says:

    Why would Biden even have to make this statement if they were not guilty of it in the past?

  73. Lesly says:

    I gave the people in this country the benefit they had brains. After this jackass is leading our country? The democraps bought this race. Believe it

  74. Rand says:

    Implicitly. I also believe that the sun sets in the East . The moon is made of Cheese . Biden has an I.Q. of 250 .
    AOC has advanced degrees in Economics, History , Philosophy , Art ,English , The Constitution , and Christian Ethics. Obama was born in New Jersey and his mother was a BONAFIDE Kenyan of Armenian descent . Obama was the “GREATEST” eclipsing ALI . And , well there is so much.

  75. tom says:

    I don’t believe a word Joe Bides says. He is lying about all of this.

    Donald Trump Jr. has a 20 minute meeting with a Russian girl that the Democrats actually set up and he is dragged in front of a congressional hearing with a threat of being locked up in jail. Didn’t get one penny from this meeting.

    Hunter gets $1.5 Billion from China government bank, $3.5 million from Russian Mayor of Moscow’s wife and a big fat sweet deal from Ukraine oil company for being on the Board of Directors. He has never been questioned by DOJ for any of it.

    Any american with common sense doesn’t believe a word of it. All swamp creatures!

    • Mari Jo Oneill says:

      The DEMORATS always get away with their criminal acts? Why? We have gutless cowards and RINOS in the Republican party who will do nothing. I used to be a DEMORATS my first Presidential or any vote was for JFK, and look what they did to him. These people gave ZERO integrity or MORALS of anykind. I am a Trump supporter and after this fraudulent election I as a 77 year old female I see OUR COUNTRY being destroyed from the inside. After this I believe we are DOOMED to become another VENEZUELA and its a sad day in this COUNTRY that we are at this point. I worry for my kids and grandkids as they will suffer the consequences. For all of the people who voted for CREEPY OLD JOE, you will not be above suffering the consequences of this FRAUD AGAINST AMERICA.This is what happens when schools and universities are indoctrinated by LIBERAL LUNATICS. BE AWARE PEOPLE AND WAKE THE HELL UP.

  76. Unconvinced says:

    I do not support a Biden/Harris administration and do not believe anything Biden says, except that the Democrats put together the largest election fraud effort in history. That I believe.

  77. Bonnie Baker says:

    Both Joe and son Biden have had many illegal deals with China & Russia. Both criminals. He is not qualified to be President with his very shady past. And now trying to win the Election with fraudulent ballots! Shame on you Joe and Hunter. Trump is an angel compared to the 2 of you bad boys!

    • Mari Jo Oneill says:

      Communist China owns CREEPY OLD JOE, so there is alresdy a conflict of interest and it could result in any type of coercion or blackmail. No one asks JOE about his plundering of millions of dollars from the UKRANIAN PEOPLE along with his son and his partner in crime JOHN(traitor) KERRY.These people are criminals and wantbto destroy this Country and there are so many “sheeple” who are unconcerned about this until the DAM BREAKS.

  78. Lesly says:

    Sure they made their money already. They dont need anymore. What a bunch of jo’s.

  79. rick says:

    Let me get this straight. You’ve spent the last 2 years saying that none of this stuff with you & your kid happened. Then, you’re telling everyone it won’t happen again? Which is it, Joke? You’re on tape admitting to extortion, but say that never happened, either! It’s not me, it’s the rest of the world, right, Joke? You are so used to bullshitting people, you actually believe your own lies! What an utter moron, just the kind of “person” we need to run this country. Down & Disgusted!

  80. Kenny Masto says:

    Just more bullshit, him and his family are going to sell us out to the Chinese.

  81. Kathy says:

    You can’t believe a thing Biden says. He said it was not true about Hunter and him yet above he says they won’t be doing it again!!! Once a crook always a crook. China and Russia niw own Biden.

  82. Monique Chambers says:

    I wouldn’t believe anything this man says . The all family is corrupt and it’s not change.

  83. I believe that statement about as much as I believe in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause, Easter Bunny, Cupid, and Leprechauns! Now, if we are talking about ELECTION FRAUD, I can believe it like I do about cats, dogs, and the world is round!

