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Biden Just Defunded Trump’s Border Wall

President Joe Biden announced Thursday that he had informed Congress he was rescinding the national emergency declaration on the U.S.-Mexico border that was put in place by former President Donald Trump in February 2019 to redirect billions of dollars for construction of a wall along the southern border,” according to USA Today.

“‘I have determined that the declaration of a national emergency at our southern border was unwarranted,’ Biden wrote in a letter to congressional leaders. ‘I have also announced that it shall be the policy of my Administration that no more American taxpayer dollars be diverted to construct a border wall, and that I am directing a careful review of all resources appropriated or redirected to that end.’ [emphasis added]

“Under the emergency declaration signed in February 2019, Trump was able to divert $600 million from the Treasury Department and $6.1 billion from the Defense Department to the Department of Homeland Security for border wall construction.”

For more on this story, go to USA Today.

Please share your opinion in the comment section. Do you agree or disagree with Biden’s decision to stop funding the wall Trump was building between Mexico and the United States?


  1. Allan Pozdol says:

    Hey everybody, SNAP OUT OF IT! President Trump only wrote those executive orders for the border wall TO ENFORCE EXISTING LAWS!!!!!! Congress passed these laws but NEVER funded the border security aspect!!

    Biden, who just swore his oath to protect the Constitution and defend our laws, COUNTERMANDED ENFORCEMENT OF EXISTING LAWS with his executive orders!!!!

    Add to this sanctuary cities and now states, and ICE deportations!!!!

    IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES, OR WHAT????????? This erodes our security for what reason?????

    • J says:

      Impeach Pelosi (she is crazy) Schumer, Obama many others

      They are trying to destroy America and slandering what we stand for The Constitution of the United States.

      Shame on them!

      All committed treason!

      • Ran Win says:

        We need a go fund me to take the emigrants directly to DC.
        And the areas that at the last minute flooded the voting for Biden.

  2. Steve GA says:

    This is a suggestion to help our country as we patriotic Americans can no longer rely on the government.
    For years now no one could rely on the main stream news, cbs, abc, nbc, cnn, etc. to give us the truth. So we turned to high tech and now they have betrayed us just as the tv channels did. I believe we as citizens should sue big tech for billions (as they have all the money) and take the proceeds and form our our border wall construction company, keep those same folks employed who was building the wall, and provide employed security for their security as well as security for illegal border crossings. It wouldn’t take long to stop all crossing and then we could get the wall completed.
    When the Israelites crossed into Canaan, one of the first things GOD instructed was to establish borders. It’s necessary to define our territory. Any takers! Go get big tech.

  3. Do you agree or disagree with Biden’s decision to stop funding the wall Trump was building between Mexico and the United States?

    Biden’s decision to let more illegals into our country, especially during a pandemic, will kill and injure many Americans! Biden is not capable of managing our country and appears to be guided by his staff.

    He must be removed from office.

    • Jim says:

      Build the wall.

    • Linnea Mensching says:

      I am in favor of the border wall to keep out undesirables

      These people need to immigrate like everyone else by the rules..

    • Benton L Bryant says:

      “President Biden” is out of his mind, but we already knew that! Everything he has done and continues to do puts all Americans in peril! I absolutely disagree with his reckless idiotic cancellation of the Border Wall with Mexico! Is there no limit to his stupidity and total disregard for tax-paying AMERCANS?!?!?!? He absolutely has higher regard for foreign countries and ILLEGALS than he does for AMERICANS!!!

  4. Lavon says:

    If any American citizen is killed by an illegal they need to sue the president for stopping the boarder wall. Also what diseases are they bring in. He is laying American workers off and bring them in to take what jobs are here for Americans. Hope Democrats are happy with their choice

  5. MIKE LAGREE says:

    We’ll be lucky if this POS posing a President doesn’t spend more borrowed money to tear what was built down. Democrat playbook, destroy the country so you can own what’s left. TRUMPIAN ALL THE WAY!!!

    • Valerie Knowles says:

      Beijing Biden is a liar, a cheat, a thief. He knows he and heels up Harris did not win the election.
      He will be responsible for every terrible thing done to an American Citizens by stopping the wall, thus leaving all of us vulnerable. He only wants illegal votes for the Socialist Leftist party. . And all the jobs he took away like a liar and thief would do, to the Americans on the Keystone pipeline.

      He is Obamanation contiuned only worse.

