Biden Is Going WHERE For Oil?

Offshore Oil Rig

( – In a move that has stunned oil and gas industry analysts and outraged conservatives and the Republican Party, President Joe Biden has decided to turn to Venezuela — a country headed by a dictator — instead of taking steps to increase oil and gas production at home in the United States of America.

As the Daily Caller outlines in “Biden Turns To Venezuelan Dictator For Oil After Canceling US Lease Sales“:

“The Biden administration is expected to soon announce it would ease sanctions on Venezuelan oil amid the ongoing energy crisis, several media outlets reported.

“The federal government will ease “some” of the energy sanctions on Venezuela, two senior administration officials told CNN. In addition, U.S. oil corporation Chevron will be allowed to enter into negotiations with Venezuelan state-owned firm PDVSA over potential continued operations in the South American oil-rich nation.”

Former President Donald Trump had ended the purchase of Venezuelan oil.

Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Ranking Member John Barrasso, a Republican, quickly blasted Biden’s decision to work with a notorious dictator instead of enlarging American energy resources at home, saying:

“Our experience buying Russian energy should have taught President Biden that buying energy from tyrants is a dangerous proposition. Yet President Biden continues to reward our enemies by waiving sanctions while his administration does its best to kill American energy production. Funding despots isn’t in the national interest. Supporting American energy is.”

What is your opinion about President Joe Biden turning to Venezuela to get oil instead of increasing production capabilities at home in the United States? Do you agree or disagree with the criticism leveled by Senator Barrasso? Please email your reaction and thoughts to [email protected]. Thank you.