  84. Carrie says:

    Both should be convicted of treason and sentenced accordingly after all their related tax returns are made public!!

  85. Sandra Wilkerson says:

    I also believe if Biden is president that China will own us. I believe nothing the leaders of the Dem party says and I know they have caused all the riots, murders and the destruction of property in our country. They all have evil of the devil in them and care nothing about the people of the USA. THEY JUST WANT TO RULE US ALL AND WE ALL MUST STOP THEM!

  86. Kathy says:

    I don’t believe a thing Biden says. He said it was not true about Hunter and him yet above he says they won’t be doing it again!!! Once a crook always a crook. China and Russia niw own Biden.

  87. Nina Abner says:

    Both Biden and his family needs to move to China they seem to love it

  88. Felice Anderson says:

    The three of them got away with murder you can’t tell me that Joe won’t have to do favors for China in return for what Chyna did for him Joe is giving us the runaround he thinks we are stupid but guess what we all know that he’s the big kahuna his son and brotherAre just as guilty what a shame that this was all hidden from the public God bless the United States of America and all those who fought and died for our freedom

  89. Meee Toooo says:

    Joe Biden is the BIGGEST LIER out there no way is He CREDABLE

  90. Meee says:

    Joe Biden is the BIGGEST LIER out there no way is He CREDABLE

  91. GARY says:

    What BS. He is definitely no brain trust and has been taking advantage of his father’s past govt activities. Then there is also his sexual / drug related actions and other disgusting activities. Just so, so sad that this is what is happening with govt employees families who are suppose to set example and be our leaders of our Constitution, laws and morale actions. What a joke and must have learned from the Clinton’s. DISGRACEFUL!!

  92. Nelda G Weber says:

    Don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth. He’s as crooked as it gets. Snake in the grass!

    • Phyllis Poole says:

      He was the one who did the dealings. He used his poor son as
      money laundering. What a father!!!!

  93. Jon says:

    Ok Joe, we got it. Message received…. DON’T report anything about what we see or hear about Hunter, or any of your family, that might infer any funny business! Of course that leaves only the non-negative stuff such as “what flavor ice cream?”. We understand! Besides, we still have Trump we can report negatively about…. we’ll just concentrate on him!

  94. Pam says:

    The deals that the Biden’s make will only get worse when Joe Biden is President. Dread every day that that man is in The White House!!

    • Susi Hoffman says:

      Absolutely true. The whole family is corrupt. If that were any if Trump’s family the media would have wanted blood. We have so many traitors in our government it’s terrible. Time to stand up and support the only man who cares Trump is our man!!!

  95. Margo Moore says:

    Joe and Hunter Biden are both a waste of oxygen!
    He and his sleezy family should move to their beloved China.
    They clearly hate America!

  96. Don’t believe a word of it. Both should be in jail.

  97. Charles Ryan says:

    Joe Biden is a liar, deceitful and often incoherent. Hunter Biden is no better and will bring further discredit to the Biden name.

  98. lottie lambert says:

    Joe Biden is a crook in bed with the CCP. I dont believe a word that comes from his mouth.

  99. Gary says:

    Sound like a line of BULLSHIT to me !

  100. mikle says:

    biden and his family is crooks and everybody know it.

  101. Honest says:

    The Nut Does Not Fall Far From The TREE Joe~ Both of You are Criminals and Should Be Prosecuted To The Fullest Extent Of OUR Laws~ You and Your Nasty Family and “Friends” will pay~ Wait and See~

    • Kimberly Clark says:

      Watch the whole thing. Audio of Biden and the former President of the Ukraine come on around 19:40. Also look at the graph on, Joe Biden at the top of the corruption ring.

    • jeanette bybee says:

      Let’s see if there is a friends and family plan for the Bidens. You know, the one where they can all have the same color jumpsuits, and poor basement Sleepy joe can only dream of sweet young ladies while maybe he is bending over for that bar of soap.

  102. Bonnie Vroman says:

    I am pretty sure you are being blackmailed by the Chinese.