    • Lock and load America as the vermin will be coming to a neighborhood near you. I suggest Crazy Bernie and sleepy open a bed and breakfast in some of their many residence for the vermin. Watch your drug crimes skyrocket and thefts will increase tremendously as this caravan of illegal trash invade our country. The Catholic Church and ELCA will try to support this invasion with handouts, but will be unable to meet all their needs. It will be four dark years until we can complete the wall and deport the vermin.

  6. jkryanspark says:

    The Wall is Donald Trump’s most stupid idea. 95+% of illegals enter the country legally (most by air travel) and stay, disappearing into the American landscape. There are a countless number of YouTube videos showing Trump’s wall being breached in a matter of seconds. Drugs and other contraband can be passed through the slats or catapulted over the wall. It’s just a blatantly dumb idea with no upside. It’s no surprise that an idiot like Trump would support such an idiotic idea, and that his army of morons have bought into it.

  7. A true American says:

    I mean didn’t Trump say Mexico was paying for the wall anyway lol
    Btw the rascism in these comments is DISGUSTING. You all should be ashamed of yourself. Brown people are not beneath you, they are not all “criminals” or “drug dealers” and they are not your enemy.

    • Valerie says:

      you are blind as a bat . When illegals of whatever color come here ILLEGALLY and rape, murder, run over in vehicles repeatedly that is cause for a wall. !!
      I suggest you follow the advice of the other person in here . Let m-16 Gangbangers live in your house with your wife and children. Oh, you don’t like that idea ??

      But it is ok to condemn the Wall that protects us from these liars, cheats, thieves, and murderers ?? really?

  8. Sam B. says:

    Do I agree or disagree of Beijing Biden stopping the funding of the border wall…..hmmm lemme think about it..I TOTALLY DISAGREE! The total intention of this wall is to force everyone wanting to enter the country must do so thru a point of entry which will drastically cut down on ALL the drugs, human trafficking, gang members & terrorists from entering without being checked! This wall is perfect to massively assist with all this crap. Let us all not forget…just a few years back Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden & most ALL on the left tried to get this border wall done but couldn’t..all the while citing all the serious problems our southern border faces! Trump ran on this as part of his agenda & got it done!! NOW…the radical socialist low-life party says it’s: Un-American..Racist(as with everything else)..inhumane..unethical etc blah blah blah. Why NOW is this so wrong in their minds when the problem has progressively gotten worse?!? It’s because 1: Trump got it done/part of his National security agenda that protects “we the people!”
    2: To flood the country with millions MORE to hopefully bribe the vast majority of these people to vote for the socialist party for years to come. They don’t give a rats ass about the folks…they just want the votes. How about we go after & help our own that need the help?!?!
    The Un-American anti America first agenda these radical socialist kooks have is sadly psychotic & pathetic. Their hatred & own personal pride clouds proper judgment & is destructive for the country & keeps us from making positive progress! U quack socialist r spineless, small, sad & pathetic. Nuff said.

    • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

      DJT stole money intended to build improvements to military bases and schools for dependents of military men and women so in that case I’m glad that this border wall nonsense is being stopped and these improvements on the military bases can move forward.

      • Vietnam VET says:

        Don’t know what your smoking? But take your head out of your ass China Joe isn’t going to put any of the wall money in the military!It’s going into the Corrupt DC politicians pockets.Joe Biden the most Corrupt President ever!!Not ..even President for a month already is fu*king up our great country. This moron will go down as the worst President in American history.6 months from now all you morons that voted for him are going to wish you didn’t.Joe’s slogan Build back better headlines.President Trump been telling us this was going to happen over a year ago.You didn’t pay attention.One good thing Biden makes President Trump look good every day he’s in office.Sorry I won’t never call this POS Corrupt commie my President.I didn’t serve my country in Vietnam to see our freedom and country go down in flames.China Joe you can have my guns bullets first!!!

        • John says:

          Right on vet, I am vet and I’m with you and everything DJT stands for and does.

        • Valerie says:

          Right on Vietnam Vet. I am a Desert Storm Vet.
          I share your sentiments.
          Every day Beijing Biden stays in office making an ass of himself and destroying American jobs, makes President Trump look even better.

      • John says:

        You don’t pay taxes, so shut your mouth stupid.

      • Proud Patriot says:

        Mr. Wilson I respect your opinion but aren’t u aware that the money that was reallocated that u speak of didn’t harm our military none what so ever? Our great military was ten times better supported funded supplied & prepared than it was while being horrifically depleted under Obama Beijing Biden administration. That border wall is a necessity for our national security. The SAME border wall the double standard dc swampers tried to build before but couldn’t get it done. Now Enter President Trump…it got done! Unfortunately now Biden would rather sacrifice our sovereign nation/national security FOR WHAT?!?! WHY?!?! There is NO good reason.

    • Dunda Din says:

      I can’t understand why they keep saying that the walls don’t work. We can perfectly see that the one around Capitol Hill works. My understanding is that the Capitol building belongs to the people but no one can get in now. So, obviously it works 🙂

      • John says:

        The capital belongs to the people, so come on all of you people that support DJT and take a trip to Washington to protect what belongs to us. Get rid of the thugs at all cost.

    • Karlene Sandstrom says:




    • Sharon Smith says:

      I totally agree with you on this statement!!! The border wall wasn’t just to stop people but to see that people came into this country legally, albeit, there are strategies for entrance into this country, legally, that need some work. When the government of this nation can destroy our American people, not to mention the country by spending trillions of dollars to fund things such as abortion, give away our jobs, create destruction after destruction, opening the doors for foreign nations to come in here and take what they want! America we are in the kind of trouble the United States of America has never seen in her life.

    • Karlene Sandstrom says:


  10. Gitmo says:

    Yeah that moron Biden wants the money for stupid wasted agendas like climate accords and go green bullsvit we dont need and a total waste of tax payers dollars while his deep state cronies pocket millions in kick backs! Those stupid camels jockeys and trash will be pouring in this country bring in more disease and trouble paid for by Soros! Demorats always need tons of money and it comes up missing right and left nobody knows where it goes! They already lost 600 million in unemployment funds to a Nigerian scam! Millions of covid vaccines missing! Bidens a dumdass and Obama is running the show! America doesnt need this crap!! Trump made a better America and jobs! Biden is killing it!! How do you stop a great economy! Create a covid pandemic! Who has ties to Wuhan lab? Obama sent 3.7 million to them and dr. Faucie was there in 2015. Scare people with a pandemic and tell them to vote with ballots on a election year!! There not secure and they printed fake ones for years! They had the workers in place at voting terminals and they scammed the election and everyone knows it!! If you think theres No scam then have a complete redo of the entire election with no computors programs from dominion and no ballots! How ever it comes out then that’s it!

    • Chris Brewer says:

      No these EMBICILES are afraid to do it legal! They know Trump will win! It should be court ordered reelection! It would’ve been done by now! But No they Wanta act all rich on tax payers money! Democrats should have to account for their screwed up agenda from day1.And they will pay!I SAY OVERTHROW THE ROGUE GOVERNMENT

  11. Bruce Wooden says:

    I hope everyone realizes that the only thing stopping Pelosi and her cronies from becoming a dictatorship is the fact that we still have our guns! If they actually manage to somehow take our guns then America is truly finished!

    • sad says:

      Biden is a real piece of work. How about taking the guns away from the people that are killing people. This country is going in the gutter and the only way it will stop is vote the dems out kin 2022.

    • Chris Brewer says:

      They can forget about my guns.Im not registered and my weapons aren’t registered. Best way, use it when your done wipe it and toss it.They think there is a lot of stupid people! The ones that are stupid are the ones that use a registered gun anyway! How GD stupid can you get.Law abiding citizens. Register your guns dummies. Better yet just give it to them.Get your heads outa your asses, file the numbers!

    • John says:

      They cannot take our guns because we own them legally and they know it. They want to live and keep on doing what they are doing.

  12. Rc says:

    Well, I am 81 yrs. old voted in a lot of elections and have lived with what ever the results was. Sure glad I do not have many more elections to go. I see more and more up-risings coming and each will be worse than the first. Biden will not stand up to China to keep then in check. China is the biggest threat to the USA than any other country. They just started with GERM-WAR-FARE last year. No telling what they will release on the world this year. Sure glad I do not have to put up with any of this much longer. Rc

    • Bruce Wooden says:

      I totally agree. I’m 62 and frankly looking forward to dying just to get away from these idiots. They’re everywhere!

      • Lilaker says:

        Everything Biden is doing is soo depressing….when Trump was in office things were hopeful… china Joe sold his soul to the devil…..I know you heard this before but we have to pray…..We have to hope The republican party fights back and all the swampy republicans get voted out. They have to fight the evil with constant truth force…never giving up. Keep fighting back for whats truly right…. No coombaya moments with the Dems. Thats when they do the most damage..Its happening…..With Dems whats bad is good whats good is bad…Backwards brainwashing. Its sickening…….God help us…

        • Kevin R Christiansen says:

          Stop looking for a king over us, turn to Yashua king of kings Lord of Lords it’s time be his witnesses our kingdom is not of this earth I love you all pray he come quickly be strong.

          • Chris Brewer says:

            If you think God is going to save you, your wrong. We don’t need a King, we need our leader back in office! Look what Biden and his clan of Congress has done, Under Nancy Pelosi and Obama and the Clintons.Ablow job in the Capital should have sent a signal when that no good,who.. munger. Was in office! Then Obama and his corruption left the country in shambles! 8 yrs.Trump I don’t know how he got anything done for despiteful democrats! 4 yrs of hell.Amrrica is done.And America is ready to RETALLIATE against them!

            • William Wilson says:

              If D=JT is your leader I feel sorry for you and your kind as you close your eyes to the stealing of our rare and precious resources. When these resources are gone we will be as poor as the poorest peoples on the earth. There is only so many assets in and on the earth and when they re gone they’re gone forever and when they’re wasted that is ridiculous.

      • Lilaker says:

        Everything Biden is doing is soo depressing….when Trump was in office things were hopeful… china Joe sold his soul to the devil…..I know you heard this before but we have to pray…..We have to hope The republican party fights back and all the swampy republicans get voted out. They have to fight the evil with constant truth force…never giving up. Keep fighting back for whats truly right. No coombaya moments with the Dems. Thats when they do the most damage..Its happening…..With Dems whats bad is good whats good is bad…Backwards brainwashing. Its sickening..

      • Gary Luffman says:

        There will be no Unity!!! Only crime and more covid cases! Thanks sleepy Joe. Now gas in Florida up 25 cents in 2 weeks!!!

        • Vietnam VET says:

          Gary just wait things will get worse gas prices will go up alot more.I’m 69 I lived though the 70’s gas rationing high prices long lines odd and even days to purchase gas.Thanks to another Fuc*ed up Demorat Carter.China Joe is much worse.Now he’s talking about putting Travel restrictions on Florida. Thank god for our great Governor he’s fighting for the American people of our state.Biden don’t give a rat’s ass about our state

      • WALT says:


  13. harry says:

    what we need is Congressional term limits – 10 years House – 12 years Senate –
    Long enough for continuity – short enough to minimize damage. We have too many laws now – limit congressional sessions to 90 days per year. Cut pay to to $200
    per day (paid only if in session and congressman is present). Spend 25% of session time eliminating obsolete and outdated laws. Get rid of congressional “staff”. We vote for congressmen not lawyers complete with staff.

    • Tt says:

      Agreed 100%

    • Ron l says:

      I totally agree they get up there and stay for life as long as there are idiots that keep voting them in and, they get rich on our dime .Time for some changes.

    • Robert says:

      As long as we have career politicians there will be no term limits. That would be them saying,I want to vote myself out of a job (for lack of a better word)! All they want is POWER! I’m talking about the Democrats, as WELL as some Republicans! The impeachment scam, is because they are afraid of Trump, that is why there was so much fraud in the last election!

  14. Robert says:


    • Chris says:

      I’d love to see about 50 caravans roll in at the border! Tear down the wall and let them ravage and rape and murder! Just what Biden ordered! Only thing that pervert is worried about is the children.He don’t give not 1 shit about the adults!

  15. Biden is a knuckle head, the only reason he is in office is because the election was fixed. It’s going to be a long, rough road for the next 2 to 4 years. Heaven help us, please! Maybe we’ll have an earth quake under the White House and just a few unelected politicians will slide into the depths never to be found again. We can only hope!

  16. Tom says:

    The speed with which he is destroying our Country is terrifying. This has to be
    stopped. Regardless of you party affiliation you need to wakeup and realize the
    reality of what is happening. Letting thousands of Illegals enter the Country
    without testing for the virus will not help to put it behind us. To the contrary
    it will make it worse. Put politics aside and come together for the good of the

  17. David Fritz says:

    The cancellation of continuing a Border Wall was certainly anticipated in that BIDEN and Cohorts wish to exterminate anything TRUMP.

    Would not be surprised if BIDEN kays claim to all Real Estate owned by TRUMP using Eminent Domain tactics … just because of his (and Cohorts) personal hatred for TRUMP is so “BIGLY!”

    The SIN in this whole transaction is that BIDEN and The Democrats can spend Millions of Taxpayer Dollars for Killing Babies through Abortion by funding that crime in other Countries but declare a Border Wall, that directs Immigrants to the open door for them to enter The United States legally, as NOT warranted.

    Those who voted for this dimwitted ‘Catholic’ Fool will regret doing so at their Eternal Judgement … as will Biden and Cohorts.

    • WALT says:


  18. John Greene says:

    That figure what a piece of shit only thing I can say there is if Mexico can stop them from coming into Mexico then they can’t get to our border. It’s too bad because you never know when one of them could attack a part of his family so wait-and-see. I wouldn’t want to see something like that happened but it could just as well happened to them as somebody else. He needs to stop working on making this country a communist country cause I think it would start a war in the country. Most people don’t want that and he would find out. He needs to work on making this country better

  19. John says:

    That figure what a piece of shit only thing I can say there is if Mexico can stop them from coming into Mexico then they can’t get to our border. It’s too bad because you never know when one of them could attack a part of his family so wait-and-see. I wouldn’t want to see something like that happened but it could just as well happened to them as somebody else. He needs to stop working on making this country a communist country cause I think it would start a war in the country. Most people don’t want that and he would find out. He needs to work on making this country better

  20. Ralph Mark Peabody says:

    Any money saved should go to americans, whether they are veterans, homeless, with disability, unemployed but NOT to illegals.

  21. Glenn Snyder says:

    Biden does not know how to do anything but to tare down. Nothing new just tare down. No matter if it is here or in negotiations with foreign countries.

  22. Mark says:

    I’m not a violent person but it would be poetic justice if Pelosi, Schumer and entire Demonrat leadership were killed ine by one by illegal aliens released back into streets and protected in sanctuary cities and states. They dont care how many of us are killed by illegals. Maybe it would be different if it were them or their families! They should all rot in hell. We should prosecute their mothers for not aborting them since they have supported the abortion of black babies by their support of Planned Parenthood!

  23. Jt says:

    Almost time to take our government and our country back. No good gready fools in charge need to be ousted. Our great nation is being destroyed right before our eyes. The democraps and repugnacins are both to blame. We will need a new movement to fix what they have done to america. I pray it can be done peacefully but it isn’t looking that way. When they come for the guns of law abiding citizen’s the chit is gonna hit the fan. Amazing how fast this buetiful place we call home is being ravaged by morons.

  24. Margaret Ragsdale says:

    Hunter needs to be prosecuted for his deeds which Biden was in up to his elbows. Trying to impeach President Trump and Biden is the one that needs to be impeached Shame. Shame. On you with your abortions. Franklin Graham was even shaming you. God have Mercy on your soul

    • TroopAbn says:

      Hunter was working directly for his father. Don’t believe anything else. Read the book by Peter Schweizer, “Secret Empires”. It tell’s the entire story of how Joe or “VP Biden” took Hunter to Ukraine and Chyna on AF-2 to make the deals. All sources fir the info is in the book. Had this not been true, Beijing Biden would have sued Schweizer in a court of law for defamation of character. All in this book should be in Leavenworth for life. Not in our government. Nothing but criminals! If I would have accepted cash or slept with a Chynese agent when I was in the 82nd Airborne or JFK Center, I’d still be in Leavenworth. Why is Swallow-well still in Congress and on the House Intel Committee? Where’s the firing squad?

  25. Donna mcneill says:

    Biden is full of hate and jealousy and can never hold a candle to President Trump. When will the democrats,give up and do what they were appointed to do help the USA so much for unity. Biden been a liar from day one. Goes back to 1974. I m from DE I should know first hand

    • WALT says:


  26. LEE S KELLOGG says:

    This is what he said he would do. The next step will be taking down what is already up. This is the exact opposite of what needs to be done. This is why he should not be president. He does not care about the safety of Americans and is only worried about his family fortune.

  27. J.S. says:

    Why do we need walls at the capital, and not on our borders. What an idiot

  28. Peggy Belcher says:

    Biden is determined to destroy everything that President Trump has put in place instead of acting like a child and set down and look at all he has done you pcould become one of the most popular presidents but all you have Don e is create havoc I know what is behind all the immigrants …… think they are going to vote for you but that could easily backfire on you. I know you want to be the most progressive president but you could turn out to be one of the most disliked. You could be a much better leader if you could study what has been successful but the way you are going you are turning the people that voted for you is losing trust in you. You are creating more hardship on Americans people and they just want to have a decent job which has been taken away from them. The comment that they could just go out and work on solar panels. Why don’t you try that and see how much you earn

  29. Tom says:

    Hidden Biden is now screw America Biden. Taxes,Gas, Electric, UP.
    Pay will go down, Jobs lost at the stroke of a pen. Open the flood gates and bring in everyone and anyone. We know he lost his mind but it seems even more as the weeks go on.

  30. Carlos A Fernandez says:

    Another MOVE BY THE COMMUNIST PRESIDENT OF THE USA! It is just like Fidel did exactly what he wanted. Castro did not care about what was best for the Cuban people, that is why we FLED!

  31. Steve says:

    Biden is redirecting the money from the wall into his WALLET !!!!

  32. BootsOnGround says:

    Unbelievable how stupid a man can be, and we’re stuck with one who is President.

    • Vietnam VET says:

      All I got to say is that POS Corrupt commie bastard is not my President!!!!We need to treat him like President Trump was treated for 4 years.Stay strong Trump patriot supporters he will be back in some form.

  33. m. monk says:

    Biden is no longer a thinking being,,,.

  34. Ray Wadinski says:

    China biden dropped another turd on the U.S.A.

  35. biden is satan with the other demorats his angles talk about a cult they are one yep they will not b many jobs for americans after he gets done maybe just maybe one of the criminal aliens will get him first before one of us. pray for a miracle before it is to late.

  36. Art says:

    Biden needs to be impeached! He isn’t doing a thing for us the Americans
    He cares more for fence jumpers!
    The Democratic Party is a non American party now! What have they done for America but tax us to give to their pork products and lowlife bottom feeders!
    It’s true

  37. Farmer says:

    The most hypocritical part is we are told it’s too dangerous for kids to return to school, for small businesses to reopen, for people to resume their lives BUT let’s let anyone who shows up at our southern border to come in WITHOUT any testing for covid-19.

    I wonder if these people will be required to follow the same ‘rules’ regarding masks, social distancing and gatherings that we are being forced to follow. I think not.

    • Dave says:

      Do you actually think they’re going to wear masks do you think those people really give a damn think about that actually prepare for some kind of war going on down there because the people who are Americans have to deal with this before they spread through the rest of the country so what would you do if you were down there on the border and these people come running through your backyard of breaking in your house you know what you would do any second amendment American would do

  38. Sad voter says:

    I Biden had a brain, you could shove it in an ant’s butt and it would rattle like a BB in a boxcar.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Biden is a fool and a puppet. He has to be told when and where to go to the bathroom because the other democrats are filling him with their s..t !

  40. Ronald Cody says:

    Biden is tearing the USA down to make us the USA of China He is domber than my dog ☠☠☠☠☻☻☻☻☻

  41. Patty says:

    If he only had a brain

  42. J says:

    I believe Biden, Harris, Pelosi Schumer and many other Left Liberals
    should be ousted by American people for they are set to destroy
    our beloved USA.

    • John F Hum Jr. says:

      I agree Joe Biden and Camama Harris should be impeached not Not Donald J Trump. For the United States of America will become a Socialist Country.

  43. Chellie Bennett says:

    Impeach Biden before he can do any further harm!!! He is CCP now!!!

    • Albert M Faivre says:

      Biden must be removed from office NOW!!!! By whatever means necessary!!!! The scumbag is a TRAITOR,and he is a danger to our country!!!
      Its time for the American people to mass on our border and make sure they know that they can NEVER come here!!!!! And that they will NEVER be welcome in this country as ILLEGALS!!!!

  44. Michele says:

    It is my deepest prayer the Holy Spirit will transform the negative, destructive reversals of every single one of Joe Biden’s executive orders beginning with open borders to illegal immigrants, ending the pipeline that would make America completely energy efficient, supporting and backing our brave police force who put themselves on the line every day, bringing our brave forces home from Afghanistan, insist China own up to the coronavirus and pay restitution in form of safe, effective vaccines
    beginning with United States and other countries. I hope God gives me at least 4 more years because I will always be an
    ultra conservative and if Donald Trump is on the ticket in 2024 he will have my vote.

  45. Voldemort says:

    If Trump had a good idea(He had many) Biden will reverse it. Seventh grade mentality.

  46. Bill Scanlon says:

    First create a crisis at the border then ignore it.
    Who benefits from a flood of unemployed and undocumented immigrants crossing the border?
    Will they also be paid $15 per hour for their labor.
    I think not. Will Biden care? Same answer.

  47. Chuck says:

    Impeach Biden !!!

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